New on PlayStation Store: Metal Gear Solid V, Mad Max, PS Plus games, more

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New on PlayStation Store: Metal Gear Solid V, Mad Max, PS Plus games, more

It’s a huge week for new releases – what will you play?

It’s another huge week here on PlayStation Store as some of the most anticipated games of the year drop into our laps.

If you are looking for the ultimate open world action adventure game look no further than the hugely anticipated Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which launches today. Or, enter the world of Mad Max and take on the role of a lone warrior who must embark on a journey to reclaim his stolen interceptor from a deadly gang of marauders.

Elsewhere, if you’re looking for some sporting action then make sure you pick up Rugby World Cup 2015, and don’t forget that your PlayStation Plus Monthly Games update today, along with 30% discounts off Vote to Play candidates Armello and Zombie Vikings for the next two weeks.

Make sure you also check out the promotions for great savings on Lego titles, and there’s still a few hours to pick up Rory McIlroy PGA Tour at a great price before another deal of the week hits the store tomorrow.

PlayStation StoreOut this week



  • Xeodrifter
    (Out 01/09/15)
    Free for PS Plus subscribers in September

  • Zombie Vikings
    (Out 01/09/15)
    30% discount for PS Plus subscribers until 15/09/15

  • Armello
    (Out 01/09/15)
    30% discount for PS Plus subscribers until 15/09/15


  • Super Time Force Ultra
    (Out 01/09/15)
    Free for PS Plus subscribers in September

    The Last Tinker: City of Colors Game and Theme Bundle
    (Out 02/09/15)

    Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence with Bonus
    (Out 04/09/15)


    Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse
    (Out 04/09/15)

    Rugby World Cup 2015
    (Out 04/09/15)


  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
    (Out 01/09/15)

    Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence with Bonus
    (Out 04/09/15)

    Rugby World Cup 2015
    (Out 04/09/15)



  • Xeodrifter
    (Out 01/09/15)
    Free for PS Plus subscribers in September

  • Super Time Force Ultra
    (Out 01/09/15)
    Free for PS Plus subscribers in September

    Rugby World Cup 2015
    (Out 04/09/15)

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in September

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  • These prices for new games are ridiculous- you need to do something about them ASAP

    • Look MGS V is as low as £37 retail ( so where is that extra £23 coming from (and don’t say publisher because that’s called price maintenance and is illegal)

    • I agree and not just for retail games. Indie games have been creeping up in price recently. Helldivers and broken age were two of the first and now most indie games are between £10-20 where before it was closer to £7-12.
      Maybe its just me that thinks that. Im fine with paying more for a good game but if an indie game costs £15 im going to think theres no point buying it when i can get a physical copy of dishonored on PS4 for £20.
      I wasnt that bothered when a game i bought for £8 went on sale or PS+ a couple of months later but i would be if i spent £15.

    • I’m guessing there must be some kind of deal with retailers to keep digital prices so high, since digital sales are better value for everyone involved apart from retailers and the likes of Gamestop would struggle to survive if console games sales went the way of PC game sales.

    • Totally agree but from memory it’s entirely out of SCEE’s control as the prices are set and controlled by the publishers. Like with record companies 10-15 years ago, it’ll probably take a while for them to catch up with what consumers want.

    • I’ve paid the premium because I’d rather start games from my hard drive like my PC. I had an unlucky time with my PS4 too. The disc drive was dying after five months, it was barely even used.
      Sony were really great about it and were very quick, I didn’t even have to talk to anyone.
      Anyway, after years of playing games from discs until the drives have expired I just cant be bothered.

    • @sisi_ozuk They cant- that’s called retail price maintenance and is illegal

    • It’s true though but would never be proved. If they charge less than retailers the retailers would be [DELETED] off and pull all of their products for undercutting them.
      Originally it was thought that we’d save on digital because of no packaging or shipping etc. but it’s not feasible on day 1.
      Imo digital should be like 5-10% less from day 1 and adjust prices as the game becomes older.

    • @sisi_ozuk It might be true for mot titles, but certainly not all. There have been many occurrences of publishers and developers detailing a price, only for it to be totally different when SCEE finally release it to the store.

      There was even one game, can’t remember which, where the developer seemed as confused as us about the final price of their game. Self-publish if I recall correctly.

    • @frimo_online why do people keep up this myth. its not true. It is illegal and called retail price maintenance

    • illegal? sue them and see what happens.

    • Sue? That’s not how the law works.

