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Here at PlayStation, we always welcome your feedback and work really hard to bring your requests and suggestions to life wherever possible. With that in mind, I’m excited to announce a new PlayStation Plus feature that literally puts the choice in your hands – Vote to Play.

With this new feature, we’re asking PlayStation Plus members to vote on one of several great as-yet unreleased PlayStation 4 (PS4) games to be included in the upcoming month’s game line-up.

The game with the most votes will automatically be included in our future monthly games line-up. But don’t worry if your pick doesn’t quite make the cut. In the first promotion, you can purchase the runners-up at a discounted price exclusive to PlayStation Plus members.

To be clear, Vote to Play will not be a monthly feature, but will take place at regular intervals throughout the year. We love to listen to our members – and we’re really excited to launch this new exclusive feature. We hope you enjoy it!

We’ll have more details for you soon on when voting begins, what titles will be up for voting, and how you can cast your vote.

If you don’t already have a PlayStation Plus account and would like to learn more about the benefits of the service, such as the monthly games, access to online multiplayer on PS4, exclusive member discounts, cloud game saves and more, click here.

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  • Hopefully there will be titles to everyone’s taste. As I’m sure I’m not the only one who is tired of reading “what!? more indies” or “why not make [insert game] a PS plus title!?”

    • If its 3 indies we have to choose from, you will end up hearing even more of those comments.

    • This won’t solve that problem because people, including me, also want some retail games, the way it used to be. The 3 titles to choose from will be unreleased so they will, without a doubt, be indie games (actual indies because download-only games with a publisher will not be free on day 1).

      Still, getting a choice is definitely a step in the right direction, though it only happening once in a while makes me uneasy… This sounds like when they had everyone believing that things were going to change when they announced the next 2 months ahead of time at the end of last year.

      I guess we’ll see. I welcome the initiative.

    • @Njitram2000
      I expect it’s unsettling for an indie studio to do this experiment. If you get chosen you get an substantial amount of money and your game is considered ‘the best’. If not your game is perceived as less desirable by the general public. I’m not sure if when I worked a year at a game with a bunch of my mates if I would go that route.

    • The gaming community is infuriating on way too many occasions.
      ….I guess everyone’s got an opinion. Seems like no one has any business sense though….

    • It’s no different to what steam has been doing.
      It’s a good thing.

  • Presumably this doesn’t change the number of games in the IGC? It’s just a different way of (occasionally) selecting one of the games?

  • Interesting concept, but the “vote on one of several great as-yet unreleased PlayStation 4 (PS4) games” gives it away that the options will all be indie titles, as PS+ games are usually recent AA titles, older AAA titles, or new indies.

    Not that I don’t care for all indies – there are a lot of them that are good to play if you can sift out the diamonds from the pile, but I’d also like to see more of a return to the days when I first bought my PS+ membership – the days when we were getting Dragons Dogma, Muramasa Rebirth, Tomb Raider, Dragons Crown and Metro: Last Light.

    I’ll hold my opinion and wait to see the details however.

    • Exactly what I was thinking.

    • I Believe getting old PSX or PSP games wouldn’t hurt either. Most ppl now days dont even know what good stuff we had in PSP and PSX Generation.
      (Ex: Like CastlevaniSOTN, Metal Gear, Guilty Gear or God Eater,FF:DissidaDC012, Dj MAX Fever)

  • So we get to pick one game. Does this mean we only get one ‘free’ game per platform and not 2 like we’re getting now?

  • Vote for even more crappy indiegames?
    Seriously… I dident buy a $300 next gen console to play old ps3 games and 2d pixel games from early 90’s.

    • Dude go buy a AAA, sounds like you can afford it. Most the indies are new not 90s, I for one enjoy games a little different from FPS and the other yearly rehashed AAAs that people seem to flock towards like sheep!

    • @ Flipside666
      We are talking about PS+, and there have been more rehashed indies which look like games from the 90’s than rehashed FPS’s on PS+.
      Dont act like you’re the one that believes in diversity when you cant even see how many similar indie games we have been fed (including remakes/ports of games we already got) over the last year.

    • I disagree, what makes you think plus should be about AAAs, that’s not what it was originally about, we got spoilt towards the end of the ps3s life because there were a ton of AAAs worth 5 quid, you can’t expect Sony to give out 20 30 or 40 quid games out free every month.

