Yakuza 5’s Western release to include all Japanese DLC

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Yakuza 5’s Western release to include all Japanese DLC

New details on the upcoming PS3 crime epic

Yakuza 5 will be coming out later this year on PS3, and we have some more information for those of you eager to jump into the seedy underbelly of Japan!

Let’s start with stuff you probably already know about: Yakuza 5 has five protagonists, and takes place across five major Japanese cities. Each character was engaged with the criminal organisation in the past, and are about to get pulled right back into the midst of it.

But like any good open world game, it’s the little things that matter. So outside the main story, you can occupy your time by relieving stress at the batting centre, or test your luck and skills at the UFO Catcher (Claw Machine) mini-game! Or if you’re more of a people person, Yakuza 5 also has options for poker, sea fishing and bowling!


Lesser known about the western release of Yakuza 5 is that it includes all the Japanese DLC, including “Another Drama” which is a series of extensive sub-plots that focus on each protagonist.

Whether you’re training for dance battles, ferrying people around as a taxi driver or even helping out as a temporary ramen cook, there’s a whole world to explore! Head into CLUB SEGA and play some Virtua Fighter 2 with your friends over PSN. Or if you prefer to play something more rhythmic, you can check out Taiko no Tatsujin and drum to the beat of some music.


Oh, and not to mention that the battle system and customisation system have been enhanced from Yakuza 4, so players can fight with the best of them!

We also have the final instalment of the interviews with Yakuza 5’s developers answering questions fans sent via the #Yakuza5PS Twitter hashtag! Learn more details about the music in Yakuza, the developers’ thoughts on the Western release and the overall themes of the game.

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5 Author Replies

  • What about disc release? I have all previous Yakuza games on disc and I would buy Yakuza 5 on disc in a heartbeat. What about some limited collector´s edition? I know Sega is terrible now at localization but hey even smaller titles get retail release. It should not be a problem for title like Yakuza.

  • How can I complete my collection with a Digital only release? =(
    not even Asia will release an English subbed game…

    • Also, How can you release a niche game in a digital only state?
      People that like this type of stuff are the hardcore fans, and the hardcore fans would give you all the money you want for a simple physical release, and yet… you release a digital only Yakuza 5.

      Even the fans won’t buy this at release and will wait for a price drop, I know it hurts the future of Yakuza outside of Japan, but, that’s like, releasing GTA5 in a Digital only release, you just can’t do it for certain games, they are too iconic! Can someone care for videogames out there?! We’re getting into a dark digital age for gaming, and Playstation Now will only be the tip of the iceberg.

    • “How can you release a niche game in a digital only state”

      I think you answered your own question there, mate. Digital distribution is a hell of a lot cheaper than making physical copies pressed and sent over when the market is either small or a big unknown. E.g. If something is only going to sell 10,000 copies then it doesn’t make sense paying for the costs to make the discs and the case and pay a publisher to deal with a physical release when all you need to distribute those copies is pass it through sony.

    • Tell me, how was it done back in the PS2 days for example?
      I still have my Kuon, my Echo Night, my Rule of Rose… I’m sure that, any of these games would get a digital release nowadays, BUT, it was impossible back in the days, meaning, they needed to do a physical release.

      Now, we only get digital because the profit margin of physical is too small… seriously…
      As I freaking said, some cult classics need to get a physical release, even Onechanbara got a physical release, and it deserves! why can’t Yakuza, a much bigger name, have a physical release?!

      It blows my mind that I have the full Onechanbara games in physical format since PS2 (PSP and PS3 are JP, but they’re not that intense reading), yet, with yakuza, I’ll be missing the 5th, and I’m already ignoring the psp game >_> because we need more SONIC Boom and such…

      God, I wish digital was never a thing… nowadays anyone can release any crap online, but back in the in the non-digital era, indie games need to be good enough to get a physical release, and games needed to be TESTED, because you couldn’t patch them later… look at what we have now… GB’s of day one patches, and fixes following the 1st month.

