Everything you need to know about PS4 system software 3.00, out tomorrow

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Everything you need to know about PS4 system software 3.00, out tomorrow

A full rundown of all the new features going live this week

PS4’s 3.00 system software, codename: Kenshin, is available tomorrow. We want to extend our sincere thanks to everyone that participated in the beta. We’ve listened to your feedback and made this system software update even better.

There are a lot of changes in this update, from entirely new features to UI enhancements. While we detailed its key features earlier this month, we wanted to give you an overview of our favourite new additions. This update is focused on creating new ways to connect with friends and players around the world, expanding the social capabilities of the system even further.

  • Events: A new Events app has been added to PS4, accessible from the home screen. This will give you an overview of activities taking place in the games you play most, as well as official broadcasts.
    For instance, this week we have a double XP racing event in Driveclub and a Team of the Week Event in FIFA 16, you can register directly from the Events app. Once registered you can utilise the auto-boot functionality to set your PS4 to automatically turn on and launch the game and Event at the Event start time. Stay tuned for new gaming events and broadcasts.
  • Communities: PS4 users will have the ability to create and join communities based around shared interests, like games, genres, and more. Communities include a message board with general discussion, screenshots shared by players, and the ability to join parties/games. You can find the Communities for the games you own on the game’s live detail page. See the Communities your friends have joined in the Friends app.


  • PlayStation Plus: We’ve made a dedicated section for PlayStation Plus, which you can access from your PS4’s home screen. Once there you can easily manage your membership, see the monthly free games to download, as well as deals for PS Plus members, and all of the games you’ve redeemed through PS Plus on PS4. And a reminder to PS Plus members, your online storage for PS4 saves has now increased to 10GB.


  • Sharing video clips to Twitter: Now it’s easy to share video clips to Twitter directly from your PS4. Maximum video length is 10 seconds, though you’ll have the ability to trim longer clips. Don’t forget – you can double tap the SHARE button to start recording a video, and press it again to stop.
  • YouTube live: Now you can livestream directly from your PS4 to YouTube. Livestreams will be viewable across YouTube.
  • Request to Share Play and Broadcast: Want to try out your friend’s new game? Now you can Request to start a Share Play session or watch your friend play via a Broadcast. Your friend can chose to start a Share Play session or begin a Broadcast.
  • Live from PlayStation: Keep up with the hottest gaming trends by viewing the most popular broadcasts, video clips, and screenshots uploaded from around the world.
  • PNG Screenshots: If you’d like your game screenshots to be in a higher quality format, you can now select PNG instead of JPEG. To access, press Share > Share Settings > Screenshot Settings > Image Format. We took some comparison shots.
  • Favourite Groups: We’ve added the option for Favourite Groups to the Friends app, making it easier to access groups of people you play games with frequently. You can see we have favorite groups for Call of Duty, Rocket League, and (of course) our Destiny fireteam. Once you’re in the favourite group, you’ll see the online status for players, what games they are playing, and the option to message or chat in party.
Favourite GroupsFavourite Groups 2


  • Stickers: From the PS4 system’s Messages app, you’ll see a new option for Stickers. The 3.00 update will contain stickers themed around Uncharted 4, Knack, Little Big Planet3, Resogun, and more.

We’re constantly striving to make PS4 even better, and appreciate all the feedback! We hope you enjoy the Kenshin update, and let us know what you think in the Comments below.

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  • That’s all good stuff, but will we ever see an increase to the max number of people in a party? MGO starts soon and my clan is much bigger than eight people.

    • MGO is only 6v6

    • That’s not my issue. I’d like to be able to accommodate and interact with more of my friends at once, regardless of their presence in the same match as me.

      Also, your information is incorrect. MGO is only limited to 6v6 on PS3/360. PS4, XB1 and PC support 8v8 matches.

  • Brilliant YAY :)

  • I really looking forward to playing around with YouTube Gaming :)

  • You really should work together with Line for stickers. Those we had during the beta was so so. Ok? Please? :)

  • what about PS1 and PS2 classics for PS4? why are you teasing people with surveys and asking people to vote on their favorite PS1 and PS2 games and still we are waiting for 2 years for PS1 and PS2 classics.

  • Folders? Custom backgrounds?

    • Agreed. I need this desperately. I have about 50 PS4 games already, the library is a pain and navigating the long list of games that gets sorted randomly is also a pain. It supports folders already (the video apps) so let us use them!

    • How is alphabetical order or whatever you’ve set the order to ‘sorted randomly’?

