New on PlayStation Store: Tearaway Unfolded, Beyond Eyes, Leo’s Fortune, more

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New on PlayStation Store: Tearaway Unfolded, Beyond Eyes, Leo’s Fortune, more

Plus, Knock Knock, Curses 'N Chaos and Rugby League Live 3 also drop

First and foremost this week, Media Molecule’s delightful PS4 adventure, Tearaway Unfolded, arrives on PlayStation Store. If you missed it on PS Vita, now’s the time to dive in. And if you played it on PS Vita? Well, the PS4 version boasts all manner of new bells and whistles, so why not come back for more?

Elsewhere, look out for stylishly spooky 2D mystery Knock Knock, elegant watercolour adventure Beyond Eyes, fluffy puzzle platformer Leo’s Fortune and classy retro romp Curses ‘N Chaos.

Oh, and be sure to check in tomorrow for a fresh batch of discounts too…

PlayStation StoreOut this week



  • Beyond Eyes
    (Out 08/09/15)

  • Knock-Knock
    (Out 10/09/15)

  • Rugby League Live 3
    (Out 10/09/15)


  • Leo’s Fortune
    (Out 11/09/15)

  • Curses ‘N Chaos
    (Out 11/09/15)



  • Curses ‘N Chaos
    (Out 11/09/15)

  • Gem Legends
    (Out 11/09/15)

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  • Any news about Harvest Moon: Back to Nature?

  • Hey Chris, could you inquire with the publisher why Broken Sword for PS4 isn’t crossbuy, just like it is in NA? Is this a mistake?

  • Why is most PSN games on Friday now?

  • Is the new Inquisition Trespasser DLC out this week?

  • No new AAA titles for Vita? No new tables for Pinball Arcade?

  • Once again, no DLC in the post.

  • “If you missed it on PS Vita, now’s the time to dive in. And if you played it on PS Vita? Well, the PS4 version boasts all manner of new bells and whistles, so why not come back for more?”
    Well,I would prefer a second part of Tearaway for the psvita.

  • Now that i think about it. You guys at SCEE are damaging the developers and publishers sales by not advertising any DLC whatsoever in the post. Nice work you guys…

    • Good!
      Dlc is a disease.
      And we must hurt it at the source!

    • As usual, xampage doesn’t understand the problem… i feel sorry for the two individuals who upvoted his post.

    • DLC is fine when done right. For example, if you really love a game (that was released as a “whole” game, not with pays missing) and you want more without having to wait years for a sequel. Look at The Witcher, for example. Massive game as it is, a few free extras as DLC, and some substantial extra chapters coming for those wanting more. I’m fine with that.
      What I’m not fine with is “buy coins/gems to use in game!” or “extra characters/costumes for your fighting game although we used to let you unlock then through actually playing on previous generations”.
      To tar all DLC with the same brush is madness. Some is great. Others, not so.

    • Correction:
      “pays” missong -> “parts” missing

  • It’s rather sad to see that the update-posts are handled that way. Why aren’t the DLCs listed anymore? Do we always have to look on the various store-frontends just to check if one DLC of interest is released? Because you know, one frontend to your store may show it, one other maybe not. And I don’t want to click through endless lists of avatars and static wallpaper themes just to see the one item of interest.

    At least I hope that you really listed all games that will be released during this week, not unlike last week where you “forgot” to mention the release of DanganRonpa: Another Episode.

  • More poor show from the store staff. No PSVita games until Friday and even worse, most PSN games are out on Friday now and yet again. NO DLC and bad quality for image thumbnails!

    Your American friends had every DLC, Demos, Pre-orders and themes listed on their store updates. Talk about laziness. I’m sorry.

    • About the images:
      The images are more or less fine, they are just upscaled to the 1.5 of their original size (128x128px –> 180x180px), which makes them look rather bad.

    • Artificial restrictions on release dates in a digital era….I hear you!
      ….but images on a store update blog post? C’mon now

  • No DLC and no season pass for One Piece Pirate Warriors 3? It’s a bit worse when the OPPW3 DLC actually tells you it’s better to buy the unavailable season pass.

  • Can the missing Rayman / Rayman 2 titles in the Belgian PS Store still get looked at? It’s bad enough that I missed the sale because of this but at least give us an update on it…

    Totally off topic, but lots of Neptunia avatars here!

  • You know it’s really sad, PlayStation has three consoles in the market. Not two years ago, these updates were huge with various new releases, lots of DLC and demos. Themes and other content. Now it’s like one page and content is really trim. I’m not saying life is better on XBOX or Wii, but jesus.

    • content is sparse because thats exactly what it is. ever since PS4 released the game industry seem to be making less and less games for example Rockstar used to have at least one major game a year but this gen all they have done is a port of GTAV.

      we are in dark times and it will only get worse as games get more expensive to make.

