New on PlayStation Store: Uncharted, Super Meat Boy, Rock Band 4, more

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New on PlayStation Store: Uncharted, Super Meat Boy, Rock Band 4, more

Transformers: Devastation, 1001 Spikes and Dungeon Defenders II also arrive

It’s a big week for new releases on PlayStation Store. We’ve got Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection heading your way, alongside late-night favourite Rock Band 4, devilish platformers Super Meat Boy and 1001 Spikes, toy tie-in Transformers: Devastation and a beta run for the feverishly-anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront.

See below for the full rundown.

PlayStation StoreOut this week


  • 1001 Spikes
    (Out 07/10/15)
  • Arcade Archives: Buta-San
  • Dragon Age Inquisition: Game of the Year Edition


  • Dungeon Defenders 2
    (Out 07/10/15)
  • Grand Ages: Medieval
    (Out 09/10/15)
  • Laserlife
    (Out 08/10/15)






  • Super Meat Boy
  • Farming Simulator 16
  • Actual Sunlight
    (Out 07/10/15)



  • Samurai Warriors 4-II
  • Various weapon and scenario packs
    From £3.99/€3.29
  • Rocksmith 2014
  • Blues Rock Song Pack
  • Transformers: Devastation
  • Various packs
  • Rock Band
  • Assorted tracks
    From £0.79/€0.69
  • Dungeon Defenders II
  • Assorted packs
    From £4.49/€5.49
  • The Pinball Arcade
  • Assorted tables
    From £3.99/€4.99

Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in October

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4 Author Replies

  • When the only time you give attention to your own device is by blocking users from playing their legitimately owned games on it, you know something is very wrong. So, let’s talk about PS TV.

    In the light of a recent exploit found with the system, it has become more than apparent that PS TV is technically capable of playing all PSP and Vita games on it, despite any need for touch screen or camera functions the games may have. Of course, then one couldn’t progress through those games playing them on PS TV, but that’s not the point here. The point is that all that is blocking many Vita, PSP and PS1 games from working on the device is not the device’s fault, but rather, something else.

    So how about doing something about that to allow the owners of PS TV to play the games they own on the device on which the games have no problems working? Go ahead and do some sort of list for games that can’t be fully played with the device, such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, but don’t block the usage of games completely. Even worse is that many of those blocked games are PSP and PS1 games, ones that have no problems working on the device to begin with. There’s no reason for PS TV not being able to play PSP and PS1 games.

    Me and many other owners of the device would greatly appreciate if you could support and fix the problems of the device you brought to the market on your own. Not only when us fans discover something that can be used to make the device do what it was supposed to do from the very beginning, and then go and disable that exploit. I understand why you did that, but if the device would be allowed to work like it should, maybe there wouldn’t have been any need for the exploit in the first place. Just saying.

    • I would like Netflix and PS3 remote play on it too. I bought one for my spare room but it is woefully ignored by Sony. It could be great but they don’t have a clue.

    • 100% agree with you. I thought about buying it once, but the crazy price of the memory cards, the lack of support and even a propper compatibility list for it made me change my mind. I think that Sony dont want people to buy it

    • I agree for the most part. The PSTV is an instant failure at this point. it’s clear now that it was literally just a way to shift vita chipsets. I’m guessing the restrictions on what games can be played are of a legal nature.
      I have one but have BARELY used it more than 10 times?
      There is a place for this kinda product for sure but it’s terrible at the TV stuff and severely hampered on the game side.

    • Well… what’s the point of letting people play Vita games on PlayStation TV… after changing its name from Vita TV.

    • The issue where some PS Vita software does not work on PS TV has never been a technical issue (well except for touch games / camera games and such), but it has always been a licensing issue.

      You don’t own the software you buy, but you own a license to play it on the device(s) that the owner of the software wants you to play it. This is not ideal for us as consumers but it’s just how it works. You can complain about it all you want, but sometimes it’s just not possible.

      It could either be that a publisher doesn’t want you to play the PS Vita version on a TV, but wants you to buy a PS3 / PS4 version of the game.

