Shu Yoshida, Neil Druckmann, Sean Murray, more pick their top Uncharted moments

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Shu Yoshida, Neil Druckmann, Sean Murray, more pick their top Uncharted moments

Watch the video and let us know your own series highlights

Hey there everyone. As you’ll likely be aware, today sees the release of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection across much of the SCEE region (with UK and Ireland to follow on Friday). Not only does it package up three of the very finest action/adventure games to ever grace a home console, but it also serves as a mouth-watering appetiser for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, which follows next year on PS4. In short, you should probably get involved.


To celebrate its arrival, we grabbed a camera and dashed around the globe, asking all and sundry to tell us their favourite moments from the Uncharted series so far. Watch the video up above to see what the likes of Shuhei Yoshida, Neil Druckmann, Sean Murray, Nolan North and Bruce Straley chose, and then chip in with your own suggestions in the comments below.

But you’re not allowed to say the train sequence from Uncharted 2, okay? Everyone says the train sequence from Uncharted 2 ;)



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  • What’s going on with the Rock Band dlc?! Can you let us know please!

  • I’m playing these games for the first time.
    I I finished the first game yesterday and wasn’t overly impressed. It’s very bare bones. The stuff that isn’t the game stuff is the best stuff.
    Moved on to uncharted 2 last night and it started off well before going into a rather dull pseudo stealth section. Who would have thought the British guy was a bad guy eh! No cliche there lol.
    It’s decent but it has aged for sure.

    • That stealth section is EASILY the worst part of Uncharted 2.
      It just get’s so much better after that.
      Also, Among Thieves is better than Drake’s Fortune in every way, so I reckon you’ll have a good time with it.

  • give PS4 a PS1 and PS2 emulator. its beyond stupid that its the 20th anniversary of PlayStation and we can’t play any of those great classics on PS4.

  • Grr. Watching PSN friends playing the game already has me even more impatiently waiting for Friday. These are my favourite games out of all 30 years or so that I’ve been a gamer. They do the movie thing without overdoing it (like Metal Gear’s boring tedious looooooooooooooong cutscenes), they do the gameplay thing without overloading it with too much unnecessary stuff (like open world games tend to do which loses focus and eventually my interest) and they’re just so full of good old fashioned charm and character. Also it helps that they’re gorgeous to look at and have fantastic performances by the actors involved. Really looking forward to the multiplayer beta in December and obviously Uncharted 4 in March. :)

  • Best part of the series for me is probably the shipyard section from Drake’s Deception.
    It might not be the most spectacular part, but there so much room for gameplay improvisation as the level is so (comparatively) open.

  • Uncharted pinball on PSP was my favourite.

  • I was actually disappointed with the PS4 demo. Sure the resolution is higher, but it looked better on PS3.

    The metal and gold looks bland as hell. There is hardly any specular lighting on them.

    • i was disappointed in the demo too. didn’t except much of an ‘upgrade’ from the remasters after it, but i got the game a week early and the new lighting and textures look much better in the rest of the game. Think the section chosen for the demo was a poor choice to show of the games new graphics could definitely deter returning players from buying it. Trust me though it does look better on ps4 :P Uncharted 1 looks phenomenal, looks like a completely new to me. Uncharted 2 has a slight graphic upgrade still noticeable though and the 60fps makes the game so smooth too. Uncharted 3 looks kinda the same to me graphically (minus the lighting) but again the 60fps makes it worth playing.

    • They need to fix Drake when he jumps in the pool. He unrealistically bounces high once entering.

    • Yup I agree, something was definitely lost in translation. I thought it might have been me but I fired up the ps3 and nope, a lot was definitely lost in translation.

      The audio sounds strange, the incidental music seems broken, the control and movement has lost any weight it had to it and the characters faces look strange… really strange. It’s comparable to what happened with the characters in Final Fantasy X when that got a “hd” remaster. Heres a comparison for Context –> as you can see it’s like the soul has been ripped from the character. Same thing seems to have happened with the uncharted collection.

      These are just the kind of things that happen when you take a game from the people who were passionate about it and outsource the port to a company that is just porting and cleaning up something that have no real ties or investment to. Only Naughty Dog can do Naughty Dog. I’m glad I got to experience them in their original format.

      Granted, while it seems to have lost its soul in the transition, these games are still packed with some of the most incredible moments you’ll ever experience in gaming, and if you can’t experience them on ps3 its good to at least have this alternative avenue.

  • Mine is more of a silly one. During the final boss fight in Uncharted 2 me and a couple of friends really enjoyed how Lazarevic shouts “DRAAAAKE!” all the time. This grew into an in joke between our group of friends, so now every time we see a character played by Nolan North, or an interview featuring him, we quickly glance at each other and shout “DRAAAAAKE!”.

    • Amazing story, thanks for sharing :D Me and some friends have a similar in joke from Heavy Rain, any time we need to get the attention of our friend sean or our other friend Jay, we shout “SEEEEAN! SEEEEAN!” or “JAAAAASON! jaSOOON! JAAASOOOON”. Or any time we hear bad voice acting we go “My foot… my foot is stuck”.

  • “But you’re not allowed to say the train sequence from Uncharted 2, okay? Everyone says the train sequence from Uncharted 2 ”

    *Ignores that*

    My favourite is the Train sequence from Uncharted 2. Anyone else here agree? Feel free to say so. lol.

    But seriously tho, that Train sequence and the plane from Uncharted 3 are my top favourite. There are a few more parts which I would rather not talk about it here as it would only spoil the game on new players. It’s something from Uncharted 2 and 3.

  • My favourite part actually has to be the jetski river run in Drake’s Fortune. I love water sections, and it looked amazing in the day.

  • Cargo plane by far. Makes the train sequence look like a boring tea party.. Hopping on falling boxes of cargo trying to get back up a plane is so much more epic than climbing up a train wreck.

  • There’s too many moments to choose from. The sinking of the old cruise ship doesn’t get that many shouts, but it’s one of the most exciting cinematic scenes throughout the whole franchise.

  • I have 2.

    The first is finding Schaefer dying in Among Thieves. The fight scene before it is fantastic, and Schaefer goes out like a boss, and the whole is very well directed and makes you a lot more motivated to carry on.

    The other is the desert village in Drake’s Deception. You’ve just fallen out of an airplane, trekked across a desert and when you finally reach shelter it’s crawling with Marlowe’s men. Just when it looks like it’s about to end, Salim is a badass and saves you.

  • Seeing how Drake & Sully met, along with the chase on the rooftops as kid Nate. The huge cruise ship is my fave sequence but its close the desert horse chase is awesome too.

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