17 amazing things you probably didn’t know about Tearaway Unfolded

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17 amazing things you probably didn’t know about Tearaway Unfolded

Media Molecule reveals the hidden secrets behind the making of its papercraft adventure

Hi everyone. We released our epic PS4 papercraft adventure Tearaway Unfolded into the wild last month and we’ve loved seeing the response from both players and critics alike.

During the making of any game, there are always a great wealth of fascinating facts and figures about the project that never usually see the light of day. With that in mind, we’ve decided to dust off our memories and take a look back at the development of Tearaway on the PS Vita and Tearaway Unfolded on the PS4 to share some of our most secret squirrels with you all!

Here are 17 facts about the making of Tearaway that might just blow your mind!

  1. We used 280,918 sheets of paper to make Tearaway, and we needed to make 647,708 folds!
  2. The original version of Tearaway was called ‘Sandpit’, and lots of the code (especially in the PS Vita version) still refers to ‘Sandpit’ instead of Tearaway.
  3. Thanks to our bespoke editor, every object in the game could theoretically be made from real paper.
  4. The PS4 version has procedural ‘thick edges’ that get added automagically to non-ripped paper edges, making the paper even more realistic!
  5. And all the edging used in Tearaway Unfolded is actual 3D edging, they’re not textures.
  6. When Tearaway was a free roaming game way back in the early stages of development, we used real global locations and you could walk from the very South of England to Scotland in 46 minutes and 12 seconds.
  7. E3_2015_Mediakit_018

  8. The Squirrels are referred to as Monkeys in the development environment, Scraps are referred to as Grunts (sometimes even Cyclops), and Elks are referred to as Elephants!
  9. Confetti is also known as Fluff.
  10. The game editor continues using the LBP “-inator”-suffix, such as the Fluffinator and Dependinator.
  11. The original name for iota was OOLA and his appearance was quite different to how he looks today!
  12. E3_2015_Mediakit_018

  13. The Game Menu is built using the same level editor as the game is.
  14. The Paper Plane was originally made for Tearaway on the PS Vita, however we didn’t feel it was quite right at that time, which is why we were even more excited to introduce it in Tearaway Unfolded!
  15. There are 29,097 words in the game in 21 languages, which gives us a grand total of 611,037 words in all the different languages! This is (roughly!) equal to about 2 Game of Thrones novels.
  16. The Tripod is the ultimate tool to take selfies in crazy situations! Did you know you can take photos whilst riding the Pig and even the Paper Plane (but at your own risk)!
  17. Scraps fart!
  18. There was a physical paper prototype built for the in-game menu
  19. E3_2015_Mediakit_018

  20. No baby Wendigos were injured during the making of this game <3

What a wonderful collection of facts! Did any surprise or astound you? Let us know in the comments below! And if you haven’t picked up your copy of Tearaway Unfolded yet, visit the PlayStation Store to begin your papery adventure now!

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  • “When Tearaway was a free roaming game way back in the early stages of development, we used real global locations and you could walk from the very South of England to Scotland in 46 minutes and 12 seconds”

    That sounds like it has incredible potential for a sequel, I just hope that the original sold enough to justify one

  • Most of these facts relate to the original more so than Unfolded. Sad to think that’s the last Vita title from a Western first party studio and it came out 2 years ago and has already been replaced by a PS4 version. =/

  • If I were malicious… oh no wait… I AM malicious

    Number 18:
    It didn’t sell despite being remade to oh~so~great~now~we~are~bound~to~success~console. And despite getting more spotlight than Vita version ever had. Even this article screams “hey, please buy Tearaway Unfolded! because not many people did”

    Number 19
    The original Vita version was released the same day as: Xbox One, Super Mario 3D World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Mario Party Island Tour. Nope… it wasn’t sent out to its death… was it?

  • Number 20:
    If you had paid for a licence, or if it were a nintendo game (paper mario xxx) it will be sold beyond your weirdest imaginations….

    Truth is the game lacks visibility, vita lacks of visibility too, sony has abandoned it… and remake it’s top titles on ps4 will do more harm than good, not only for vita, but for ps4 too….