      If you don’t believe it’s illegal go look it up. Also have a read of why apple had to change their ebook business model and you’ll notice the similarties:

    • Agreed. This is why I believe physical media is always going to be here because publishers/developers have control over the pricing. The crazy thing is there are idiots who pay these prices…

  • Good voting people, £6.49 game for free while the other games cost £15.99, the 30% discount nowhere near covering the difference.

    • People voted for the game they most wanted to play of the three. It’s not a hard concept to get your head around.

    • Were the prices announced before? If they were it might have swayed my vote.

    • I honestly think this is what the vote to play thing was intended for, to make consumers blame each other for disappointing IGCs instead of Sony.

    • £6.49 would’ve still been too much for some people, so it’s a lost cause.

    • People probably voted with their head and heart, not their wallet. Don’t see anything wrong with that. Your logic only works for people that want all three games.

    • @eoinoreilly24

      This is all your fault.

    • This voting thing is a façade… don’t you people see that? If you think sony doesn’t manipulate the results than you’re too naive LOL

      Mark my words, next month the “winner” game of the voting will again be a stupid indie (mobile alike) game that will cost almost nothing in comparison with the other two.

    • But I didn’t want the other two :-)

    • Exactly. Of these three games, I’m now spending £0.00 on the ones I want. If anything other than Grow Home had one I’d be spending £4.54.

      So I’m £4.54 better off, which more than covers the £3.33 monthly cost of PS+

      So, yay.

    • @VitalogyPJ that’s true but only because all 3 games will be a “stupid indie (mobile alike) game”

    • reason i vote grow home because close enough as AAA game thats reason people vote for it.

  • No space hulk for vita?And is it the ascension version?

  • What is the main purpose of IGC by PS+?
    Through the game choices represent the philosophy of the console, its core concept for what kind of games it was designed for, it should be used to; isn’t it.

    For example Xbox Live Gold offers in September :
    Xbox One:
    – The Deer God
    – Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

    Xbox 360:
    – Battlestations Pacific
    – Crysis 3

    So the question is this PS4 IGC lineup should be representing what?
    That PS4 is for indies … seriously?

    • We already got Crysis 3 and Tomb Raider on PS3, lol.

    • Will these posts ever stop? People moan when the IGC is announced and then continue moaning when they’re made available. If the idea of 24+ games a year for the cost of <£1.65 each seems outrageous, then vote with your money and move on. Boycott Sony. Sell your console and go to the hallowed grounds of XBox where the streets are paved with gold, the customers are showered with amazing games and no-one ever complains.

      I am amazed there isn't a greater turnaround of mods on this site because reading people moan about the IGC twice every month must get pretty dull.

    • We got Tomb Raider and Crysis 3 last year or even longer ago. And personally, I’m happy with the games we are getting. I might just have a peculiar taste in games though.

    • @sisi_ozuk Pretty sure it’s a month long affair for some people, but totally agree. If people are going to keep moaning about Xbox vs PS they could at least do it about a subject they have a leg to stand on, say, back-compat… I mean, Ps Now… just… damn.

  • Any word on DanganRonpa Another Episode? It’s to be released on 4th September, right?

  • Store post is late! Was expecting somebody New taking over the store post. Looking forward to Broken Sword 5.

  • So, no new sale tomorrow?

  • Uh… you’re missing Danganronpa on Vita. My copy came today and it’s awesome. Why it’s missing here, I have no idea. It’s only one of the biggest Vita releases of the year.

  • Why isn’t DanganRonpa Another Episode on the list? It’s supposed to be out on Friday!

  • Hi there, Chris.

    During the past few days/weeks, i tried to report a couple of issues with the Store and/or PSN, but as of today, nothing has changed. Could you please take a look at it?

    1) One of the DLC for the PS3 title “Ridge Racer 7” doesn’t seem to work anymore. The content is named “Decal Set 13” or “PAC-MAN Sticker Set” (there are 14 “Decal Sets” for this game, but the ones from 11 to 14 change their name in the Download List for whatever reason, not important anyway). Anyway, this “Decal Set 13” used to work, but now it doesn’t anymore. I can get it, i can download it, i can install it, but the game doesn’t seem to see it. It’s like it’s not activated properly. It definitely used to work before. All other DLC for this game definitely works. Please take a look at it. The problem, again, is in the UK and all the other European versions of the Store. And possibly worldwide, but please, take a look at it.

