The original PlayStation launched in Europe 20 years ago today

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Celebrate the milestone by winning a PS4 20th Anniversary Edition!

Hello PlayStation Blog! Today we are celebrating 20 years to the day since the launch of the original PlayStation in Europe. Duly, this means there is plenty of reminiscing (and cake!) here in the office this morning!

20th Cake_celebrations_sm

If you didn’t manage to get your hands on one, then here’s another (albeit final!) chance to do so. We have created a super gaming quiz to test your knowledge of the past 20 years of PlayStation gaming. We have 20 PS4 20th Anniversary Editions to give away, with runners-up claiming a Dualshock 4 20th Anniversary Controller.

Enter here and, as always, please read the terms and conditions. Good luck!

And that’s not all that’s happening today.

We’ve created a special PlayStation Music playlist of our favourite gaming tracks from the past 20 years, with 21 tracks from 1995 to 2015. From Chemical Brothers’ Chemical Beats featured in future-racing classic WipeOut, to LittleBigPlanet’s The Orb of Dreamers, there should be something for everyone.

Click on the album cover below for a quick link to the playlist via the web player, or alternatively check it out via Spotify on PlayStation Music through your PS4.

20 Years of Play Playlist

Over on the PlayStation Forums, have your say on the games you think defined each generation. Head over there now to complete the survey. The results will be posted next month.

Speaking of lively debate, which is your favourite PlayStation character? Here are 20 of our top picks. The first PlayStation game I owned was Speed Freaks, I still lovingly remember Tabatha and her temper tantrums!

20th Anniversary Character Montage

Finally, let’s take a look back at where it all began with the original PlayStation console. We’d love to hear your favourite memories – please do comment below!

Thanks for all of your support over the past 20 years – here’s to many more!

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  • Still excluding many, many European countries. No wonder Sony is having a bad time.

    • In what way are they having a “bad time”?

    • @tired-hippo They’re closing businesses and stores all over the world. PS4 is one of their few good products and by not allowing many people to participate in these contests, they’re aggravating the players about the console too. If they keep this up (and there’s no sign that they won’t), Sony will be history in no more than 15 years.

    • Sony are going to go under because they don’t open contests to everyone?
      What about the brand of Playstation, Sonys audio division, the catalogue of patents they own in optics and other technologies? Also I have over £100 in my playstation wallet. That should keep em going for a bit

    • @Harrisown Yes, I’m sure that your £100 is what’s keeping their heads above right now. I was wondering who the hero is :)
      It’s not about this particular contest opennes, but about Sony’s attitude. If they can’t market to as many people as they can, if they can’t excite as many customers as they can, then they’re not trying hard enough for their products to prosper. In the end, they need customers, and if Sony pushes them away, then this is what will cause their demise. Just think about why are they giving out a PS4 console for free and whether they’re really achieving what they want to achieve.

    • @Harrisown
      Haha, love it!
      I have at least a fiver too so that should help!

    • @haltsir
      It’s no Sony’s attitude but the rules in your country that make them not have a European contest there.
      Sure it sucks but there is nothing they can do about it.

    • haltsir

      You do know that sometimes when some countries are excluded from certain international activities such as contests then there may be some legal issues. Some countries have too many and complicated laws in that matter. Or generally stupid laws that will hurt it all for everybody else.
      And no this is not a bad attitude from Sony. No they will not have a bad time because of this, face reality.

    • Uhm…. you guys do realize that the sony consumer devices is not where sony makes its money… right?

      Many non-sony brands use sony semi conductors.
      Sony also gets big money from its movies and music labels.
      These are not going away anytime soon, and where they really rake in the money.

      Even that being said, i think they still doing well in the consumer devices, and even if they closing anything down, i would hardly think its even remotely related to the T’s&C’s of a competition… something they don’t even need to offer, but they do.

    • Guys, I known that sometimes there are legal issues, but this cannot be the case. I’ve participated in many giveaways, from all over the world, and when they include Europe – they mean all of Europe. Actually I can’t remember the last time anyone, except for Sony, excluded so many countries from a contest such as this. I assure you, the laws are not the problem. Even more so, there are many laws that are synchronised with common European Union laws, which are applied in every EU member. So again – it’s not the laws, it’s Sony.

