New on PlayStation Store: Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Goat Simulator, more

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New on PlayStation Store: Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Goat Simulator, more

Plus, TorqueL, Gauntlet: Slayer Edition, Kung Fury also land this week

First up this week, piece together the mystery of the apocalypse in The Chinese Room’s elegant mystery, Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture. Set in an evocatively re-created vision of rural England, it’s unlike anything else you’ll play this year.

If quiet villages seem too creepy for you, then there’s always a goat. Like any goat, you’ll be experiencing the absolute all of goat awesomeness that no other has achieved. The head-butting of said goat is so finely crafted it really is lifelike (I think!). Goat Simulator is the simulator to end all others.

Also out this week is funky puzzle action game TorqueL. The aim of the game is simple – reach the goal at the end of the level by avoiding the obstacles and pits scattered throughout. You’re also trapped in box as you attempt it, so that changes things up quite nicely.

Lastly, we’re adding new offers into the Summer Sale, which will go live on Wednesday. Check back tomorrow for full details of the new discounts heading your way.

PlayStation StoreOut this week



  • Goat Simulator
    (Out 12/08/15)

  • Knock-Knock
    (Out 13/08/15)
    Not available in: Middle East, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland & Turkey

  • Kung Fury: Street Rage
    (Out 11/08/15)
    Not available in Germany


  • Prototype 2
    (Out 12/08/15)
    Not available in Germany

  • Prototype
    (Out 12/08/15)
    Not available in Germany

  • TorqueL
    (Out 11/08/15)
    Not available in: Russia & Ukraine


PS4 demo


PS3 demo



  • TorqueL
    (Out: 11/08/15)
    Not available in: Russia & Ukraine


  • Dead or Alive 5 LR
  • Hot Summer Costume Set
    £15.49/€18.99/AU$28.95 or £1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95 each
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • The Descent (Out 12/08/15)
  • LittleBigPlanet 3
  • Sci-Fi Adventures Level Creator Kit (Out 12/08/15)
  • Pinball Arcade
  • White Water Pro Upgrade (Out 12/08/15)


  • Dead or Alive 5 LR
  • Hot Summer Costume Set
    £15.49/€18.99/AU$28.95 or £1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95 each


  • Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3
  • Samurai News 07 (Out 12/08/15)

PlayStation Plus discounts

  • Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
  • 20% off
  • Kung Fury: Street Rage
  • 50% off

Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in August

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3 Author Replies

  • Booosh! Quiet this week then!

  • No more new games for Vita?

    • We have Volume and Resident Evil Revelations 2 coming next week (RER2 might be a week later, I can’t remember exactly)…

    • Squares launches later this week; next week has four with Resident Evil Revelations 2, Volume, The Bridge and Curses n Chaos. The week after has Nova-111 and One Piece Warriors 3.

      There are quite a few games inbound for the little handheld still.

  • I thought that toy box game with he-man and gi joe in it was supposed to be out?

  • It really has been a great couple of weeks for PS4 exclusive downloadable games.

    Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter, Galak-Z, Abyss Odyssey, Journey and N++

    What a time to be a PS4 owner……and the Xboxers would have you believe we have no games ;-)

    • You do know that there won’t be any xbox owners reading this right? So trolling them is a bit wasted…

    • well, huh, Galak-Z and N++ are really PS4 exclusive, though.

    • Is the vanishing of Ethan Carter a Playstation exclusive?
      That’s a shame since it lacks a platinum I was looking to get it on the XBox One, like I did with the other games that get denied a platinum.

    • Nah, it’s also on PC.

    • My PS4 is main machine but i have an Xbox one for the exclusives. Tbh, both consoles seem to be offering about the same in terms of games you will actually play.

      Take Halo for example, I can’t stand it, i’m not one for online modes but this series started off with a huge campaign, none of which have ever kept me playing, while Bloodborne on the PS4 is just too damn difficult for me to enjoy. There is a balance between the 2 machines and they can co-exist harmoniously without the need for the fanboy wars.

