Gravity Rush 2 and Gravity Rush Remastered announced for PS4

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Gravity Rush 2 and Gravity Rush Remastered announced for PS4

Kat returns! Here’s your first look at the sequel to the acclaimed 2012 adventure

Good morning PlayStation fans. I’m thrilled to bring you some breaking news from Japan Studio via Tokyo Game Show 2015.

Firstly, Gravity Rush 2 is currently in development exclusively for PlayStation 4! Check out the first trailer above, and look out for more information in the coming months.

But that’s not all. In advance of the sequel, Gravity Rush Remastered, a retelling of Kat’s high flying (and falling) PS Vita adventures launches on 2nd February 2016, again exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Brought to life on the big screen by the team at BluePoint Games, you’ll be able to join heroine Kat and her sidekick Dusty as they soar through the enchanting city of Hekseville like never before. On the graphics side, this release takes advantage of the PS4 hardware to deliver smooth, vibrant HD visuals.


All three original DLC packs released alongside Gravity Rush’s initial release – the Spy Pack, The Maid Pack and The Military Pack – will also be included within the game.

Whether you are brand new to the franchise, or want to relive the experience again, Gravity Rush Remastered is the perfect opportunity to experience the magical story of Kat as she seeks answers to her mysterious gravity-defying powers and forgotten past, now in full HD glory on your flatscreen TV. And given the ample graphics and performance improvements, it’s worth checking out again in all its new visual glory.

Stay tuned to PlayStation Blog for more information about Gravity Rush Remastered and Gravity Rush 2.


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  • Gravity Rush 2 looks amazing. Nice to see the series reaching new heights with the power of PS4. Really excited for that.

    However, the remaster is a bit of kick in the gut for the Vita fans. Anything new for the faithful fans who have been there since day 1? Nope. Good to know. =/

    • Or Sony Japan knows that PS4 has no games and want to support it.

    • Indeed it looks really nice. Nice that the PS4 is getting some interesting exclusive games. That they dropped the PSVita for the sequel is not that surprising. I still enjoy the PSVita but not going to complain about Gravity Rush only available for the PS4.

      Still I want that Japanese collector’s edition so badly. No info about a CE like that in this blog. So probably I going to import for that figure of Kat :3

    • “PS4 has no games.”… despite having more games available and on the way than literally any other console?

    • It looks like a vita-game with a bit more detail and higher resolution. What is exactly amazing about that.

    • @Quinlank: Well, let’s see…
      Omega Quintet, FF-0, SAO Re HF, Transistor, Oneechanbara, Bloodborne, Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus and Neptunia Victory II.
      That’s all.

  • Hahahahahhhahahah.

  • It’s a shame its for PS4. But i would rather that, then cancelling the game all-together. Gravity Rush is such a underrated game.

  • No vita release for Gravity Rush 2 :(?

    • The system simply doesn’t have the consumer support to justify it. As much as I would love it come to the Vita as well, it’s just not going to happen.

    • It has the consumer support, just not SCEE or SCEA.

    • I’m disappointed too about the lack of Vita support for the game. I own a PS4, but I play almost 100% on the Vita via remote play, and would love more exclusive stuff for the Vita. Maybe the reason that people don’t play AAA titles on the Vita is because there aren’t many of them? I loved Borderlands and Uncharted, but I’m struggling to think of another AAA title that came to the Vita.

  • First of all:
    As a primary Vita-user I’m quite disappointed of Sony that they dropped developement of new titles completely and that instead of games like Gravity Rush 2 or some revived handheld-IPs like Patapon and Loco Roco we nearly get nothing from Sony directly.

    About the game:
    I’m excited to finally see some gameplay of Gravity Rush 2, especially since it seems like we will be able to switch between Kat and Raven!

  • Biggest dissapointment.

    Gravity Rush 2 belongs to Vita. Not even giving PS4/PSV is the biggest mistake you could make.

    I wish you as big success as you had with Tearaway Unfolded in UK. You guys totally deserve it.

    • The PS4 is just what a Gravity Rush sequel needs for a massive open world, better physics, more characters/enemies on screen etc.

      But it’s definitely a shame there’s nothing for us Vita fans, who supported the series in the first place.

    • Gravity Rush 2 doesn’t “belong to” anything. Get over yourself.

      You’re free to want Sony to support the Vita more, but if you’re going to value support more than the games themselves, don’t bother. You clearly don’t care about GR if you wish for it to fail just because it’s not on your platform of choice, so don’t pretend you do.

