Star Wars Battlefront beta begins 8th October on PS4

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Star Wars Battlefront beta begins 8th October on PS4

Everything you need to know about the upcoming trial run

Get ready to be taken to a galaxy far, far away! Today, we’re happy to reveal that the Star Wars Battlefront beta is coming to PS4 on 8th October through 12th October. The beta is a technical test and will give Rebels and Imperials alike just a small taste of the Star Wars battle fantasies you can expect to live out when the game launches on 17th November.


The beta will let you experience three modes spread across three iconic planets, including:

  • Walker Assault on Hoth: Fight in epic 40-player battles as a Rebel to destroy the Empire’s onslaught of AT-AT’s by calling in Y-wing bombers. Or, side with the Empire and protect your walkers while utilizing their mighty weaponry to crush the Rebel objective.
  • Drop Zone on Sullust: Escape pods are crashing down and you and your team must fight to control them. With its frantic 8v8 matches, Drop Zone is sure to put your combat and strategy skills to the test.
  • Survival Mission on Tatooine: Play alone or with a friend via co-op or split-screen as you battle to hold off waves of Imperial forces including AT-ST’s, TIE fighters, elite stormtroopers, and more.

In addition to the Star Wars Battlefront beta on PS4, you’ll also get a chance to try out the Star Wars Battlefront Companion experience. Available during the beta only at, the Star Wars Battlefront Companion experience features the strategic card game Base Command, and lets you earn in-game Credits that unlock Star Cards, weapons, and more in Star Wars Battlefront.

In addition to Base Command, the Companion also lets players check out game stats and progression, customize load-outs and appearance, connect with friends, and more.

Whether you look forward to crushing the Rebel scum or feel like you can take on the whole Empire by yourself, we look forward to seeing all you in the Star Wars Battlefront beta on 8th October.

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  • What is the Star Wars Battlefront beta?

The Beta is an opportunity for the team at DICE to test various aspects of the game and its online infrastructure. Because of this players may experience interruptions to their gameplay during the Beta period.

  • Do I need to register for the beta?

The Star Wars Battlefront beta is open to PS4 players. There is no need to register. The Star Wars Battlefront Companion is available during the beta to all players with an EA Account.

  • When is the Star Wars Battlefront beta?

The Star Wars Battlefront beta and Companion will be available on 8th October and will end on 12th October. The beta and Companion is open to players around the world.

  • What time will the beta and Companion be available on 8th October?

Time will vary by platform and region. Please come back and visit the Star Wars Battlefront beta hub for all the latest information.

  • When will the beta and Companion end?

The beta will end on 12th October. Exact times vary by platform and region.

  • Where can I find the beta?

The Beta will be available via PlayStation Store.

  • How big will the beta download be?

The download will be around 7GB.


  • Is there a level cap?

The beta level cap with allow you to advance to level five. Once you hit the level cap you will no longer be able to progress to higher levels, though you will still be able to unlock items in the beta.

  • Do my stats and progression carry over to the main game?

Stats and progression will not carry over to the final game or the final companion experience.

  • How many players does each mode support?

Walker Assault supports up to 40 players, 20 per side, with Drop Zone supporting 16. The Survival Mission can be played by yourself or with a friend via online co-op or local split-screen.

  •  Will there be a mobile app for the Companion?

During the beta, the Companion will only be playable via browser at Prior to the release of Star Wars Battlefront, the Companion will be available on web and in the Apple App Store and Google Play store. Note that stats and progression earned during the beta will not carry over to the final Companion experience.

  • What browsers does the Companion support?

The latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer 11.

