Dishonored Definitive Edition arrives on PS4 this week

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Everything you need to know about Bethesda’s re-tooled stealth FPS

Dishonored originally released on PS3 in 2012, offering a rich new world full of interesting characters that let players pretty much play however they wanted. Example: Placing a Spring Razor trap on a rat, possessing it, and then running it into a gaggle of guards. Flawless victory (unless you’re going for a Low Chaos, non-lethal play-through).

Starting this Friday, players can form and attempt new strategies and playstyles (or re-enact some old favourites) on PS4 with Dishonored: Definitive Edition.

We asked Harvey Smith and Raf Colantonio — Dishonored’s co-creative directors — for some insight on their own personal highlights from the game, and why they’re excited to see it on PS4.

No spoilers, but what’s one of your favourite things about Dishonored?

Harvey: For me, it’s probably combining Blink with stealth. Near the end of the project, we gave Blink to all players as part of the basic movement package. We found it surprising how much it transformed the experience. Players were suddenly able to move around the guard patrols, horizontally and vertically. Ghosting the game became a lot more fun. In a way, it enables “fast stealth,” which was one of original goals, after Raf and I spent some time brainstorming with Doug Church, one of our heroes.

Raf: I love doing play-throughs using only one power, like Possession. That kind of self-imposed constraint makes the game more interesting. I love inhabiting fish and rats to sneak around.

Why are you excited to see Dishonored on PS4?

Harvey: It would have been sad to see the game fade because of the console cycle change. We love Dishonored and want people to keep playing it into the new generation.

Does Dishonored Definitive Edition take advantage of any of PS4’s unique features?


Harvey: We’ve utilised some PS4 features. Most notably, you’ll hear game sounds through the controller’s speaker such as the Power whispers, the sibylline voice of the Heart, and the use of the Spyglass.

Raf: We’ve also enabled PS Vita Remote Play, as well as use of DualShock 4’s Touch Pad for use of the “Heart” for Corvo and “Void Gaze” for Daud.

Dishonored is all about choices the player can make. Any Arkane insider pro tips to offer?

Raf: Let’s see, this is a good one: You can jump off a high building and Possess a guard or other character on the street below, as you’re falling, and you won’t take any falling damage.

Harvey: Yeah, that’s an advanced technique. Mostly, I advise people to play through multiple times, because later play-throughs – especially if you’re trying to be stealthy or nonlethal – are richer somehow, in my opinion. What else… Some people don’t realize you can steal items off the belts of characters walking around. Also, don’t forget to block in combat.

Dishonored Definitive Edition includes the original game, along with all its additional content -Dunwall City Trials, The Knife of Dunwall, The Brigmore Witches and Void Walker’s Arsenal. It launches this Friday on PlayStation 4.


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  • It’s just so sad that they have not taken advantage of the PS4 in more ways. They have just bumped the resolution to 1080p. Added sounds to the speaker on the controller and included all the DLC.

    The texture resolution is low. There is no new effects or anything added. And it’s still stuck at 30fps when it should have no problem at all running in 60fps on PS4 as the game is today.

    It’s still a great game! So buy it if you have not played it. But it’s sad to see they have not done anything to make this a true Definitive Edition on Playstation 4.

  • Anything about resolution, framerate ? Otherwise, I’ll stick with the PS3 version.

    • all they did was increase the resolution to 1080p and added all the DLC. thats it. its a really awful port tbh. considering how linear it is its a crime its not 60fps.

  • I was interested in this, especially that I haven’t touched the PS Plus version for PS3, but would have the discount on PS4 thanks to it. The first comparison videos though, yeah… upped resolution and more contrast does not make for a well done remaster.

  • avoid this…..really bad port.

    • Presumably no worse than the PS3 version though, so still worth playing for someone who’s not played it at all?

    • @The_Ewan

      “Worth playing for someone who’s not played it at all.”

      I’m dead tired of reading this crap. IF you haven’t played it on PS3, you have no excuse. Unless you weren’t born three years ago.

    • @Ryusennin

      I wasn’t born three years ago – does that mean I have an excuse? Seriously though, I tried it on PS3 and got tired after ½ hour. It is like a whole game based on the terrible stealth mecanics of TES: Oblivion – complete with terrible animation and voice acting. Good thing it was free on PSN Plus so I didn’t waste any money on it.

  • How do you get the platinum trophy in this Definitive Edition since then DLCs are included? Do you need to beat the DLCs too, or is the main game trophies enough?

    • Not sure, but if you do need to do the DLCs for it I wouldn’t bother trying. There are two in the Dunwall City Trials DLC that are so difficult, and based on pure luck, that they’re effectively broken – and it looks like they haven’t changed them for this… They’re the Daredevil and By My Hand Alone trophies.

    • Oh man I remember the trophies for this game. One of my worst trophy conclusions. Played through the game at my usually super slow pacing, completely stealthy and without kills, hiding bodies to make sure they never get discovered (think lots of reloads..) and at the end I somehow didn’t get them, probably for killing or fighting with the two or so guys in the intro. SOOO LAME -_-. Some devs really need to learn ‘trophy development’ :p Far cry 3 and 4 did that very well for me, pretty much got the platinum trophies doing everything I would have either way by exploring everything..

  • I bought this on release day, on disc….So even though i got the trophies to prove it. I wont get the discount? Digitals only huh….. *golf clap * way to go Sony.

  • Mmh…I’ll just play the PS3 version

  • The pre-order item was removed from the main storefront but I can still buy it if I search it. Will it still be valid if I do? Or do I have to wait for the “proper” release tomorrow?

  • I remember some comment about backwards compatibility saying something along the lines of “We’re not looking to bring old games to the new console, we want to bring new and fresh stuff.” Yet everywhere I look I see “remastered this”, “definitive that” and “retro whatnot”, in short old and old looking games. Even a Prototype 2?! Really?

  • Wow, just wow. The discount never showed up in the Swedish psn store even though I raised the issue twice to the sony blog. Now the game is out and its still stuck at 399kr when it should be 199kr. Where is the promised discount Bethesda? I do own the digital ps3 version of the game and the store even acknowledges it.

  • I do not know who I should complaint to but i went to pack my psn with credit with the single intention of buying DIshonored for 20 eur – like many of you i have the digital ps plus ps3 version – but the price is at 40 eur.
    I feel embarassed and really disappointed, I feel the need to formally complaint to someone.
    I completely feel I was tricked and manipulated

  • But how is it na upgrade? I mean, I have the ps3 version bought, it shows on my file and the price for the PS4 version does not recognize it. I only purchased the funds to buy the damn game and now I’m stuck with them and refuse to pay more than the 20 euros!
    Somebody please explain this because i find it outrageous

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