Two new Mega Packs are coming to PS Vita later this year

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Pick up a PS Vita, along with a batch of great games and a memory card

Hi everyone, I’d like to share some exciting news with you about two new Mega Packs we have coming to PlayStation Vita in just a few weeks’ time.

The “PS Vita Hits Mega Pack” is a collection of some of the biggest, most popular action/adventure games available on the handheld system – so if you missed them first time round, this is the pack for you. We’ve also got a treat for LEGO fans (who doesn’t like LEGO?!) in the form of the “LEGO Action Heroes Mega Pack”, which features three all-time favourites from the timeless franchise.

Mega Packs are a great value way to quickly top up your games collection with the best PS Vita titles, and as always, each pack comes with a memory card so you can start playing straight away.

Here’s the full list of what’s included in each of the new Mega Packs:

PS Vita Hits Mega Pack – coming September 2015

  • Uncharted: Golden Abyss: Help Nathan Drake on a thrilling quest to uncover the dark secret behind a Spanish expedition to Central America 400 years ago.
  • Tearaway: Tear into a new action-packed platforming adventure as you guide a plucky little messenger through a world made totally, utterly and completely out of paper. Use the rear touch pad to poke your fingertips right into the game world to move objects and attack baddies.
  • LittleBigPlanet™ PS Vita: To return Carnivalia to a place of fun and happiness, Sackboy must embark on a shiny new adventure to bounce, grab, swing and grapple through five amazing worlds using all the touchy-feely magic of PS Vita.
  • When Viking Attack: Defend the towns of Britain from an invasion of naughty Vikings in this frantically funny arcade bash-em-up.


PS Vita LEGO Action Heroes Mega Pack – coming October 2015

  • LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham: Suit-up as the Caped Crusader, join forces with the Super Heroes of the DC Comics universe and blast off to outer space to stop the evil Brainiac from destroying Earth.
  • The LEGO Movie Videogame: Join Emmet and an unlikely group of resistance fighters in their heroic quest to thwart Lord Business’ evil plans – a mission that Emmet is hopelessly and hilariously unprepared for. This wild ride includes a surprising mix of over 90 playable characters inspired by the film.
  • LEGO The Hobbit: Travel to Middle-earth to explore several key locations from the films – visit Bag End, trek through the treacherous High Pass over The Misty Mountains, and discover the depths of Goblin Town, Mirkwood and Rivendell.


As with all Mega Packs, there are two bundle options:

  • The memory card bundle (€39.99 RRP) – comes with an 8GB memory card and a PlayStation Store voucher code so you can download all the games in the pack.
  • The PS Vita + memory card bundle (€199.99 RRP) – includes an 8GB memory card and a voucher code for the games, as well as an all-important PS Vita system to play them on.

There’s not long to wait – so get ready to start catching up on some smash-hit games or building yourself up for some epic LEGO action! Whichever bundle is for you, we hope you enjoy the new PS Vita Mega Packs.

Check your local retailers for details on availability and release timing.

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  • Nice to see the Vita getting some love. New games/IPs would also be welcome (*hint hint*)

    • I think it’s dead. I mean I play it often and take it to work everyday but I don’t think I would even buy a AAA title for vita.

  • > We’ve also got a treat for LEGO fans (who doesn’t like LEGO?!) in the form of the “LEGO Action Heroes Mega Pack”, which features three all-time favourites from the timeless franchise.

    I guess most people like Lego and even the videogames, but only the ones made for the consoles. The Vita-versions are just terrible looking 3DS-ports with lackluster gameplay.

  • PlayStation… trying to promote Vita… with it’s own games and not as a PS4 accessory… do my eyes deceive me? O_O

    Seriously though, these are nice and all, but would much rather some limited edition themed Vitas like PS4 keeps getting. I can’t think that there’s even been one special edition Vita in Europe, meanwhile 6 different special edition PS4s have already been revealed. If you gave me the chance to buy a Persona themed Vita, I’d be all over that. I guess will have to make due with the skin that comes with P4D, huh? Won’t fit my OLED Vita though. =/

    • Just look on the upper right of the packaging. “Play PS4 games on PS Vita”. They are still promoting it as a PS4 accessory somehow. :\

    • Which is kind of sad, since it’s not really good as a PS4 accessory (the back touchpad doesn’t repond properly for L2/R2)

    • EU has the black ops declassified limited edition

    • So the only one is for one of the worst games on the system? Good to know…

    • @crimsonidol-de — be realistic! They’re just highlighting the key features that MAY help sell this handheld a bit better. Do you feel they should leave off marketable aspects to what the Vita is capable of? Stop seeing everything through blinkered vision!

