Interactive PS Vita adventure Actual Sunlight launches 7th October

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Interactive PS Vita adventure Actual Sunlight launches 7th October

A dark, striking and original interactive tale arrives in Europe and beyond

Greetings from Canada, PS Vita fans! This is Will O’Neill, creator of Actual Sunlight: A short interactive story about love, depression, and the corporation.


After receiving a warm reception in the Americas, I’m excited to announce that the game will be releasing in English-language stores throughout SCEE on 7th October! Those of you who may have read about the game in Vice, Penny Arcade or via one of the many reviews of the game from around the world will now have the opportunity to try this extremely unique and personal experience.

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In Actual Sunlight, you step into the shoes of Evan Winter, a depressed and overweight 30-something professional in Toronto. The game offers an internal perspective on his life which is often difficult and sad, but also engaging and darkly humourous.

If you enjoy short, impactful, story-driven games that have the ability to stick with you for a long time, I encourage you to check it out.

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With powerful writing, beautiful CG artwork, a stellar original soundtrack and optimised formatting for PS Vita, Actual Sunlight is the perfect game for fans of dramatic and narrative-driven adventures that sting with the force of real life.

Finally, thank you to Vita fans all over the internet who wrote/tweeted/posted in forums about how they wanted to see Actual Sunlight released worldwide on Vita – I share your passion for this extraordinary system, and your hope has been an honour.

We did it!

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