Interactive PS Vita adventure Actual Sunlight launches 7th October

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Interactive PS Vita adventure Actual Sunlight launches 7th October

A dark, striking and original interactive tale arrives in Europe and beyond

Greetings from Canada, PS Vita fans! This is Will O’Neill, creator of Actual Sunlight: A short interactive story about love, depression, and the corporation.


After receiving a warm reception in the Americas, I’m excited to announce that the game will be releasing in English-language stores throughout SCEE on 7th October! Those of you who may have read about the game in Vice, Penny Arcade or via one of the many reviews of the game from around the world will now have the opportunity to try this extremely unique and personal experience.

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In Actual Sunlight, you step into the shoes of Evan Winter, a depressed and overweight 30-something professional in Toronto. The game offers an internal perspective on his life which is often difficult and sad, but also engaging and darkly humourous.

If you enjoy short, impactful, story-driven games that have the ability to stick with you for a long time, I encourage you to check it out.

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With powerful writing, beautiful CG artwork, a stellar original soundtrack and optimised formatting for PS Vita, Actual Sunlight is the perfect game for fans of dramatic and narrative-driven adventures that sting with the force of real life.

Finally, thank you to Vita fans all over the internet who wrote/tweeted/posted in forums about how they wanted to see Actual Sunlight released worldwide on Vita – I share your passion for this extraordinary system, and your hope has been an honour.

We did it!

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14 Author Replies

  • First! ;)

    I’m here and happy to answer any questions about the game you might have. Please look forward to its release!

  • Hey Will! I have three questions:

    1. This is one of the PS Plus “free” games?

    2. Will Actual Sunlight have a platinum trophy?

    3. How long a campaing in the game?

    • Hey Blade,

      1. Nope! Not a PS Plus title. But worth the money!
      2. No, no platinum – gold, silver and bronze, though!
      3. The game is about 1.5 – 2 hours depending on how thorough you are. It’s a completely-linear story-focused game.

    • Thanks for the answers!

    • Hi Will, can I just point out something that may have escaped your notice? Platinum trophies do help sell games to a vast amount of gamers. I’ve heard that Sony charges devs more for implementing platinums but is it really that much more?

  • Day one for me too :)

    Any idea on price and whether there’ll be an introductory PS+ discount?

    • Thank you kindly!

      Price will vary by region, but the game is $5 USD in SCEA right now, so that should be a good reference point. No PS+ discount, but I think you’ll be satisfied with your purchase!

  • Hi.

    You said english-language stores? That means that it will be released only in selected countries?

    Sadly majority of EU countries have native language stores… and sometimes because publisher is not translating metadata of game those appear only in english-only store. Is it that particular case?

    So… do I read it correctly?

    Anyway… if it is, than I can probably translate it for free.

    • Yes, only in selected countries, I’m afraid. This version of the game is English-only.

      And I appreciate the translation offer, but I’m afraid the cost of implementing it in the game would be prohibitive. Plus I wouldn’t feel right about accepting such a large amount of work for free – it’s a very text (and nuance) heavy game…! Thank you, though. :)

    • It doesn’t matter whether it is English-only game. And I’m not offering translating whole game :)

      Pretty much vast majority of games are English-only, and yet we can buy those in most of countries.

      From what I heard the problem for publishers is that SCEE requires translating metadata of game in store. Meaning description on store page.

      I can’t really varify it whether it is true or not. BUT if it is issue of just translating description or something similar, than I don’t think it’s such a big deal to translate it for free. Of course, I must say it once again that I can’t say whether what I just said is true or not…

    • Dunno if that helps, but it took me like 5 minutes to translate description I found on USA PSN. So yeah… no big deal. If that helps good, if it’s useless good as well. But it would be really a shame to not release game in majority of countries just because of something trivial.

      “Wiem co sobie myślisz: Po co dzień w dzień wstawać skoro Twoje życie zmierza donikąd”

      Głośna: Powszechnie uważana za jedno z najbardziej ponurych oraz najlepiej napisanych przeżyć w dziedzinie gier niezależnych. Actual Sunlight rzuca Tobie wyzwanie skonfrontowania się z życiem Evan’a Winter’a: młodego, otyłego i samotnego zawodowca będącego w ciężkiej depresji.

      Bój się słów a nie czytania: Zaprezentowany niemal całkowicie przy pomocy tekstu, mikstury błyskotliwych obserwacji oraz czarnego jak smoła humoru, która trzyma w napięciu od prowokacyjnego początku aż po wstrząsające zakończenie.

      Przygotuj się: Actual Sunlight jest wyjątkowo niezapominalną przygodą, która wryję się w twoją pamięć jako jedno z najtrudniejszych, niedających spokoju i pięknych doświadczeń jakie kiedykolwiek doświadczyłeś jako gracz.

      1 gracz(y)
      Minimum 10240 KB

    • Ah, I understand. Well, I’ll look into it and if it makes sense to bring it to more stores and is something I can do, I will!