  • No more western 3A titles for Vita, sigh…

  • Tearaway is a truly wonderful game, it really surprised me when it became very existential towards the end.

    I strongly advise all Vita owners to play it if not done so already (or PS4 version when that arrives if it’s as good).

  • These bundles are nice and all, but instead of an 8GB memory card you should consider using a 16GB memory card for future bundles or just leave the memory card away.

    I think if you download all the games in the Hits Mega Pack it would fill around 6.5 GB, which barely leaves space for anything on an 8GB card.

    If you exclude the card from the bundle you can sell it at a lower price and the consumer has the choice to pick a card with more space instead of having an 8GB card they might not even want.

    • The Mega Pack will probably take up more space especially with the patches for LittleBigPlanet which are quite big but SCEE don’t bother thinking about that.

  • Now what I would love is a 32GB memory card bundle!

  • The first one is a pretty sweet deal, let’s see how much they’ll charge for it here.

  • Going to help you out! -> Why not a a pack with a voucher to select 3 awesome games out of all digital vita games (or 50 per-sellected) on the PSN store, Good luck
    Ps: looking forward to AWESOME PS+ games for my vita

  • Great to see good deals so more people get a Vita… but how about more (non JP farming/rol) games for the people that already have one? It looked like Remote Play could give it a new life, but most games that require you to use L2 and R2 aren’t that playable on it since the response of the back touchscreen isn’t ideal for that.

  • You’re still rolling with 8GB memory cards, hm. These packs will just fly off the shelves, watch out Nintendo!

  • While these packs are good to have, the Vita needs a serious price drop. My brother just bought my nephew a 16gb iPod touch for £130. And that’s got Lego games for a fraction of the price. Obviously the controlls are crappy but parents are going to look at the price of the iPod and cheap games versus the price of a vita, memory cards and games that cost £20. If you want to market vita as a kid friendly device then it needs to be cheaper to compete with the iPod. If sony want to market it as a hardcore gamer device then it needs more games.
    I love my vita but I think sony needs to do a lot more if they want to “save” it. Or just keep it as an indie machine, which I’m fine with

  • Surely a Resident Evil Revelations 2 edition would be more useful about now, bundled with all the PSOne originals for a neat collector’s pack?

  • Would love to see a Niche RPG Mega Pack. Packed with Soul Sacrifice Delta, Freedom Wars, Oreshika and Gravity Rush.

    • The fact that you called it the Niche RPG Mega Pack is the reason why it won’t happen. Doesn’t help that some of those games aren’t RPGs either.

    • I assume the inclusion of Gravity Rush in a “niche RPG” pack was a subtle dig at including When Vikings Attack in the “mega hits” bundle?

    • Freedom Wars would have been nice if it wasn’t repetitive to death and if it didn’t have pointless unavoidable sections of talking/walking around.

  • Nice but you should have gone with some newer games and a much bigger memory card.

  • And 64gb memory cards in Europe to save us from using dodgy resellers?

    It’s been years now, there’s really no reason that these shouldn’t be more available.

  • Thats a great bundle for first time vita owners . Thumbs up sony

  • All you need now is to make some more games for the thing.

    Surely you can spare some devs to produce smaller exclusive titles like Locoroco & Patapon etc?

  • PlayStation TV Sony, remember that one? It’s been out a year yet and it’s not been updated for ages. Would be nice to actually get updates on games to play on it. Even an updated compatibility list wouldn’t go a miss….

    • All the incompatibilities are down to touchscreen features which are total **** seeing as we can replicate touch with cursors with L3 and R3.