    • @ Flipside666
      PS+ wasnt originally about indies either.
      Disagree all you want, the fact is we get far more indies than AAA’s. I’m not asking for PS+ to be ‘about AAA’s, im just asking for 50/50 so everyone is happy, not just people like you.

      And wake up, most AAA games are not even £20 anymore. games like killzone, black flag, watch dogs, wolfenstein all go near or less than £10. Question the quality of the games all you like, but I could bet my life there would be more interest in any one of those than any other PS+ game we have had until now.

    • Preach it Dominator.

    • But it can’t be 50/50 yet it’s too early in the ps4s life, not enough games.

    • Some of us did, though :P
      It’s more fun to play indies on PS4 than on PC =D

    • there are enough cheap AAA games to give away every second month, too soon for every month. and “not enough games” is not an excuse anymore. however I appreciate one indie a month policy. I would not have even tried FEZ or Rocket League if they cost as low as 1 pound. if you have played since the 90s, you would clearly see that those games are so advanced since those days that sometimes it does not even make sense to make a pretty wrapper. gameplay is where it’s at and because of cheap price, they can drop the grind altogether and leave concentrated fun without justifying short campaign. if Order 18XX was indie with lesser GFX, nobody would have complained.

  • Rather than vote a game to dish out to everyone, why not just give each subscriber the 1 game they want out of the 3, and pay the publisher on a per download basis?

    • Because that would turn out to be 1. more expensive for Sony and 2. not favorable for some smaller indie developers.

    • Nothing suggests it would be more expensive.
      As for point 2, tough luck. If hardly anyone wants to buy indies at inflated PSN EU prices and indie devs are not favoured in the PS+ vote, then it shouldnt be hard for those devs and Sony to come to the conclusion that playstation isnt the best platform for them.

      Theres no need to force them on us just because theres not enough demand naturally.

    • But I do like this idea.

    • Exactly. If it’s okay any given game on the list to be made free, then what harm would it do to let me choose which one that is directly?

  • Iv got too say when i first heard about this i expected it too be just the americans who would get a vote what with all the love they get from sony,its nice too see sony include every ps+ user.

  • Great. Judging by the comments here every month people have awful taste so no doubt the one that wins will be the one I don’t want. I hope more than anything Knack is never a voting option.

  • I hope we get to see more RPGs on the ps4 soon. There arent that many around.

    • If you like JRPGs, 2016 will leave your wallet with a gaping hole. I’m already preparing my wallet XD

      Just to give you a few examples: Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, Star Ocean V: Integrity and Faithlessness, Sword Art Online: RE: Hollow Fragment & Sword Art Online: Lost Song, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, Tales of Zestiria, Persona 5, World of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest XI, and many others I might’ve missed, these are all releasing either later this year or next year, none of these are of the 2017+ slated titles.

  • It sounds like an ok option if the 3 games (or at least one) is good. It would be nice to include a 4th option to show you, who are yearning for our opinion, there is nothing we care for so you can up your game the next time.
    But you can also read the many articles online explaining how the games on Plus are a disappointment compared to the time Europe got their own games.

    • Just what I was thinking: add an option ‘I don’t like the other 3 games’. If our only options are ‘artsy indie’, ‘shooter X’ and ‘shooter Y’ I’d like to be able to vote my discontent of the selection given. If they give a well balanced selection however….

      I also like the idea given here to get the game of your choosing, though, as taste might differ a lot between subscribers. But then again: if a game would get a lot of votes, but just not enough to make it, I’m sure it would return later on, because of Sony knowing it is popular enough. Right?

  • So we pick one of the three games and still get one more that you pick for us? Will the total number of games still be 6?

  • I feel like this could be a bad idea, because gamers don’t know what they want. They don’t buy what’s good, but what the marketing tells them is good. Most people would choose a crappy zombie game with a Metascore of 50 over gems like Spelunky or OlliOlli. So in the end it would hurt having clueless gamers choose the games instead of PlayStation who actually know what’s good.

    • So, in short;

      “People are stupid because they would rather play The Witcher 3 than Spelunky, because I say so”

      Have you any idea how ridiculous you sound? This will affect presumably one of six games, occasionally, during the year. It will give feedback to sony directly, give developers an idea of what people want, and mean more engagement with us gamers.