      Don’t try to focus on this particular giveaway, but on what is says about Sony’s attitude in general.

      And yes, Sony has many other businesses, but as I said before, one by one they’re closing down. They’re not doing that great in movies either. They semiconductors are seeing a big competition from other Asian manufacturers, so that’s not lasting too. Their last big win was Blu-Ray and it might be the last one (hopefully not).

    • … just halt, sir.

      Sorry, had to say that. *runs away*

  • Ugh i got excited until i saw the “click fast in the questions” contest, AGAIN. Another pointless contest that a bot or a hacker is gonna win. Why not make it random? is it so hard?

    Can we at least have a decent PS+ line up this month? i’m not asking for much…

    • Er, it’s not fastest finger first. It’s a “get all the answers right and get closest on the tiebreaker” contest

    • Oh you’re right… Sorry. When i saw the questions in that order i assumed it was timed. I still think it should be a random winner.

    • If it was random, then it wouldn’t be a contest, but a lottery, and different government rules would apply.

      I do agree that “click fast in the questions” contests do suck though.

    • Quite a few people can’t read apparently.

  • PS1 was such a great console. My favourite games include Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy IX, Future Cop LAPD, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Resident Evil 2, Silent Hill… the list goes on and on. From acclaimed hits to obscure gems and everything in-between, PS1 had it all.

    Hopefully we continue to see more PS1 classics released. But then seeing as Vita is your only current platform that supports them, I doubt it’s something SCEE is bothered with… we know how Sony likes to treat the Vita after all (hint: like the plague). Sad to see, since the legacy of the PS1 deserves better – let alone the Vita itself.

    PS4 really needs to get PS1 classics, because it would be silly to have the thousands of great titles on that system disappear with the PS3 and Vita.

    • This is why I still have all of my consoles. If I want to play an original PlayStation game. I load up my PlayStation 1 and play it. Same with PS2 games etc

  • LOL at The 20th anniversary video. You are really trying HARD!

  • Did you get permission from Activision to put a picture of Crash in this post?!

  • I wish those “fastest answers win” giveaways would stop. They just encourage cheating. Just run the good old random number game on all correct entries. What was wrong with that?

    • a) each Entrant will be awarded a score corresponding to the number of multiple choice questions they answered correctly (“Score”);

      b) each Winner shall be the Entrants with the highest Scores. In the event of a tie, the Winners shall be the Entrants that obtained the highest Scores and that provided the correct answer to the Tie-breaker;

      c) if, instead of a tie, insufficient Entrants provided the correct answer to the Tie-breaker to allow Winner selection, the Winners shall be the Entrants whose answer to the Tie breaker is closest to the correct answer;

      d) in the event of any further tie, those Entrants shall answer another “tie-breaker” question to determine the Winner, in accordance with the ranking mechanism set out in a), b) and c) above. In the event of a further tie, this process shall be repeated until twenty (20) Winners are obtained;

      e) the Runner-Ups will be the Entrants with the twenty (20) highest Scores after the Winners and shall be determined using the mechanism set out in a), b), c) and d) above.

      Nothing whatsoever related to answering the questions quickly

    • Reading is an essential skill.

    • PlanetJumble
      Please read before commenting such things. It’s not a fastest answer contest. There are just a set of questions and then a question were you need to guess a number.

    • Thank you all for being so much more clever than me.

      Good thing they got rid of that concept (which they did apply to almost every raffle for a long time now). Thanks for pointing that out, Steven, I was to hasty evaluating this one specifically.

  • What about a 20th anniversary sale like they got in America?

    • We already had the 20th Anniversary sale when they celebrated theirs.

    • You mean the “peek a boo” sale? You know the one where you had to scroll through pretty much all the titles available on PSN to find the ones on sale?

      The sale they couldn’t even be bothered to mention and despite being called The Big Sale had items that had the same price tag as the usual price of an item £24.99 on “SALE” for £24.99 (ooh at that price couldn’t turn that item down)

    • @MaxDiehard, that was as japan celebrate his 20th anniversary there was a little sale called anniversary but North America had this also in january but they got his own anniversary sale this month.

      That means when we don´t get it or when we only get this WIN a PS4 thing we are disadvantaged as often.

  • Joyeux Anniversaire! Sorry that i don’t live in Europe anymore.

  • Can we get a good sale to celebrate?