    • @madmanwithabox12

      Not really. I liked GR for what it was, I really don’t need any vast improvement over what we already had.

      Oh ok. Thx, I will ignore your reply.

    • @Archacus: Well if that’s the case, why don’t you just play the original? It’s not going anywhere. What you’re saying is that the sequel should just be the same thing over again – what’s the point of that?

    • @madmanwithabox12
      uwah… that’s low… like really low… you are just making fun of yourself right now.

      Dunno… maybe, just maybe… I expected GR2 to continue with a story?

    • What are you even talking about? Making fun of myself? I’m trying to understand why you’re so adversed to Gravity Rush being anything but a Vita game. Again, the original still exists. Play that. If you really like the series, you’ll embrace the new enhancements that it’s getting on PS4.

    • @madmanwithabox12
      You are living up to your nickname… once again.

      “Not even giving PS4/PSV is the biggest mistake you could make.”

      That’s from my first post. So as you see what I told is that there should be at least PS4 and PSV version. So did I really want it to be on anything but Vita? Pretty much everyone apart from SONY can make PS4/PS3/PSV multiplat release. Dragon Quest Heroes 2, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 etc.

      I’m not denying that Gravity Rush 2 got improved over GR 1. Never did. But it’s not as big improvement to justify saying that other versions would hold back a PS4 release. That’s completly wrong. Watch trailer on Playstation Japan youtube channel in HD…

      pause at: 0.14

      First plan looks good… than take a look at background plan. That’s PS4 quality? Like really? Truth to be said, when I saw that I was naively thinking that maybe I’m watching PSV gameplay. Though… of course not in-game gameplay video but cut-scenes.

      I prefer seeing rough outline of building over this….

      pause at: 0.21

      Look at skin and clothes textures… PS4 quality? Like really? Take a look at shadows.

      pause at 0.39

      Again look at model.

      Again not denying that it got improved. Never did.

      And please think twice before opening your mouth (or in our situation write thing :P). When I said that Gravity Rush didn’t need vast improvement I meant that it would be good enough for a Gravity Rush 2 to be on the same level. As hard it is for you to understand I DO want to play a sequel, but on a plaform that feels best to play this particular game.

      I will probably play it on PS4… but I’m not going to support it buying it day-1. I can do that! And that doesn’t mean that I don’t like this game. I know that you love to act like a white knight, but please stop.

      Yours loving Archacus.

    • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • I’m just happy it’s coming out at all, personally. Maybe I’m simple minded that way. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Deliciously amusing butthurt :D

  • It will fail just like tearaway unfolded . Why no gravity rush 2 for ps vita ??? Why sony ?

  • So, Sony Japan Studio has binned the Vita too – even though it still sells well over there!

  • This is everything I wanted and more. Loved GR1, and will definitely buy the HD release, and 2 looks AMAZING. Also looking forward to the anime that was mentioned.

    Thanks so much for confirming the western release quickly.

  • Vita is dead in the water. Of course it was coming to PS4.

  • I don’t mind that Gravity Rush is losing its Vita exclusivity. It means more people can play and appreciate it.

    Any news on that Collector’s Edition getting a western release?

  • I’m really excited for GR2 and I will sure get it day one, but please add a Vita version. As things stand now you’ll be officially killing PSVita.

    • If they made a Vita version, it would severely hold back the PS4 version and take dev time/costs away from it.

    • @madmanwithabox12
      And yet the trailer from GR2 doesn’t look like anything that would work only on PS4.

      Models didn’t get big improvement, shadows looks as if it was something straight from PSV.

      Take a look at:

      And pause at 0:31…

      I agree. That there are some visible improvements. The number of enemies on screen, the sight line is vast improvement. Nobody denies that…

      But saying GR2 would hold anyone back on PSV is some major misunderstanding.

    • Um… No. You wouldn’t be able to have a game like GR2 run on Vita. The world is much more alive and looks massive to boot. The draw distance isn’t ridiculous like it is in the original Gravity Rush. There are more characters and moving objects in the world, the graphics are much better, the visual/particle effects are way more intense, the gameplay seems way more fluid and fast-paced, there are two characters attacking one enemy (yes this kind of happened in one part of GR, but Raven never really did anything other than a scripted event). Don’t forget that in order to even get the original GR on Vita they had to reduce the draw distance significantly.

