The future of DRIVECLUB

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The future of DRIVECLUB

Now is the perfect time to join PlayStation 4’s biggest racing community

DRIVECLUB is gearing up for another big year and we want you to help us shape it!

It’s amazing to see the global network of connected racers and clubs in DRIVECLUB keep growing, and we’re looking forward to the year ahead. The community, the game and the servers are all really strong and there’s plenty of new features and updates coming to the game, so there’s never been a better time to join us – and to bring your PS+ friends in with you with the DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition!

We’re adding more to the game every month to keep it fresh for you – whether you have DRIVECLUB or the DRIVECLUB PS+ Edition – and we’ve got loads planned to keep the game growing around you with new features, modes, tracks, cars and some big surprises on the way.

The free car coming to DRIVECLUB in August is the Ferrari 488 GTB! Follow @DRIVECLUB on twitter to see more this week.

Your input always plays a huge part in powering our monthly updates too, just like you have done from the very start, and we’re already working on your most popular requests. Fully customisable multiplayer lobbies, new difficulty options, more tracks, community events, extra photomode options, fine-tuning for drift mode, smarter notifications and many more developments are all incoming. Plus we always want to know what else you want to see, so keep sharing your feedback with us! You can reach us here on this blog, on the PlayStation forums, @DRIVECLUB on twitter and on the DRIVECLUB facebook page.

We’re always really excited about by the reaction we see from all of the updates and the expansions we bring to DRIVECLUB and we especially loved your feedback on the 5 new cars we recently added in the Horsepower Expansion Pack!

To thank everyone for playing the game and for staying with us, we are running Double XP for everybody on all of the 15 cars available in DRIVECLUB PS+ Edition. It starts today and runs through to Monday 24th August! That’s Double XP wherever and whenever you play with the 15 cars featured in this amazing #PS4share photo album.

We love all of the #PS4share pics we see like these. Thanks to you – the fans – for capturing these amazing shots and many more. You continue to blow our minds with the quality of the pics you snap in photomode every day so we’ve set up a showcase for our favourite pics on – please keep sharing them with us using the #DRIVECLUB hashtag!

Thanks again for being so supportive! We can’t wait to show you more of what’s coming to DRIVECLUB each month & to hear what you want out of the game! ;)

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  • Great game. Great season pass. Would totaly go for a second Season pass.
    BTW, we also want a new Motor Storm, plz make it real.

    • Thanks! Did you downlaod the free MotorStorm Buggy add-on for DRIVECLUB? It’s a blast! :)

    • It’s cool, but it’s not the same as actually playing Motorstorm. It’s a shame Arctic Edge never made it to PS3.

      Apocalypse was just too boring and generic. Off-roading in exotic and relentless locations is what made it fun. City racers and falling buildings isn’t that great and it felt too scripted.

    • The main problem with Apocalypse, as I see it, is that the tracks were a bit dull – seemingly in order to make most tracks playable both ways. Pacific Rifts tracks were so much better – but had steep vertical climbs and jumps that would make a reverse track unlikely.

      I’d love to see another Motorstorm similar to Pacific Rift, but failing that, a HD version of Rift will also be a day 1 purchase.

    • Boo @MaxDieHard Apocalypse is the greatest race game, ever! How is driving on top of collapsing skyscrapers, amidst an apocalypse and burning cities, more boring than a generic off-road mountain or jungle? Oo To each his each own, I guess.. Apocalypse was my favorite in the series BY FAR and even pushed down Burnout 2 on my favorite racers’ list.

    • Yup, another vote for Motorstorm here, that is my type of racer, I’d even settle for a Motorstorm mode in Driveclub if nothing else.

    • @Lunastra78 MotorStorm is already HD.

      That only applies to PS2 games that are remastered.

    • @MaxDieHard

      Yeah I noticed that error right after I wrote that, but as you probably know there is no edit button :-/

    • please don’t praise season passes. “second season pass” also makes me feel sick.. please.

  • Cracking game now that the launch woes are over, and possibly the best value season pass there’s ever been. Bring on Season 2

  • This reads as new cars and tracks for PS PLUS Edition, is that correct?

    • Update your game and try out the new Sprint mode tracks for India that arrived yesterday – and yes, there’s more to come!

  • The biggest turn around in gaming history it’s grown strength to strength the developers have listened and learned from the community and continue to grow this master peace of a game – seriously if you gave up when it had teething issues download the PS+ edition now!