    This is the content i’m talking about:!/en-gb/games/addons/ridge-racer7-decal-set-13/cid=JP0700-BLJS10001_00-PDECALSE13000013

    Again for Ridge Racer 7, several pieces of DLC have disappeared from purchase, from all the non-UK European Stores:

    – all 20 extra music tracks and the complete bundle with all of them (these have different bundles in the UK store, 4 with 5 tracks for each pack, while in the rest of the world, there are 21 downloads, 20 music tracks and a “complete bundle”)
    – Decal Sets 11, 12 to 14 (i have them but still… also they brought back only Set 13 but i reported the other DLC too)
    – the UFRA challenges from 8 to 25

    Again, take a look at it if you can. And yes, i’ve already tried contacting both Bandai Namco and Sony support teams, to no avail.

    2) The PS3 version of “Don’t Starve”, as of 2 months later, still has no trophies uploaded to the PSN servers. Which means that all other games i own have severe syncing issues due to the missing trophy list from that game, either error codes or super-slow syncing.

    3) Oh, just a tip for all the upcoming Blog entries like the Store Update posts: try to list EVERYTHING that gets released. Every single theme, every single avatar, every single free content in general. Last week we got the Until Dawn avatars for free, and a DOA5 Last Round bundle, but they weren’t listed here.

    I hope you can take a look at all those issues/tips. Thank you in advance.

  • Bit annoying that Grow Home won vote to play when it would have been dirt cheap with the discount anyway.

  • Uhm, why only the new games are listed?

    Painkiller: Hell & Damnation received SIX pieces of DLC two years after the release of the PS3 port.

    Also, Mad Max and Onechanbara-whatever received DLC. Among other things.

  • So no DLC on all 3 platforms this week thats dissappointing :(

  • Ohhh, I did not expect Armello or Zombie Wikings to be priced that high. Shame Grow Home won the vote with that price and no plat. At least, there is Super Time Force Ultra. :)

    • Worth it just for Shu’s appearance :) Love that guy.

    • How do I unlock him?

    • It was to be expected that there would be no platinum.
      None of those Ubisoft published (indi) titles get a platinum, that’s why I don’t bother with them on Sony’s platform, I just get them for the XBox One.
      I already wasn’t impressed with the game and since it doesn’t have a platinum I won’t even be downloading this.

  • This is a pretty poor job, all things considered. You’re missing entire games (notably Danganronpa) and haven’t listed new DLC. I’m not sure your partners at NISA Europe would be too happy about the fact you aren’t bothering to even talk about their game.

  • Shame that Mad Max is released this week since I, like I’m guessing many others, will be too busy with the Phantom Pain to warrant buying it at launch. Might be a good one for the January sale. I hope for the people who put so much work into it that it’s something of a sleeper hit, since I can’t see it having a great launch.

  • Where is Yakuza 5? Pre-order? Avatars?
    We are always people of 2n class….. ¬¬

    • I don’t believe eu get digital pre-orders, it’s basically consumer unfriendly.
      Often we get the same deal but for like 2 weeks or so when the game comes out.
      Don’t get why you would pre-order a digital game anyway there is no shortage.

    • I want support the Yakuza series in West. I want see more and more Yakuza games in West. I want show all my love for the Yakuza series ^^.

    • Haruka needs all my love xD.

  • I don’t think blog entry is even complete. No new DLC is listed, games like Phantom Breaker Overstrike and Danganronpa wren’t even listed on the blog entry when those games are finally released or out later this week, no new pre-orders are listed, no themes/avatars are listed. And most of all, the image quality on the thumbnails is really poor compared to your US’s blog posts.

    Also, the PSVita store needs more work as I had to search for Super Time Force just to download it. And I assume you do not want to support Vita owners anymore by missing out Danganronpa. Unless NISA confirms the game is out this Friday on PSN. Talk about laziness. Your Amercian friends can do a better job. :|

  • Dang Zombie Vikings still costs a chunk of change even with 30% off … Grow Home is £6.49 and with a 30% discount would have cost about £4.54 … curse the mentally handicapped masses who vote for the cheapest title with 2 hours of content like morons.

    • I completely agree. Ps+ this month is utter nonsense. Who are all the people that voted for Grow Home? What garbage!! And that game by Capy got deleted after 5 minutes.

      I voted for Armello and so bummed it didn’t win. At least it looks like a GAME and something somebody put some effort in.

      Sony, I am bitterly disappointed!!!!!

      They probably figured with MGS V releasing, they can just dish up garbage to is this month. MGS is not my type of thing, so thanks for nothing, Sony!!!

    • Super Time Force isn’t even listed on the PSVita store but is on PS4 and web store.

