Xeodrifter launches soon on PS4, PS Vita

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Xeodrifter launches soon on PS4, PS Vita

Find out about Gambitious and Renegade Kid's action- exploration game

For Xeodrifter, the long road to release on PS4 and PS Vita is finally upon us here at Gambitious, and we’re super stoked to be sharing our experiences of getting Renegade Kid’s great action-exploration game to gamers on PlayStation devices. As a cross buy title and with demos available on PSN, we’re hoping as many people as possible will play Renegade Kid’s stellar 2D platformer and become as big a fan of their work as we are!

The journey officially began right before PAX East 2015, as Renegade Kid was looking for a publishing partner to help put Xeodrifter on PlayStation devices. As a start-up ourselves, and based locally in Austin, TX, right beside Renegade Kid, a collaboration between Gambitous and the Mutant Mudds developer made perfect sense.

We officially announced a collaboration at PAX East 2015, bringing Renegade Kid to (a very snowy) Boston to interact with fans and share the news that Xeodrifter was finally coming to PS4 and PS Vita!

The thing that drew us to Xeodrifter (besides Renegade Kid’s stellar pedigree) is how easy it is to pick up and enjoy. The game is quite clearly an homage to the 2D action-adventure games we all grew up loving as kids. From its retro-inspired 8-bit aesthetic, to the (critically acclaimed) chiptunes soundtrack, the game is a love letter to the 2D platformers of ole.

For us, this sense of playability was validated at PAX, as people could easily show up to the booth, put on the headphones and enjoy the game. This is actually a really informative process at conventions, too, as you can tell very quickly what features or designs are working for players and which ones aren’t.

With the glory of PAX East over, development of Xeodrifter began in earnest as we returned back from the snow entrenched state of Massachusetts. This is where the programming wizard, Matthew Gambrell of Renegade Kid came in and pretty much stole the show in terms of his programming wizardry.

To exemplify the coding prowess of Matthew’s warlock-like powers, gather round granddaddy Gambitious and let us tell you a story of how QA works in this industry. Usually, QA is a long, arduous process that can result in a lot of back and forth between the QA team testing the game and the developers creating it. “Finding bugs, fixing them, finding bugs, fixing them, etc.,” is usually the tedious routine that is involved with this process. As some might say in the industry, it is a necessary evil, but an evil we all embrace.


However, for Matt, this was not the process. No, no, no, for Matt, QA is when this guy just kicks back his feet and watches everyone nod in awe of how smoothly everything is going. We here at Gambitious must give Matt the most gracious of bows as the kid managed to get the game through QA without a single-hitch, allowing us to easily transition into submitting the game to PlayStation in preparation for Xeodrifter’s inclusion on PlayStation store.

This is a great place to mention how great of a partner PlayStation has been through this entire process, too. Reaching out to us about their Summer retail promotional tour, we were invited to include Xeodrifter in PS4 units across the country for gamers to try the game for themselves at select retailers. For an indie publisher such as ourselves, this is a huge deal and is such a great gesture from PlayStation to allow us into their retail promo program.

We here at Gambitious are incredibly grateful to Renegade Kid for entrusting us to help deliver this game to PlayStation fans across the world so they can experience this fantastic 2D platformer for themselves. At long last, Xeodrifter will be making its debut on PlayStation devices on September 1st! We hope you enjoy it!


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  • Soon like Mutant Mudds Deluxe, which Renegade Kid still haven’t brought to European PlayStation owners?

    • Mutant Mudds Deluxe is never coming as it failed QA three times and Jools Watsam declined to resumit despite lots of people asking him on twitter and his rude attitude towards euro gamers speaks volumes.

  • I would love to play this on my Vita… wait… it’s actually on the Vita!? Really!!!?? Hurray! :D
    Fun time ahead.

  • Coming out on 1st september…that’s when the new plus titles are due..Guess this could be one of them.
    Well is it??

    • A 2D platform game with retro graphics!

      When people complain about indie rubbish on ps+ this is exactly the type of game they mean, the sort of game nobody got a ps4 to play but gets added to ps+ anyway.

    • The chances of that are zero :P

    • Could you clarify why the chances are zero? Xeodrifter possibly being a launch PS+ title was my guess too. Because several titles that had a release date on PS+ day turned out to get a PS+ launch.

    • because one of the Vote to Play titles is going in September’s IGC. That rules out any more brand new titles for IGC

    • Getting new games for the Plus IGC lineups doesn’t mean we get newer games every single month. This month there are no new titles.

      It is very unlikely that the game will launch simultaneously for both regions in September’s IGC lineup since the game may not hit European shores on time. You see, Renegade Kid is a very tiny studio and has to go through the entire process to get the game pass QA for Europe while NA is one big country. As for Europe they are split into multiple countries.

      This could be the reason why there are one-minute delays. QA and rating holdups.

  • So soon as in next year?