    • The problem is that games have changed a lot, everything now has to be AAA titles at AAA prices. Whereas PlayStation 2 had so many successful games that launched at a £24.99 price point, hell even Dark Cloud and Dark Chronicles were £29.99 at launch and they were fantastic. So the death of the budget game as well as the the death of major publishers hasn’t helped. THQ last generation, Midway and Acclaim before that etc. Sony’s first party is still releasing a lot of content but the industry seems to have lost it’s way and content is getting harder to come by. But many of Sony’s IP remain dormant. G-Police, Colony Wars, MediEvil, Jumping Flash, Ape Escape, Alundra, The Getaway, there is IP galore just waiting to be released!

  • What’s with the price for Curses N Chaos? It’s $9.99 in the US

  • Why is the retail price for Tearaway 20-20€ higher than digital in Germany?

  • Demo
    FIFA 16 for PS3 and PS4
    Hyper Void PS3

    DLC PS4
    Battlefield 4
    Battlefield 4 Night Operations

    One Piece Pirate Warriors 3
    One Piece Pirate Warriors 3
    Cross-buy PS3, PS4, PS Vita

    DLC PS3
    Battlefield 4
    Battlefield 4 Night Operations

    One Piece Pirate Warriors 3
    One Piece Pirate Warriors 3
    Cross-buy PS3, PS4, PS Vita

    DLC PS Vita
    One Piece Pirate Warriors 3
    One Piece Pirate Warriors 3
    Cross-buy PS3, PS4, PS Vita

    interview with Yakuza 5 developers
    Destiny : The Taken King – Legendary Edition Trailer

  • Now that I think about it, wasn’t there supposed to be a playable demo for Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection this summer? Is that still coming?

    • i post twice and got no answer game out october and ya did say demo out summer unless company forgot and dont blame naughty dog because not doing remasters . but ya i was looking forward to it oh well collection out next month .

    • i just read when demo out it said demo come on week before full collection come out still coming might be end this month if not someone lie about it .

  • FIFA 16 Demo?

  • Hi there, Chris.

    During the past weeks, i’ve tried to report a couple of issues with the Store and/or PSN, but as of today, nothing has changed, and nobody replied. Could you please take a look at it?

    1) One of the DLC for the PS3 title “Ridge Racer 7” doesn’t seem to work anymore. The content is named “Decal Set 13” or “Set13 Decal Ridge Racer™7” or “PAC-MAN Sticker Set” (there are 14 “Decal Sets” for this game, but the ones from 11 to 14 change their name in the Download List for whatever reason, not important anyway). Anyway, this “Decal Set 13” used to work, but now it doesn’t anymore. I can get it, i can download it, i can install it, but the game doesn’t seem to see it. It’s like it’s not activated properly. It definitely used to work before. All other DLC for this game definitely works. Please take a look at it. The problem, again, is in the UK and all the other European versions of the Store. And possibly worldwide, but please, take a look at it.

    This is the content i’m talking about:!/en-gb/games/addons/ridge-racer7-decal-set-13/cid=JP0700-BLJS10001_00-PDECALSE13000013

    Again for Ridge Racer 7, several pieces of DLC have disappeared from purchase, from all the non-UK European Stores:

    – all 20 extra music tracks and the complete bundle with all of them (these have different bundles in the UK store, 4 with 5 tracks for each pack, while in the rest of the world, there are 21 downloads, 20 music tracks and a “complete bundle”)
    – Decal Sets 11, 12 to 14 (i have them but still… also they brought back only Set 13 but i reported the other DLC too)
    – the UFRA challenges from 8 to 25

    Again, take a look at it if you can. And yes, i’ve already tried contacting both Bandai Namco and Sony support teams, to no avail.

    2) Oh, just a tip for all the upcoming Blog entries like the Store Update posts: try to list EVERYTHING that gets released. Every single theme, every single avatar, every single demo, every single free content in general. I keep finding new content not listed here. Last time you completely omitted any form of DLC.

    I hope you can take a look at all those issues/tips. I’ll keep posting this wall of text until i get a proper answer. It’s not like i’m asking for impossible things. Thank you in advance.

  • Is there a deal of the week for PS4 this week? Sorry if I’m asking too early!

  • Since they can’t be bothered

    Full games not mentioned in the blog post:

    Broken Sword 5 – the Serpent’s Curse (PS4) (£24.99)

    Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (Vita) (£34.99)

    Also, Rugby League Live 3 is out for all platforms, not just PS4.

