Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection demo available today

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Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection demo available today

Plus, Uncharted 2 train wreck set-piece voted series highlight

Last week you voted for your favourite Uncharted Moments and the votes are in! There was a close tie between the Train Wreck from Uncharted 2 and the Cargo Plane from Uncharted 3, but there could only be one winner, right? The Train Wreck! The very opening minutes of Uncharted 2 grab you pretty instantly and — for a lot of people — never let go.


We’ll be playing it live today and talking to the team about what it actually took to pull this epic moment off (Hint: it wasn’t easy). Tune in on the Naughty Dog Twitch channel and sound off in the chat, or share your favourite Uncharted Moments in the forums.

Watch live video from NaughtyDog on www.twitch.tv

With less than two weeks until Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection launches on 7th October (9th October in the UK), we’re happy to announce that the demo will go live on PlayStation Store today! Even if you’ve battled through war-ridden Nepal a hundred times, playing it with enhanced graphics and gameplay on PS4 is like playing it fresh. Don’t believe us? Download it.


Be sure to download the demo from PlayStation Store today and mark your calendars for the third Uncharted Moments stream on 6th October. Don’t forget to grab your copy of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection so you can join the exclusive Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta, available 4th December through the 13th! PlayStation Plus membership required.


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  • I wanted to vote for both the Train Wreck and the Cargo Plane but in the end I went for Train Wreck. I haven’t finished downloading the demo yet.

  • Played the demo thats in the hotel with the broke lift day1 buy 4 me

  • i played the demo and i wasn’t impressed. Uncharted 2’s gameplay hasn’t aged well at all its the better games from the franchise. thanks for the demo as you just saved me an impulse purchase.

    • The game that won the most GOTY awards ever after its release, an incredibly advanced next gen game with ingame animations to this day that modern games still haven’t come close to matching yet (and obviously they are another half decade from topping U3’s) is somehow dated to just you?
      How is that even possible? So is Rise of the Tomb Raider with its “next gen” PS2 era possible animations and Uncharted 2 snow deformation more your cup of NOT aged tea?

    • Animations are visual effects not gameplay. The gameplay is the part where you jump from ledge to ledge, climb things, solve puzzles and aim+shoot over and over.

    • I was similarly disappointed. Controls were pretty loose, not all graphics have been improved and really the gameplay on show was nothing special. Not having played an uncharted game before I was expecting more than just a few shoot outs interspersed with a bit of climbing / jumping and scripted events.

    • i agree actually …. i was hoping that when i played it that it was the first one so i’m like it feeling dated is a little acceptable but to know its the second i didnt really like the feel of the gameplay i was gonna day 1 buy this but with a ton of other amazing games coming out in the next few weeks and months i think this will be a sale buy down the road in the future because if uncharted 2 gameplay is this unimpressive idk if i can make it through the whole game and i fear i would never finish 1 or 2

  • “Playing it with enhanced graphics and gameplay on PS4 is like playing it fresh.”


  • Any updates about PS+? :v

    • We definately get super meat boy on plus next week, which is one of the best games ever made. I dont care what else we get. Cant wait!

  • Uneven played an Uncharted game before this Demo.
    I found the feel of the game very floaty and almost frustrating. Onc I turned the aim sensitivity up it was much better but I also want an option to increase the camera sensitivity.

  • I’ve played all 3 on PS3. 1st was ok, but overrated, 2nd was awesome thanks to the winter climate, 3rd one is generally considered the worst out of the 3. Is it worth it? If you haven’t played it on PS3, than yes, it’s quite an “enjoyable” light adventure game. If you’ve already played one or two, well, it really depends if you’ve completed Metal Gear Solid V already.

    • Third is my personal favourite and I know a lot of people prefer two but everyone agrees the first is the worst by a long way. The first is a good game whilst 2 and 3 are amazing.

    • ‘3rd is generally considered the worst out of the 3’? No, it really isn’t. It’s usually considered almost as good as 2 but most and by some (like myself) to be the best one. The first one is the ‘worst’ but it’s still a fantastic game that made me happy I bought a PS3 (I had never heard of the game when it came with my PS3 purchase which also contained more famous games such as GTAIV and Assassin’s Creed both of which I found absolutely terrible and then I tried this little known game called Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and I fell in love with it).

  • Since there was no store update this week for some reason:


  • Cannot wait for this collection! Gunna be awesome.

    OT: How come there’s no store update today? or PS+ update??

  • soooo no store update today?

  • Can’t wait to play my favorite game series again :) Perfect collection, only sad point for me is the missing stereo 3D mode in U3, would have been a blast to play in 3D using PS4 graphical power.

    • Oh yeah, shame. I guess it would have meant more work for little reward.

    • @Harrisown: Probably. But Bluepoint did an excellent job with 3D for the Ico/Colossus HD remaster so I was somehow hoping they would apply the it to this collection as well.