    • Thanks, we absolutely love how much input we get from all of our players! Keep sharing your feedback with us and we will keep growing the game around you. :D

  • DRIVECLUB is a fantastic racing game and is frustratingly addictive. The new Sprint Mode, which seemed like a gimmick and an anti-climax after the hype of the surprise if I am honest, is even more addictive. The Season Pass was full of brilliant content and I would happily buy a Season Pass 2.

    Whatever the long-term future is for DRIVECLUB I will be there all the way. Hopefully SCE give the green light to DRIVECLUB 2. Evolution Studios has done a wonderful job in rescuing the game after the problem plagued launch and have created one of the finest racing games I have ever had the pleasure of playing.

    Keep up the great work Evolution!!!

    • Thank you Paul, it’s great to hear that you’re having a lot of fun with the new Sprint mode! It’s definitely got the “just one more go” factor and it’s perfect for Challenges.

      There are a lot of Sprint Challenges up in the featured ‘Evolution Challenges’ right now too, many with 2x Fame, so jump in and see how far you can push yourself with each one! ;)

  • this game looks stunning at times and looks so much better than the new NFS game this year imo.

  • It’s been amazing to see how much the game has improved and evolved since release, and the promise of more updates will keep me playing this long into the future.

    Looking forward to what’s coming next!

    • We’re looking forward to showing you more! ;)

    • Cheers.

      Evolution are a fine example to modern developers and DRIVECLUB is a true gem in PS4’s crown. SCEE could really sit up and take some inspiration from you guys.

  • It’s great to see Driveclub improving. The game is much better than it was at launch, and I commend you for keeping on improving the game.

    On that note, it may be worth it for you to consider releasing a new retail version of Driveclub, containing all or most of the new content produced after launch. This could have the advantage of having the game be re-reviewed if the name of the new version is different enough (something like “Driveclub Season 1 Edition”, I dunno, I don’t work in marketing :P ), and bringing in the players that don’t buy DLC.

    Just something for you to consider :)

  • Awesome game, awesome season pass. Definitely my favourite racer on next-gen,not even close.

    I’d be so happy with another year long season pass or even a sequel. Thanks for your hard work guys, it’s been a blast!

  • To me Driveclub was a disappointment. I expected something more realistic and more towards a simulation than an arcade. Also, the size of the updates is ridiculous. 10 and 5gb? Way too much.

    • The total size of all 21 Game Updates combined is 11GB. Each update tends to be around 0.5GB.

      A lot of sim fans get on with DRIVECLUB really well, it can just take a little time to adjust to the new braking points and grip if you come from a simulation racing background. Have you tried playing with a wheel?

    • If you want memory sizes to be smaller, you’d be looking at vastly reduced quality.

      This is next-gen, sizes are only going to get bigger.

    • Yes I’ve only played it with a wheel. Although the force feedback is acceptable, the physics aren’t quite the way I’d like them to be.

  • If I buy the Season Pass now will there be more content for it or will I need to buy a second season pass?

    • Season Pass includes all of the premium packs launched between October 14 and July 15. If you get it you will get every pack added in that time, which sums up to 38 cars, 176 campaign events, 80 Trophies and 80 liveries at no extra cost.

  • Kudos to you guys for continuing to add so much to the game since it’s rather shaky launch, you’ve really set a great example of how to enhance a game rather than just try and sell DLC for it after launch.

    • Thanks! Unexpected launch issues aside, I’ve always wanted to see the games I like get bigger and better over time. :)

  • The only thing missing for me from the game is a simple paint switcher for the cars – you know, just a swatch selection without needing to edit the liveries … to actually have no liveries :D

    • You can! Many others wanted the same option so we added this earlier this year. :D

      Here’s how: When you’re choosing your car, go to Factory Paint and press Square to swatch through the manufacturer colours. :)

  • “featured in this amazing #PS4share photo album” … think you missed a link?

  • So pleased to hear this, let’s face it we don’t want another launch like Driveclub had but where’s most developers would have just made the DLC and called it a day you guys listened to feedback and delivered content that what was once a really good racer for PS4 into a downright essential purchase. Just FYI this comes from someone who doesn’t own the season pass (but intends too)

  • I’m going to have to give Driveclub a 2nd chance. We didn’t agree on my first try.

  • Please patch in support for the Driving for GT. And don’t give me that ‘security chip’ rubbish.

  • you guys said there would be a big surprise coming this month…. still happening or?
    please give us a few dirt tracks, usa tracks with say a tornado in the distance while driving through Kansas farm land? lol sweet!

