New Until Dawn trailer highlights the butterfly effect in action

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New Until Dawn trailer highlights the butterfly effect in action

Every decision you make could change your fate

We’re back again with another Until Dawn trailer for you! Once again the focus is on the Butterfly Effect and how your choices will directly influence the events in the game.

There are literally thousands of paths that you can take through Until Dawn, with some branches of the narrative more complex than others. We’re estimating that, for most players, people will see less than half of the content included on the disc the first time that they play it. What’s more, we’re pretty confident that everyone’s experience of it will be slightly different.

Supermassive Games has done an excellent job in building a game that can play out in countless different ways – every scene had to be written, recorded and put into the game in a way that works and makes sense even if certain characters have died. It’s a monumental undertaking and we’ve been bowled over by how they achieved it.

You’ll have more choice than ever seen before in a videogame about how your story plays out. Will you try to kill everyone off and revel in their untimely deaths, or will you make sure that everyone survives Until Dawn?

There is no right or wrong way to play, no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ ending, the most important thing in Until Dawn is the story your decisions make. We can’t wait to get it into your hands.

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  • I do hope that my friends experience this game completely different. In the past it was fun to talk about other ‘ways’/choices we made in Heavy Rain.

  • First game ever I’ve pre-ordered through PS Store. Can’t wait!

  • I’m so looking forward to this game. It’s right up my alley. I love the Quantic Dreams games and this looks to be one with an fun slasher horror movie twist.
    I looked and found a regular edition, a steelbook edition and an extended edition that has an extra bonus chapter that is cut out of the original game and slapped on an “extended edition” set. It’s the only extra in that set, nothing else, not even a soundtrack.
    I just can’t approve these kind of practices. I don’t care if the whole world does is. A sympathetic company like CD Project Red doesn’t mess with it’s valued customers and gives the whole game, map, booklet, stickers, fysical soundtrack and 16 free dlc. I won’t buy the game full price because of that and wait to buy the full edition after a year.

    • By pre-ordering Until Dawn from PS Store (or somewhere else) you get a bonus chapter, and that is what “Extended edition” is. It’s regular game with pre-order bonus.

    • I know of the pre-order scheme. Here the reasons why I don’t want that.
      1) First of all I want a physical copy not in the least because PSN is insanely slow. Whenever it’s taken off the store (like the P.T. demo) you are left with nothing.
      2) I never pre-order a game. I always want to read some reviews, especially when it’s a new ip. I would like a game developer/publisher to respect that.
      3) It shows a lack of confidence in the end product. “Please give us your money before anyone can play it because we give you something we already made as an extra”, I can’t condone that.

  • I have great expectations from the game, also did pre-order and I think I have done right.Can`t wait to play the game….over and over :)

  • I cannot even put into words how excited I am about this.

  • Can’t wait to play this. I love these type of games. I pre-ordered the steelbook from game ew.

    I might actually have the get the digital version instead cause

    1. Game can’t tell how much the game is gonna cost let alone the version with bouns scene till it comes out

    2. I would have to wait till the day after release to play it cause they close at 1730

  • I cannot wait for this, the fun choices, story telling and wanting to play the game again and again to find out what different changes my choices can make. Pre ordered this with uncharted 4 from Tesco, they had a deal of two for £80 then I used discount voucher and they have double clubcard so got both games for £30. Im one happy gamer with that.

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