PlayStation Plus: Vote to Play kicks off this week

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PlayStation Plus: Vote to Play kicks off this week

Choose between Zombie Vikings, Grow Home and Armello

Earlier this month we announced a brand new feature that’s coming to PlayStation Plus. Vote to Play gives PS Plus members the opportunity to choose one of the titles you get to play as part of your monthly games on PlayStation 4.

I’m happy to reveal that the first vote begins on Thursday, 13th August, at 4.30pm BST/5.30pm CEST and will run until Monday, 24th August, at 4.30pm BST/5.30pm CEST.

We’ve teamed up with some extremely talented developers for the first Vote to Play, offering you three really exciting games to choose from.

Below is a brief introduction to the three games on offer, but for all the details make sure you watch the videos in which they each put their case forward in an attempt to capture your vote.

  • Armello: A handsome swashbuckling adventure that combines RPG elements with the strategic play of card and board games.

  • Grow Home: Step into the shoes of agile droid BUD and explore an eccentric open world in Ubisoft Reflections’ brilliant action platformer.

  • Zombie Vikings: A larger-than-life four-player co-op romp from the creators of last year’s hit Stick It to The Man!

We’ve carefully hand-picked these three titles, and love each of them equally! It’s going to be a tough decision, so make sure you check out each of the developer guest posts linked to above before making your informed decision! What’s more, look out for guest posts from each of the developers later this week, in which they’ll be making their case for your patronage!

If you’re a PS Plus member and want to cast your vote, simply log on to your PS4 with your SEN account and you’ll find the Vote to Play link under “What’s New,” “Notifications” or in PlayStation Store when voting begins. And don’t worry if you change your mind. Simply log back in and change your vote – it’s as simple as that!

To be clear, Vote to Play will not be a monthly feature, but will take place at regular intervals throughout the year. We’re really excited to launch this new exclusive feature and we hope you enjoy it!

For more information on how to vote check out our walk through video below or visit

So, there you have it. Don’t forget, voting kicks off this Thursday 13th August at 4.30pm BST/5.30pm CEST. Make sure your pick is in with a shot at victory by heading over to your PS4 and casting your vote before time runs out! The chosen title will be announced on 24th August and will be added to your Monthly Games line-up from 1st September. The remaining two games will also be available at a discount from PlayStation Store from 1st September.

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  • Sweet! I’m going to read and watch all the vids now. It’s nice to be more invested in PS+

    • All 3 games look like they could be fun. But I’m going for Grow Home. With PS+ it’s nice to get unique game experiences with games you normally wouldn’t buy. Cause you wont be sure if you like it. I’m going to guess that Zombie Vikings is going to win. Since it’s more accessible since it’s a side-scroll hack and slasher. People usually go for the more familiar.

      So yeah. Grow Home for me!

      Also. Sad to read that it wont be a monthly feature. Kind of had an impression it was going to be that way.
      Since it’s a great way to get discussions started. For people to take a more in-depth look into these games. And I also enjoyed the short dev video’s. I’d like to see more of those. Especially behind the scenes stuff. Motivations etc.

  • Good feature! Armello looks awesome.

    • Yup. That is the most interested for me. i love the board game feeling.

    • Will get my vote too, it’s the most neglected genre on PS4 at the moment and looks very nice indeed. Don’t fancy its chances, but would love to see it win and give us something a bit different to all the scrolling beat-em-ups and non-combat adventure games we have already.

  • Noice. Grow home will likely get my vote.

  • I’d rather you never increased the ps+ prices . God help anyone who actually wants a game to win that doesn’t include zombies or guns .

    • I also think zombie vikings will make it.. just because there are zombies…

    • I’d rather you never existed. Oh wait… Makes no difference either way.

    • Seemingly they will only be increasing the monthly and 3 month subs (according to the Independent newspaper). As the price is set to rise in Sept then it seems the prudent choice to make would be to buy any sub before the 1st Sept.

  • Zombie Vikings for sure.

  • You raised the prices!

    • Many asked for better games and SCE is now investing “in PlayStation Plus to ensure an unparalleled service, featuring the best quality games and features” []

    • So why no price increase in the U.S. It was the same excuse when they made it mandatory for multplayer

    • That “unparalleled service” corporate talk will be proven complete BS when the same old stuff that happens every year happens again…. games like FIFA, COD, Battlefront launch with network errors and crashes, PSN goes offline over christmas, we still dont get the basic features that PS3 had.

      Lets just accept it, PS+ is a toll booth we have to pay for if we want to play online (even if its on P2P network, or non-sony dedicated servers). The games are not appealing enough to hold even half of the subscribers they currently have. I know I’d ditch PS+ if it wasnt required for online play.

