Until Dawn arrives exclusively on PS4 this week

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Until Dawn arrives exclusively on PS4 this week

Only your choices will determine who survives…

We’re proud to join you today to celebrate the launch of Until Dawn exclusively on PlayStation 4 this week! The game will be available across Europe tomorrow and in the UK & Ireland on Friday 28th August! Now is your chance to steer 8 friends through a horrifying night on the mountains as you try to survive…Until Dawn.

Take a look at the launch trailer above to get a sense of the horror that awaits you, as you alone determine the fate of these 8 friends. Every decision you take on your journey through the game – no matter how big or small – has the potential to have a life or death consequences.

So get ready, turn the lights off, turn the game on and see if you can survive the night with Until Dawn.

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  • I’m having trouble pre-loading Until Dawn, and am getting an error with code CE-37700-7 each time I select the “Download” tile on the game’s library page. There was a similar problem with Witcher 3 when it was released, but there was a workaround by downloading a free item from the store and trying again (though I did not learn this until a few hours before release and as such was unable to play the game at launch). That does not seem to be working in this case. I will be away for a couple of days so whatever happens in the mean time, it looks like I will not be able to play a pre-ordered game at launch for the second time this year, considering how long it takes anything to download from the store. It negates the whole point of the service.

    • I got a mail this morning to say the pre-order was cancelled due to a “payment failure,” even though there was no problem with Dishonored yesterday and I have plenty of funds in my bank account. I’ve preordered again, and have been charged successfully but typically the download list on the store website lists the Until Dawn items as “Waiting,” despite my console being left in rest mode. Sub-par.

  • Hi having the same problems with until dawn my self here in ireland rang up psn support and was told I can’t pre download the game until I have been charged for the game and that is the meaning of error code (ce-37770-7) have to wait and see if this is true . Have tried the suggested work around but unfortunately for me it has not worked it really is a pain and a joke of a pre order and pre download services

    • In Ireland here as well, same issue (never had this problem wit ha pre-download before across at least 10 pre-ordered pre-downloaded titles this year alone).and now that the funds have been taken out of my account I decided to try it again and still absolute nada. I restored licenses and fora short time there the download option disappeared altogether, it re-appeared once I power cycled the console. That trick of downl;oading a free game and thentrying again hasnt worked one for me either, and I’ve run out of fre games to “purchase” now XD Guess this is going to be a downloading at midnight job. Shame, I was hoping to play it at exactly midnight for ultimate spooks while I had a free apartment.

  • I have the same problem. The PC store download queue/download list says there’s a download error, retry produces the same error. I’ve tried the PS4 download button: An error has occurred (CE-37700-7). Until Dawn isn’t out here until the 28th but it seems it should be ready to pre-load right now.

    I can’t wait to play Until Dawn, it looks so good but with the psn download speeds even on fibre I pretty much expected to play it for the first time on the 29th.

    • Update. Sony took my credit, the same issues occur. To be fair to Sony digital, last time I pre-ordered a disc guaranteed to arrive it missed the Friday delivery and turned up Tuesday. I just won’t sleep Thursday night.

  • I am having the exact same issue, I dont know how to sort it!! Singstar fix isnt helping at all like other blogs are saying, this is so frustrating! If you have a fix, let me know

  • I’ve played it for couple hours today and… I don’t really understand how most choices influence who dies and who not. Ok, outside of one death so far, where I literally chose who lives and who dies, all other deaths so far make me question whether my choices mattered.

  • Can’t wait to play this on Friday. Time to eliminate some teenagers.

  • I am having the same issue i am currently downloading dishonered which comes oit same day so i dont understand why this aint working also mountdoom i rang up customer service aswell (im from ireland) and this man who didnt know anything told me i could start downloading it at 11:59 on thursday which makes no sense

  • Pasting my store update comment :p
    Really enjoying Until Dawn. Much better than expected, was a bit worried about the technical aspect since I don’t know the studio well from experience (Tumble was pretty awesome too), but like most exclusives it just has that ‘well above average’ amount of polish and looks absolutely stunning. Good to see them putting a new studio to work on AAA and then being positively surprised by them. Glad they decided to go with third person in this case, love those cinematic type of games and always congratulate on good new ones. Definitely putting Supermassive on my radar for future projects now.

  • I can’t download it,please help

  • Why no one answers?

  • I,paid th money but still can’t doanload the game,where are you sony

  • I have started a forum thread on the problem which we can’t pre-load instead brings up an error code. The majority of us has paid the money and still the problem is here. This is happening to everyone from the UK who has pre ordered digitally.

    What I see is the full digital game isn’t ready to install. On the download list and purchase history there is no file size and the full game doesn’t have an official picture next to it. Wish someone could tell us fully what’s going on

    The pre-load date was yesterday… We are all waiting for answers!

  • Guys I had the same error but I have managed to get it started.

    I have had this issue in the past with Batman and the Singstar fix worked so I tried it again.

    Not sure if the order will help bit this is what I did.

    1. Redownloaded Singstar from my library
    2. Loaded Singstar.
    3. In my companion app tried to download Until Dawn (this failed)
    4. Downloaded a demo track for Singstar (on the app, and still while Singstar in running)
    5. The demo track flashed on screen as downloading, when it completed I went back to the app and clicked retry on the failed Until Dawn download and it started.

    The Dlc took a few clicks to retry but it worked.

  • Mine started downloading this afternoon but I had to click download in the library. I will check back later to see if it has finished. It didn’t show the extra chapter though but that may be attached to the full file like the infamous and Last of Us pre-order extras were.

  • I must be getting old, I’m rooting for the serial killer. Die annoying teens!

  • Looks like the problem has been resolved. I came home, checked the PC store download queue. The status of Until Dawn had automatically changed from Download Error to Waiting. I just turned on my PS4 and it downloaded. 34gb not including the DLC pack.

  • To those that read this before they buy the game online!!!! Make the effort and go out and buy the disc!!! It’s an epic game, don’t get me wrong, one of the best I’ve ever played! But if you digitally download it, you’ll keep being interrupted through the game while it downloads the next bit. After apparently downloading the whole game, I’ve been brought to download menus SIX times while it loads the next chapter for you and don’t think it’s a quick think either.

    I’m absolutely loving this game so far but getting really hacked off with the constant interruptions.

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