    • Disappointing. No 3D, no buy. Platinumed all 3 games, but I’d definitely pay and play all 3 again just for the 3D goodness the PS4 is capable of.. what a waste of next-gen hardware, it does less than my 8-year-old PS3, pointless.

  • For those after a store update, ive no idea why its not happened today. However you can always check the store update on playstation blog us. Updated every monday without fail! Normally always pretty much identical to eu updates.

  • The store update will include Laserlife which was released on PC worldwide and USA PS4 last week.
    Then for £50 on Friday there’s Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5. Activision did an amazing job just look at the video.

  • Shame there wasn’t 1 Level of each 3 games on the demo :( But i forgot how brilliant the game was after playing that demo Level :P Can’t wait for number 4! :P :P :P

  • Is aged a little more than i would have expected, Im still going to buy it.


  • Harvest Moon Back to Nature finally launched on the EU PS Store. Of course it isn’t Vita compatible.

  • The site works fine on Windows 7, however on XP it displays a maintenance message (using Chrome on both).

    • I have windows 7 and it wasn’t working fine. I prefer using Firefox over Chrome. However yesterday for around half an hour the blog was getting a maintenance message.

    • I’m on Windows 10 – blog was down for me, so I asked Fred. He suggested cleaning my cache (only the cache) – I’m on Chrome too – and it worked instantly.

  • I can’t Waite to experience this game Uncharted collection then Uncharted 4 Ooh Ooh!, I never got a chance to play any of these on PS3 but, here it is all on PS4. That what I’m talking about. Make it happen PS4 for the new Tomb raider also not just for XB1, we started it

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider is coming to PS4 Next Autumn (Fall) Microsoft have a year exclusivity deal on it. I agree that Square really missed the boat on that.

  • I can’t wait! My fave game series by far and the 4th game is the sole reason I bought a PS4. None of the other big titles this year have appealed to me anywhere near as much (and I found Metal Gear Solid V absolutely tedious, maybe not so much as past MGS games but still gave up real soon on it cos it did nothing to entertain or excite me).

  • Played through the demo last night and also the section at EGX, brought all the memories back of playing through these games a few years back. Bluepoint have done a great job on the upgrade, movement feels responsive and everything I’ve seen so far runs silky smooth. Looking forward to playing them all again next week.

  • While I love Uncharted I think it was a poor choice of level for the demo. I wanted to persuade 2 friends to buy this but I was really hoping for an underground tomb/ancient setting. Perhaps the train level for U2, or the horse level in U3.

    • I thought it was a great sampler. Tense helicopter stuff and building being destroyed all around you. Lots of bits flying about and plenty bad guys to kill. Been a while since I played that bit (most of my Uncharted playing over last few years has been on Uncharted 3 multiplayer) so I was happy to play this part too. :)

  • Checked the store the new Batman dlc is up today not sure what happened with the blog update but if people are waiting for that its available

    • Didn’t care about dlc for Batman, was wanting the store to update for Onigiri but as that was delayed certainly hope we get a discount on Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 and Ar NoSurge plus like US store…but that’s a pipe dream…so is seemingly getting a store update this week

  • https://youtu.be/sYQaG-o1Bi8 Few minutes in demo, and already found a bug. Shame on you QA team :P

  • playing the demo now and loving it. So smoooooth! Had a smile on my face all the way through playing. Can’t wait til next week.

  • Thought something seemed a bit off with controls but it’s just cos they’ve switched R1/L1 and R2/L2 and my muscle memory was confused. Luckily they have option to switch it back and I was killing all the bad guys with joy again. :D

  • I had this game in my top 5 best looking ps3 games, but unlike GOW3 it didn’t age too well.

    The swimming pool still looks great though.

  • What about IGC games. ???? last tuesday of september was yesterday….

  • I’ve cancelled my pre-order, i have ps3 and U trilogy and just ben sky hyped to buy this remaster,BluePoint could do a better job, my 2 cents.

  • Not sure if this has been asked/answered already but will the games be available to download separately? I have already completed the first two games but never got around to playing the third one on PS3. I would be interested in playing Uncharted 3 on PS4 but I don’t want to have to buy the first two again just to play the third one.

  • I am curious to see what the rocket scientists of this blog will say regarding PS Store Update, PS Plus Upate, Community Update, and any other kind of update that might leave their customers out of the dark.

    Still this enormous silence seems to me like a big sign that PS Plus update will make a new hi-score on customers dissapointment…. let’s see.

  • Only played 1+2 on my old account. This is day one for me regardless no demo required!

  • Naughty Dog rules!!…Uncharted games has been the best, The story, gameplay and music….Simply Mind blowing!!

  • excited to try demo :D

  • So where’s it at it’s October 7 and the PS Store says it’s going to be the 9th.

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