      I have bought Everybody’s gone to the rapture but I have to tear my self away from Banjo Tooie on Rare replay.

  • you guys should give Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons a try. loved that game!

    • Most people did…it was a plus game.

    • Not a very good Plus game either. Found it very dull.

    • It wasn’t dull but I did find the controls a bit odd to get my head around at first. Without spoilers it was the kind of game that brought about an emotional response especially the journey back home. Most people who played to completion will know what I mean by that

    • Personally I liked the game but I will never understand why games like Brothers and Journey actually gets people emotional.

    • Remember how you start the game and you face the cliff (it’s the first time you realise how the controls will take some time to get use to)…cut to the end and you face that cliff again. I can’t or rather won’t say anything else as it is a spoiler.

      Also when you reach the tree the events that happen there and what you have to do to progress the story.

      I can’t speak for Journey…granted Brothers isn’t’s not gut wrenching like that but it does elicit an emotional response.

  • Is Brothers cross-buy? I know I could just wait until tomorrow to find out for sure, but it can’t hurt to ask…

  • Any news about pre-order Pes 2016 Fifa 16 BLack ops 3 in Qatar store

  • The US-Store got “The Castle Game” last week – i am still missing it here, why?

  • Harvest Moon: Back to Nature?

  • Well there I was thinking Everybody’s Gone to Rapture was going to be some exploratory Bioshock landscape game…even thinking perhaps twisted otome where we romance sociopathic and psychopathic characters based on the type of plasmoids we were injecting…but no.

    It’s a god bothering game?!!??

    What’s next… drinking the purple Kool-Aid? A timed stealth based adventure where we sneak through the jungle of Guyana before congressman Ryan plane lands? Would give LeVar Burton and Powers Boothe some voice acting work.

    • It’s almost as if the concept of the rapture existed before 2007, but that would be silly.

    • Of course it did… you can easily find god bothering films like Thief in the Night and other such nonsense media….come on you have to remember those dodgy booklets from the 70’s with notions like hooking for Hey Zeus…or the whole evangelical acts of terror perpetuated on young children back in the 80’s by stating children were going to burn because they had E.T. backpacks.

      What I stated were sardonic facetious comments in regards to it, which obviously you didn’t understand. See Negativland and Jim Thirwell for further commentary on notions of biblical angry desert gods if you continue to be “confused”.

      Or go further back in time to when Constantine wanted to hedge his bets as he wasn’t quite sure that Sol Invictus was more than just a Tony Wakefield band.

    • It’s actually ‘Everybody’s Gone to ‘the’ Rapture. It’s the blog’s fault for getting it wrong.

    • @MaxDiehard

      In that case, that definitely sounds god bothering…will be passing that with my heathen self and back to Elder Scrolls where I’m able to get on with my ignominous corpse herding

  • Everybody Goes to Rapture!

    That wrong title changes the feel of the original title completely :D feels like its a game by media molecule.

  • Very tempted by Rapture but I’m going to wait to see what is new in the sale tomorrow then decide.

  • Uhm, what happened to Goat Simulator on PS3? And yes, it does exist, there’s even a trophy list.

  • I am shocked and happily surprised at that Goat Simulator price! :D

    I thought it’d be £15.99.

  • Woop woop, no Toy Soldiers. Great job again SCEE

  • Gauntlet & Brothers’ links are both the same and broken.

  • Shame I have to wait till tomorrow for some goat based fun.

    Unrelated but is sony aware of the slowness issues there currently are with PSN downloads. I know other people are having problems with very low download speeds, just hoping sony are trying to fix this issue as its getting a bit silly now.

    • Yeah i couldn’t even download updates for certain PS3 apps. I got two different error codes, and aborting a download stuck on a fixed percentage (either 0% or above 75%) by pressing O or shutting down the system, causes it to freeze and/or make the infamous “triple beep” when it’s not shut down properly. Hopefully i managed to do it after few attempts and waiting two hours, but hey…

    • There’s maintenance scheduled for August 18th from 0430am-0600am BST – hopefully that’s going to make a difference?