      You’re really over-estimating the power of the Vita on this one. They’d have trouble getting GR2 to run on PS3 (they could probably do it but with a lot of compromises), let alone Vita.

      Look man, I love my Vita, but sometimes you need to let things go. Gravity Rush deserves better than being held back by weak hardware. It’s a game about shifting gravity in a massive open world, the concept was already a bit of a stretch for a handheld in the first place.

    • @madmanwithabox12
      “They’d have trouble getting GR2 to run on PS3 (they could probably do it but with a lot of compromises)”

      um… yeah no.

    • Man, you’re obtuse to the limit.

    • If GR2 can run on the Vita as it stands, then so can MGS V. That’s how ridiculous that statement is.

    • @NorthernFusion
      And that’s exactly why nobody said it.


  • Not gonna lie, this hurts, like…a lot.
    Gravity Rush Is one of my standout most fun games of all time and I was really hoping GR2 would be coming to Vita.
    Though It’ll be nice to see the series get the recognition It deserves…who am I kidding, this Is gonna flop hard with todays gamers…

  • Was my comment removed??
    Uh. Screw you Sony, you’ve screwed Vita owners over enough.

  • Don’t most Vita owners have a PS4 now?

    Some people aren’t happy unless they are outraged about something.

    • Totally agree. You’d think they were promised a sequel on Vita. When they showed the teaser for Gravity Rush 2 at TGS 2 years ago it was obviously not a Vita game. People just assumed.
      I guess these people also hate Uncharted 4. How dare Naughty Dog release it on PS4 and not PS3 as well. It’s the 4th game in the series the first 3 aren’t on PS4. What how dare they remaster the first 3 games those games were billed as PS3 exclusives.

    • I’m sorry Dazzler but that’s such BS. Gravity Rush 2 was CLEARLY a Vita title originally. It’s not only blatantly obvious from the trailer having graphics on a par with PS3 games from 2011 but the time it’s taken to announce too.

      Just like with Last Guardian changing formats. They teased this about 2 YEARS ago!

      No, it’s clear it was changed to PS4 and the reason Vita owners are upset is because the Remastered original is yet ANOTHER nail in Vitas coffin. Whether or not the Vita is selling, Sony should still support it no matter WHAT for the millions of owners who DID buy it and supported THEM!

      Look at Nintendo with the WiiU. That’s sold similar to Vita but DYOU see Nintendo bailing n leaving WiiU owners with nothing to play?

  • Other companies creating games for the PS4 can also do a version for PS Vita. Sony does not! (Toukiden 2 also coming to Vita! New One Piece also coming to Vita! Second Dragon Quest Heroes also coming to Vita! etc.) Gravity Rush was released first on PS Vita and the second part should be on a portable console too. OK adding yourself a second platform, but also Do this game for PS Vita! Do not turn away from your own console!

  • Never played Gravity Rush so here is my chance.

  • It’s best announce of this year for me! Can’t wait!
    I hope GR1 Collector’s Edition with figurine will be in Europe, right??

  • Good thing this is on ps4 , i play most of my vita game on ps vita tv anyway, at least i won’t be stopped by that “not compatible with ps vita tv” thing anymore .
    Open world game should never be on portable anyway .

  • I’m just happy to hear Gravity Rush 2 is still in development and coming to Europe as I found Gravity Rush to be one the best games on the Vita and I’m happy it’s coming to PS4. I hope SCEE give Gravity Rush 1 & 2 a physical copy.

  • Spitting on users PS Vita

  • Do BluePoint even work on non-PS stuff any more? Seems like a regular thing to hear of a remaster they’re handling. Dunno if I’ll get GR1 one again — maybe when it’s cheap — but GR2 is a day-one buy for me.

  • Exactly as I wished, both games on PS4 where the brilliant art style can be done justice with clear resolution, anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering. The Japanese GD Remastered page says it’s 60fps, too. Nice job Bluepoint!

  • Dear Sony, please kill PS Vita,,
    i feel honored if could respond this.
    Hahaha and GJ.

  • I’m glad we’re getting a sequel. Give us a physical edition in Europe and we’re good. I wouldn’t be mad if we got that Collector’s edition that Japan is getting.

  • i am glad that i sold off my ps vita because sony doesnt give a damn about it . happy gaming on ps4 .

  • I sure hope you’ll release GR1 remaster as a physical version in Europe, if not no buy. So I’m keeping my fingerscrossed here.