  • I really wish more PSP games that are playable on the PS Vita were playable on the PS TV, like Final Fantasy 1-4 + Tactics and Valkyria Chronicles 2. It doesn’t make any sense they don’t work, they don’t use any special PS Vita features like the touchscreen or anything.

  • I wonder why they never reply to the comments on these posts? Not interested in what the Vita community has to say?

  • Just picked up the Adventure pack myself to replace my two year old OLED model that just died suddenly. Already had the games, and I use my 64Gb card so didn’t need the memory card, but it was classed as a discontinued pack at Game and so I picked it up for an incredibly cheap deal.

    You may not be responsible for the update side Mayumi, but could you please pass on the message that we could really do with another firmware and store update to fix the few remaining problems that the Vita has that us fans have been bleating about. Pretty please, we’ve been asking for these for ages!

    – A way to turn off the automatic screen dimming. The Vita is now the home to 100 hour RPGs – it is incredibly annoying to have the screen dim in the middle of a cutscene or conversation. We’re not children – we know about screen-burn, please let us experience our games without interruption.

    – Remove the 10 screen limit on the Live Area. Some of us have 64Gb cards now, and have a large physical stock as well as a digital collection. We like to give genres and even specific game series’ their own pages, and organise the thing so it isn’t cluttered. 10 Live Area screens is just too few, especially when one or two will be taken up by system icons.

    – Allow wallpapers on sub-folders. Either specific options to add a wallpaper, or have them inherit the wallpaper of the parent page. It’s annoying to craft a wonderful custom theme, then have it revert to the standard wave background when you enter a sub-folder.

    – Fix the store please, it’s just broken. Half the time it doesn’t load the later parts of the product list, so you can’t scroll any further. It will load A-D of an A-L list and then just stop.

    – Alter the download list to remove incompatible programs please. I have hundreds of games, dlc, demos and themes in my download list, across PS3, PS4 and PSVita. Do you know how annoying it is to find a specific thing to download when it just lists everything you have in your history, for PS3 and PS4 as well, and you can’t filter or sort it?

    I’m sure my fellow owners will add anything else if I’ve missed anything, but these things would really improve the quality of the gaming experience.

    • Pretty much everything you said. I’d also like them to condense some of the apps so they’re not just wasting space. For example, Party and Messages should be merged with Friends. I’d straight up get rid of PS3 Remote Play to free up more space, since only like 5 games used it and it’s now outdated and obsolete.

  • Should have done a Star Wars PSP Mega Pack to tie-in with the new movie.

  • Got mine with 16gb card and lots of games on a download code but sold the code on eBay I like physical games.. just letting you all know resident evil revelations 2 physical copy is available on play Asia from September multiple languages

  • 8gb? Come on Sony, I struggle with the 16gb.

    Long live vita!

  • good bundle but 8gb memory card is completely useless for digital.

  • Is there any date released soon?
    Want to buy a Vita, but want to get one of these mega packs instead of the existing ones.

  • Uncharted Golden Abyss 2 , Gravity Rush 2 and maybe even porting the whole Xenosaga Trilogy to PlayStation Vita and PS4 with cross-save support? that would be excellent! I really don’t ask for much xD

  • i am a huge sony lover and sad to say i have had all these games :”( but i have a idea why dont you make mega packs for ps4????? i think it would be a grate idea like the ps vita lego pack you could do a ps4 version or make a sports pack i just fort ill put the idea out there since I’m never off my ps4 and i just bought the xperia z3 tablet but the mega packs for ps4 i understand the price and you have to get permission but i think if you did a lego pack for ps4 it could include lego movie lego marvel lego batman lego jurassic world or make a family pack for ps4 because I’ve been trying ages to get my family playing playstation again and a family pack will be awesome I’m 18 and been playing games since i was 3years old all i ever played was playstation it showed me how far it can push the boundaries of games the way it feels the way its made realistic but i just fort it be a good idea it may be too soon i understand but christmas in 5months theres more it may good for sales like putting a ps4 with mega packs more family will buy
    for me playstation has taught me many things that school could never learn me i would always chose sony over anything because i put my gaming trust in there hands p.s please make more news on project morpheus can’t wait to buy it please think about my idea

  • Will these come out in Sweden? Can’t seem to find it at any retailer here yet.

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