    • Sicmay I don’t know if they will increase the price or not in the US, but if they don’t it may be because of the increasing value of the US dollar and because the competition is tougher in America.

    • lol and it didnt take long at all.
      Just went on playstation store and im greeted with:

      “Site Not Available

      PlayStation Store is currently not available. You can learn about Sony Entertainment Network content and services at Sony Entertainment Network.”

      Thanks Sony for ensuring us this fantastic unparalleled service using all these years of PS+ money.

      I’ve never encountered as many ‘not available’ messages in my entire life of web browsing as I have in the last 3 years on PSN alone…. and guess what? PS+ is the only subscription I pay for.

    • @fps_dominator

      In fairness to Sony, those games are peer to peer and third party servers, nothing about their multiplayer has anything to do with Sony once you’ve successfully logged into PSN.


      Actually it’s the weakened dollar that increased our prices, to ensure that revenues continue to grow. Prices won’t increase in the IS because SCEA is committed to a price freeze for this generation as promised at E3 2013.

    • I was hoping for the prospect of AAA, but apparently it’s due to “recent marketing conditions”, or so I read..

  • Grow Home for me, definitely – I’m a sucker for arty platformers and this looks superb!

  • The game with zombies wins every month, calling it now.

  • not really my type of game but i might have to vote for zombie viking as it’s by the same guys as stick it to the man which i loved.

  • What an underwhelming selection of games, still looking on the bright side i guess it means that at least two of them won’t be ps+ titles, i guess thats something.

  • All terrible but Grow Home looks at least bearable.

  • Link brings to 404 error. :|

  • Grow Home for me. :)

  • Grow Home for me as well.

  • So we have card game nonsense, a game by that studio who think they’re funny, but with zombies (which haven’t been done to death at all, honestly), and guide the robot up the thing because reasons.

    Seriously. Try harder.

    • Kick in the nuts or poke in the eye?

      And I’m going to let you pick you lucky thing

      They must think we are idiots… But then again look at the comments most of us are……. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay kiddy games

    • Exactly. The problem I have with a lot of the plus offerings is that they’re just so childish. Hohokum for example. Utter garbage. Give us something like Galak-Z or Hotline Miami 2, not “ZOMG ZOMBIES AND VIKINGS YOU GUYS! WE’RE SO WACKY! YOLO!”
      Even when they do try and do something clever, we end up with the likes of Ether One, which was just horribly done in every possible way.

    • Couldn’t agree more..
      Seriously.. A shooter like the old R Type or Rayden, a classic platformer (Mario style or Rayman or something similar) would be great.
      There are tons of people who grew up with games like those and we currently own a PS4/PS3. Bring a smile on our faces Sony!

  • Grow Home got 94% positive of 1,524 Steam user reviews! Can’t go wrong with that. It’s a pseudo indie by Ubisoft by the way, like Child of Light.

    • Armello got 92% positive of 349 reviews. Seems to be more of a niche game since it’s a strategy board game.

    • If you throw around with numbers, at least do it correctly. Armello isn’t sold currently on Steam. It is Early Access, with no price. So those few owners and reviews are the result from it being only available to Kickstarter Supporters, not from it being ‘niche’.

      Stats that I find remarkable, are that 1/4 of those who bought and played Grow Home, quit the game after less than 1h. And the average play time is less than 4h. That’s ridiculously few, for an open world game.

    • Welcome to pc gaming, where you buy a game, see if it works and go back playing csgo or dota

    • I didn’t base my claim of it appearing to be a niche game on the number of reviews, but, let me quote myself, “since it’s a strategy board game”.

    • Ended up voting for Armello, because I’d rather get a deep game experience with local and online multiplayer worth $15 than a 4 hour singleplayer game worth $8.

  • I’m so glad your offering the other titles that don’t make it discounts because i want all 3 of these games!
    Grow Home is what i’ll be voting for since it looks loads of fun, but i’d still be happy with both of the other games.

  • Wow that is a difficult choice, they are all…unlikeable in their own way.
    I was hoping for a 4th option that says “no thank you come up with something else”.

  • I still wish Sony would do it with the Vita lineup too and let us vote for every month. We may get still a lot of okay games for the elections, bit we can finally decide what we want.

  • Big announcements, considering that it’ll happen just 3-4 times a year. And none of the 3 options really amazes me.

    Brawlers – not my genre
    Grow home – open world, but not really one that graphically appeals me. Furthermore it is cheap (8€) and owners played it 4h on average on Steam.

    Leaves Armello, to receive my vote. Yay? Not really.

  • Sad it is not a monthly feature… it would have been a giant improvement and fun.