    • Not sure how the two things are related.

    • There’s an eternally optimistic part of me which hopes that PSN maintenance will make PSN better in some way. Perhaps by improving the download speeds

    • I’ve given up using the PS3 store as it’s impossible to use it.

      1) enter store
      2) use search function
      3) go to game page
      4) add to basket
      5) booted from store

      repeat ad nauseam

      6) finally log in to PC store
      7) add game to basket
      8) pay
      9) download

      and then

      10) after downloading to PS3 constantly receiving messages about a download I’ve already downloaded.

  • Where’s toy soldiers jawad?

  • When is PES 2016 demo coming out, because it’s not up on the store.

    • Come back in a few hours.

      Also Jawad, why do you ALWAYS forget to put the free DOA5 Last Round catalog DLCs in the list of new releases?

  • Does Goat Simulator include GoatZ and / or Goat MMO?

  • Jawad? Toy soldiers info please the silence is deafening! ?

    • It’s not out for another week or more for Europe.

    • I’ve come to realize that it’s just much easier to get a US PSN account and buy stuff from there, rather than get upset.

      This stuff happens so often I dont care that much anymore SCEA gets my money instead.

    • Another game gets caught in the SCEE QA net. The QA process for Europe seriously needs streamlining and bringing in line with the US. It came out there on time, that means at the very least the game works in English, French and Spanish (the three languages needed to pass SCEA QA) so why not countbthat as a pass in Europe for those languages too and release the game?

      I know that SCEE and SCEA are “separate entities” but that is something of Sonya own creation and could be changed, just as Sony is the only company with a download store that thinks NTSC and PAL still exist and need separate companies to handle them.

    • Toy Soldiers is currently available on Xbox one Europe.

    • It is supposed to be today as Xbox has it to buy now plus NA got it yesterday I think.

    • All XB1 arcade game come out at the same time in NA/EU but you should know by now that’s it’s not possible for SCEE.

    • @TrueMurton
      True, it’s a shame that too many games have missed EU or ends up getting released half a year late (Good example would be Costume Quest)

      Shantae, Phantom Breaker and now Toy Soldiers.

      But come on, Grim Fandango and EVEN Suikoden III released on time without any problems.

  • Was that Kung Fury game a mobile phone game? The only controls are punch left and punch right. I thought it was going to be some properly authentic brawler with 8 way movement and lots of moves and stages. Dunno what I was expecting for £2 (Plus price). Oh well. Some easy trophies there…

    I still wish Capcom could release all their remaining arcade brawlers onto PSN (love Alien Vs Predator and Battle Circuit). And give us PS4 versions of the ones already on there such as the Dungeons & Dragons games.

  • What about Toy soldiers?! Thought it was coming out this week!?!

  • PS4 just getting mobile quality shovelware. where are the games that push the power of the system ? only true next gen quality game this year is Fallout 4.

    • Come on mate, that’s a bit of a stretch, especially since it’s not even out yet. Not impressed with Bloodbourne? Arkham Knight?

    • Arkham Knight was a waste of time and money. Sold that game within 2 days of receiving it with my PS4. I like the Batman themed PS4 I got though. :)

    • From what we’ve seen so far the only way Fallout 4 is going to “push the power of the system” is through the horrendous memory leaks that all Bethesda games suffer from.

      2015 and they’re still pushing out games on that broken Gamebryo engine.

  • Brothers costs even more on PS4 than it did on PS3? Why?

    Not even an upgrade option?


  • Any news on Guilty Gear Xrd DLC ?

  • What’s the point of moving the store update to a Tuesday, if over half of the content is out on a Wednesday? Seems kinda pointless…

    • ~~~~insert Benny Hill music~~~~

      If you look out your lounge window you’ll see me and the ghost of Patrick McGoohan running down the beach being chased by a giant balloon.

  • Isn’t Bedlam coming out this week?