      It could also be that for instance some licensed properties (the soundtrack in the game or some kind of branding or usage of third party tools) have been used under the condition that the game is only on that one platform or is only used on portable platforms. You’d be amazed how strict licensing agreements can be.

      Of course, a publisher could then renegotiate the licensing terms or so, but in most cases the other party will want something in return (money). In some cases the publisher may want to pay for that as a customer service, in other cases they don’t and it’s a business decision.

      Unfortunately, I don’t think complaining about it helps one bit. I’m sure Sony knows people want to play all games on PS TV and knew it before they launched it. Hell, it’d help them sell more devices and more games.

    • I must fully agree on you. PS TV is a great device and playing VITA games on it is simply great. But the ONLY problem with this device is that it almost doesn´t play any games due too the restrictions.
      With a Dual Shock 4 it works great to play games that need the touch function. It`s not perfect, but it´s better than not enabling games at all.

      Personally i understand why this needed to be patched, but SONY should consider to properly enable it without using a hack. I bought PS TV for 99 € on day one. It is almost everywhere available for 49 € or even less.
      I really want PS TV to be a success, but without any games, PS TV simply will not be bought by anyone.

  • Hi Fred! Any idea about Onigiri? it was supposed to be out today.

  • Says 15,99€ for Super Meat Boy on the store

  • wish we could get some Transformers Devastation Avatars.. that would be sweet.

  • any sales this week?

    • Fred said there will be some tomorrow.

    • Yes indeed, news coming very soon.

    • The new discounts are listed here

      Definitely getting Resistance 1 (because it’s the only way to play it with vibration support and all DLC), Goat Simulator (because why not?) and MAYBE Sega Racing Transformed.

    • what happened to that news then?

      oh right.


      because we all know when anybody from scee says “soon” they mean bloody never.

      anybody there gonna get off their arse and change the price of the first episode of the Tales From The Borderlands game like the developer wants?

      no, you won’t be cause that might involve actual work.
      well, typing a few keys anyway, still clearly too hard for anybody there.

      the us store did it the same day, the xbox store had it.
      you wanna know the one company that was too pathetic to actually change the price to what the publisher wanted?

      i’ll let you figure it out.

      some much for that guff about the publisher setting the prices.

      they publicly announce the price, and you bloody ignore them.
      everybody else set the price to what the publisher decided, but oh no, you know better.

  • 1001 Spikes hahahaha

    never thought I’d see the day

    won’t buy it because Nicalis though

  • Finally, 1001 Spikes, after 1 year and 4 months later after it’s US release. No wonder QA is so sluggish.

  • Rock Band 4 Various Songs :/ Is there is a full list? I am expecting my legacy tracks to be available today. So far I have found 1. :(

  • Disappointing prices as always. That is all

    • Agree. Prices have gotten way too high even for indie games. Retail games were always overpriced but £12 for super meat boy which has been out for years on steam and Xbox and has been on sales for a fraction of the cost seems ridiculous. I also find it hard to believe all the devs are doing this. It’s in the last few months all indie game prices have risen. That’s not just 1 or 2 devs being unrealistic with prices, it’s a general price rise in indie games regardless of quality and age.

    • Super Meat Boy is for free you donut.

  • Where the heck is Persona 4 Dancing All Night?

  • Where’s the MGSV: Phantom Pain costumes. I’ve been looking forward to those, so it’s a shame to not see them up on the store yet.

  • when are you gonna announce PS1 and PS2 emulation? its already been leaked showing Sirent and War of the monsters so might as well announce the feature already.

  • Anyone know the size of Dengeki Bunko (PS Vita).

  • Can we preload Battlefront??

  • Has anyone noticed that KickBeat on PS4 is also on the IGC? It wasn’t listed in the October PS+ post.

  • Rock Band

    Assorted tracks
    From £0.79/€0.69

    Actually, there’s at least ONE free song. “Am i crazy – Little Fish”

  • I can highly recommend Kick Beat Special Edition if you like your rhythm action games. Rather than the usual ‘follow a track’ scenario you’re controlling a 3D Kung Fu fighter as they fend off attackers which makes a nice change. It’s also free on PS Plus this month.