      I’ll buy Yakuza 5 when it gets below 15€, that is how much a digital game is worth, like a hand full of nothing.

  • I still don’t get why you can’t do a limited physical release of Yakuza 5. Would have paid the full 60 euro for a retail version, digital only i’ll wait till it go on a deep discount.
    I hope we’ll at least see a physical release of Persona 5 in the future or my dissapointment would reach new lows.

    • Please, consider buying day one, even if digital-only. Yakuza series needs a nice sales to get other titles here in the west. Buying on a discount is risking for no Yakuza 1&2 HD Edition, no Ishin, no Zero. I’m going to buy at full price D1. If they release a box edition later on, I’ll buy again, even two copies.

      I’m personally very happy to see all the DLC and mini-games included. If I recall correctly, the only Taiko no Tatsujin title released outside Japan was for PS2… and only in America so I’m glad to be able to play it in Y5. Good job!

      Again, SEGA/Sony, please consider releasing a limited box edition! Again, SEGA/Sony, please consider releasing other, even the old ones, titles in English like Yakuza 1&2 HD Edition or even Kenzan!. Or better, consider making a PS4 Yakuza Anthology with all 11 titles included. Global release, of course.

  • Still no release date? This is a very long pain :'(….

    And the Yakuza 5 Avatars? In USA are enjoy it from the last week and here, as usual, the last monkey :'(….

    I hope will see Yakuza Zero very soon :'(…..

  • Are you telling me i waited this long for digital nothingness! I dumb this release to the void/null and proceed to order it via snailmail from land of the rising sun. You p.t. me once, shame on you, you wont p.t. me twice!

  • I know long time ago SEGA has decided not to release a disc version for Yakuza 5, fortunately we finally see Yakuza 5 is coming in English.

    But c’mon, no disc version? What r u, CAPCOM?

  • Digital only? Yeah I’m going to add it to my collection.

    Mr. Hardin I will send you guys a photo of my Euro banknotes. If you want print it and you can add it to your wallet.

    It seems that non-existant money is the right currency for non-existant digital only game game.

    go home guys.

    Let NISA release the game properly with full retail.

    • ya why By ATLUS the company is so anti-europe as hell. why diden’t they give it to a company that cares NIS america!!

    • Your analogy is as silly as your argument. Do you realize that in this day and age you can live with “digital-only” money, without the need of ever seeing a physical banknote, right?

      Do you know what was non-existant? A Ryuu ga Gotoku 5 game translated into English. Now that is, against all odds, something that his happening, but you are not going to buy it because you don’t get a freaking plastic box with a printed cover on it? Give me a break.

    • Iorl-Canuck, really hit the nail on the head. Our money is pretty much digital and non-existent when held by the bank. Unless you can keep all your money in a shoe box under your bed, it is non-existent money. I have to admit I would love to have Yakuza 5 as a physical disc to sit beside my other Yakuza releases on shelf, but digital is a non-issue for me. In fact digital gives me more ownership than physical, say my house burnt down or someone broke in…I would have to buy all my physical discs again. But with the digital games, I just download them again. Same reason we’re happy to keep our money in the bank, because it’s secure and they can’t be stolen. It’s time to move on and accept we’re migrating to a digital world. Because eventually we will leave this world when we pass away and leave our physical possessions behind. It’s not technically yours forever, physical or digital.

    • ATLUS doesn’t have any involvement with Yakuza 5. It’s all SEGA/Sony. There’s a John Hardin at ATLUS too, so it’s an easy mix-up to make.

  • Sega your stupidity knows no bounds. why are you releasing on a dead patform in the west ? most people have upgraded to PS4 its not like Japan who stick with PS3. you need to release on the PS4 and also a physical disc release. just look how much hype and money Shenmue raised with just the PS4 version. you are missing an oportunity with PS4 as people are craving for a game like Shrnmue and Yakuza is basically Shenmue.

    • What the bloody hell are you talking about?
      You don’t upgrade, you buy a new console… you only upgrade if the console you’re buying can play last gen games.