    • @Archacus – your translation is quite good but needs some proof-reading ;)
      @Will – if you want to use a better Polish description than Google Translate’s (yeah, a lot of games have clearly used that in PSN :/), our joint work can make it happen for free, as mentioned already by Archacus – 5 minutes of our time and one more good game in Vita store – totally worth it

    • @Finka_Karfein
      Yeah, like I said. I spent like 5 minutes on it :P

      I’m still on the fence whether there should be “głośna” or rather “renomowana” . Both mean more or less the same “notorious”… of course I didn’t use direct translation. It should be probably better to abandon direct translation and go for something like “sławna” (famous)

      Anyway there might be problem with punctuation. For example in one place because of wrong punctuation it might seem that I’m talking about not a “mixture” but about “pitch black humor”

      Frankly speaking all my stuff is being usualy checked by editor, that’s why I rarely focus on stuff like this.

      But hey! It still is better than anything on PL PSN. And I don’t mean it as some kind of bragging or anything… it’s just that it seems that rarely any agency hires someone who actualy can write without making mistakes. So aye… I’m marely pointing out that very rarely anyone make sure that description is perfectly correct.

      And I’m not talking about those translated by google translator. I mean those translated by people.

      So yeah… we all know that not a single person will read that description. I know for sure that I never did.

      tl;dr: Even with minor errors it should be more than enough to just copy paste it (of course if it is just a simple matter of translating metadata)

  • Hi, Will!

    Congrats on the release! This game seems to be right up my alley, so I’ll be sure to pick it up if it’s released in the Portuguese store (and if it’s not, I can provide a free Portuguese translation of the store description, if that’s what you’re missing. Let me know if you’re interested).

    One question: what engine did you use for making Actual Sunlight? Thanks :)

    • Hi Andre,

      Thanks for the offer! It seems like there is interest in having the game in non-English stores, so I will see if there is a way to work it out.

      The Vita version of the game was made in Unity with the help of a great extension called Adventure Creator. The original, PC version of the game was made in RPG Maker VX ACE! Both are great engines. :)

    • Thanks for answering! The reason I asked was because it did look like the game had some RPG Maker roots, so I was curious about how you made the jump to PS Vita.

      You see, I have experience with RPG Maker, but (as you know) unfortunately it only generates PC executables. So thanks for letting me know about Adventure Creator. I will definitely check it out :D

      By the way, I love the art style of the game! Did you create the assets yourself, or did you team up with a designer?


    • There are several artists at work in Actual Sunlight! The character pixel art was done by Alina Sechkin, the environmental tiles is by Lunearea, and the CG artwork is courtesy of Archia. Alas, I am only a writer. :)

      Good luck getting into Adventure Creator! It’s an amazing tool.

  • This looks very interesting. I look forward to playing it.

  • Hope to see this in Finnish PS Store! I need this! :)

  • Yes! Thank you so much for sharing this game for ps vita gamers in EU region I look forward to your next work for ps vita

    • Sorry for being bearer of bad news, but check my previous post and his reply.

      Game will be ONLY in shops with english language. Most probably UK, Ireland, Australia and few other shops which don’t have their native language.

      But as you remember UEA had arabic language implemented… and that means you won’t be able to buy it in your country.

    • UAE* not UEA

    • Oh my what a news but no worries I could just create an alternate account and period, besides somehow its great hearing it from you rather than hearing delay excuses from a certain someone

    • Hi everyone,

      I have an update (and good news!) on this in a separate post below. Please have a look.

  • Story driven games r hard to come by,esp on a legacy platform like #psvita ( #sony, r u lstening? ). I love the devs who who support vita n i m gonna do my part by buyin it. Keep up the good work

  • Any chance of this coming to PS3? Thanks


  • Overweight? U wot m8. At most he’s skinnyfat. Totally cuddlable though.

  • I like what I’m seeing here being described and since my country’s store is in english, you can count on another sale from me if the pricing is €5.

  • I’ll love for this to come to Sweden…if it isn’t due to meta data translation I would love to do it again….as usual since Sony is stupid that way. If the game isn’t in the native language why must the meta data? :(

  • Wow, this is fantastic news! I was expecting a much longer wait for this to come over. Thanks. :)

    +1 sale in Australia!

  • Yeah I want this too. I really hope they wouldn’t translate the store (as it is a bad translation anyway) and then everybody can have games like this were the idea is to only publish them in English stores.

    Or just release all games in all stores (as far as it is possible due to laws in the countries of course).
    I was looking forward to this game as well and it would be a bummer to not being able to play it.
    And because it is a VITA game, there is also no possibility in creating a UK or US account and play it that way.

    • Also I play all my games in English (if possible) and I know there are a lot of people who do this in Belgium (and some other European countries as well). As it does show the language of the game on the store, I don’t see a problem with the store message being in English.

      I know there are laws which say this is prohibited, but there are other pages of Sony (and MS) which are in French only for Belgium, and I am Dutch speaking, so I don’t think it matters that much that some pages are English.

    • @MrMette
      SCEE requires publishers to translate metadata.

      Either it will be translated into language of your shop OR game won’t be published in your country.

      That’s at least the state of my knowledge.

      So publisher CAN’T just leave english translation because SCEE won’t let them do it.