  • I bought mine in France. My first real paycheck and a family trip ny dad paid for because he was so proud that I had fixed my own place and paid for that myself as well. Remember how Pascal, kid in the family we visited, ha the biggest eyes as I bought it. To bad i forgot that the games where localised in French… I still played them and re-learned French while I was at it :) Even bought FFVII in French and played it without a hitch….Well i didn’t like that Cloud was localised like Clad and Red XIII was Rouge XIII. man good times.

  • This is cool, I remember my cousin getting a PS1 at launch day, and spent a lot of time at his place playing various games.

    That said, I think it’s unfortunate that so many PS1 games are still missing from the Playstation Store. It now been over 4 years since you allowed for US imports, but we are still missing a ton of JRPG classics, most noticeably the ones from Square-Enix like Brave Fencer Musashi, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy Tactics, Legend of Mana, Threads of Fate, Valkyrie Profile and Xenogears just to mention a few. It would be so awesome to see those games here.

    • I forgot US imports were a thing. For the love of all that is good and righteous SCEE, bring us Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. Europe has never seen the second half of Persona 2, which is just ridiculous in 2015.

  • you know what would be a better way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of PlayStation? i’ll tell you. by adding PS1 and PS2 classics on PS4.

  • So how about that anniversary sale then?

    • There’s a big retro sale going on, which includes a lot of PS1 games. Pretty much the same thing, just a different name.

  • Greece excluded once again along with other countries.. Since Sony Hellas is doing such a great job and listening to gamers in Greece by subtitling and having the menus of first party games in our native language why can’t you at least let us participate in contests? Is it that hard?

    • Maybe your laws? Do you know your countries laws well enough to know that there aren’t any complications there?
      I ask because I haven’t studied your laws so if you have then you would know whether it’s a legal matter or not.

    • I don’t know about our laws but we can take part on other competitions , the previous week I took part for an Xperia Z5 from Sony Mobile so it must have to do with SCEE

  • Sale, Sale. Where is the Sale. North America got one. Hurry up.

  • Happy Euro birthday to console that gave me best days and memories of my life.
    The one and only king, PlayStation 1. (not ugly one)

  • Happy birthday, PlayStation! Here’s to another 20 years! That is one amazing cake.

    My favourite PlayStation character is (unsurprisingly) Kratos. The first couple of games I had on the PS1 were Crash Bandicoot, Duke Nukem Time to Kill and Ninja Shadow of Darkness. I could beat none of those games at the age of 8, but much later I managed to complete the first 2. Ninja was so brutal, that to this day I haven’t beaten it without cheats.

  • Please consider porting Wipeout HD, Fury and 2048 to PS4! They’re such great games and true PlayStation classics. It’d be awesome to play 2048 at 60fps and HD Fury was pretty much the perfect Wipeout experience.

    • WipeoutHD is the only game is ever double plat. I’m with you on this. Would love a vita for 2048 but can’t justify it for anything else.
      Second for one of the best Sony franchise, shame they disbanded the studio :(

  • Why are the 20th anniversary consoles not available to purchase? If someone wants one just take their money and stop with the stupid competitions. Sony already got a slap on the wrist for the last anniversary competition shambles. Make them available “for the player’s ” that actually want one.

  • That Cake is AMAZING :P I do miss Crash tho :( Wish SONY would bring him back by any means possible :D & be a PS4 Exclusive to(maybe 1 day, i can dream) ;)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PS Brand, i got them all(Home Consoles) & have loved all of them so far. Good Job SONY ;)

    • Crash if owned by Activision and they’ve made it very clear that there are no plans to bring him back out of retirement or to sell the licence to anyone.

      A shame because it would be great to see him return. If it makes you feel better there have been rumours of a return for Spyro though.

  • I’ve answered all the questions, then got the surprise… my EU member country is not listed …meh….

  • Uhhh can you people stop eating cake and give us the store update…or is the store update like a scavenger hunt?

    • It’s the 20th anniversary.. you’d think they’d have a list as long as my arm of discounts and special content wouldn’t you?

    • As your avatar’s arm is about 4 millimetre’s sounds about right for EU PSN sale…

      Q: How many SCEE employees does it take to forget to update the store?