  • i’m not a supporter of payed DLC and even less of season pass, but i got the game “cheap” and i could support you guys a bit more. So what i’m asking is the inclusion of your season pass on a weekly sale for me to take the plunge. 50% off and you have my money.

  • After a shaky start it’s been a great year full of great racing. I’ve loved coming back every month to check out the new content and it would be awesome if there was a “Season 2” pass with more cars, tracks and events over the next year.
    Looking forward to trying out the new Ferrari next week and making my way to level 66 to unlock the Renault racer.
    This has been one of my favourite games on PS4 and I can’t wait to see what you do next with DriveClub.

  • The drifting issues are STILL here.. Penalties for people leaving online races? Implement them please.

    Still no private lobbies, i mean.. how not? Almost a year now and still haven’t got a features that should have been in from the start?

    Me and the guys in a group on facebook got asked for our address so you could send us a ‘Keyring’ for feedback i believe, and guess what.. not here yet.

    The one thing that sells the game is the weather systems, stick it on dynamic around loch duich.. amazing!

    Im honestly falling out of love with the game now, 6 months on.. even after doing all the stars and maxing my driver level. We need more than a sprint mode implemented, maybe new REAL tracks? Spa.. Circuit de Catalunya?

    Better choice of car, or even better.. a le mans style race online, 24 players, 4 classes.. split the classes evenly via matchmaking into 4 even groups? Would give the game a greatly needed facelift.

    But, if you havent yet got this game, indefinitely worth a buy for £10 in stores, and the season pass is good if you have the gime to grind some of the more annoying events found in it.

    So far – 6/10.
    Potentially with improvements – 9/10.

  • The game is a bit too hard for me in first person while it begs to be played that way.. Driving line would’ve helped although I understand this might be one of those games where you have to memorize the courses.. In third person it’s easier but then it’s just like your everyday racer.. I can safely say I wouldn’t mind them going back to Motorstorm fulltime and leave this series behind. Would LOVE to see another Apocalypse type Motorstorm.

  • I have an idea for something I’d like to see in the replay mode – where would be the best place to suggest/detail it?

  • 1) Would it be possible to add the names of the various standard car paints you’re using? I would imagine, based on the close collaboration you have with the manufacturer that the actual names of the carpaints would make sense. Plus it would be easier to find that specific favourite carpaint when planning your next virtual photo shoot.

    2) I know there is a risk of me being alone on this one, but I would love, no wait… I would sacrifice my left testicle to see some improvements on the replays.
    The editing and the camera animation could really use some care. I’ve been watching replays from both older racing titles, and real life formula one races to see the difference, and I know that DC ofc is more of an arcade style racer, and the fast pased editing fits that. But I fint the animation rather off at times.
    An example would be that 80-90% of the shots during a one lap session one most of the tracks I’ve tested on has the camera fixed on the target car, like you’re using some kind of “look at constraint”, which makes the movement of the camera and car look rigid and often qiute fake and CG like. Plus the shots are often to fast to even enjoy the look of the car passing by the camera.

    Hope this makes sense.

    But all of this aside, Evolution deserves so much praise, and DC stands as a grant example of how continued support and development post game launch is done.

    And the work you’ve put into the visuals are breathtaking. Working with offline rendering and raytracing on a dayli basis, I can only imagine the work that’s been put into making DC so gorgeous, running at a smooth 30fps. Everything looks raytraced, and the heavy use of Sreen Based Reflections just makes a rainy speed run at sunrise look almost photoreal.

    Huge kudos for the great work.

  • Splitscreen. Period.

    • I echo this comment. I know the reason for no splitscreen is because the framerate would have to be reduced but I’d be happy with that as long as I can play local multiplayer with my friends. I have the free ps+ version and would only pay to upgrade if this happened. And I bet there’s a whole load of players who feel the same. Not everyone enjoys playing online with random strangers. Devs please take note.

    • Totally agree❣

  • I’ve had this amazing game since launch and I have seen it improve month by month to where it currently stands which is one of the finest racing games I’ve played and even more so since I bought the Logitech g29 wheel which has added so much more immersion and for an arcade racer it sure has sim like handling qualities when using a wheel.
    To sum it up

    Logitech G29 and Driveclub is a sublime experience

  • Got to echo what others are saying. Best value season pass ever. Desperate for a second one. I don’t shut up about DC at work and as a result 5 of my colleagues have bought copies. 2 even went and bought PS4s just to play it. Well done Evolution and thanks!!!