  • If BluePoint is handing the upgrade from Vita to PS4 for Gravity Rush 1, why can’t that team handle a downgrade from PS4 to Vita for Gravity Rush 2?

    • Upgrading and downgrading a game are two completely different things.
      For example, you can build a house from the ground UP but not from the roof DOWN.

  • As much as I’d love to see this on the Vita I’m just happy we get more of the Gravity Rush world. A sequel will be very welcome and the remake for PS4 is one I might well pick up.

  • Yes! Great news! Now only Uncharted Golden Abyss and I won’t need a Vita anymore!

  • WOW! The PS4 is on FIRE! ! ! :P :P :P Nice 1 SONY ;)

  • I’m a big fan of the vita original and own a ps4 as well so I will buy the ps4 versions, I am saddened that the sequel won’t come to the vita as a last farewell (along side the ps4 version) or something. I use my vita on my commute to work and now apart from some good 2d games coming from Indies the vita lacks the games I’m interested in. Oh well

  • Great news i can’t wait to play both on my PS4 in 2016 :)

  • This kinda sucks. I love Gravity Rush, but I absolutely hate that you’re taking all of the Vita exclusives away from the thing. It doesn’t have to be the dead handheld you guys are making it, you know? Some proper support and advertising would be nice. Taking away exclusives is not the way to go. But well… I love Gravity Rush so much, I guess I should be happy we’re getting a sequel. It just feels kinda… Wrong.

  • Sony loves to kick vita owners in the nuts, repeatedly. I can’t say I enjoy it.

    • Got fed up with that so I ended up trading it for some PS4 games. Then I bought the actual PS4. Still can’t find a buyer for them Vita games. Maybe I’ll buy one back when nostalgia hits. Too bad cause I liked that system to death. And with its death growing near…we parted ways.
      GR2 was one of the last reasons I would’ve kept the Vita, but I saw this coming a long time ago. PSP had 2 GoW games, PSV just the one Uncharted. PSP had yearly NFS games. PSV has only MW2012. Overall better quality, butt less of them. PSP has friggin Gran Turismo!!! At this point PSV is certain to not get one (granted it took time to make but PSP had AAA games up to that point, massive sales ergo 1st party support). PSP – 2 Wipeout games, PSV just the 2048 one.
      What I’m saying is that 1st party games are awesome on the Vita. It’s just too bad they stopped making them. I know smaller games exist for it, but the Vita was marketed early on as a powerhouse portable.
      When they started marketing it as a PS4 extension that’s when they shot themselves. 1) Because it kinda sounded they were giving up on the original point of it; 2) Because it was marketed as an EXTENSION of the PS4. Ergo something the PS4 does not need to function properly. An accessory. A very expensive one, with its own set of expensive accessories. Proprietary memory cards anyone?
      Anyway I’ll surely buy the sequel. Only if there’s a physical release.

  • YESSS ^-^ Love you sony

  • “This is for the players” yeah right..

  • I don’t mind if all ps vita exclusives come to PS4, I only wish Sony would come out and officially drop the console instead of leaving it on life support.

    Hopefully shifting Japanese games to PS4 will help sales over there grow as well

  • I dunno. I have the original on Vita and didn’t really enjoy it. However this type of game is something I prefer playing on a home console so maybe I’ll try it on PS4.

  • As a ps vita and ps4 owner I feel upset about the second game being only on ps4, then I see the first game coming to ps4 I felt happy for the people who haven’t played the first game

  • Jesus, everyone needs to stop complaining. The whole reason they dropped support for the Vita in the first place was because of a severe lack of sales so if you want to play the blame game, blame the consumers, not Sony, since Sony DID release decent games for it and DID advertise plenty. Why should they continue to waste time, money and resources supporting something that doesn’t sell and doesn’t have the consumer base to keep it going? Aside from these facts, a game the size of Gravity Rush 2 simply wouldn’t run on Vita without losing its massive size (the biggest draw this time around). Stop deluding yourselves, Vita is NOT a PS4, it just barely matches the PS3 in terms of power as it is!