  • Where is Danganronpa Another Episode : Ultra Despair Girls!

  • Why didn’t the discount for Dishonored show up in the Swedish PSN-store? It was marked at 399 kr from the time it went live as a preorder and it sat there until it came out. It´s still 399.
    Or am I to believe the discount is 399 and the normal price is 799kr?
    Can someone shed some light on this? Do you even know about it, or are you just going to quietly sweep it under the rug and hope that we forget about it?

    • The discount for owners of the digital PS3 version is only for America as far as I have read. A shame as I probably would have bought it.

  • Where’s Danganronpa?


  • Yo Chris any idea when the Ground Zeroes codes will be activated? mine doesn’t work as of yet so come ooooon

  • O thank-you sony for my monthly games… Why not last of us, tomb raider or wolfenstein or thief on ps4?

  • The same problem that happened with God of War: Ascension on the Plus section of the store on PS4 has happened again with Twisted Metal. When you press ‘download’ (i.e. Purchase it so it’s in your purchase library NOT actually download it to your PS4 as some thought last month) the only available options are for Playstation Now rentals. It seems if a Plus game exists as a Now rental option then the store, at least on PS4, can’t allow it to be downloaded/purchased as a Plus game. As I said last month, it can still be purchased from the Web store so it’s not the end of the world, it would just be nice to do it all from the PS4 PSN store and not faff about going to the Web store.

    • I can answer this ….you can’t do PS3 games on the ps4 store because people are stupid and would buy the wrong game in the wrong system. Yes its a pain but its that or tons of people asking for refunds because the store listed PS3 games. Yes they could fix it but they won’t

    • Hi yasink, I’m not talking about having a PS3 store within the PS4 section (personally, I would like that). I am discussing the Plus section within the Playstation Store on PS4. It allows Plus members to purchase the free Plus games from all 3 platforms (PS4, PS3, and Vita) despite not being able to download PS3 and Vita content to the system. However, the problem, which occurred last month too with God of War: Ascension, is that due to Playstation Now, any free Plus game that is part of Now will only be available with the rental options instead of purchasable for free.

    • Yeah I know what you mean all PS3 games on igc show as ps now not free but as I said thats down to the ps4 store not being made to show them and yes they should fix it in the igc part but they are lazy and it would be too much work

  • Maybe someone reads this:
    The Oreshika-theme for 2 euros can finally be downloaded! The webstore tells me to buy it, though.

    • Your best bet is to try the download via the designs-section in the Vita-store or your download list (same here: look at the list on the Vita)

    • I’m really scared to do anything.

      I bought Freedom Wars themes. One of course didn’t work… now they removed one of them from the items I bought. (I wonder whether this post will be also removed)

    • Edit: and I mean the one that actualy was working…. -.-

  • Thanks for the plus titles for ps4 this month, personally I think it’s a good selection, everyone asking for AAA on ps4 need a reality check, for now you just have to put up with indies, in a year I reckon we will get AAA, and no doubt everyone will complain that they already own it lol, everyone asking for Knack on plus, don’t bother it was naff anyway.

  • hi im haveing problems with the mgs5 day 1 dlc i got new and dlc code been used but got new so i wonder something do store aslo i replyed about unchaerted remastered demo said out summer but summer finish i you wont reply since playstation blog not helpful anymore.

    • It some times says its used when the dlc that the code is for is not on the store system..i had the same thing with dying light dlc it took a few days to a week to eork….if it don’t work after 3 weeks contact the makers of the game to find out why

  • I cannot download Super Time Force Ultra on PS Vita. Doesn’t show on the PS Store on Vita. STFU indeed.

    • Go on the web browser, put super time force in your basket, checkout and then click download to Vita

      Then on your Vita go on your download list in the store and download it from there

    • Use the search box.

    • @X_Blood_Curse_X
      It worked, thanks a lot mate! I find it annoying that we need to revert to tricks like this to download a game from PS Plus.

      I did use the search box prior to asking for help. STFU doesn’t show on PS Store Vita and cannot be found via search. Thanks for nothing.

  • Wow, £55 for Rugby World Cup on PS4 but £30 on PS3, in what universe does making the characters look a tiny bit better warrant a £25 mark up?!?! I hope thats a typo, I wanted to get it. I’ll wait until next year to buy it on sale if that’s the game someone is trying to play!

    I understand a small mark up in price (£5-£10 being the norm), but DOUBLE the price?!?!