  • News about incoming future content and support are great.

    But, why are you avoiding questions about season pass 2?
    I would like to see it to…

    About suprises, Sprint was big, but negative in my case, but there are people who like it, so i’ll shut up and drive what i like :)

    I would be very happy if Endurance was/will be added, with qualifications for all modes.

    Club history would be great too, with information about amount of fame that earned every player who was or still is member.
    Stats are always great thing.

    Maybe some real tracks?

  • Just to reitirate what people have already said this game is amazing, and has gone from strength to strength! I bought a Thrustmaster T300 steering wheel, TP3A pedals and a TH8A Shifter because of the quality of the game. Now the game supports the latter 2 I can definitely say this is the most fun ive ever had playing a racing game. i am trying to get more of my friends on board, but the private lobbies will really help my case. :)

  • a 2nd season pass NO WAY dont go for it i uninstalled this game as i felt it failed to deliver its bland and the AI is unfair having to race race race to unlock the tracks is a pain for younger players

  • Massive disappointment for me this game, brought it last year when it was on offer just didn’t like it.
    Never really liked any of evolutions games just couldn’t get into motor storm it will be the last game I buy from them, can’t wait for next month forza 6 is out :)

  • Can’t believe how many people asking for a second season pass. What I want to see is Driveclub 2 or if that isn’t in the pipeline I’ll take a motorbike add-on pack with Irish tracks.

  • DriveClub, second season pass would be awesome.

  • I’ve been enjoying Driveclub since day 1. In all this time you have improved it a lot, congratulations. But… I’ve been playing with a gamepad.

    Now that Logitech has released the G29 for PS4, do you have plans to support G25 (the one I have) and G27? Slightly Mad Studios added support for Project CARS to old Fanatec wheels that where supposed not to be compatible with PS4…

  • Also a day 1 owner. It’s very very good just … Way To Hard !!! Not exactly fun.

  • Are you listening …. WAY TO HARD to be considered fun.

    • It is, thankfully, a challenging game. I’ve got every star, every trophy, in every event in the main game and every DLC released so far. Some of them are straight forward, some a quite challenging. Any easier would be too easy and not worth playing.

    • Paranoimia: Maybe for you, but for me it is not fun to play one race 10x and still can not make any stars from it.

    • They seem to be listening as the above post mentions adding difficulty options, far too hard for me to consider enjoyable on much of the dlc and later stages on the original game but I would love to be driving & around in the awesome environments without the frustration.

      Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy a challenge in games and have some good high scores on endless in Resogun for example. I don’t object to the fact that some games have easier difficulty settings (even if I never use them) because it gives my friends the chance to enjoy a game rather than not play it out of frustration. The same with Driveclub – some of the tracks are so gorgeous that I would be quite happy enjoying them at a slower pace rather than feeling I have to speed through them or not play at all.

      Please add easy settings, maybe make them customisable, for those of us that want to enjoy the single player campaing of DC but don’t enjoy the challenge spikes. Make them optional so those who enjoy a challenge (like I do on Resogun for example) can still do so :)

  • Just make Multiplayer like this: I want to start new game with my friend over the internet – we do not want to enter to prepared game with some strangers!

    And also add difficulty settings – for me current campaign is too hard and frustrating.
    I will not even buy season pass, because it contains another campaigns with even faster cars = even more frustration for me, because it will be impossible to complete.

  • Absolutely ridiculous A.I. very annoyed I paid £20 two months prior to playstation plus dishing it out gratis! It would have been cool if they gave owners a few unlocks as a gesture….sods law the games on playstation plus have been garbage until recently. …If own the big titles given away. You can’t please everyone I accept, but I need pleasing!!!

    • The plus version is only a trial sized version of the game – 15 cars and only India tracks. So you’ve been given loads of “unlocks” by actually buying it.

  • Ridiculous A.I that is all

  • Great game, nice work Jamie! My hope is that the surprise will be a whole new locatiion to race in, maybe Australia? Fingers crossed :) A feature I would like to see is a multiplayer driver ranking, similar to what you guys did in motorstorm pacific rift. In that game you progressed in rank by beating drivers with a higher rank than you, and you lost rank when someone of a lower rank beat you. I made it to silver legend, never quite got the gold. Perhaps this ranking mode could be unlocked at driver lever 50 or something?