    • I agree, allow us to sort games like how it was on ps3. That interface was almost flawless and I loved it. When I switched to ps4 I expected the same if not somehow improved… Instead my games are sorted in a moshposh horizontal way and they have no order to them. Add the vertical flow of folders, or just a “tab” to put games under… Techni has a good point maybe make it similar to how the “TV & Video” tab acts.

    • Custom backgrounds, yes. I continue to be seriously perplexed by the inability to do this. Something that all devices (including phones etc) have been able to do since the 90s. Version 3 and you still haven’t worked out a way to replicate something you has on the PS3?!

  • No option to make folders andnoway to delete items from your library…

  • I hope to friend notification like we had on PS3, and smoother messaging app, and why note Twitter and Facebook app to chat with friends while playing…

  • This is cool, but I wanna know about PS Plus games for october.

  • its also the 20th anniversary of PlayStation in EU today. give us PS1 and PS2 classics on PS4 already. theres loads of new gamers and former 360 owners as well as people who have nostalgia who want to play PS1 and PS2 classics on PS4. so much money your leaving off the table.

    • PS1 and PS2 games would be amazing. I know a few are popping up on PSN soon, with Star Wars: Racer Revenge and a few others announced, but there’s an entire library of classic titles for these consoles that are just waiting to be played again by nostalgic gamers, or to be discovered for the first time by players looking to get a taste of the past.

  • Still no notifications for when your friends come online. This is just ridiculous lmfao. It’s the most basic of features. Why the hell should I care if my friends join a party? I want to know when they come online. #BetterPSN.

    • Agreed. Can’t believe they’ve not added it or custom folders yet. The two most requested things. The mind really boggles.

    • Absolutely unbelievable. Yeah, they’re really listening…

    • Totally agree, its a very basic feature that I thought would be a no-brainer but its still overlooked in favour of naff stuff like uploading videos (I guess Sony see that as free advertising), every time a new system update comes out I have zero interest in 99% of it (this one included).

    • ^^^ This, please.
      And Library management. Just because I tried a game, doesn’t mean I wish to have it forever in my Library, especially if it was horrible.

    • All of the above please. I don’t care if a random friend joins a party, it’s not my party, why would I care? I want to know when someone logs on and to be able to control notifications. I also want to “appear offline” so that I can play a story mission without interruption. Weird that these aren’t standard features yet.

  • It’ll be interesting to see if remote play works OK with 3.0 as we weren’t able to test that feature due to it being disabled during the beta

  • Wasn’t supposed this to bring PS2 classics in some way shape or form?
    I might use the community thingy, but, this update was kind of a letdown >,> I really want PS2 games on my PS4.

  • I know it’s beating a dead horse at this point, but are we EVER gonna get friend online notifications? It feels like such a basic feature, especially since it was available on day one last gen, but it’s so useful and something that just about everyone wants, especially now that Favorite Groups are a thing.

    How this continues to be overlooked just really shows a complete lack of care by the PlayStation team.


    • Im glad they dont have friend notification on Ps4 that crap got annoying on ps3.

    • It’s not something that I’m interested in but I have seen a lot of people requesting it. If they did implement it then it would obviously be able to be turned off (like all other notification) for those who might find it annoying…

    • Remote play not working since updating to 3.0. Cannot believe that it wasn’t tested before the update was released……

  • I just want to know if the supposed PS1/PS2 compatibility is true before I buy Gradius V during the saaaale. :/

  • Still no announcement of the PS+ games of october… (it’s going to be bad)

    So many useless features in this patch, is it so hard to have friend notifications? Cmon… Sony is allways letting the ball drop.

  • Looks like a damn fine update (finally upgrade in save game upload, desperately needed with PS4 save game sizes) but how can such a simple thing like customizable friend notification take so long to implement? It was rumored to become implemented long ago along with some video showing it.

    Another thing I would like to see is a second hardware version of the dualshock 4 controller. It is a much better controller then the dualshock 3, except for the short battery life…

    • the dualshock 4 is bad they should let us use the ps3 controller on ps4 instead

    • Serious? I love the dualshock 4, it sits much better in my hands, more comfortable, the thumbsticks and L/R grips are all much nicer. All good except that short battery life to me :-) With dualshock 3 I could use that controller for multiple days easily without a charge.

    • The Dual Shock 4 is bad? Are you kidding me? I can barely use my Dual Shock 3’s cos they feel so uncomfortable compared to the 4. The Dual Shock 3 was the best controller on the market. Now it’s second best behind the DS4.

    • Bad troll is bad.