      I still play PS2 games, and I still buy them, the same with PS3 / PSP, despite having a PS4 and VITA, since none of those consoles can play each other games physically.

      Now, when you buy a Wii U, you are upgrading from a Wii, and when you buy a Wii, you are upgrading from the gamecube, and when you buy a PS2, you are upgrading from PS1.

      When you buy the PS4, you are just buying a brand new console, not upgrading. You should have your PS3 hooked up, if you still want to play some cool games, there are still some great ones coming out.

    • He probably had to sell it in order to get the ps4. But yeah i kept my old consoles. As you should if you enjoy your old game collection. Or it’s a backwards compatibility whine in disguise.

    • Most people only have one console at a time though. Years from now there will be a lot more people who have a PS4 but never owned a PS3. Many Xbox 360 users moved to PS4 as well. Yakuza needs to be on PS4 to stay relevant. Not just one game but the complete series. Yakuza 2 did the same thing and released only on PS2 when people had already moved to PS3.

  • I will buy this day one no matter what, i would love a PS4 version though, even if it’s just upscaled.
    A disc version too would be fantastic on my shelf.

  • Why is the english dub, bias John Hardin doing this release post. ATLUS up for more destroying off japanese games with it’s westernization scheme’s.

    • Is it English dubbed? Where does it say that?

    • @ManikwithaNine

      no it’s not, but the blog page says it being done by By: John HardinPR Manager, ATLUS, and ATLUS has been shafting europe for years with it’s anime games and when ppl ask about japanese dub being included he feels we should stop whining even though publishers complain about localization cost, and japanese voices overal is cheaper it’s something they won’t admit.

      then after a while ATLUS did a survey demanding more money if japanese dub is included overal that isent a problem for me but i feel if Square.Bandai namco,nis america,marvelous japan. and other can do it why do they refuse to do so. and John Hardin of ATLUS is very english bias saying we disrespect the american voice actors if we don’t buy it well he disrespect the japanese one’s that do a better job then english voice dub can ever do.

    • There’s a John Hardin at ATLUS too. But this is all SEGA/Sony.

  • PS4 Version of a Yakuza please, moved on from PS3 a year ago

  • I just want the release date, I’ve had enough of waiting. Release date please Sony/Sega so I can make sure I got enough money in my wallet to buy this day one.

  • So what’ll be cut out from the english version?
    There were always some things, what is it this time?

    Either way, I don’t really care, I will buy it day1 whatever.

    • The only things cut from Yakuza 4 and Dead Souls were the Answer x Answer (a Japan-specific Trivial Pursuit I suppose) minigame and related quests, I think. I hope that they keep up this policy.

      Only Yakuza 3 lost a lot – hostess clubs, several minigames and some morally ambiguous side quests.

    • Not a thing, we’re including all the Japanese DLC in the release as well

    • @ John Hardin, thanks for the info, and props to the entire team that decided to not cut any stuff.

      Im Pre ordering the game as soon it hits the EU PS STore ;)

      Hope you guys can bring Yakuza Zero to the west too.

    • @John Hardin I hope that will arrive also Yakuza 1, 2 HD, 0 and Kenzan.
      If the problem is the money make a preorder like happened with Shenmue 3 and start conversion when the target is reached.
      Like happened for Shenmue 3 people will have the way to show how much they really care about Yakuza :D

  • Geez, all the physical or PS4 copy whiners. Be glad we get this game in English at all, with full content at that. Are you aware how close we have been to not getting anything? If you love the Yakuza franchise like you say you do, you should know there is only one chance for other Yakuza games to get to the West (retail or not), and it involves. you. buying . this. digital-only. game.

    • if you want DRM buy XBOX cause hat’s what Digital games are.

    • I am glad Yakuza 5 is being released in the west but not being on PS4 is limiting sales for this series. Games need to be where people are playing them, PS4 sales are going up and PS3 sales are declining as many people have already moved to PS4. Most people don’t want to own multiple consoles just to play one series.