  • Why can’t a find any Rock Band 4 DLC on the South African PlayStation Store?
    The Rock Band 4 game itself is there

    • Yup, I’m not seeing anything, and rushed to buy the game… hope that wasn’t a mistake… :(

    • Rock Band tracks have never been on South African store :'( My advice is register a UK account and download from there as it is the same region as SA and DLC will therefore work (unlike a US account which tracks will not show up in an SA/UK game).

      I’m guessing it’s for the same reason I can’t find any physical copies of Rock Band 4 for sale.

  • Super Meatboy and Broken Age not on VITA store -.-

    • Add them to the library on the webstore or on your PS4. You should see them on your downloads list on the Vita.

    • just buy it from the PC store?

    • The PS Plus section hasn’t been updated apparently, but you can search for them in the store and you’ll be able to download them (at least if you add them to the library from the PS4 or PC as the supersmith and Lance mentioned).

  • Any word on a Rock Band 4 DLC fix yet? Installed the latest patch but the store via in game is down. DLC also isn’t showing in the PSN Store either.

    • Re. Rock Band DLC. More tracks will be added in the coming days. The Store team is working hard to get 100s of tracks live as quickly as possible – thanks for your patience.

    • Thanks for the update. Bit annoyed with Mad Catz and Harmonix, the whole marketing campaign was based on being able to use DLC from the get go. They should have forseen this and submitted DLC earlier!

    • thanks for the update. Mad Catz neeed to sumbit earlier clearly! urggh! haha

    • Thanks Fred for keeping us updated on the situation.

    • @raga2502 In Harmonix’s defence, I think they submitted it in plenty of time. They announced the DLC as being live on Friday, and it started to appear everywhere (PS Store in North America, Xbox Store in NA and the EU) that day. It was only the EU PS Store where nothing popped up until yesterday.

  • Any update on Harvest Moon back to nature’s lack of Vita compatibility? I tweeted (Ugh) the developers and they said it was something on SCEE end.

    Can someone look into this please

  • Looking forward to tomorrow’s sale. On another note.. Don’t bother this month with all the emails about how great Plus is and what I’ve been missing for the last 7 months. It ain’t gonna happen.

  • When will the MGSV DLC be up?

  • Been playing Dungeon Explorers 2 demo on the ps vita and loving it but does anyone know if your saved data carries over if you buy the game when it’s released next week? By the way Broken Age is a great game to be given away with plus…such a shame I bought it in sale and only just got round to playing it..

  • I’m still grumpy that I don’t have a PS4 right now.

  • Hey, what’s happens with Yakuza 5 !?!
    This week you bring us three avatars (Majima, Saejima & Shinada). Where are the rest? (Kiryu x 2, Haruka x 2 & Akiyama) (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    And the most important, where is the game? (╥_╥)

    • Oh, didn’t know there are any avatars at last! Checked a week ago and nothing. Instant buy and wait for the rest. Thanks for the info, Sergirt :)

  • Such a tease having Uncharted up there when it’s not due for another couple of days here in UK at least. That pre-order countdown clock on my PS4 screen right now is taunting me. Oh well at least I’ll have something to look forward to at the weekend. :D

  • Hi. And thanks for all the awesome replies to peoples questions this week, what a bang up job you’re doing, you must be so swamped.

    Enough with the flattery, here’s some questions.

    Where’s the over 1200 songs that are missing for Rock Band? They should’ve been up by now.
    Why can’t I download tracks, that I got as a part of a track pack?
    Why does this always happen to us?
    Was it something I did?

  • anyone else having an issue with Broken Age on PS4, where the dialogue menu highlights are not showing up?
    meaning there’s no way to know what option you’re choosing.

    an example.

    • never mind, it’s been pointed out to me that the issue is with my eyes, not the game, just a little bit of colourblindness, not a broken game.

  • 18€ for a 5 year old indie game. Now this is hilarious…. Indies are becoming more overpriced and more mediocre over the passing of time.

    • It’s probably because they included it in PS Plus, so they need to present it as a nice (expensive) release. I bet it’ll be on sale after this month, though :P

  • I already platted the Uncharted trilogy on PS3 a long time ago. Whenever I want to replay them (especially U3 MP), I fire up the shiny black monolith.