    • theres a good few people who dont like the ds4 the size is too large and the tumbsticks are too small they should do different sizes of it and let people customize it like the new x1 controller the only thing i like is the speaker on the ds4,what reason is there to not let people choose between the ds3 and ds4 there both made by sony on the pstv you can even use a ds3 to play ps4 games so it can be done

    • DS1-3 ftw. Although I have gotten more used to the DS4 by now, nothing beats the DS3. The DS4 is pretty much a PS/XBOX hybrid. Flat joysticks, important shoulder buttons (R1,L1) reduced to cheap bumpers while the unimportant shoulder buttons (R2,L2) have become the main (forced triggers) buttons, and also feel cheap at times. Bigger and more vertical handles (a la Xbox), which influences the overall handling and in part reduces those shoulder buttons to bumpers (it’s basically impossible to still enjoy playing with R1,L1 as primary buttons because of the overall handling due to the bigger handles). In almost every aspect this is the Playstation controller that caters to the competition (at the cost of their ‘original’ audience?). Thankfully they atleast kept the joysticks alligned, otherwise they would have completely sold out…

  • Sounds good.

    Any thoughts on adding folders for games? And the ability to download avatars on the PS4?

  • What size is the update? Also when does it become available, from midnight UTC? Thanks

  • Not so much as one feature that has any relevance to me.

    The most important things that Sony need to address:

    1) Management of large game libraries (hide / completely remove demos, sorting / filtering options – e.g. installed only, download only, genre)

    2) Compatibility with at least PS1 / PS2 games (if it’s on the PS3, it should be on the PS4).

    It’s one thing to give Sony time, but the PS4 has been out long enough now – and the first issue is becoming critical.

    • I agree, no interest in the new features for me too except the increased online storage but I’m not too fussed if I’m honest, I think most people bought a PS4 to play games but every update seems to focus on social media and video uploads, I dont care for any of that!

  • Discover notification every time ps4 is power up gone? A notification when a friend signs in?

  • “you can easily […] see all of the games you’ve redeemed through PS Plus on PS4”
    This is great! Is there any chance of this feature making its way to Vita?

    • tbh they should just be auto redeemed if you have an active PS+ subscription. Its a shame if someone cant play a game in a few months time because they forgot to redeem it in the month it came out.

  • Can we please get the option to change our PSN ID, already??

    The ability to do this has been available on other consoles for over a decade now. It’s nice for those that are happy with their IDs, but why should those who aren’t content be made to suffer? I don’t want to lose my purchases and trophies because you guys don’t want to offer us an option to change our IDs.

    Bill us for it, if it helps…. Just stop ignoring the issue. Please.

    • I support you fully in this but this is way too late for me. It doesn’t seem like it will ever happen. There must be some kind of reason or constraints preventing this. I doubt Sony would turn down the financial incentive.

    • from what I understand it is to do with harassment etc


    • They keep bleating it’s top stop people harassing other gamers… then changing their user name to avoid detection.

      Why not use the same reputation style system that Xbox Live uses which remains the same regardless of user name… it’s not like they’ve been bothered about copying other companies ideas before.

    • It comes down to being lazy then, it’s really easy to overcome such an issue.
      Hell, if hackers can steal 100 million playstation network accounts, Sony can do that.

    • the whole “harassment” thing is just a pathetic excuse. they’re just lazy. all other systems/services have problems with harassment and allow ID change.

    • ‘Can we please get the option to change our PSN ID, already??”

      I hope they never do that. It’s hard enough keeping track of who everyone is without them changing their names

    • ^ duh, they could simply keep track of the previous usernames… hopefully not abuse-able like on Steam (where you can get track of the latest 10 usernames, however if you put random crap and then a proper new username, you’ll be “previously known as random crap”.

    • People spew that harassment excuse, but there’s nothing stopping people now from just making another PSN and repeating the process. I know people who used to do this on PS3 all the time.

  • another useless update add backwards compatability like x1 is doing also let us put videos and music photos on the hard drive and set pictures for backgounds also add vue tv for europe

  • The PSPlus features are nice. Especially since the Store only seems to work before you play any game (perhaps you should fix that: it’s a well known problem).

    The rest is just social b/s. I don’t care about social, I want to game (preferably singleplayer – so here’s why I don’t care as well). Hopefully this social crap won’t get a permanent place in the non-organizable home screen…. Now that’s a function I hope to see real, REAL soon. How hard can it be, right?

  • What else? I mean other than the Plus section you told us all of this already.

