Deus Ex: Mankind Divided release date announced, Collector’s Edition detailed

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided release date announced, Collector’s Edition detailed

All your pre-order info in one place

Hello PlayStation nation! Today, we’re very excited to announce that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will be launching on PlayStation 4 on 23rd February 2016.

The team has been working hard on the game, and even if its release is still a few months away, having a set date where we know you’ll get a chance to experience the game first hand is a huge motivation for all of us.

In the spirit of player choice, which is at the heart of Deus Ex, we’ve put together a special program called “Augment your pre-order”. It will let you choose the digital pre-order bonuses you want to get for your Day One edition of the game, selected from five different tiers which will unlock progressively. You can of course take part in this program by pre-ordering the game through PlayStation Store.

The available rewards within each tier include in-game items packs, digital books and music expanding on the world of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and an extra in-game mission. The very last tier is one of a kind, as its reward will be an early release of the game, four days prior to its scheduled launch! For more details on Augment your Pre-order, check out


If you want everything, we’ve also got your covered. The Collector’s Edition for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will include all the in-game content and rewards from Augment your Pre-order, as well as physical items, selected based on the thousands of votes you submitted to us during our community vote for this edition.

The aforementioned physical items include a 48-page artbook created in partnership with Titan Books, a 9″ Adam Jensen figurine, a limited edition steelbook and, of course, the Day One edition of the game – which will all come in an exclusive packaging.


We can’t wait for you to experience Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. In the meantime, keep an eye out for more information and reveals in the coming months!

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  • Charging more to get the game early seems a bit shady to me – if the game is ready then everyone should have the opportunity to play it. I hope people vote with their wallets and have the patience to wait until the game is released to non Tier 5 orders to buy it.

    • Whoops ignore me I read the post completely wrong. Bit of a strange system but it is unique so kudos to Square Enix for trying something new to encourage pre-orders.

    • New for Square maybe, but that system failed on Steam a while ago. I kinda like that system, nobody looses anything, pre-orders are mostly bad, and surely they try to lure people to buy the game before the release. But I think they have some nice rewards that are worth a pre-order. With Steam, it was a different kind of a story, having rewards for other games and such… nonsense.

  • 4 days early release? So with the great speed of the marvelous PS Store, you’ll be able to play it, maybe, on exactly the day of the official release. Or a day later.

  • Good question. Can you pre load the pre release pre order ?????

    This is a decent idea.
    I believe that if you pre order any game you should get access to it early. Your taking a gamble, your putting down your money before reviews hit. If that product if defective though (battlefield 4 style) you should be able to get your money back.

  • never preorder. its a scam so devs can put less effort into the last few months from finishing the game. the more money they make for preorders the worser the product in the end.

    • Nothing like that actually. Pre-orders are used to gauge interest and sales, and if anything allow the devs to work more freely to make the game live up to its potential without the added pressure from the publisher due to poor pre-order numbers.

    • yeah i’m going to be a bit cautious prior to release i’lll try not to let the hype get to me, lets see how the reviews will be and public opinion till i decide if it’s worth buying on release day, i’m a bit disappointed that there is no incentive for people who buy physical but i do like the statute and steel case for the game i still have the original deus ex HR limited edition with artbook and it was designed well.

  • What’s the price of the Collectors Edition?

  • so how does this tier stuff work? the more you pay the higher tier you get? and does the actual game have microtransactions i wonder? i’m confident the game will be good, i enjoyed human revolution and even completed directors cut aswell on pc but i’m a bit cautious with the microtransactions fiaso recently especially with komani taking the mick with metal gear solid V, i hope you guys won’t let me down.

  • I hate pre-order dlc. That stuff is ready, people pay a lot of money for a game, give everyone all the contant that is made for the game. And for frack sake have the respect for your customers to let them read the reviews of your amazing game before we fork out our cash. Why doing this, is it bad, are you insecure about the quality, it’s length? That is the exact message you send with these kind of business models. I wait for the complete edition later on due to this! (if it’s any good)

  • The pre-order button on doesn’t even work. That might be a sign that you’re overcomplicating this pre-order process.

    Maybe we should go back to the days when we didn’t need to look at a spreadsheet’s worth of information to figure out what version of a game to buy.

    • It’s very easy to work out which edition to buy (if any), the Game of the Year one – it contains all the DLC, all the bug fix patches, and it’s half the price. Available 2017.

  • On the square enix website, there’s an option to buy games and the collector’s edition is available there. It also offers a mini jensen:

    I only do pre-orders on games I have absolute faith in, and this is one of them. The 25 minute gameplay demo they presented is awesome, and they even warned when there would some mild spoilers. Everything’s great!

  • This has to be the most cynical pre-order scheme I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen some pretty shady things. Seriously, pre-order stretch goals for a retail release?

    Never mind that the whole pre-order culture is anti-consumer anyway, forcing people into a choice between waiting to see if the game is any good and getting less of a game, or pulling the trigger early for the pre-order ripped content and ending up with a potential turkey.

    Now your pre-order rewards depend on how many people order early, so it’s in your own interest to shill for and hype the game to do a company’s marketing for them? I honestly thought I’d seen the bottom of the barrel when it comes to this kind of stuff, but apparently it’s bottomless.

    Might I direct you to the good ladies and gentlemen over at CD Projekt RED for an education into how you handle pre-orders and extra content.

  • “Augment your preorder” is just the worst. It’s so incredibly anti consumer and manipulative. Please don’t buy into this, and set a precedent for the future.

    The last thing we need are more companies cutting content out of their games to sell us a product sight unseen. This kind of practice is the best way to secure sales of a mediocre game. I really hope it doesn’t catch on.

  • Absolutely no way I’m pre-ordering this or any more games ever. This ad campaign brings the pre-order crap to a new low. Release a good game and I’ll buy it. Try to entice me to buy a game before it’s ready and say goodbye to my money.

  • Yeah, I’ll wait for the GOTY edition with all of the content actually on the disc thanks.

    This idea is hot garbage.

  • Please noone fall in to this trap. hxxps://

  • What if the 4 day early date is actually the original release date? Since there’s no actual target, they can decide how many preorders they want until they decide it’s enough. Not releasing the targets says it all really, milk milk milk.

  • More Anti Consumer Pre Order stuff. I’m sure it will be a good game, and I really liked the last game but I’m so sick of this pre order or miss out culture I just wait a year for buying most major releases these days. I hope one day the industry will drop this model like CDPR did with the Witcher. Funny that, I paid full price for that game partly to support the way they went about pre ordering and DLC

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