    • I think it’s pretty obvious I was not talking about Witcher 3, as it is actually a good game and will also not be on PS+ in the next few years. So I don’t know where you got that from. If you want an actual real world example, Knack is a great one. I see so many people demanding it for PS+, but it’s Metascore of 54 (!) doesn’t even reach PS+’ own standard of a 70+ Metascore. Still, I think the majority of people would prefer it over “another crappy indie game” like Rogue Legacy (Metascore 85), OlliOlii 2 (86), Isaac Rebirth (88), Spelunky (88 on Vita), Axiom Verge (84) etc., just because they have never heard of them as they have no idea of games outside of the big marketed ones.

    • Have you ever played Knack?
      It’s better then every single indie game I got from Plus.
      Don’t get me wrong, I love indie games, just played Journey and Life is Strange but clearly those indie games never make it to Plus.
      I lived trough a zillion pixelated games (yes I’m that old) and I don’t care for more of that crap.

    • Im like 33/66 with you. Im even not interested in Witcher and people are like “whaaaaaaaat?”. Well, but, Im never saying its a bad game or whatever, because, Im one of those guys who just rat things they know, not that what media said about it and actually, I just dont care about Witcher. People have different tastes and stuff, right? :) … Ohh, right, media… You know… on the one side you complain about the taste of the mass, but on the other side you are talking about metascore… You know, the taste of the mass is so bad BECAUSE they care too much about metascore… OmegaQuintet has just a rating of 54 (because its japanese and the west hate japanese games. Oh and because people dont understand that they SHOULD NOT use the ALWAYS crappy english-dubs…) but I bet its way more fun than most of the games that are rated good. :P People should start playing the stuff THEY want and not that what media wants them to play… When was the last time a game was FUN for the mass? Must be more than a decade ago for many people. =D

    • Yes I did play Knack and it was one of the worst 3d platformer action thingies I have ever played, if not the worst. Even some mediocre Spongebob PS2 game was much more enjoyable than that

  • @Chris, any date on a possible release for Phantom Breaker on PS4 in Europe? ‘Muricans already have it, yet the target audience is in Europe QQ

  • I like this idea but i have 2 key questions. Firstly, will this effect the number of ps+ titles given away each month? And secondly, are the games that don’t get chosen likely to be announced for ps+ a month or two down the line? I don’t want to end up paying for something that didn’t get chosen only for it to be offered for free to the very same people that didn’t vote for it when they had the chance.

    • The way I understand it is they’ll offer 3 games, the one that gets picked comes to PLUS and the other two get a pricecut. So it would be nonsensical to offer the other 2 down the line. On the other hand, they also constantly do sales of games just before they hit the IGC so you never know how silly it can get..

    • This was my initial question when I heard about this. Giving a discount for a game that doesn’t make it? Great.
      Does that mean these discounted games then get part of the service later on after I paid for the game? Not Cool.

      Hopefully this gets clarified, otherwise its pointless offering the discount, if you know if you wait you can get the game for free.

  • I love indies and i want more! Regarding the vote to play feature i love the idea, i just hope they will be new titles. It would be kind of good to get 1 brand new title every month.

  • This is a great idea, and if it’s successful we might start to see votes on potential older AAA games, but it’s a good move to start with and I welcome it. Problem however, for voting on already released games is that we will all naturally vote for games we don’t already own…which might not be the ideal choice for the IGC, certainly be interesting if it ever did evolve to that, but for the time being unreleased games is understandable. Be interesting to see how the voting goes though…

  • I approve of this idea!

  • To quote Super Hans from Peep Show –

    “People listen to Coldplay and voted for the Nazi’s. You can’t trust people”

    In theory this could be a neat idea but it’s dependant on the quality of the titles offered to us, but judging by the recent output on ps+ i don’t have much hope for anything decent to be offered.

    For what it’s worth my vote would go for a decent driving game on ps4 that is more that just a glorified demo.

  • Hi,

    This is an interesting feature but I’m glad it’s not every month as I liked the nice surprises like Rocket League and Velocity 2X which were on Plus at launch.