  • I think I will vote for Armello.
    More important thing – Why the Hell cannot the slovak players enter the big competition???

  • Really want Grow Home but Zombie Vikings will probably win. If you deign to visit this post two questions please Chris.

    1: will the number of votes for each game and voter turnout be revealed when you announce the”winner?” I think those figures would be interesting to see.
    2: the games that don’t win get discounted, but by how much? And will all regions receive the same level of discount? Now that we pay even more for PS+ than we used to, which was already higher than the US I think it’s about time we at least saw parity in the service, if not some occasional favourable treatment for us.

  • These promo videos are awesome! I’m gonna go with Armello.

  • Armello looks great but it’s something I’d rather play on Vita.
    My vote will go to Grow Home!

  • They all look like decent indies, I’m tempted by Zombie Vikings purely because I thought Stick it to the Man was good fun, but Grow Home will probably steal my vote too…something a little different.

    Chris, is there any plans to re-introduce, or replace, the weekend debate? It was fun, good prizes and always provided a good read. :)

    • Alas, no plans at present re. debate. I felt it had run out of steam a little. It hurt my brain coming up with interesting topics after 100+ weeks ;)

    • Yeah, I guess that would put a strain on the grey matter! Could always let the community set the questions, I think that would create some hilarity in and of itself. :)

    • Solution to the topics dilemma; have the first debate be: “What questions should we ask in the Weekend Debate?” Then use the entries from that first debate for the next year’s worth of debates!

    • Toxic has us up and running already. :D

  • PS4 has turned into such a disappointing console. so you don’t even give us a premium quality indy game like Grim Fandango remastered and now its just home made shovelware. i won’t be paying for PS Plus for the foreseeable future and will recommend my friends to buy Xbox One because obviously Sony has lost the plot.

    • PS4 has some phenomenal games, but the igc offerings have been very poor on the whole. For every Outlast or Resogun there’s been at least 7 Road Not Taken.

    • What makes these home made shovelware and grim fandango premium? I never liked grim fandango, but all 3 of these titles seems interesting to me… so i guess it’s down to opinion?

      And you are honestly going to recommend xbox one, to people yow know, because you dislike 1 month’s free game? – It’s such a huge disappointment to you, that you actually consider it ok to recommend an inferior console (talking about performance across mp games to date) to your friends, based on 1 free game?… how entitled can one individual get?

    • Grim Fandango is barely even a remaster it’s a shoddy port released to get funds to finish Broken Age!

  • I think Grow Home will do fine so it may be better to help the other developers by having their games in PS+.

  • Oh Lord… What will happen if the game has some problem and isn’t ready to be released? Are we getting more situations like Apotheon or Ether One? Or will you replace it with the one of the others?

    Was going to say that at least the “artsy experiences” will diminish but i’m guessing that those will appear as the 2nd ps4 game or for the other plataforms…

  • Would be useful if we knew the full lineup for next months ps+. A lot of people want a diverse lineup, what else is coming that month may dramatically alter their prefered choice.

  • Just out of interest, is this a global vote or a regional vote? ie; could the USA members and the European members end up with 2 different games if they vote differently?

  • Я голосую за Grow Home!Все!

  • I wish I could vote. I don’t have a PS4 yet but I intend to get one eventually. Having a bunch of indie games claimed on PS+ is actually a big reason why I want to get a PS4.

    I’d vote for Armello. Both Grow Home and Armello look good, but I don’t think Ubisoft need the extra promotion.


  • Hmmm, I’m torn. I want Grow Home regardless of it being free or not but the other two aren’t really in my interests.

  • Those games are not for me.Can I vote to get my money back?

    • Did you use ps+ for anything else? Did you redeem any of the other free games? Did you use any of the ps+ exclusive features? – I bet you did, but 1 free game for September is enough for you to want your money back? Makes sense… :S

    • Apparently some people still don’t realise that it’s mandatory for online gaming now… A lot of us subscribers were never interested in PLUS for ps3 but are forced to sub now. Not because of “free” games or “PLUS features”, simply for having the option to play online.

  • All 3 look like lovely games so can’t really go wrong with any of them. But if I had to pick one, I think I will vote for Armello but need to read and watch a bit more before making my decision official

  • So when do we get to vote on proper games?

    • Thursday :)

    • What is a proper game? A AAA title with bugs that needs patches for months? With pre-order dlc? Disc locked content?

      Indie games are just as proper as AAA, sans the constant patches and insane amount of DLC.

    • @Zepekit I don’t know about you but in my experience a lot of these Indies are just as buggy. Especially the ones that come from PC and apparently get no quality control whatsoever. Kinda makes me feel like in the beginning of ps3 with all the bad third party games on that console. Just to name the most recent, Rocket League and Ether one overheat my ps4 within minutes and are basically unplayable here.

