Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate PS4 bundle revealed, exclusive content detailed

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Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate PS4 bundle revealed, exclusive content detailed

PS4 players receive extra missions covering classic Penny Dreadful mysteries

Are you ready for Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate? With just over a month to go, we can hardly contain our excitement! To celebrate the release of Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, we’re pleased to announce a brand new PS4 bundle.

This exclusive bundle comes complete with a 1TB Jet Black PS4, a physical copy of Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate and, if that’s not enough, a digital download of Watch_Dogs at no extra cost.


PS4 players will also receive 10 (you read that right) exclusive Penny Dreadful-themed missions in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, known as the ‘The Dreadful Crimes’.

In 19th-century London, a curious affection for thrilling mystery stories exploded across the city. These weekly pocket novels, dubbed Penny Dreadfuls, became massively popular among the working class population and focused on titillating sensationalised crimes.

The Dreadful Crimes Mission Pack explores the roots of this gruesome fad sweeping London through the eyes of a young connoisseur of detective stories named Artie, who teams up with famous Penny Dreadful journalist Henry Raymond.

The unlikely pair will tackle the most sordid crimes of their day in explorations spanning the entirety of London, from the grimy slums of Whitechapel all the way to the profound opulence of Buckingham Palace itself. Playing as either of the Frye twins, you’ll be able to engage an enhanced version of Eagle Vision to uncover pertinent details and clues and rebuild crime scenes.

It’s up to you to choose whom to interrogate and your deductive skills will be put to the test in determining how to proceed. Once you feel you have successfully identified the culprit, you can confront and accuse them, but beware… accusing the wrong suspect will result in a decreased reward!

And speaking of rewards, successfully completing the Dreadful Crimes mission pack will award unique in-game items utilised by iconic detectives of the day!

The Dreadful Crimes mission pack will be available on day one of release of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate for PS4 players, meaning that you’ll be able to download and play these missions as soon as you pick up the game on 23rd October!

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  • Going to stay away from Assassin’s Creed this year after the dissapointment from the one that came before it!

    • Man, you read my mind. My thoughts exactly.

    • I agree. Plus I need to finish MGS and Witcher before Fallout comes out. No room for AC

    • I’m quite looking forward to this, but we’re long past the point where there’s any sense buying it day one. There are plenty of other games, and in six months this will be better, more complete, and cheaper.

    • Nail on the head mate. “The__Ewan” makes an even better point although the 1.05 version of Unity is still missing alot of basic features to this day that made every AC game before it , brilliant.

    • I am getting it Day One and I am looking forward to it.

      The buggy last game will not deter me but I hope if it is buggy Sony will delay the bundle not like what Microsoft did.

  • There’s been a surprising lack of hype for this game considering it’s a setting that has been requested for years but I think the series is unfortunately on a decline. I loved II/Brotherhood/Black Flag but I doubt I am alone in thinking the series needs to end to maintain people’s appreciation of the older titles otherwise it will be dead forever.

    • I thought the first one was revolutionary then they just copy pasted it for 7 years or whatever…. Shame such beautiful art and such a huge budget gets wasted on zone clearing gameplay….

  • This series really needs to take a break.

  • Crime solving was quite interesting, fun activity in Unity… And you are making it PLATFORM EXCLUSIVE? :| Seriously, screw that.

  • Was interested until they announced the jack the ripper stuff is for the season pass dlc. The best idea is paid dlc.

  • Is this the new CUH-1200 series with a bigger hard drive?

    That would be worth considering

  • Regarding Assassin’s Creed, am I the only that can’t access, or even find, AC4’s Death Vessel DLC on the store for PS4? What gives?

  • Day 1 DLC?

    Ship it with the main game instead of splitting content and charging separately for it.. Ugh, you guys are the worst.

  • Be even worse if these Penny Dreadful missions are then excluded from the season pass (making that pretty redundant.. I’m one of the fools that keeps supporting AC)… Unity season pass was abysmal in the end.. the main DLC became free for everyone and then only one of the AC 2D things came out.

  • It will make its way to xbox as well sooner or later. Still love the first asscreed, nothing beats that cathedral in Acre.

  • After the abomination that was/still is Unity, I can safely say I will be avoiding this game. You have to hand it to Ubisoft for even making hardcore fans of the series like myself who HAVEN’T been saying the past 5 years the series needs a break (seriously AC IV was out only less than 2 years ago, why would it need a break?). Even I have to say take a break now. Or here is a better one, if Ubisoft Montreal aren’t making it, don’t bother thanks.

  • So much hate for this series just because it did a lot of sequels.. In COD’s case I can get that, since I personally feel the quality has gone down since Infinity Ward left, but I don’t think that’s the case for AC (excluding AC4, for most people apparently, but I had very few issues with it). Sure, it’s more of the same in a different setting, but do people really expect every series to reinvent itself with every sequel? That being said, I still wouldn’t mind them changing things up a bit like they did with Black Flag from time to time, but I still enjoyed every game so far, excluding the portables.

    • We dont expect it to reinvent itself with every sequel (altho it’s good to have innovation), we want it respect itself and go easy on the “burned” effect that its giving to the players. It’s too much games in so little time, if they gave it a break and fresh air the series wouldn’t be so criticized for being bad, bland and repetitive and could actually improve on its mistakes.

      But Ubisoft is gonna milk it to the end.

    • I would say the quality has gone down after all the technical issues Assassin’s Creed Unity had. A current-gen game on a new console shouldn’t be struggling to reach 30fps. The series doesn’t need to reinvent itself all the time just slow down with the new releases a bit.

      One of the reasons many people are so excited for games like Fallout 4 is because they get a decent amount of time to look forward to them. It’s been several years since Fallout: New Vegas in 2010 & Fallout 3 in 2008. With Assassin’s Creed it’s a new game each year every year not including spin-offs and handheld games.

    • I’m pro-long development time myself but yea, they can’t all be Rockstars or Bethesdas, I guess.. Thankfully I still enjoy this series. I’m usually just hooked on it and finish it in about a week or two and then I’m pretty much ready for the next :p Guess it also depends on your own preferences. I just enjoy the atmosphere and don’t really need major changes in the gameplay to still enjoy it (I’m just glad they got rid of the screen tearing that a lot of the earlier ones had). Although I’d love to see more changes like they did in Black Flag with the ship and all, not necessarily changing the free-running fundamentals.

  • Can’t wait for this game. Love the series.

  • You’d of thought UBI would have learnt a lesson or two from Unity and just made this a complete game out of the box to sweeten customers back to them..

    BUT NO!

    ‘Lets just be scumbags again, just because’


  • I didn’t mind Unity, but then again I only played it recently. All that multiple currency would have annoyed me had I got it day one. This originally had my interest but the more I saw of it the less interested I became, comes across almost borderline comical.

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  • After the disaster that was Unity I won’t buy another AC game for a very long time. Certainly not anywhere near the launch date. Ubisoft have dropped so many balls recently I have no confidence in them to produce a decent, non-buggy product.

  • Is this promo only available in UK and US? I cannot find outside of those countries.

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