    And in your last post you said “and lots more” one thing is not lots.

  • We need basic twitter and facebook apps on the ps4 instead of trying to work the web version.
    and post ps4 content to them that way.

  • The only thing that excited me about this update is the ability to upload video to Twitter.. I expected way more other stuff. Too much focus on social networking

  • The feature that I have enjoyed most from the Beta is [message censored due to Terms & Conditions of Beta access].

  • Why not make the library section easy like the videos section easy to select with one click you go down and select a game, why not bring action gestures I would like to use a three button click on the touchpad on the dual shock 4 to control the aim sensitivity let the play station be the play station or hold and swipe any direction to do certain actions. People I have to say this gamers you don’t want (Backward compatibility for instance is not that big of a deal why don’t people buy the old system go retro) I wish the fans, gamers and Sony could understand this players play there would be more games to play but the need is to have great games not dealing old issues like the name change I’m very hyped for the new update and I’m in deed waiting for greatness by Sony

  • Completely useless list of new features that nobody has been asking. How hard is it for Sony to listen for its customers instead of engineers. When can we delete demos from our library? Where are folders? Simply features that thousands and thousands of PS4 users needs and have been asking since day one!

    PNG format? Why? For what?

    • ‘PNG format? Why? For what?’

      For better quality screenshots, what else? Do you not know the differences between JPG and PNG?

  • Whilst some of the features or okay, the reality is that for a new number (3.0) I probably expected for some bigger changes. Notifications when your friends come online should have been done by now.

    I’m not too negative as can still do everything I want on my PS4 but surprises me we aren’t hearing anything about the ongoing requests.

  • I don’t care of any of this new features. There are many more important features lacking in PSN at the moment:

    * store wishlist
    * remove games from library
    * library folders
    * sort your games on homepage
    * friend online notification

  • The update is great. I am participating in fw 3.00 beta, but PS4 is maily gaming machine and I would like to see an option to play PS1 games. ALL PlayStations can do that except PS4 which is strange. PS2 games would be awesome too! I saw a few images of that feature so… Fingers crossed!!

    Also an option to save my images, music and video on PS4 HardDrive would be great. PS3 can do that…


    • PS3 can’t play PS1 or PS2 titles as far as I know. The only exception was found in the first 60GB fat PS3 model. The only way to play PS1 and PS2 titles on PS3 is by downloading them digitally from the PS Store.
      Or maybe this is what you were meaning, I don’t know.

    • All PS3 models can play PS1 games. It’s only PS2 compatibility that they removed.

  • On the ps3 you could see when playing who of your friends is online and offline via a message in the left of your screen. Why not on the ps4?

  • No ‘appear offline’ mode? Something gamers have been asking since the PS4 launched? Do you guys even listen? Ever?

    • Agree. Actually you can’t get offline from PS4 by going into the settings and hitting “log out”. But it’s a inconvenient, painful and stupid process. On PS3 it was much faster and simpler.

    • Why do people want to ‘appear offline?’ You could easily just log out or better yet not log in.
      I’ve never understood why people would log in online then want to not appear online. Strange.
      If it’s a ‘friend’ thing where you don’t want to interact with a certain one/group you could easily remove them or ignore them. Just a thought…..

    • Could be to avoid stream raids when broadcasting gameplay. E.G.Twitch Vs 4chan etc.

  • Hmm…I haven’t been able to change my profile picture through the PS4 App like before, and the “PS4 Companion App” option is greyed out on the PS4…is it due to this? Will this issue be addressed in the software update since it has been happening to people since 2014…

  • I love the auto-boot function? I really look forward to this. GJ

  • please allow us to put our trophies on alphabetic order for the next update

  • 10GB cloud space is the only thing I like in this update. The stickers are a novelty and all the social stuff means nothing to me. Says a lot that the PS3 still has a better OS than the PS4.

    • And the cloud space upgrade is already there since they talked about 3.00 some weeks ago.
      I have 3GB+ savegames in the cloud since some weeks and it did not complain at all.

      You do need to manually upload it the first time however.

  • I guess to most people, having new on-line features is great but to me is nothing, I don’t want a console to talk with people I want a console to play GAMES, and if the updates add multimedia functions, even great!
    That’s what I miss in all these updates, the people want custom folders and backgrounds, is that too hard?
    And while I dream about a PS4 with back-compatible PS1/PS2 games I know that probably I wont be allowed to use my physical PS1/PS2 games.
    I really am disappointed with SONY since they made all the players hostages to paying a PLUS subscription in order to play online, and it’s amazing how they succeeded in this effort, we only have to look to this blog and see the people avatars with the little PLUS icon, it’s all most everybody! Most people really eat what is on table without saying a word, well, not me, and I do know this will never change…

    • Well I had plus way before the PS4 came out, since 2011. I still pay for plus for games (some better than others) considering I get 72 games a year for 3 different devices, cloud storage and sales.