    However I just wanted to ask about a different Plus feature and that’s Cloud Saves.
    This system works really well on Vita and PS3 and the 1GB limit isn’t an issue at all there, however I can’t even use the feature on PS4.
    First of all the size of saves has increased significantly for some reason and so 1GB is now way too small and only enough for a few games. I hit the limit really early in my PS4 days and there’s no smart way to sort my online saves. This is huge issue and realistically stops PS4 cloud saves from being viable.
    Second the automatic upload feature should work on all consoles I play on not just my primary one as I actually spend a lot of time on another PS4 yet I have to manually upload/download saves which is super easy to forget and becomes frustrating.
    It’s a shame because I really like the system on Vita as it’s quick and easy to check the status and upload/download saves.
    I hope PlayStation are looking into this as it’s a really useful feature that is a little broken right now.


  • If only the EU IGC were as good as the Japanese one. Japanese PLUS users enjoyed awesome games such as Killzone:Shadow fall, BLAZBLUE CHRONOPHANTASMA, Disgaea 3, Atelier Meruru plus, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel and toukiden, among others.

    BTW: What happened with the previous poll you made asking the same a couple years ago? .

  • this is a total scam. for them to even be able to offer the games they would already have made a deal to have them for free. this is just an illusion of choice.

  • My vote goes for real games and less indies.

    • The thing is, indies are ofter far more real games than the generic AAA crap. Not always, of course, but quite often.

    • @Finka while I agree there are some really good thought provoking quality indie games, there’s also a lot of shallow hipster carp that’s shovelled about. Indie isn’t a coverall for good gaming, it has its highs and lows just like big budget games.

    • @Finka (again), sorry should have taken a bit more notice before I replied, you pretty much said the same thing anyway.

  • Some PS Move titles would be nice – it would help sell the hardware. The same was for my Vita – bought it after getting over 10 titles from Plus.

    • If anything they should be headed towards all ps4 now. Ridiculous that 2/3 of the content on offer is still for a last-gen console and a dead portable. Not even to mention never getting AAA on ps4.. Lots of room for improvement I’d say.

    • @Stonesthrow If you at least don’t hate Japanese games, Vita is 10/10 alive with full HP and going for level 9000. However, if you hate Japanese stuff… well, Vita’s probably not for you.

      I’m much more happy with my Vita than with X360 for instance.

  • It’s a nice idea and builds engagement with customers, we shall see how it pans out dependant on choices.

    Two requests:

    Please return NZ support to being local oceanic, dealing with UK support is a horrid experience in comparison
    Please clarify the availability of the PS4 Dishonored 50% off upgrade option in EU, keen to double dip if happening

    • It’s kind of ironic really. It does build engagement with customers but on the other hand we’ve been asking for AAA for years now and this is like adding salt to the wound in that aspect :d They’re listening to us, but not really..

  • Where did Deal of the week go?

    • “Deal of the week”? Oh you mean the “Way more than retail but cheaper than exorbitant digital price game of the week”

    • You decide!*

      *as long as it’s one of the three games that we have already chosen for you to vote between.

  • Good idea but i am 100% sure that it’s gonna be badly executed. To me this is just a excuse for Sony´s folks to answer back to us about the awful PS+ quality nose dive.

    For ex:
    *Lists 3 mediocre/generic indie games, we vote on it*
    Us – “We dont like the games. Why is PS+ so bad now?”
    Them – “Oh you dont like them? Well… you guys were the ones to vote on it so…”

    I already made peace with myself. PS+ will never be the same now that is a mandatory online pay wall, but i think, the best option would be to just give us the “play online” subscription at a lower cost instead of forcing the full service with the games. Give us the option to choose only to play online or get the full service with games.

    • Agreed. This can’t last either way. People (except maybe Indie lovers) should start demanding more or just go without online until some changes are made. Our wallets are the only things they’ll listen to.

    • So, your “best” option should be still pay for something that should be free, i.e, have access to the MP portion of the games I bought!? In case you didn’t know who has the responsability to manage the features of the games on offer ARE the developers/publishers of said games. And most go the P2P cheaper way because thay can’t/won’t go for the more expensive: dedicated servers.

      Now, tell me, WHY should I pay for that (P2P)? Basically every interaction and data transfer is done between USERS, with a small load system-side. No, thanks.

      The mentality that you should have to pay for EVERY online portion of games on consoles, and that it is a GOOD thing, is a pervasive one, FUD, that spread like wildfire some years ago from a certain camp and currently infestates the current gaming climate.

