Mega Man Legacy Collection lands on PS4 today

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Mega Man Legacy Collection lands on PS4 today

Capcom’s classic platforming series gets a welcome re-release

Mega Man is one of Capcom’s earliest and most beloved characters. I’ve even met gamers that have never played a Mega Man game before, but own Mega Man shirts or even have tattoos of him! We hope to make jumping into Mega Man the easiest it’s ever been with this collection of the series’ 8-bit origins: Mega Man 1-6 for only £11.99/€14.99.

Whether you’re new to the series or it’s just been a while, we’ve put together a little video history piece about what each of the games introduced, and what made them special. Check it out above.

Alongside the six games, which display in crisp HD sprites, we’re including a ton of content in Mega Man Legacy Collection that will let everyone really get to know the rest of what makes Mega Man so timeless:

  • Database: All six games include a Database that features a description of every enemy and which weapon they’re weak against. The best part is you can jump into a practice fight against any Robot Master with all weapons available to you before diving into the full game.
  • Museum: We compiled hundreds of production art pieces, concept work, unused enemy sketches, and other cool artifacts. Seeing all this art that was the source of the pixel art in the game feels like a treat because it’s a new way to see the games you and I played.
  • Music player: The music is one of the strongest components of what makes Mega Man so popular, and this player puts all 100+ tracks from Mega Man 1-6 in one spot for you to enjoy.
  • Challenges: A series of 50+ challenges that take some of the most difficult sections of the games and arranges them in a time trial format. It’s fully supported by leaderboards and video replays for the top times so you can learn from the best.


What sets Challenge Mode apart from just playing the full game as fast as you can is that you have access to all the weapons and items from the respective game for each section of a challenge. This creates situations where you can find the fastest way through a stage that’s not normally available. For example, you can find ways to use Item 2 (Jet Sled) to bypass areas on Air Man’s stage. I’m looking forward to seeing how creative you all get to get through areas quickly. It’s a whole new challenge when you have all the tools at your disposal.

Before I leave you there’s one question I want to answer that I often see. Why Mega Man 1-6? Good question. Allow me to introduce developer Digital Eclipse, a team that is deeply rooted in the preservation of video games as a valid media of our cultural heritage, on the same level as movies and TV. They’ve even worked with the Smithsonian to get video games in historic displays.

Digital Eclipse specialises in creating an authentic experience that is completely accurate to the original game by using their new engine that can do this without porting or emulating. All the original glitches, cheats, flicker is there naturally because of the quality of this reproduction effort. This tech is currently developed for games developed on the original console Mega Man 1-6 were developed for, hence the games in this collection.

If there are any Capcom 8-bit games you’d like to see get the same treatment, I’m all ears! Now it’s time for me to sign off. You can go download and enjoy Mega Man Legacy Collection on PS4 today!


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  • Would be great if this was on Vita.

  • Ah, ROCKMAN! I remember spending many, many holidays playing the Cutman stage… #goodtimes

  • I would be fine with buying the original games to play them on PSV.

    But of course someone didn’t bother to let people buy them in EU.

  • Shame we gotta wait for the physical release, replaying theese games gonna be good fun.
    Would like to see some of the 8 bit Disney games by capcom. Especially Chip n Dale, ducktales (know about the remake of the first game) and darkwing duck.

  • would be great on Vita, but I believe remote play works great for this

  • To be frank, this game would benefit from a “remix challenge” mode where you play the games with enhancements like the NES remix games.
    Just a mere 8-bit collection with challenges involving seen-it-all sections is a lame mode.
    Nothings makes me want to buy this game, and I LOVE classic megaman.

  • I ‘d rather have these Mega Man games on my PS Vita, it would be awesome. Can we expect Capcom to port the collection to our favorite handheld?

    Another thing, while I support the preservation of the past, it would be nice to have the games remastered to some degree, and have the option to play either the old or the new version. I don’t like glitches, graphics flickering, and so on. Thanks for bringing these games to PS4, anyway.

    • I don’t think they care either
      1 gold, 3 silver and 9 bronze trophies and no platinum.
      Well there’s another game I won’t buy on the Sony platform.

  • the european version has the games at the correct 60hz speed?

  • Man…If only this was on Vita…

  • “which display in crisp HD sprites”

    Oh, great, marketing buzzwords. This game is far from being HD. It’s the original NES resolution (256×224) upscaled to 1080p. As the game didn’t use polygons, and no filter is used, it’s not sharper and looks exactly the same. Props to the developer for maintaining the original’s 4:3 aspect ratio, though, as that’s something that NES emulators don’t even bother with (the NES didn’t have square pixels).

    This collection isn’t anything special though, and it irks me that some think it is, saying that these games haven’t been available for a long time. I guess they forgot about the Virtual Console re-releases on the Wii, the 3DS and the Wii U. On the PlayStation side of things, the first four games are available as PSOne Classics.

    • Technically it IS sharper since it’s running on a HDTV screen and an ancient blurry CRT so in comparison to running it on the original NES it looks sorta HD. I’m fine with it anyways. I hate when they try to replace all the graphics with shoddy ‘HD’ ones that just don’t look or feel right (Stupid Street Fighter II Turbo HD Ruined). It’s nice having all 6 original NES Mega Man games on PS4 for streaming and stuff. And certain levels like Airman on Mega Man 2 don’t have the dreaded sprite flicker that made that level so stupidly glitchy on the real NES. I’m happy with my purchase. :)

  • I would buy it immediately on PS Vita, whatever the price is. I played and loved MM 2 and 3, and I’d really like to play the others as well. But I don’t want to see them on a big screen. They were made for smaller TVs we had then. So on the Vita’s screen, that would be just perfect.

  • Wow, another pixel-art 2d platformer, such hype, much pixels.
    Joking aside, it’s a nice move (but since I’ve already some on them on NES and Wii U, gonna not buying it.. maybe on 3DS with its cartbridge :d).

    Now I’m really waiting for a Megaman X Collection ;)

  • Love it but the trophies are stingey… The games are so hard that I would expect a Gold trophy for completing each one, not a bronze… And no platinum either. Come on. It costs £11.99 which is a fair bit for old games even as playable as these. Reward the thousands of Mega Man lives lost from the hard difficulty of this collection.

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