  • Apologies for posting here but Support haven’t responded for a week.
    I tried to take advantage of the wallet top-up via Paypal a couple of weeks ago and had issues with it. I contacted support (Incident: 150723-005524) who advised me to contact Paypal.
    I contacted Paypal and they said my account was fine and I should ask Sony to contact them.
    I responded to Sony regarding this, haven’t heard a response and the offer has since expired. Just to rub salt in to the wounds, my PS+ subscription was due too so have re-subscribed without being able to take advantage of the offer.

    Is there anything you can do and/or advise to escalate this?


  • So, what on earth happened to Bedlam? it was supposed to be out last week…

  • Any news about Pure pool Snooker DLC?

    • I asked em that on twitter a week or so ago and they responded :

      VooFoo ‏@VooFoo · Jul 30
      No official date yet, but be sure to look out for an announcement in the near future.

  • Again no The Castle game?

    Update looks good tho :)

  • ETA on PES demo? Seems like the store has updated but no PES demo as of yet.

  • Whatever is happening with Pavilion, Salt & Sanctuary, Darkest Dungeon, Source, The Witness, Rime…and a lot of other games? Seems like most of these were announced an eons ago…

    Rapture & Goat Simulator for me. :)

  • Hi there,

    Where is the PES 2016 demo??? can´t find it on PS store.

  • No sign of Actual Sunlight? It’s been released in the US today.

  • loved ethan carter, but everybody gones to the rapture deserves it’s ratings, sorry , but the game is ruined just because your character walks soo slowly, no running button , apprently the game last 6 hours despite the slow walking and large area , this time i’ll wait before buying after the reactions i’ve got on this game, so nothing for me this week again, but as each year, the second semester is the moment ( after playing until dawn ) where i will play nearly exclusively on xbox one where 6 exclusive boxed titles are on their way until end of year, each year is the same, fist semester on my ps4 , second one on my xbox one , lol .

  • Why U no advertise Yakuza 5 interview part 2?

  • I know it’s been asked already, and at the risk of being publicly ignored 2 weeks in a row, where is the PURE POOL SNOOKER DLC!?

    • I asked em that on twitter a week or so ago and they responded :

      VooFoo ‏@VooFoo · Jul 30
      No official date yet, but be sure to look out for an announcement in the near future.

  • Brothers is amazing game hoped would be Cross-buy.PES demo hopefully it’s back to the glory days.

  • Man PSN Europe is ridiculous, everything comes out today everywhere but Europe.

    • True. Dragon Age: Inquisition The Descent was advertised as being out on the 11th of August and not the twelfth. Always seems Europe is the last to get anything.

  • Please add Killzone SF (and SP bundle) to Summer Sale.

  • Am I the only one who’s quite annoyed that Shantae risky’s revenge has been on the U.S. psn for about two months now and not a single word when or if it’ll be coming to the Europe psn?

  • Torquel is $6.99 on the US store and £8.99 on our store. That is a completely BS conversion.

    Just thought I’d post that because it’s f-ing ridiculous

  • Brothers A Tale of Two Sons is showing up as £15.99 instead of the advertised price just though I would let you know ;)

  • Where toy soldiers for ps4 in UK and I need to get it :,( I not want buy other on this week list :( but maybe today or Friday :( because same thing happen yugioh ps4 in UK last week
    eu and USA PlayStation store same time but I hope Sony do all eu game out same time USA

  • Rocket League DLC is out tomorrow (13th) according to the developers on Twitter

  • STILL no Phantom Breaker (PS4) – What the hell… US have had it for weeks now :(

  • I paid $13.45 for Goat Simulator (PS4), and now it’s showing $12.10 (10% off for PS+ which I didn’t get). Will the difference be refunded automatically or do I have to contact PS Support?

  • hi i like know why no uncharted remaster demo since meant be out this month and aslo there some complains about why indies games on voteing list not AAA games .

    • You seriously think publishers are going to give away £60 games for free?!?! What is wrong with a brand new indie every month? They are 9/10 BETTER than AAA.

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