Side-scrolling puzzler TorqueL hits PS4 and PS Vita this month

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Minimalist physics-based action from Playism

Hey everyone! Nayan from Playism here. We released Astebreed just a little while ago, but it’s just the beginning of what we’re hoping to do with our releases on PlayStation.

The next game we’re releasing is TorqueL, a physics-based side scrolling puzzle action game with a minimalistic art style, developed by

You play a particularly well-dressed gentleman trapped inside of a box. Using this unusual means of conveyance, our plucky hero must overcome obstacles, avoid pits, and get to the goal of each level.

To do this, you can roll your box around the environment by pushing the left stick in the appropriate direction, but without the ability to jump, getting over pits or up hills is going to be a challenge.

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Luckily, you have a trick up your magnificent sleeves. Each side of the box is mapped to one of the four face buttons, and pressing said button “extends” that side. Using momentum and gravity you’ll soon be flying through the air and making your way to the goal in style.

Packed with 50 stages of death-defying, gravity-reversing, topsy turvy puzzle action madness, TorqueL is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on 11th August for just £8.99/€10.99, and will be a Cross Buy compatible!

We can’t wait for all you action puzzle fans to get your hands on TorqueL and find out why it’s worth spin!

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