Snooker expansion comes to Hustle Kings this week

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Snooker expansion comes to Hustle Kings this week

New free-to-play features for the popular pool sim

Hustle Kings and Queens, It’s time to put on your waistcoat and dickie bow, and jump into games of snooker for absolutely free! Yes, very soon you will be able to play online games of Snooker 6 and full sized games in our new snooker arena, in addition to Hustle Kings which is free to play on PlayStation Store.

Purchase the Snooker Exhibition Pack for Hustle Kings to gain unlimited access to the snooker arena where you can enjoy leisurely offline knockabouts alone or with friends, as well as private online matches with other owners of the pack whenever you like, without spending any Hustle Kings Credits. Don’t forget, to also play eight and nine-ball pool games against your friends you will need the standard Exhibition pack.


Our next update due tomorrow. 29th July, will add in the following cool new features:

  • Online league games and tournaments featuring Snooker 6 and full size snooker games
  • Special timed events will now allow you to play nine-ball games online for a limited time
  • A range of weird and wonderful cues available for purchase in the in game store to allow you to stand out from the crowd when playing online.
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You pool sharks have been putting some serious table time into Hustle Kings. Here’s some of the amazing stats you have all contributed to:

  • There are now 2.5 BILLION HKC in circulation!
  • Over 3.5 million matches have been played online
  • Someone, somewhere has racked up an incredible 690 consecutive online wins. Well done whoever you are!
  • Over 19.5 million balls have been potted
  • You’ve amassed 6,800 days of table time – that is some serious cue balling!


And there is much more to come. We are working on some exciting new content for you to enjoy that we will be dropping in the coming months.

Don’t forget you can tweet any feedback with #HustleKingsPS4 or direct @SonyXdevEurope

Keep hustling, people!

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6 Author Replies

  • Am I right in thinking this is also coming to Pure Pool?

  • Pure pool is a different game. This is also free to play!

  • Hustle Kings on the PS4 has nothing to do with VooFoo who made it for the PS3 and have also made Pure Pool for the PS4.

    That said, both studios release their snooker DLC on the same day will cause confusion for sure!

    XDev release snooker for the remastered free-to-play Hustle Kings whilst VooFoo release snooker DLC for Pure Pool…on the same day!

    • I didn’t realise they were by different studios, as I had already bought Pure Pool I didn’t bother getting Hustle Kings.

      Thanks for explaining that, makes it much clearer.

  • That’s one less thing people will be complaining about on the weekly store update. Well done, XDev for finally getting this out there! :)

  • Anyone interested in Snooker check out its an amazing site where you can play snooker online for free against online players and you can also participate in tournaments.

  • We have also added an extra difficulty setting to the career mode to allow you to win more HKC. Don’t forget to check out the new range of funky cues we have added to the game!

  • Can you clarify what you can and cannot do with Hustle Kings in Snooker without buying the Exhibition Pack?

    • Hi Homer – The exhibition pack allows you to play snooker offline or online with your friends without having to spend HKC.
      However without the exhibition pack you can still play online snooker and snooker 6 matches or tournaments. However these cost an amount of HKC. You get free HKC when you boot the game for the first time, you also get HKC by beating each difficulty in the career mode and also successfully completing daily challenges. Finally you can also win HKC by beating online opponents in the league mode.

      You can spend your HKC either playing in online games/tournaments, or buy cool new cues or balls or even special chalks and items to give you an advantage online or offline in career mode.

  • Get addition. It’s really changed the game. I had around 300 games of pool under my belt and this has really shaken things up.
    Balls are really difficult to pot and the table is huge….just like real snooker. The line assistance isn’t so helpful now due to the tables size…..

  • Excuse me for being thick, but how can you label a paying DLC “free to play”?

    • Because that is the true meaning of what free to play is! Download the base game for free then pay for content, a bit like in-app purchases on phones! a real cash grab if you ask me!

    • The DLC pack allows you to play against your friends for no HKC charge, however you can still play 8 ball, snooker, snooker 6 and even 9 ball in the special timed events…all for free. Any purchases are optional and you don’t need to pay to play.

    • Can you explain why i need to pay the DLC if i want to unlock the snooker’s trophies ? Especially when I can still play snooker (online) without having this DLC … I could understand if we couldn’t play Snooker but we can still play snooker without have to pay the DLC.

  • COOL ;) I love Hustle Kings :P Not played it for a while tho but will check it out again + I prefer POOL really only because i lose quicker :D :D :D

  • So can I play offline with a friend with the same controller?

  • Great, that’s awesome thanks.


    Does the Snooker expansion feature A.I. opponents?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Bought the exhibition, really disappointed that I can only play 6 reds against a random without being robbed 20,000 per game when I only have 48,000, or 28,000 now as I lost the match, them fees are well to high…. When you buy it you should have 250 or 1000 games, not 20,000 just to play the game as its meant to be played, not the boring 6 ball version. Please fix

  • Also I must add th AI are shocking, the don’t play how snooker should be played, no obvious pot on, so they smash the pack (not play safe) and taking simple shots on but via the cushion, also, they manage to get out of every snooker (7 so far and some very difficult ones)… Feel robbed so far after paying for the pack, new to PS4, don’t have friends that like snooker, stuck to the 6 ball which I could have done free as I saved up my cash and lost most of it when I lost my first 15ball first game

    • Hi,

      You can build up credits by playing and winning both in pool and snooker online. The bigger the investment the bigger the rewards.
      You can also gain more HKC by beating the AI in each difficulty tier of the career mode and also by completing daily challenges.

      Exhibition packs allow you to play offline and online against friends with no need to spend HKC

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