  • @Sega

    No box, no buy. Simple as that.


    PS3 is alive and well in Europe. MGS5 preorders are strong.

  • It’s coming…eventually okay

    I would like to know exactly when and what will be included with Persona 5 (which so far has a physical version) how Europe gets treated will determine whether or not I will buy this game on release or wait until sale

  • Day 1 ! Would have prefered a retail release but I’ll take digital over nothing. Now hoping for other games in the Yakuza series to come over like 1&2 HD and Zero.

    • Yakuza 1&2 HD especially so that new fans can play the series from the beginning. At this point if 1&2 HD happens it should be on PS4 as well.

  • When can we preorder Yakuza 5? (We are always the latest ¬¬….)
    Will we have 15 % discount also?

    The Another Drama are DLC? For when? This always has been part of the game ¬¬……

  • I’m definitely getting this even if it’s digital only. I don’t need a disc to enjoy the game.

  • Wait..What?. A new title for PS3. Glad someone still cares.

  • I honestly think the PS3 is the worst console I’ve ever owned, so I’ll unfortunately be passing on this game. If it gets a PS4 re-release I’ll happily buy it.

  • All I ever see in the comments on either PS Blog is whining and complaining. You make the rest of us fans look bad.

    • Not everyone complains. Hopefully Sony and Sega know it’s only the minority of people that complain.

      I just want the game, I don’t care what console it’s on or if it’s retail or digital. A release date would be nice though, I cannot wait to play this game.

      I’m hoping Yakuza 5 sells well too, so hopefully Sega can bring the HD collection over because I never got to play them :(

  • Day 1 buy for me, cannot wait to get this!! I was really close to importing it but now the english version has been announced I’ll buy this to prove to sega there are fans outside of Japan.

    All the people complaining “no physical no buy” make me laugh, I went all digital from my psp, vita and now PS4 and never looked back. One complaining of not buying it because it non-existant so he would give them non-existant money…I wonder how many games they buy from Amazon, or buy things in shops with a credit card …because that is real physical LOL!! Digital is the future, there is no DRM except for always online games which is still there in the physical games, get out of the dark ages people!!

  • Tears of joy. I’m just grateful to Sony and Sega for finally doing the right thing. And glad that it has the DLC included.

    Still no more specifics than “later this year”? Why couldn’t this post announce it for tomorrow, or next week?

  • PS4 via PS Now? Hope so, dont want to have to plug in my ps again!

  • Well this is the game to make me give PS Now a try if it’s available as my PS3 is long gone but do love me some Yakuza.

  • Please make a physical release of this. I can’t DL 20+gb of this game. A lot of people have data caps.

  • Will Yakuza 5 be available on PlayStation Now? It’s great that it’s being released in the west but it’s been nearly three years since it was released in Japan and a lot of people have moved to PS4 in that time.

  • If a digital copy is the only way to have this game in europe I am glad that we have this oprtion.

    This is an amazing game, the only think that matter is that we can play it. Don’ t be obsessed about phisical copies of the game.

    In the future I hope that the digital copy will be put on the market only 1 year later maybe preordering it.
    I think that if 10000 copies are preordered Sega will be sure that is not going to lose money.

  • Hey, thanks for the great news

    Do you think SEGA could start proposing a Kickstarter programme for its many games that are not yet translated, so that it could show the Board how much support it would get for the western market and maybe encourage it to be more pro active to localise it in the west?

    Yakuza Ishin!

  • A physical copy would have been nice but considering that it was lucky to be picked up by Sony in the first place, I am happy to pre-order! Thank you Sony!

  • My most anticipated game of 2015, really looking forward to it :)

    I hope we get Yakuza 0 for the PS4 in the future too, and I would really like to see Yakuza 1&2 HD in the west too but maybe that’s not realistic :/

    • For the first time I will buy a game on day one or maybe preorder. I hope that this will show to Sega that we care about Yakuza and maybe they will decide to publish in europe Yakuza 1,2 and the other titles (and maybe Shenmue 1, 2 hd :D).
      And SEGA, if you aren’t sure about this make a kickstarter campaign for Shenmue 1,2 HD and Yakuza 1,2 HD and Kenzan!