    • We are talking about an indiegame advertised on a Soony-blog (sorry for the bad pun), so you can expect something like that. But like shubham_983 said: It might be a PS+-title, so there’s a possibility it will really be released on 1st September.

      And again, sorry for the bad pun.

  • I can see me enjoying this on both my PS4 and Vita. Thank you.

  • Do indie developers not understand that retro and pixel has been done to death? Think outside the box FGS. It’s getting predictable. A £300 console for retro schmups/side scrollers? No thanks.

    • With you on this I getting pretty sick of checking out this blog nearly every other story is an indie game.

    • Agreed. Though this one looks interesting, way too many indie games here that are just bad. There are so many good indie games that would suit the power of the PS4 just fine. Sony needs to put some effort into getting them over the PS4, instead of this outdated, seen it all before, all look alike pixel stuff.

    • You guys have no clue what your talking about.
      Your actually complaining about more games.
      If an indie developer wants to make a pixel art game they can, because they’re indies and that’s what indies do. pixel art is like denim. It never gets old.
      They’re often a handful of people but sometimes a single person working hard to get on the gaming ladder. This is where the industry began. Built on pixel upon pixel.
      If you want to see more AAA games then I’m sorry but the money making shareholders saw the rapid rise of the gaming industry and wanted in. now we live in a world where publishers bet all of their chips on annual products they expect people to be playing for a decade.
      So if you want to complain, just complain to the right people. (That’s the publishers)

    • Harrisown what? This is the thing I just don’t care about joe blogs the indie maker, boring. Finally the good games are coming (AAA) hopefully we will then see some decent games on ps plus.

    • Harris, it seems you are the one who does not know what they are talking about. “Complaining about more games”? Since when does more games on the market always mean a good thing? Look at the DS – tons of games but half or less worth playing. It’s full of crap shovel ware.

      No, pixel art isn’t what indies do. There are plenty of indie developers who do not do pixel art and deviate from such. Indie does not = pixel art only. Pixel art is retro. Not indie. Very few pixel art modern games are worth playing. There are small groups of people to lone developers produce 3D games just fine. Pixel art is generally the lazier way as there’s tonnes of ready-built game makers involving pixel based sprites. RPG maker is a good example.

      Also, nobody said anything about AAA games initially. You’re the one who brought it up and thus are straw manning. Poor debating skills right there.

      We are complaining to the right people – the makers. They’re the ones who think pixelated retro games is all they should strive for. If people don’t tell games creators what’s what they’ll continue shoving out crap and we’ll continue getting said crap via PS+.

    • I didn’t say indies only pixel art I was saying indies do what they want. That’s what indies do. They are independent.
      You think that you can complain enough to make an Independent developer make something you want to see.
      It’s an arrogant view.
      ….but you said pixel art was lazy so you obviously have no idea about anything to do with game development.
      You should at least familiarise yourself with the process and then give an informed opinion.
      You just want to see these games on ps plus rather than buy them too. I’m just sat here shaking my head now. I give up lol

  • Hey dont complain guys otherwise the blog police will start calling us “entitled” again. Seriously though, I’ve passed over better games than this in $1 humble bundles.

  • Well, I for one utterly adore a) indie games, b) pixel art, and c) 2D platformers! And Xeodrifter has all three bases covered.

    While I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of Renegade Kid, I really enjoyed Xeodrifter on 3DS, and if it’s priced right, I might just grab it for my Vita too :-)

  • Good pixel art is rare.
    What a lot of people seem to call a retro 8 bit aesthetic is often cheap and lazy. You barely have to employ an artist.
    Whilst this is not true of all games, or necessarily of this one (I haven’t looked at it much) it is increasingly true. The same is true of some, but not all, of the vector styled offerings.
    Combine this with a lack of narrative, for games that would otherwise have one, or simplistic gameplay and difficulty spikes to hide bad design behind the emperors new clothes idea of retro, and things get really lazy. And cheap, not in the indie devs have no money to spend way, but in the lack of quality pushed out with these things as excuses.

    An expensive piece of hardware running things that would have been discarded as not being much good twenty years ago or more isnt a good situation.

    Its nice to see artisan works as games. Its useless if that becomes a focus.

    I fear the games as art debate has been won, but now we are stuck with them being politicised, and in these cases, at the modern art stage. Anyone can do it with a bit of time and money, talent and aesthetics are secondary, and something which once took a group of people, inspiration and time honing their craft, with use of the best quality of material they could use, is now reduced and hidden behind buzz words.

    Some pixel art, is amazing, especially when it is used as a choice that suits a game. Some is lazy and horrible.

    Great films are commonly no longer shot in black and white with caption cards for dialogue (and when they are, its an effect, an experiment and rare as anything) so why do games use badly emulating their past as a gimmick?

    Now i just state again, these negative views do not apply to all cases we see today, but in far too many of them, it deems to be the case.

    And no….gameplay is not a defense in many cases.

    I have not looked at this particular game much, and hope it is of the rare quality sort of game, but felt a need to reply having read the discussions around pixel art for so long, including here.

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