Super Meat Boy hits PS4, PS Vita next week with a brand new soundtrack

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Super Meat Boy hits PS4, PS Vita next week with a brand new soundtrack

Team Meat lines up a stellar array of artists to score its hit platformer

Hello, PlayStation fans! The day is almost upon us — on 6th October Super Meat Boy will finally come to PS4 and PS Vita as a Cross Buy title. As a thank you to the fans who have been so patient with us, Super Meat Boy is going to be free to download as part of October’s PlayStation Plus line-up.

For those of you that never played Super Meat Boy, you’re in for a real treat. You’re about to play a game with the best controls and level design this side of 1988. For those of you that have already had the joy (pain?) of experiencing Meat Boy, you’ll notice that the soundtrack is different.


Long story short, we couldn’t secure the rights to include the old soundtrack with the release of the game on PS4 and PS Vita. Now don’t be too bummed, because we had the opportunity to work with our favourite artists to re-score Super Meat Boy to celebrate its 5th anniversary. Our dream team of artists consists of:

  • Matthias Bossi and Jon Evans, known the world over as Ridiculon (whose most recent work includes The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth), provided the bulk of the soundtrack. They took care of The Forest, Hell, The Rapture, and The End, as well as the intro music and title screen. They also re-scored all of the cutscenes and miscellaneous ditties. Their work is always stellar and Super Meat Boy is no exception. Ready yourselves for some devilishly gruesome guitar work, my friends.
  • David “Scattle” Scatliffe of Hotline Miami fame used his unique moody style to create incredible tracks for The Hospital and the Salt Factory. His mastery will leave you wondering if the shakes you’re having are from the intense levels or the creepy/industrial bliss your ears are soaking in.
  • Laura Shigihara of Plants vs. Zombies renown scored The Cotton Alley in her style to give Bandage Girl’s levels a gentle, feminine touch that provides a fitting counterpoint to the hardest levels in the game.

That’s a pretty slick roster of artists. We were lucky enough that they were all friends of ours and fans of Super Meat Boy. Their passion and love for the game can be heard in the work they put into making the game sound amazing. We’re honoured to have them on the team for this version of Super Meat Boy.

Super Meat Boy Super Meat BoySuper Meat Boy

Their marvellous soundtrack coupled with Jordan Fehr’s gross and satisfying SFX create an auditory masterpiece that complements Super Meat Boy like butter to lobster. But, talk is talk — your ears need to judge. We don’t want you to hear the whole soundtrack just yet; that special date is reserved for 6th October, but we’ll give a little taste of what’s to come. Below, you’ll find a link to the Hell Boss track. When you listen to it, you can hear that it burns with a seething intensity that is Hell in Super Meat Boy:

We’re excited for old fans, forgotten fans, and fans that don’t yet know that Super Meat Boy is their all-time favourite game to join us on 6th October on PS4 and PS Vita to celebrate Super Meat Boy’s 5th birthday in style!

Tommy and Edmund

P.S. The DualShock 4 glows red while you play Super Meat Boy. If you were on the fence before and this tidbit didn’t sway you, then I don’t know what I can do for you.

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  • I was on the fence until i heard about the DS4 glowing red.

  • New soundtrack is going to pretty damn great judging by that one song and the roster of artists.

  • I played this briefly on PC years ago. Does it have a Platinum Trophy though?

  • thank you Team meat for porting this this to the PS4 as it looks like the best platformer ever made. i didn’t have a chance to play this last gen as i only had a PS3. many thanks.

  • That soundtrack is great, really looking forward to this game! But do I play it on Vita or PS4, tough decision, maybe both!

  • Deal. A new soundtrack might not sound like a big deal, but for me that’s enough reason in itself for Meat Boy veterans to replay the whole thing again.

  • Never played this before so thank you so much for porting it and making it a PS plus exclusive!

  • Edmund McMillen is awesome, thx ps for giving us a 2nd of his games free. Hope we hear Binding of Isaac Afterbirths ps4 launch date soon, I hate being so behind PC especially when ps4’s worthwhile exclusive AAA’s seem to be in so much short supply.