  • I am pretty much the same, it would be great as well of there was some sort of backwards compatibility like microsoft or crossplay. The game will then have a better chance of doing well, making use of the ps4 install base where even people do not even own a ps3 or whether they moved from the xbox.

    Thinking about it this would probably less people complain about you ps+ offerings as people with only a ps4 will have more games.

  • The only issue I have is the constant lack of reliable information. I have no problem waiting, and I have hung on to my PS3 for the sole purpose of playing Yakuza 5 (and replaying Saboteur for the 11th time )

    But I feel we are entiled to some relevant information:
    1) WHEN can I download Yakuza 5? (I live in Scandinavia)
    2)….. That’s all really, I don’t care how much it costs or if it should be on a disc, I just want to play the game

  • The good news keeps on coming, I hadn’t even thought about the dlc :)

  • Yakuza é um jogo fantastico, é realmente uma pena que no ocidente ele não tenha a mesma “hipe” que tem no Japão, desde o PS2 tenho todas as versões traduzidas em midia fisica, do PS3 também; como o nosso amigo disse em um comentario anterior, vou comprar o Yakuza 5 em midia digital de qualquer maneira, mas uma “Collector’s Edition” (física) seria extremamente bem vinda. !!!

    Espero sinceramente que o 5 venda muito !!, Assim a SEGA passa a considerar um pouco mais a possibilidade de futuras traduções para os releases que foram lançados apenas em japonês. Irei fazer a minha parte novamente com prazer, lol.

    E, um bundle com todos Yakuza, até mesmo o do PSP para Playstation 4 (em inglês, pleasee) seria um sonho realizado, compraria 2 cópias com certeza, uma para guardar em um cofre, e outro para jogar até cansar, :D

  • If anyone wants a physical copy buy it in Japanese and learn the language or buy the digital version as well. Anyone know when you will be able to pre order it in Europe?

  • Maybe some folks can clue me in on this: Why are so many people so upset about the digital only release when the more likely alternative that SEGA was going to give us was no release at all? I’ve seen a lot of folks in the comments state how they’d pay full price for disc but wait for discount for digital. Why wouldn’t you just wait for discount on disc also? Or hell, wait for someone to sell the game back to like gamestop or a pawn shop and get it potentially even cheaper, faster?
    I can understand wanting a physical collection. I’m a collector also and it feels more… secure to have the physical disc. Like, if the disc gets messed up, that’s on me. But if Sony goes under or someone there says ‘welp, thats enough Yakuza’, they can just delete the game and then I’d be SOL if say my PS broke or something. At least with a disc, its on me to keep it in good playing condition.
    So yea, if someone could tell me why they are so disc or nothing at all, the general vibe I’m getting from a few folks here, that’d be great.

  • hello yakua american i am the biggest yakua fan to date i see yakua all version psp ps2 ps3 ps4 in one very nicely collection yakua is 13 games long ps. shenmue 3 2 1 in one very nicely collection oh yeshsega

  • There are a lot of really negative comments here, so I wanted to try to balance it out with some appreciation for bringing Yakuza 5 over. I got into the series with 4 a few years back and as time passed, it seemed more and more likely that Dead Souls would be the last localized title we’d get. I’m really glad Sony and SEGA are taking a chance on this one, and I wanted to say that there are a lot of us Yakuza fans who don’t comment on these blogs that are just happy to get the game at all, even if it’s digital. Us hardcore nerds do love our plastic boxes, but we understand this series isn’t a huge seller in the West and we’ll take what we can get. We love this series a lot and think it’s one of the best SEGA has, so again, thank you for letting us virtually rip our shirts off, catch on fire, and punch dudes on top of very tall buildings once more.

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