      So, YES, the money I put into PS+ goes into the games first, then all the other features minus online MP.

      If tommorrow PS+ just offered online MP, even at a cheaper price, I would immediately cancel my subscription or let it run out.

  • Great idea although “we’re asking PlayStation Plus members to vote on one of several great as-yet unreleased PlayStation 4 (PS4) games to be included in the upcoming month’s game line-up.” indicates we have yet to wait for AAA on ps4 for the foreseeable future. I would rather get a notice that we’ll finally be getting a steady supply of AAA than having a choice in Indies I’m not interested in 9 times out of 10. Too little, too late..

    • I end up not bothering with the monthly games, they’re always little pieces of.. yeah. People complain about complainers though, “you’re getting free games a month, stop whining” but that right there is bull, we’re paying for a service that gives us free games a month, I know thats why I signed up, paying for free games lol and only a couple of games are even worth it. £30-£40 a year is a ripoff if you’re only getting 2 games.

    • I’m not sure what you’re expecting here. Xbox Live showed that people would pay that price just for the privilege of playing online. So you’re complaining that Sony made a choice that made the most sense, and you get the 6 games a month… Whether or not you care about them is down to personal choice; I, personally, haven’t had much interest in well over half of the games that have been in Plus for PS4, but I’m not going to turn around and say it’s not value for money.

    • Yea I hated Microsoft just for introducing the idea. I never did it out of principle (just once for Halo Reach:p). Sony has taken a serious dive in getting respect from me by following suit in this matter.. Especially since they did it so (relatively?) well on a previous, older console. I don’t notice much changes now that it’s payed for.. My ps3 did the same job just fine for no extra fee. And I’m definitely not saying PLUS isn’t value for its money, just that the selection is very one sided and I happen to be on the wrong side..

  • It’s about time! :D Indie titles isnt what I signed up for, so stop getting bu**hurt over people saying “whut, more indie titles?” I imagine thats all we’ll get to vote from, but even if it’s like 5 games a month, 1 PS3, 1 PS4 and 3 Indie titles, I’d be fine with that, I think they should add in PS Now titles though. I’d like to get one of the games from a previous PS+ back up there, people would hate that though, they’d cry over how we’ve already had it ^_^

  • I think it’s obvious what some of us would like for our money but our expectations could be very hard to meet. I suspect its quite hard to keep producing the kind of content some of would like while still making money. We could be in a situation where the rate we consume free games can outpace the rate of game development.

    That said, most of my Indie games on every platform have ended up in the same place as my casual mobile motion and f2p games did. Lots of alternative options exist for retro games which cause me to ignore them. Amiga Forever or a ZX Spectrum recreation. Sega provides many retail options too.

  • There will be no AAA games in this vote only indie titles…… the winner of the three goes into plus and the other two will be given a plus discount for those who wanted them instead

    • There are some amazing indies and small titles out there, like Dust: An Elysian Tail and Valiant Hearts: The Great War (yes I know Valiant Hearts is a Ubisoft title). Allowing us to vote for which we want gives us a chance to avoid the sub-par garbage and for that, I am thankful.

  • I’m actually okay with this. Great idea, give a cookie to whoever came up with it!

  • The people are going to be disappointed anyway though.

  • Okay this is a good thing but still it is not clear how frequent we can vote.
    Not to mention that PSN really needs some more upgrades like a better search tool, wishlist, global store instead of this stupid regions ones, better connection, price adjustments and so on and so on…

    • Hey look on the bright side, at least we the players get authority over what will happen (if you can even consider the voting system ‘authority’)*

      *Yes, really

  • Oh nooo! That’s a pretty bad idea, but thank god it is PS4 only. People will always vote for Japanese games which I hate so much.

    • Japanese games on PS4? In which ideal universe do you live? I want to move there right now.