      I haven’t even made a dent in the backlog of games I’ve had as part of my subscription to plus. The only gripe I have about the network is its slow (probably all that social media stuff I don’t care about)

      So no I don’t eat what is on the table without complaint – I will complain.

      Did you know on the 360 you couldn’t play all xbox games and get this they charged you to play online without getting anything else….a free doritos game which was free regardless of gold or silver membrship.

      Sony hasn’t held you hostage, I chose to have a sub…the games I would want to play would have cost more buying separately without plus. The pay to play online is extra like cloud storage it’s there I dont care

  • The PlayStation 4 has been out nearly 2 years and we still don’t have friend notifications, folders, custom themes or the ability to change psn id.

    • Agree with all of that. The lack of Friend log-in notification is ridiculous just as CD Playback which wouldn’t be bad at all, folders and other features. Custom themes are actually already available for purchase form the PS Store and regarding the PSN ID, we’re out of lack. Sadly they’ll never allow us to do that. I ended up by creating a new account using the name I desired, losing all the trophies and online progress I had. They not even allow their users to change the region of their account, in case they move to another Country!
      They’ve stated that they don’t allow this because they fear fraudulent use by some users that may bother other users and ruin their online experience. It’s been like 8 years since PS3’s launch and they’ve never added this option. I’m not sure if they will ever do it or not.

  • Still need to make it so you can use ps4 controller during remote play instead of it booting you out of remote play for selecting your profile.

  • Why not update the use of Bluetooth for Android devices.

  • I hope the Youtube Gaming stream bug has been fixed from the beta, error code
    CE-33126-5, i know a LOT of people got that so expect many unhappy people tomorrowif it isn’t fixed because you just ignored us (quite a few unaswered tweets, myself included…)

  • Sounds great.

    My biggest hope, though, is that I can finally be rid of the damned “Discover – Power Options” pop-up that’s been appearing at every single system boot since March and FW2.5.

  • You say you listen to feedback and users, but do you really? The feature feedback website’s top entry is managing your library and hiding items, and yet you’ve ignored it since console release. None of my friends want this social rubbish. We want to manage our console libraries and purchases.

  • PSone and PS2 emulation, more codecs & compatibility for the media player, and the ability to change name on PSN

    • Definitely an upgrade for the Media Player. As it is, you can’t even watch anime with softcoded subs, pretty much like my 8 years old Samsung TV. What’s the point of it as it is?

    • They’ll never allow users to change their PSN IDs, sadly. I ended up by creating another account with the name I desired, losing all my trophies, online progress and more.
      The reason why Sony never allowed this it’s because they retain that it would be used in a fraudulent way by some users to bother other players online etc. It seemed like they were changing their mind, but as of today, it’s still not possible.

  • Wheres PS1 support???? even the unsupported Vita has compatibility with PS1 games

    • PS4 processor is different, so can’t be done

    • Yes, it can be done, withan emulator. Like on a PC.


    • Classic_Shooter:
      If MS is able to emulate Xbox 360 games on Xbox One, I am sure it should be possible to emulate PS1 games on PS4 if Sony really wanted it to. The PS Vita has also a different processor then the PS1 …

    • Trust me when I tell you this, but it’s a lot more complicated than that, first off the pros in ps1-ps3 and vita was same make just advanced models, totally different in ps4, which is why the spec in xbox always gets [DELETED] about. Don’t compare ps4-x1 they are not the same.

    • They have the same processor/architecture … (only clocked a bit different).
      They are very much alike.

      I agree that the PS1 and Xbox 360 are different architecture and maybe can not be compared, but if a VITA can run PS1 games, I am sure a PS4 should be able to do so as well.

    • Also, the PS3 was able to play PS1 games and the PS3 had a completely different CPU/architecture.
      For PS2 games, they had the PS3 CPU inside in the beginning, so I can understand why they can not emulate that one as easily, but PS1 should be certainly feasible as they did it on a difficult to program for CPU (PS3).

      Now they can create it on what is essentially a PC (with BSD on top of it). So they just need to write the software to emulate it. They already said they don’t believe in BC, so they won’t make that software, but they certainly are able to make PS1 games work on PS4.

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