    • Rather wait for Rugby Challenge 3. All the rugby games by this Developer has been atrocious. Just go and read the reviews. And it has no multiplayer.

      Rather spend your Money on something that is worth it.

  • Sorry but when billing system will be fixed? Last time it become almost impossible to buy something in store using bank cards.

  • What annoys me is that metal gear solid started its life on the PSN store at around £47? Then went up multiple times.
    2 days ago it was at £57 and then on the day of release it bumps up one more time to £59.99.
    I’ve had the game since Thursday and I paid £35 for it.
    At some point that game will go on to the pre wonder market and I would have ended up paying just £15 for it.
    Had the game been £39.99 then I would have bought the digital in a snap and Konami wouldn’t have to worry about my retail copy undercutting their retail stock.
    I’m sure they have already thought of this though…..plain arrogance I guess.

  • Who is the genius that thought Super Time Force Ultra and Xeodrifter would be acceptable ps+ games?

    They would barely be acceptable sega megadrive titles. The worst two games i have played in a long while.

    • hi Pac-Man.

    • I completely agree. Ps+ this month is utter nonsense. Who are all the people that voted for Grow Home? What garbage!! And that game by Capy got deleted after 5 minutes.

      I voted for Armello and so bummed it didn’t win. At least it looks like a GAME and something somebody put some effort in.

      Sony, I am bitterly disappointed!!!!!

      They probably figured with MGS V releasing, they can just dish up garbage to is this month. MGS is not my type of thing, so thanks for nothing, Sony!!!

  • Where is Mad Max: ThirstCutter DLC in NL store? Its already in the germany and us store.

  • Can’t Sony enforce things like camera controls on third party games? No invert X makes games like grow home very difficult to play at all, i can’t even tell if there’s any game there worth playing.

  • The stealthy move from offering AAA games when PS+ first started to the garbage we’ve been getting since the PS4 came out is ridiculous. This isn’t for the gamers, it’s for the casual(ers). If I wanted retro I’d buy another Spectrum. I don’t need or want some bland half-effort at it when the originals are so much better. As for Grow Home….sigh….it’s just not a game.

  • I completely agree. Ps+ this month is utter nonsense. Who are all the people that voted for Grow Home? What garbage!! And that game by Capy got deleted after 5 minutes.

    I voted for Armello and so bummed it didn’t win. At least it looks like a GAME and something somebody put some effort in.

    Sony, I am bitterly disappointed!!!!!

    They probably figured with MGS V releasing, they can just dish up garbage to is this month. MGS is not my type of thing, so thanks for nothing, Sony!!!

    • Please, post that same thing a few more times – I’m sure it’ll make a huge difference. Here’s a thought: Instead of Grow Home, why don’t you try Grow Up instead? It’s free even without a subscription.

    • If you want to play Armello so badly, why don’t you buy it? There was never any guarantee it would win.

  • Obviously you struggle with reading comprehension. I don’t WANT Grow Home. Maybe I should post it a few more times. Maybe then you will get it?

    Fortunately ignoring your comment is also free. I like that much better.

  • Worst ps+ line up since release. Very disappointed. Happy gaming kids. Oh wait they’re back to school and were left with this garbage. Thanks

  • Felt so sorry for NIS America for not having Danganronpa listed WHEN the game is coming out this Friday both digital and physical as they confirmed on their Twitter feed.

  • Whinging about the PS+ lineup? Really?

    You pay for PS+ for cloud saves, automatic trophy syncing, automatic game patching and now with PS4, access to online gaming (which is far superior in quality and stability when compared to the free offerings on PS3 and Vita).

    The Instant Game Collection is just a little value-add, and for me it’s almost all games I have almost zero interest in or I’ve already bought in the past.

    At least Grow Home looks like an actual competent game rather than being another bland RPG or zombie game with a lot of “content”.

    Do you buy games to consume “content” or to have fun?

  • cant wait to see who won

  • testing out the free games like i do every month, you know, can’t judge something unless i actually play it…. and i’ve come to the conclusion that grow home is god awful

  • The PS plus discount is not working on the Lego Batman 3 season pass. I already have the game on disc. Can you please fix this before the discount ends on the 9/9/15

  • danganronpa another episode ultra despair girls is also out (39.99),
    but I don’t see it listed here, personally, I recommended, I don’t like danganronpa 1 & 2, but this is way different, plus, its presentation is that of a AAA game, beautiful cinematics, game graphics and voice overs (as a bonus, you can download the original Japanese voice overs for free if you want, but be warned, it take a lot of space in your memory)

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