    Where are the fresh games on PS4? Is there actually anything fresh on PS4? Anything? Nothing?

    And where is the preorder for Bloodborne’s expansion due next month? Sony? Hello…?

  • Dungeon Defenders 2 has no price but the DLC does? It better not be a ripoff.

  • I’ve just been on the PSN store on my PS3 and I came across Suikoden 3 PS2 Classic on sale which it has apparently been on sale since the 23rd September but when I check the deal and offers section on the PS3 I couldn’t find it listed anywhere same on the browser store too. I also found quite a few other games on sale like God Hand that haven’t been listed in the correct place either, what is the point of putting games on sale if your going to hide them?

    Also I can’t believe there is no way on the PS3 store or browser store to specifically search for Psone and PS2 classics, it’s like you don’t want money.

    • I noticed that too. I don’t know about the PS3 store, but I use the web browser store on PC and had the same problem.

      For the first week of the sale, there was a Retro Games Sale banner on the website. But for the past week (2nd week of the sale) the banner was removed making it impossible to find the games without browsing or searching for the specific game (if you remembered it’s name).

      It’s almost like they don’t want people to buy the discounted games. God forbid it would raise an interest (or demand) for more backwards compatibility.

      I use a website called PSPrices to keep track of sales and price drops. You can add games (from any region, so make sure you are set to UK first) to a wishlist and get an email when the price drops. Hope that helps.

    • It is on the PS3 store, go to offers page, then press down to select the PS2 logo, bingo! I picked up Gradius V for £3.20 myself… :)

  • I like how despite being delayed for A YEAR AND A HALF, 1001 Spikes has launched at almost twice the price of the US version.

    Nicalis is an absolutely disgusting publisher.

  • So much negativity written in these comments. Relax everyone, Uncharted makes its debut on PS4 this week!

  • Will you guys bring back Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 on PSN? I’m wondering because they were just re-released back on XBL Marketplace. It would be really cool if you guys re-release this game as downloadable full PSN game. I know a lot of people who were not able to play this game.

  • When gets the vita store the update?
    (I know i can put the games in the download list.)

  • Why do they keep giving us crap indie games every month on Playstation plus? I want AAA titles I’m sick of these cheap ass games I don’t even download them

  • my rockband reorder bonus code is not working from game digital who do i have to contact to get it activated

  • mean preorder

  • Dungeon Defenders ii is on the PSN store but it’s the early access and I cannot buy it (no option)

    • I was under the impression that you had to buy a currency pack to get access to the pre-alpha. I bought the £4.49 pack and still have no access. I wonder if they forgot to ‘flip a switch’ on the servers or something.

  • I purchased a gem pack for Dungeon Defenders 2 to get access to the game but I can’t figure out how to download the game. What am I missing?

    • They added the Dungeon Defenders II Early Access Defender’s Pack for 26.99 euros before 5 minutes

    • I’m angry. I bought the £4.49 pack thinking that would get me access because the US version gave access by buying a currency pack. Now it’s released here and the only option to play is £21.99. That ridiculous considering the US had 3 packs to choose from the cheapest of which was like $12. Asking the equivalent of $33.64 from UK residents is wrong on so many levels.

  • @Fred @Chris
    I am looking forward to a sale which would include the muramasa dlc collection, pretty please.
    Or sometime down the line (maybe haloween sale)

  • Hi Fred, any news regarding the RR7 issues i kept reporting during the past few weeks? Is the investigation still going on?

  • When will Dragon Age Inquisition GOTY be available? The US store seems to have it available already.

  • I own the Fratellis 01 pack but it’s showing up at 69p for each of the tracks on the store. I also own Foo Fighters 01 and the same situation here. Can this be resolved?

  • The issue with Rock Band seems to be if you owned a pack the individual songs that are in that pack don’t show up as free. I have this for the Fratellis, Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon. Can this be resolved? Thanks

  • Does anyone know why the Stan VOD App for PS3 & PS4 in Australia only isn’t listed in this blog post, as it is being released by StreamCo on Thursday (October 8, Australian time)

  • 1001 spikes is still not up on the UAE store. Is it coming later or not coming at all to this region?

  • Where’s Star Wars beta?

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