    • Blame the consumers? Sorry but…just no.
      It’s Sony’s fault the console is failing in the west.
      -Overpriced memory cards that have severly low space. 100 euros for 64gb memory card!? Are they insane!?
      -Lack of marketing or overall lackof attempet to push the console in the west pretty much after Killzone: Mercenary and Assassins Creed: Liberation. Thanks to the failures that were Resistence and Call of Duty on the Vita.
      -They fell in a loop of people not buying so let’s not make games, thus giving reason for people not to buy the damn console.
      They tried to fix this with Indie games, and it did work to SOME degree, albeit in small size.
      -Oh and, also to some degree, an overabundance of digital-only games. Yes, in a console with extremely expensive memory cards, bombarding it with digital-only games is not a good idea.

      Really if it weren’t for niche games and overall support from 3rd party companies, like Bandai Namco. What did Sony do? Extra colours? Yay?

      It may be both Sony and consumers fault, but the one with most blame is definitly Sony themselves.

      PS Vita: Like the Sega Saturn and the Dreamcast, doomed to fail in the west because of stupid marketing from it’s companies.

    • It was pushed plenty here, in the UK, until they dropped support altogether.
      Sony also released plenty games for Vita with the cross-buy stuff but no one bought them so why should Sony, a business, bother to waste time and resources releasing more games for it?
      I, myself, however am considering picking one up cheaply now in anticipation for the western release of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth as well as for games like Gravity Rush (despite this news), LBP Vita, Ratchet & Clank trilogy (for portability), Jak trilogy (same reason again), Sly trilogy (ditto) etc.

    • Either way, however, it’s stupid to complain about a game NOT being massively restricted by being made and released for the Vita which does NOT match the PS4s power.

    • I would not advise buying the Jak trilogy for the Vita, it’s…pretty bad.

    • Really? Aw, that’s a shame. I’ll still get it on PS3 though fo’ teh trophiez. I know the Ratchet trilogy’s bad too since I already have it on PS3 but it’s still enjoyable, just more glitchy than the original games.

    • Also, if these were shown at the Tokyo games show, why’s it all in English?

    • Well said OrderSora, they should have done more for the Vita in the first place. You can’t blame consumers. I’m a consumer. I bought a Vita. What did I do wrong?

    • When did I say ALL consumers?

    • Yes it was advertised heavily in the UK in the first year of release, but it simply didn’t sell in anything like the numbers Sony needed. As the initial games didn’t sell well then it became understandable developers wouldn’t want to lose money developing games for it specially. Thankfully it does get a lot of cross-buy indie games which are easy to port across so it’s still getting games but can’t expect anyone to spend a lot of money developing a Vita title now sadly. I own one and it has plenty of great games, so sad it didn’t become popular like the 3DS.

    • That’s my point exactly, thank you, finally! Someone who sees the truth!

    • WHAT???????????? Sony advertised PLENTY? Are you HIGH? I’m still asked by people, still to this DAY what I’m playing on my PSP!!! That says it ALL im afraid. Nobody but Playstation fans, trophy hunters n core gamers know what the thing is!

      How can that be anything BUT non existent marketing?

    • Kamifox, I’m in the UK and it was NOT marketed over here well at all. I got mine on day ONE, Feb 22 2012 n I’m still asked to this day, over 3.5 years later what game im playing on my PSP.

      Nobody knows what it is n that’s ALL down to Sony!

  • My first game on the PSVita. Going to buy it again for the PS4 :3 I want that Japanese collector’s edition so badly. Time to import.

  • They should make Gravity Rush 1 cross buy as a thank you/apology to Vita owners.

    It’s a shame it’s not viable for the franchise to continue on the Vita, but I’m happy it continues because I did quite enjoy the story.

  • Probably my favourite news from the pre-TGS event. Loved Gravity Rush on the Vita, but I just don’t play the thing enough to be able to complete it. So the remaster is great news AND Gravity Rush 2 coming to the PS4 is the icing on the cake.


  • I’ve been waiting for a sequel ever since the release of the first game, so this was awesome to see at the press conference! :D Even if it’s not on Vita… Oh well, as long as the game is good, I’m fine with it.

  • Absolutely disgraceful. I’m fuming. You guys at Sony really hate the Vita, don’t you?

    • No, the Vita simply can’t handle something as big as this. Would you prefer it if they released a sequel that’s basically the same as the first game instead of a much larger, richer experience?

  • YES! My absolute highlight of the show. Will look stunning on big screen! Will probably even get the remastered since the gameplay is so replayable.

  • Looks excellent. All in for day one.

    Also lol at bitter Vita owners. System is done, get over it already.

  • Disgusting, simply disgusting. How do you even sleep at night, I wonder.

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