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  • Gotta say I’m really looking forward to this game !! Just been watching the films with the kids recently . But I’m gonna skip the beta too many other games to play till this launches

  • Yeah I like the look of this but I think I’m going to be disappointed with how it’ll just be battlefield with a Star Wars skin.
    I bet you can’t pilot an AT AT either . I bet it’s just an on rails mobile spawn tank thing and the only thing you can do is shoot from the head.
    …..but I’ve not played it and I am a long time battlefield fan, but my god did Battlefield 4 sour my lust for more Battlefield

  • I’m a huge SW fan, sadly, there being no single player campaign makes me not want to buy the game. Still can’t believe you decided not to include the SP campaign, something most Star Wars fans and gamers in general actually like. Even in Battlefield-like games. And this is STAR WARS, everyone loves the stories from SW.

    • The single player from battlefield 4 was one of the all time worst in my opinion.
      I’m glad they’re not doing one for this.

    • BF games have never had a single player story…..and Battlefield games have only recently begun doing them (with them being generally crap).

      I dont understand the drama to be honest.

    • Battlefield started with single-player campaigns in 2005 with Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, followed by Bad Company
      Bad Company 2
      Battlefield Hardline

      Most FPS games started out on PC as multiplayer LAN games, but since the sixth generation of consoles, FPS games have been implementing single-player stories as internet play wasn’t as big as it is today, and was still only fleshing out.

    • Okay, I’ll repeat: It’s STAR WARS. Even non-gamers love to play a Star Wars game, especially cause of the story. And most people play the SP campaign, always. In all types of games. Someone from EA actually said that nobody plays the SP campaign. Which is totally false. Goes to show they don’t even know their consumers. And because the last one was bad, doesn’t make it good the are not making it in a Star Wars title. There is also a large portion of people that actually hate the Multiplayer in games. So basically they are cutting themselves off of a large portion of potential costumers.

    • The original Battlefront games didn’t have a campaign either, but no one moaned about that.

    • Actually, both Battlefront 1 and 2 had single-player campaigns, as did all the PSP versions.

    • Owning both games on disc, do you really count the multiplayer mode with bots as a single player campaign? Did you actually play them?

    • Battlefront 1 had a historical campaign.

      Clone Wars

      Ch. 1: Naboo- The Battle Of Naboo
      Ch. 2: Naboo- Rebellion In Theed
      Ch. 3: Kashyyyk- Aggressive Negotiations
      Ch. 4: Geonosis- The Battle Of Geonosis
      Ch. 5: Kamino- Assault On Kamino
      Ch. 6: Rhen Var- Mountaintop Defenses
      Ch. 7: Kashyyyk- The Battle Of Kashyyyk

      Galactic Civil War

      Ch. 8: Tatooine- Desert Extermination
      Ch. 9: Tatooine- Siege of Mos Eisley
      Ch. 10: Rhen Var- Sabotage at Rhen Var
      Ch. 11: Yavin 4- Assault on Yavin 4
      Ch. 12: Yavin 4- The Fall of Yavin 4
      Ch. 13: Hoth- The Battle of Hoth
      Ch. 14: Bespin- Liberation of Cloud City
      Ch. 15: Bespin- Battle in the Clouds
      Ch. 16: Forest Moon- The Battle of Endor

    • Battlefront II followed the story of the 501st Legion.

      Part 1: Missions (Republic)

      Ch. 1: Geonosis- Attack of the Clones (Training)
      Ch. 2: Mygeeto- Amongst the Ruins
      Ch. 3: Coruscant Space- A Desperate Rescue (Optional)
      Ch. 4: Felucia- Heart of Darkness
      Ch. 5: Kashyyyk: Space-First Line of Defence (Optional)
      Ch. 6: Kashyyyk- A Line in the Sand
      Ch. 7: Utapau- Underground Ambush
      Ch. 8: Coruscant- Operation: Knightfall

      Part 2: Missions (Empire)

      Ch. 1: Naboo- Imperial Diplomacy
      Ch. 2: Mustafar Space- Preventative Measures (Optional)
      Ch. 3: Mustafar- Tying up Loose Ends
      Ch. 4: Kamino- Changing of the Guard
      Ch. 5: Death Star- Prison Break
      Ch. 6: Polis Massa- Birth of the Rebellion
      Ch. 7: Tantive IV- Recovering the Plans
      Ch. 8: Yavin 4 Space- Vader’s Fist Strikes Back (Optional)
      Ch. 9: Yavin 4- Revenge of the Empire
      Ch. 10: Hoth- Our Finest Hour

    • Renegade Squadron also had a campaign.