    • You bought the wrong console if you don’t like Japanese games…

    • “You bought the wrong console if you don’t like Japanese games…” — In wondering about that every couple of days. =D I dont understand why people are with PlayStation but hate japanese games. Or why rumors say Vita would be dead … I even have no PS4 yet BECAUSE it has no japanese games. I mean, whats wrong, Sony? You are Japanese too, right? DO SOMETHING! :D When I just would want to shoot stupidly around and graphics and stuff, I would play on PC, because they get over9000 fps-indies per day via Steam-Greenlight and omg look my over 60fps ultrahyperrealisticzomfgolololblockbusteraaa-graphixxxx. … But Im wondering more about what 34 meant. I mean, people would always vote for Japanese games? In which universe? In german media, when they bring eg rarely NIS announcments about a game, people are like “They can keep their stupid mangragrapics childrengames, nobody needs that junk!” … Thats sad :(

  • I am so happy Sony is doing this I can vote on a game I want so I won’t have to go to a store and use up money best part is xbox(microsoft) can’t do it cause that’s copying Sony and they can sue. Once again proving that PlayStation is the better console and that Xbox sucks.

  • Anything planned for PSV and PS3?

  • Cool ;) + i am glad it’s not going to be a monthly feature to because i don’t always like what most people like on the internet games wise(like RPG games etc etc)

    • When the good game loses because the majority would vote for a [DELETED] AAA wannabe over any amazing indie, it’d get put up with a discount at least and some of these will be on release day so it’s still a good deal. I’m looking forward to Armello the most from the 3 that seem to be the starting lineup for Vote to Play.

  • Still no comment about improving PSN overall though? It’s like Sony are just blanket ignoring the collossal feedback push for #betterPSN

  • Great, we’re already arguing about this XD

  • A good feature potentially ruined by a bad/toxic community. It wouldn’t be the first…

  • I am looking forward to this, great to put some choices in the hands of the subscribers. Thanks!

  • I’d like to see more than games each month. Why can’t we choose between a movie or an album instead? Plenty of content on the store than just games. A theme even? Open the choice right up to all media.

    • Movies and Music aren’t available on all PS stores, only very select countries. Offering games is universal and, that’s what people are subscribing to PS+ for in the first place; games. We used to get themes and avatars on PS3 but that seems to have stopped a long time ago, at least on the UAE store (it seems to be still ongoing on the US store)

  • Smoke and mirrors. It’s not much of a choice if Sony decide beforehand what the subset of titles are. Why not open up the entire back catalogue, including AAA games that we used to be offered instead of the lacklustre indi titles we’ve been getting lately. There must be loads that are floundering in discount hell.

  • There’s a picture going around that the first Vote to Play will be a choice between Grow Home, Zombie Vikings and Armello. If it’s really those three I’m voting Armello in a heartbeat! That game would be the best PS4 offering since Dust: An Elysian Tail and Valiant Hearts: The Great War

  • well first of all I’m not complaining about the ps+ service but i think as a costumer from day 1 on ps+ and if u compare the games we use to get on ps3 that was really good and AAA games now it change for ps4
    i can understand its still kind of new console but still if we compare it to Xbox Gold they get pretty good games every month! just to compare they got: Rayman Legends, Child of Light, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Metro 2033 and so on….. so what i’m trying to say is, there is some games that already old enough that they can give us on the ps+ every month also there is lots of Remastered games that i think they can include also.
    well…for me its will be playstation forever i still like the games and the way you play on ps4 but eventually i will own also xbox one so i can enjoy both of the worlds.
    but i only wish if playstation can get back to the happy days of ps+ that was on ps3 :)
    great week and lets hope for good news every month

  • knackman6 here and like to thank you for this privilege it a honor toget to vote for our game we get on ps4 this is knackman6 and I guess greatness awaits.

  • so where can i vote?

  • I would like to just point out, PS+ started almost 3.5 years after the PS3 released … Also the PS+ lineup for the first two years of the PS3 was also mostly smaller digital titles.

    5 Years into the PS3 lifecycle we started to see AAA titles quite often in the PS+ Lineup, see a pattern here?

    Why people beleive they should be getting AAA games on PS+ for the PS4 is beyond me. I can imagine that 5 years into the PS4 lifecycle we probably will but to think that’s going to happen now is just not realistic. By the time a game hits PS+ the publisher is basically giving it away the subscription cost is almost nothing, sony needs to take a cut aswell.

    6 games, 5 euros … + Sony’s cut. Can you blame publishers for not wanting to give away thier AAA releases for as little 50 cent per PS+ user (for example) a year or two after they have released the game? I sure as hell don’t.

    Been very happy with the service, keep it up!

  • I think we should have plants vs zombies and a decent fighting game. Both for ps4

  • Please put alien isolation for free.

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