      A: All of them

      Seriously they change update day from Wednesday to Tuesday but only new sales on Wednesday and most people like to buy things together as opposed to buying on different days…not to mention the moronic inability to purchase more than 1 thing at a time on the vita (and yet they forget to update the store…not to mention correcting wrongly priced items like Heroes of Loot).

      So if you are moving store update back to Wednesday at least let people know…really seriously less than 3 minutes to create a post stating such

  • I love the cake using the original PlayStation mascot the great Crash himself!
    But the collage is missing Jak & Daxter (6 games plus a trilogy released) and yet has Vib Ribbon (1 game released)? WTH

  • First game i ever played on PlayStation was Firo & Klawd which may have been a precursor (get it?) to Jak & Daxtor. Who knows.

  • Is anyone else having problems with the blog on firefox? It kept stating Be Right Back!

    We’re making a few quick changes, but we’ll be back momentarily.

    yet it works on chrome

  • Yeah where is the sale. Why can’t Sony do a Microsoft and offer the same deals worldwide at the same time. We get poor sales and miss out on weekend flash sales.

  • Happy Birthday Playstation and thx for the great time. I hope this will last another 20 years at least.

    We wait for the 20th anniversary sale for the EU. Let us shop and play alot. :-D

  • Bring back Crash Bandicoot! 1,2,3 & CTR!

  • Does Sony remember he has a handled console ? Yes may be you know the PS Vita. More games will be canceled in the future because of the Sony abandonment.
    Sorry i can’t be glad when i see you abandoned a part of the people which had confidence in you.

  • Sale tomorrow
    20e sale…??

  • 20 yrs of Playstation…Wow!!! Datz Huge!!! Gr8!!!

  • Hopefully we can get something decent on the IGC and some sales. PS1 and 2 emulation on PS4 would have been a great way to celebrate 20 years of PS too.

  • Bring back Crash!

  • I’m so happy that Sony have created this competition, I really wanted one of the first limited ps4’s but due to the people that exploited the system I was unable to get one. The colour scheme is brilliant and reminds me so much of my childhood when I first unwrapped my beautiful PlayStation 1 console on my 5th Christmas! The memories that I have playing games such as crash bandicoot, destruction derby, medievil, Tekken 1 and Grand turismo as well as many other franchises seem so old now but at least they are good memories of the fun I had as a child on this platform. I still have my original PS1 along with my PSone, PS2, PSP, PS3, Vita and my Black PS4. This 20th anniversary edition console would make this collection complete and I’m glad to have the chance again to be able to receive one. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been gaming now for 20 years but I will say that PlayStation has made this 20 year gaming journey the best it can be. You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun!

    Thank you PlayStation it’s been a brilliant 20 years and I look forward to the next 20!

  • Many many congrats Sony PS, I’ve enjoyed the players experience now for 20 years and will continue to do so. 1 comment on the above text and picture, I’m missing a big game name and picture. The first and #1 real driving experience game (GT) Gran Turismo. For me this is 1 of the games I had from the beginning and still do all of the titles. Other ones are Metal Gear, Resident evil and of course GoW, I can not have enough of this game. I also regret that Tekken and Metal Gear went multi platform, because I simply don’t like to share all that goodness with other platforms.

    My greatest memory from the first PS is still Metal Gear Solid. I had so a wonderful time playing that game and some crazy stressful moments :). The game came on 2 Cd’s and at the end of CD 1 you were in the toilet, I remember the poster of the girl in one of the room, it was great and realistic and then came the stress. It had to load and ask you for the 2nd CD but the loading process went wrong some times and you had to play the whole level over again hoping that it will load the then (went wrong sometimes again). But when it did load, you would play to the end without stopping. This is 1 of my best memories about the PS1, 1 I will never forget.

    Thanks for the REAL gaming experience PS, I look forward to many many years of enjoyment, even if I’m a grown up now, I will always have my PS with me and I hope you can keep up the good work and bring us more an more joy for all generations.

  • i wish there would be a new wipeout to celebrate with us.. i really miss some of the old classics on ps4.
    but never the less, i’ll love you forever playstation. many happy hours on the clock! :)

  • Bring back Crash, Mr. Sony.

  • happy birthday playstation nation!!!we celebrate 20 years on with Playstation..!!!!but….you could give some free games to all players to all the consoles for this huge celebration ..??right??

  • ليش كذا

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