  • Thank you for bringing this on playstation, I have been waiting for this day since I first got it on Steam and played the meat out of it. I was hoping it would be released on PSP back then, as it is so perfect for portable, so I’ll be downloading it on Vita first. For those ‘not into 5 year old indie games’ I dare you to try it just once, if you have the (meat) balls. Getting hooked is pretty much guaranteed. Might be a good idea to insure your DS4/Vita first though. You’ll see why.
    Have to admit I felt a bit disappointed about not having the original score, but the new track sounds ace and I can’t wait to hear the Scattle tracks.
    One question though, why not on ps3 as well?

    • I’m sure I’d get hooked to a lot of web-browser quality games, but i’d still be disapponted I got one of those on PS+ instead of most the AAA’s (the kind of games the vast majority of us bought a ps4 for) I could get hooked to.
      You said it yourself… you were hoping for this on PSP, and years later we are getting it on PS4.
      Clearly we are more like laughing stock to Sony than ‘The gamers’ or ‘The players’.

    • @fps_d0minat0r: I bought my PS4 to play great games on. And those range from AAA games to lower-res indies. There’s more depth and challenge to a game like Super Meat Boy than there is to the umpteenth Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed, both series being yearly rehashes of the exact same thing.

  • its nothing more than an xbox reject apparently the makers of this tatt say its the greatest platform ever made and gamers couldnt get enough of it really its so popular that its had to be given away to get ps4 players to play it

    • What reject? The game WAS released on the 360…

    • Super Meat Boy is an incredibly successful game… as of January 2012 it had sold over 1 million copies the majority of which on PC the rest on the 360. You really have no idea what you’re talking about do you. Can’t wait to play this on my Vita.

  • AAAAAAND talking about the game, i didn’t even know they eventually implemented Cloud saving on the original PC version in 2013. I thought they were against it or something. But hey it’s better now.

  • The soundtrack was one of many things I like about Binding of Isaac, so this is good news. It’s the only game I’ll be picking up this month from the IGC

  • Cant say I really like new soundtrack (had the same problem with Rebirth’s one), but, nevertheless, this game is a pure enjoyment. Gonna miss the Dark Hospital and the End tracks, though : (

  • Given you joined forces with a band that basically glorifies the death of animals for hedonistic mastication in both an album and in a web page you linked to (let alone your failed attempt at mocking a mockery of your out-dated game) I’ll give it a wide berth. Way to insult non-meat eating gamers. I’m sure Jim Morris or Patrik Baboumian could easily out do you in any contests of strengths. And they don’t need any animal protein to do it either! Your childish attack on vegans aside…

    Your game got on plus because that’s all we’re given these days. Indie pixelated/i-did-it-in-MS-paint nonsense that people have played years ago for free on other platforms. Your game is not original or unique. Stop tooting your own horn please. It’s just wrong.

  • I will download and play this on my vita but please a ps4 game?

  • How did you lose the rights to the old Danny B score? I thought that was awesome, but will see if the new ones suits the game as well.

  • That sucks, original Danny Baranovsky soundtrack was brilliant :(.

  • OOOH. i´m all-in. 8 bit gaming.
    well i guess i have to finish up last night´s movie Tommy:
    can you guess the title? #indiegamemovie rerun

  • So, just downloaded the this month’s ‘Plus’ games… no sign of Super Meat Boy?! Am I missing something (other than meat boy that is!)?

  • WHERE IS SUPERMEATBOY if you said your adding the game you have to add it if you said its coming to ps+ you add it today or we gamers will get mad :D

  • And now Super Meat Boy is in Monthly Games list, but not for free!!

  • supermeatboy should be on ps+ not kickbeat trying to make up a missing supermeatboy ps+ game is not on if you say your adding smb add it

  • And now SMB is free. Why can’t you update your store in one nice transaction?? Why should we see all this intermediate mess in store??

  • I wanted to buy this rather than rent it via PS+, but after finding it’s double the price of what I paid for the XBLA version on release five years ago I think I’ll wait for a sale.

  • Stuff happens. I’m looking forward to playing this version with the new music. Breath of fresh air. Besides, I play the Steam version with an Xbox controller and I like the DS4 a lot better. Maybe I’ll even play the Vita version in bed… Yup! Looking forward to it :)

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