  • Loved the game(got the Plat to) :P All i don’t like is DLC really. If i pay £40+ on a game you should get the complete game i.e all the Cars or future Cars for free(Yep i said it) :D Oh well.

  • Reduce the price of the season pass or put it on sale. It costs more the game on disc!

  • Love the game, bought the season pass. Only thing missing that I’m desperate for is support for my Logitech DFGT wheel!! I know it’ll help me mopve up thoise glorious leaderboards. Any chance we can get some wheel support?

  • Delightful,a jewel the bets graphics I‘ve seen to date,you are a example to follow evolution studios.

  • If you are adding new tracks, please consider urban races a la PGR. That would make the game perfect for me.

  • Great game, doesn’t leave the (disk) drive. I’ve got a ton of feedback … all that fits is below:

    + the AI is fantastic. Actually feels like amateur weekend warriors trying to win races rather than just scenery to pass. Frustrating sometimes, but still the best AI in any racing game i’ve played **by far**. Add a higher level with more aggression/corner speed if anything (it can be fun to not win in this game).
    + The mostly narrow, bumpy, non-racetrack-smooth roads are also fantastic and define the game’s identity. They actually feel like real cars on real roads – not toys that can fit 10 abreast on every local street. Whilst Japan is a nice change it’s generally too wide and smooth to be anywhere near as fun as the Canadian tracks.
    + Country roads are all prettier and more fun. The last place I would want to drive a car fast is a dirty stinky city. Cities are the same everywhere and they are all equally awful places to drive cars too – but there are innumerable exotic and beautiful locations yet drivable in any racing game that you could continue to explore in your fantastic engine. More rural and wilderness locales please! (russia, china, north/south africa, middle-east, nz? Antarctica?)

    Please don’t widen all new tracks or add conventional city super-freeway tracks – it would lose it’s identity.

    + Canada and india are the best locales so far, by far.
    + Rather than sprints, chaining track segments (with discontinuities masked by tunnels?) would be pretty fun … if at all possible.
    + More lower-class cars would be nice. For some of us the supers are just too much to handle and just not very fun on the whole.
    + Add total racing time to the stats!

    – I think any drifting is silly and pointless. I would like an option to hide it from community challenges and never be a part of random events.
    – 1-lap races are becoming boring. I would also like an option to hide them from community challenges and never be a part of random events.
    – Online just wont work at all with my router (fritzbox). My isp doesn’t care and it’s not important enough to me for me to fix otherwise. I’m using fibre.
    – the auto-suggest challenge/club stuff needs to take more into account than just level, as i have no friends with the game nobody it chooses seems interested in anything i try.
    – There is some tearing in some replays. But i’m sure as perfectionists you noticed. If only you had 20/40ms per frame like the good old days.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  • Ran out of room.

    + multi-stage challenges (rallies). Anything included. Allowing retry on each stage is a global option for the challenge (both ways have their merits).
    + default to retry rather than continue, … or better yet a quick retry option for all events. e.g. press O or triangle instead of X at the first score-sheet and it just restarts that event immediately without fanfare/accolade screens. It’s fast currently but still too many presses to restart events.
    – less pixelated textures for the custom paintjobs. It really drags down the overall appearance and whomever signed off on that should buy the art team a round of drinks as recompense for sullying their otherwise exemplary work.
    – ugh, story? Please do not.

    Again on the identity thing: i’ve played GT3-6, motorstorms, a bunch of your WRC games, much of the Burnout series, lotus espirit tc II and III, stunt car racer, REVS, pole position, burning rubber … and a bunch of others no doubt. They all did something unique that made them specifically worth playing over the competition (even if it was merely existing). If I wanted those things I would just go re-play them, but i’m playing driveclub now instead because it’s not those and finally we have the computational performance to create a straight up honest “fun-realism” realistic road-driving racing game without the need for gimmicks to support it.

  • I will literally pay $600 for a Motorstorm Remaster Collection (I just put a lot of thought into that figure – that’s the actual amount I would pay)…. please take note.

  • Love the game and I’m pleased to see it gets this dedication in support. A lot of developers could learn from this, supporting their games to such an extend. DriveClub was the first game I bought for the PS4 and it’s one of the few I keep on playing. As for all the comments on Motorstorm, yes please do consider a new version or at least a remaster!

  • “Double XP for everybody on all of the 15 cars available in DRIVECLUB PS+ Edition” – does this mean if we own the game and play one of those cars we get double XP as well – or is it only for the free version? Would be silly if it is the free version only and not if you actually paid for it!

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