      Ch. 1: Yavin 4- Evacuating Yavin 4
      Ch. 2: Space Alderaan- Retrieving the Holocron
      Ch. 3: Ord Mantell- Escaping Ord Mantell
      Ch. 4: Space Kessel- Rescuing Admiral Ackbar
      Ch. 5: Tatooine- Rescuing Ackbar’s Crew
      Ch. 6: Boz Pity- Escaping Boz Pity
      Ch. 7: Echo Base- Evacuating Echo Base
      Ch. 8: Space Hoth- Evacuating Hoth
      Ch. 9: Korriban- Attacking the Emperor
      Ch. 10: Sullest- Distracting the Empire
      Ch. 11: Endor- Aiding the Rebels

    • Hardly a campaign in the correct sense. More like situational battles.

      Not the same thing, and I suspect you realise that.

    • It counts as a singleplayer campaign, seeing as it stated as such in the main menus.

      Plus the Instant Action mode was seperate. It was basically offline multiplayer with bots.

    • I agree with Mojo_Man whatever it was called, it didn’t use single player assets. It amounted to dumb bots in a multiplayer environment. The heroes weren’t even that. Nothing like Jedi Outcast or Jedi Academy etc.

  • No Safari support for the Companion?

  • I already heard that the game is going to launch bugged as hell…

  • Please bring the Companion App to Windows Phones too.

  • Sony, you know what?
    Get it together and sell all the movies on PSN now. ALL OVER EU! Not just select countries :D Start preparing for the ban on Geo-blocking!

    • You know that’s down to regional restrictions right? Blame your laws, not Sony.

    • Yepp :D And it’s also true that EU wants to remove goe-blocking.
      Meaning if someone sells anything digitally within any country in the European region it’s illegal for companies to block access to that ^^
      So again, be proactive!
      Ps no one has the streaming rights here ^^ Or I reckon Disney but they don’t have any such service :P

  • Noooo I’m on holiday and not near my PS4! Damn :-(

  • Noooo! The very same weekend that I was planning to play Metal Gear Online! :O But it’s ok, Imma buy Battlefront day#1 anyway and I’ll get to enjoy the complete version then :)

  • This looks like Battlefield [good ]
    with a Star Wars skin [ meh! ]
    and boost jumping [ ugh! ]

  • love star wars , i hope a rpg like the old republic comes 1 day on ps4

  • Looking forward to it but it could take me til the 12th waiting for the download.

  • Nice birthday presant for me. Hopefully will get a chance to test it. :-)

  • I have a bad feeling about this.

  • after Beta ends, will this version get stuck in my library? please Playstation, do a library tabs so betas are separated from our full games, or just alow us to delete them!!

  • As long as its not as much of a screw up as rainbow 6 seige beta il be happy no pressure EA

  • Da da da daaaaa da, da da da daaaaaa da, da da da daaaaaa da, da da da daaaa.

  • Do you need PS Plus for the beta? I know when BF:Hardline beta was running you didn’t need PS Plus.

  • Super pumped for this, have to remember my EA password which will mean I need to scan my passport and take a sample of my hair and stem cells. Put it in a biohazard marked bag and sent it along with the details of my soul the EA’s head office.

  • Any chance you can tell us what time we’ll be able to download it?

  • Actual this looks nice and pretty stable on most early access streams! Hope when europe goes online servers can stand the traffic! I dont see how u can compare this with Battlefield…weird!Its much more simple fun shooter without too much tactical tada remembers me a bit of rtcw or enemy territory) I like what i see and hope there will be a lot maps to come…

  • Somebody can help me and let me know how can I download this game on PS4?

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