    Ps4 players don’t look for tearaways… they will buy a wii u if they want this kind of games… they look for bloodbornes, witchers, call of dutys…. serious stuff….

    Vita gamers are glad to buy anything you publish… I’m sure the numbers were not so bad… for a vita game… even considering the lack of publicity and media exposure the game had (Here at spain there are four 3ds commercials or more for each vita commercial, on the kids channels, and I know it because I have 2 kids watching to them).

    Please people at sony, consider to relaunch vita, 2-3 AAA each year, we don’t ask for more, even ps2/ps3 remasters (quality remasters please) are wellcome…

    but don’t kill it… it’s the best hand held ever, and has potential to last for another 5 years if you publish some quality games on it….

    • PS4 is a console for all types of games. Not all have to be serious, and while I think there should have been a different Mm game on PS4 instead of an alternate version of the original Vita title, it’s quirkyness is what makes PlayStation the platform to go to for all types of gamers.

      Not everything has to be generic shooters, racers or RPGs. Platformers used to be the pinnacle of gaming in the 5th PS generation, and i’m glad they’re making a comeback.

      It was games like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro that peaked my interest in Tearaway. Stylish, colourful and most of all, a unique singleplayer experience which there doesn’t seem to be much of nowadays.

    • If you don’t like it, don’t play it. No one is forcing you.

    • I’m in for the AAA requests, even for remasters. I’d love to see Yakuza 1&2 HD Edition on Vita along with PS3 version in the west. Also from what I remember Yakuza: Dead Souls run on Vita well on a presentation somewhere. Or more PSP/NDS/3DS remasters. How about Okamiden for Vita beside Okami HD for PS3?

  • Number 21: the ‘bonus’ of the soundtrack still does not download and play. Still…

  • Sorry to de-rail but

    Fred Dutton 30 September, 2015 @ 3:44 pm 3.1
    Tuesday Store post returns next week – sorry to keep you waiting this time.

    Nice to see EU PS blog keeping their promises again

  • Number 22: We made this game for ps4 because we want to see how disappointed ps vita fans who expect for the original sequels will looks like

  • that’s really good!!!!

    Did they think vita owners, who on a great percentage own a ps4 too, would buy such a treachorous port?

    When it was announced it was like a stab on the back… I own 2 psvita and 1 ps4, and never, never will buy tearaway unfolded, I own tearaway on vita and thats were it must be played… same for gravity rush remaster….

    If the sequels only hit ps4, well, flesh is weak… maybe I will fall for the sequels, but the remasters?!?!?!? never!

  • I love both Tearaway games, they just lovely!

  • Tearaway was my first platinum and I loved almost ever moment of it after the slightly slow start.
    I wasn’t too impressed with Unfolded (demo) because it only reminded me that the ps4 isn’t so full of gimmicks as the vita is.
    I just think Tearaway as a franchise should have been preserved and they should have thrown out everything from before and made it a new. Use the dual shock to it full potential.

  • Oola looks kinda adorable. Would be cool if there would be a template to create our personal Oola. Or give him an own game. ;)

  • Dropping that dev environment knowledge. I feel enlightened honestly!

  • “There are 29,097 words in the game in 21 languages, which gives us a grand total of 611,037 words in all the different languages! This is (roughly!) equal to about 2 Game of Thrones novels.”

    I think I can state with some confidence that translation doesn’t really work like that. :D
    Also are you bragging that the game contains less than 10% of the text of a GoT novel? :P

  • “Scraps fart!”

    Wow! RIP Tearaway

  • The negativity here is so silly. Luckily it’s just a small percentage of the playerbase.

  • ‘Negativity’ is not the word that I would use to describe circumstances where players have preordered this game in good faith and at not inconsiderable expense on the basis of receiving content, namely a coveted soundtrack, only to not receive that content and to not be provided with an explanation as to their inability to access that content. That is a completely unacceptable situation that is simply not being addressed. It is only right that attention be drawn to the apparent disregard both of committed Playstation customers and trading laws.

    More broadly, the players who record comments on blogs such as these are, by definition, committed to this platform and to those who bring games to it. It’s good to have balance; viva la difference. Pretty entertaining thread, as far as I’m concerned.

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