    New Bundles:

    DRIVECLUB™ Full Game for PlayStation®Plus & Season Pass (PS4) (PS+ exclusive) (£15.99)

    NOBUNAGA’S AMBITION: Sphere of Influence with Bonus (PS4 £49.99 & PS3 £39.99)

    The Last Tinker™: City of Colors Game and Theme Bundle (PS4 £12.99, PS+ £7.79)

    New PS4 DLC:

    Battlefield 4 Night Operations (Free)

    NOBUNAGA’S AMBITION SOI – Additional Scenario 4 (Free)

    PAYDAY 2 Hardtime Lootbag (£4.99)

    Rocksmith 2014
    September – Earth Wind & Fire (£2.49)
    Shining Star – Earth Wind & Fire (£2.49)
    Sing a Song – Earth Wind & Fire (£2.49)

    Warframe®: PS4™ Renown Pack VI (£7.99)

    New PS3 DLC:

    Battlefield 4 Night Operations (Free)

    NOBUNAGA’S AMBITION SOI – Additional Scenario 4 (Free)

    Rocksmith 2014
    September – Earth Wind & Fire (£2.49)
    Shining Star – Earth Wind & Fire (£2.49)
    Sing a Song – Earth Wind & Fire (£2.49)

    New Vita DLC:

    Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair GirlsJapanese Voice-Over (Free)

    SAMURAI WARRIORS: Chronicles 3 – Samurai News 10 (Free)

    New demos:

    EA SPORTS FIFA 16 (PS4 & PS3) (Free)

    Hyper void (PS3) (Free)

    New themes:

    The Last Tinker™ Dynamic Theme (£2.99, PS+ £1.50)

    Abstract Tunnel 2 Dynamic Theme (£1.99)
    A Las Vegas View Dynamic Theme (£1.99)
    A Matrix Code Dynamic Theme (£1.99)
    A Moon 2 Dynamic Theme (£1.99)
    A Moon 2 Dynamic Theme (£1.99)
    Beautiful colors of space dynamic theme (£1.99)
    Flying particles 3 dynamic theme (£1.99)
    Lions Dynamic Theme (£1.99)

    Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Theme (Free)

  • No mention anywhere of the driveclub season pass deal which is running since last week. I had to find out on Way to go supporting your exclusives sony.

    • Sony’s too broke to afford advertising their own exclusives. they have barely advertised Uncharted TND collection and thats literally their major exclusive for this year. most of their already limited budget must have went to getting COD exclusivity.

  • Where is Kiryu “The Dragon of Dojima”?
    Where is my little Haruka-chan?
    Where is my Yakuza 5?
    Why they are still not here? Why?
    I’m going to mourn to bed :'((((……

    • My cousin had Rod Land for the Amiga 500, it was awesome! And possibly Buster Bros, too. I’ve heard they’re making a brand new game for the latter!

    • Providing the prices were good I’d agree. Probably best to emulate them on PC if you have one or on your mobile phone, the lack of buttons makes these games too hard to play through the phone. I guess this is the right thing to do in console land.

  • Just wondering if Dragon Age: Trespasser will be out today or tomorrow?

  • Please more love for store update and put new discounts the same day.

  • Battlefield premium and DLC all seems to be half price, thought this might have been mentioned..

  • Here’s what you do. Click on “last 7 days” under games. Then order from newest to oldest. Filter as you see fit. Clicking on latest games or searching won’t find the newest content.

  • Hi PS Blog staff, I’ve asked NIS America already on their Facebook, but so you know, Tokyo Twiligth Ghost Hunters that was released on the 26th June STILL hasn’t got its trophy list synced to the Sony servers, my trophies will not add to my profile.

    Also NIS America seems to have forgotten about giving the PS3 EU Version of Lost Dimension a trophy list too that won’t sync.

    The guy on Facebook said on Friday he’d e-mail the localization team, but I wanted to inform you lot too.

    • Yeah Don’t Starve (different people but still) on PS3 had the very same issue until last Friday. It took 2 months. This is untolerable no matter the time. It should not happen.


    The fact my Vita now plays the theme music in the UI is just perfection. ^_^
    UDG is a fantastic addition to the series. =]

  • Maybe you should mention that tomorrow is the last day to download ps mobile games. It was a poorly implemented program but a few good games came out of it.

  • Cool tearaway has a demo.

  • Hyper Void looks really impressive. Makes me want a port of Rez or Child of Eden.

  • What happened to the update posts? This seems to bare bones. Can Sony not be bothered advertising new products effectively on here anymore?

  • So I’m guessing offers like this will be added at some point today?

    Massive 20th Anniversary PlayStation Store Sale Hits North America

    It’s not like the EU market eve misses out on things like this is it? Reading the US blog is a real eye opener. The Sony staff actually reply and treat the community with respect. Lessons can be learnt Europe!

  • Do we have any hope if getting a 20th anniversary sale like the US is getting at the minute?

  • I have a hint. Before you reveal a game on the blog. Check the developer for the FINAL release date. Big Ant Studios now states Rugby League Live 3 is now coming on the 24th. I really do not want to use the blog anymore.

    Another game getting a last minute delay.

  • When can we preorder Rock Band 4 and are we going to get a similar bonus to that of the USA Plus Preorder bonus?

  • Fred, could someone look into the One Piece DLC?

    The content from this weeks DLC pack has worked fine, but there were meant to be a number of bonus costumes included in the season pass (Extra costumes from the previous titles) that don’t seem to have appeared.

  • 15th of september store update?

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