  • Wow, look at those titles, once again we get truly amazing offerings from PS+. Absolutely outstanding value for money, and to top it all off, we even get access to online too! What’s that, you’re increasing the price too? AMAZING! I can’t wait to pay more money for this fantastic service!

    That’s sarcasm, if for some reason you couldn’t tell. One day we might actually get a decent title instead of some bargain bin indie.

    • Save your money and wait for sale perhaps?
      Offline games only of course….

    • Stop buying a yearly PS+ and maybe Sony will be forced to move their big ass.

    • What do you honestly expect? A brand new AAA title for free? Keep dreaming… The AAA titles will come, they just need to get older, since the console isn’t even 2 years old yet.

      And btw. indie games have great value, it’s just a certain type of so-called “gamers” that thinks otherwise ;)

    • I kind of agree overall. I’m excited for Armello cause i like strategy games and haven’t played one on ps4 since ever, so im down. But they all do kind of look cheap. Especially Grow home. That game just looks awful

    • @Seishoujyo Why do you think they upped the 3 month subscription?…

    • +

    • Apart from that last part I actually completely agree with your opening statement.
      It is excellent value for money, always has been and still would be even if they upped the yearly fee.

      And no this isn’t sarcasm, I just very much disagree with your cynicism.

  • So this is why the subscription is set to rise?

  • This ideia is gonna flop like hell but ok…

    Pretty one sided if you ask me. Everyone is gonna vote on Grow Home, its the better one, even if all 3 of them looks the same and mediocre in terms of expected by the low quality that PS+ is today.

    This is just another excuse for them to lower the quality even more since “Oh you dont like it? but you voted for it derp”.

    • I disagree. Armello looks interesting, the rest look dull af. Grow home just looks like complete nonsense with some decent visuals. Zombie vikings is yet another 2D hack and slash, very boring. My votes with Armello

  • ARMELLO!?!?! YASSSS!!!!!!

  • LOL glad I moved to Steam Gaming…

  • Gonna go with Grow Home nice to have more involvement in Plus.Hope there’s more features to come with the rumoured price increase

  • Great more indie garbage to choose from awesome stuff some AAA games please.

  • I cant believe I’m about to say that but… I really prefer to choose between indie games than AAA, cuz I think is better to have three AAA games in three months than have o choose one and notice that the others probably will never be free.

    • Whats triple A? games that cost in excess of 50$? Even those games can turn out to be awful. Assassin’s creed unity was trash, the order was way too short, killzone was duller than tofu. All these supposed “triple A” games. If these bigger (more expensive) games actually turned out to be good more often than not, then I too would be down for free trip a games. maybe 1 big game instead of 3 small. but at this point, i could not care less. at least the indie games are interesting

    • Better than never having any AAA for ‘free’ :s

      @nickiscool2 That’s your personal preference. I would personally rather get even a crappy AAA than another Indie that I basically just try once and never play again. Indies are pretty much demos to me.. And they really aren’t all that interesting or original all the time, it’s mostly platforming and puzzling too.

    • not everyone want play indie games have brought that no some players want AAA game no AAA to vote . if want to beat xboxlive vote for AAA game

    • dear psn manger the vote system great idea but i wish put 1 or two AAA games to vote than indies not a lot players want indie games since complain in past.

  • Why can’t we vote from web interface? I will not have my ps4 for another month ’cause of situation in my region but I really would like to vote too(

  • Hi everybody.

    Mikael here from Zoink Games. The studio who’s making Zombie Vikings.

    It’s really cool to finally be able to talk about that we’re part of the Vote to Play campaign. We’re super excited and we’re working really hard to get the game ready for launch. We might also have a few surprises left to talk about later on. :)

    If you’re a fan of our previous game Stick it To The Man you’ll really love Zombie Vikings as well. It shares the same art style and crazy humour that we’ve done in the past. The game actually has over an hour of animated cutscenes. You’ll fully explore the different characters and find out why they became zombies. We’ve tried to create a whole adventure for you, we like to call it a ‘hackventure’ :)

    We just released a spanking new trailer as well. If you want to, you can check it out here:

    We’re pretty much online all the time so if you have any questions just drop us a tweet or a mail. Or write here in the comments.

    Thanks for reading this and needless to say, we would really appreciate your vote when the campaign starts this Thursday

    With kind regards,
    Mikael Forslind, Zoink Games.

  • Grow Home gets my vote

  • Can’t wait to vote for Grow Home. Been waiting for it for months. Armello is meh. And Zombie Vikings looks ok.

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