      It’s very… silly… requirement. Vast majority of games are in english language… not being able to play english-only game because description is not available in your native language… which isn’t even used in game…. is welll… ABSURD.

    • @Archacus
      That’s just insane. It’s like they don’t want us to buy their games …

      In a day and age where a lot of people are using the internet and a lot of people do understand more then their mother tongue, I find it absurd that there are such idiotic rules especially as I got to a French page yesterday which wasn’t translated at all in Dutch (on how to add some payment method if I remember correctly).

      Also, the metadata is quite short most of the time, so it can not be a lot of work to translate it. I would rather have a game without any metadata or English metadata then to not being able to play a game because they can not be bothered to translate a storepage …

    • I am going to ask my sister if she can translate it (she translates from English to Dutch for a living), but I am not sure if she is going to have time to do it.

      Still, I think they lose a lot of money like this. The only other thing I can think of is just buying it on other platforms instead, but that’s not always possible of course.

    • @MrMatte
      Before you ask her to do anything wait for @Will O’Neill reply.

      After all. It might be not as simple as I’ve just said. And there is no point in us trying to help.

      As is I said that’s what I heard, but I have no means to check whether it is true… and to what degree.

    • I already aksed.

      This is the Dutch translation:

      “Ik weet wat je denkt: Waarom dag in dag uit blijven opstaan, ook al gaat je leven nergens naartoe?”

      Berucht: Algemeen beschouwd als één van de somberste en best geschreven ervaringen in de wereld van de indie games, daagt Actual Sunlight je uit om het hoofd te bieden aan het leven van Evan Winter: een jonge, eenzame en zwaar depressieve jonge werknemer met overgewicht.

      Vrees de woorden, niet het lezen: bijna volledig voorgesteld in tekstformaat, wordt je interesse van bij het provocatieve begin tot het schokkende einde opgewekt door een mix van scherpe observatie en pikzwarte humor.

      Houd je klaar: Actual Sunlight is een uniek, onvergetelijk avontuur dat zich in je geheugen zal branden als één van de moeilijkste en mooiste ervaringen die je ooit hebt gehad als game en dat je niet meer zal loslaten.

      1 speler(s)
      10240KB Minimum

      De download is onderhevig aan de servicevoorwaarden/gebruikersovereenkomst van Sony Entertainment Network en alle andere specifieke, aanvullende bepalingen die op dit product van toepassing zijn. Download dit product niet als je niet met deze voorwaarden akkoord gaat. Raadpleeg de servicevoorwaarden voor meer belangrijke informatie.
      Eenmalige vergoeding voor het gebruik van downloads op maximaal 3 geactiveerde compatibele draagbare consolesystemen.
      Lees voordat u dit product gebruikt de Gezondheidswaarschuwingen voor belangrijke gezondheidsinformatie.
      Bibliotheekprogramma’s ©Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. exclusief in licentie gegeven aan Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Gebruiksvoorwaarden voor software zijn van toepassing, zie ook voor volledige gebruiksrechten.

      She used the disclaimer from all other games (so no worries, she did not translate that).

      Hopefully it doesn’t also need a French (and/or German) translation for Belgium.

    • I see a weird bug in the forum as well.

      The place where it cuts off my text, it duplicates the “s”.

      I checked the email where I pasted it from and that one doesn’t contain a double “s” in the word is.


    • Hi everyone,

      I have an update (and good news!) on this in a separate post below. Please have a look.

    • Hey MrMette: I would like to use the Dutch translation your sister provided, but would also need to get her permission. Can you (or can she) please send me a quick e-mail to Thanks!

    • @ Will O’Neill:
      Sure I will ask her. Either herself or myself will email you.
      Thanks again!

    • @Will O’Neill:

      I did send you the translation + the permission to use it to the email address you provided.

      Thanks for trying to get us all to be able to play your game!
      I hope Sony recognizes that a lot of non-English speakers don’t mind playing games in English.

  • Hey everyone,

    Thanks to all of you for your feedback on the additional-language-metadata issue! I’ve also been hearing from people in other forums on this, as well as via e-mail and on social media.

    I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been in touch with Sony, and that I’ll be moving forward on providing them with the metadata for as many additional languages as I can! I don’t think there’ll be any additional updates here, but I will announce which stores the game will also come to on Twitter if you’d like to check there or follow me at @willoneill.

    Thanks again for your interest! Please look forward to Actual Sunlight.

    • Aces man aces.

    • My pleasure.

      If I could help in any way than I’m happy.

      I’m also tinkering with RPG Maker so I will be cheering for your success on Vita platform.

      Anyway… as a person who doesn’t have twitter account I will just write you email. If you will need any help feel free to reply.

    • Thank you very much! Hopefully it will also be released in non-English stores.

  • Looks interesting now on the radar!!

  • Patiently waiting for this game! 7th October is really to far. Thanks for thinking about the Vita and showing that video games is not only about graphics but contents.

  • Hello all,

    For anyone still checking in, just letting you all know that the game will now also be coming to stores whose primary language is one of the following:


    Please look forward to it!

  • The trophies don’t seem to be on the EU network. They don’t sync.
    Can somebody please fix this?

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