Resident Evil Revelations 2 PS Vita release date confirmed

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 PS Vita release date confirmed

The action horror sequel goes portable on 18th August

Resident Evil and PS Vita fans, rejoice! The long wait is officially over – Resident Evil Revelations 2 is coming to PS Vita digital on 18th August.


The episodic survival-horror scare-fest we’ve all come to know and love is ready for its handheld debut via digital release on PlayStation Store. Made possible by the incredible team at Frima Studio, this collection brings all of the terror, action and mystery of the console versions to PS Vita. With that in mind, I wanted to take a quick moment to confirm a few of the additions and content we’re packing into this killer compendium.

Extra Episode 1Extra Episode 2

On top of the four core episodes, you’ll also get two bonus episodes known as “The Struggle” and “Little Miss.”

In the first, you’ll learn more about Moira’s struggle to survive on the island between Claire’s departure and Barry’s arrival. In the second, you’ll uncover more about the mysterious girl Natalia and her special abilities. Both episodes play a critical role in understanding these characters and how they play into the main campaign.

Raid Character HunkRaid Character Wesker

Of course, Revelations 2 wouldn’t be complete without Raid Mode which makes a big comeback with 15 playable characters (HUNK and Wesker included) and over 200 missions for lightning-fast action on the go. Additional content includes a throwback map pack and multiple storage expansions for Weapons, Parts and Albums.

If that wasn’t enough – we’ve got an awesome alternative costume pack chock full of new styles for your favourite characters in both Story and Raid modes. (Natalia’s costume limited to Story Mode.)

Smoke Test-20150702-0112

So there you have it, the big news is out! With that, we’re heading back down that lonely hallway called development to add some finishing touches. All you handheld horror fans can look forward to getting your hands on Resident Evil Revelations 2 on 18th August and we’ll be keen to hear your thoughts on it!

Oh, and as a friendly reminder, Raid Mode 2 player co-op over PlayStation Network is supported out of the gate, and we’ll be adding ad-hoc Raid Mode at a later date via a free content update. Stay tuned for more information.

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  • Oh lordy a release date! Looking forward to this!

    And isnt the adhoc and online coop backwards? Last time I heard the online was supposed to come at a later date?

    Regardless Im happy about the news.

    Also, what are the language options? I know that RE:REmake had a lot of voice tracks and subtitle options same as Revelaitons 2 on PC.

  • When can we see some gameplay video?

    • I hope there’s some gameplay footage too. Fingers crossed the game runs more like Killzone than Borderlands!

  • madmanwithabox12

    Price? Memory size?

    • It’s a shame you can’t just buy the raid mode as after trying it in episode 1 on PS4 that’s where most of my time will be spent.

    • Probably a BS conversion of $39.99 to £34.99 lol

      The PS4 version is £19.99, but something tells me they’re gonna try to rip off Vita owners. Because why the hell not?

    • And then wonder why nobody is buying a late release of a watered down game that’s widely available on more powerful platforms at $40 with a digital only release on an extremely niche platform that doesn’t particularly support digital gaming on this scale. It’s not rocket science Sony, you’re literally doing all the worst things possible.

  • You guys seem just as surprised there’s a game coming out for Vita as we are.

  • As PSBLOG US says, the price will be 40 dollars there so in our territory gonna be 40 euros, i think.

    I’ve already purchased PS3/PS4 physical+digital on their launch day because it’s Resident Evil, even this time will be a poor port on Vita i’ll still buy one i think.

    At least, CAPCOM tries.

  • If it was retail, I’d buy it day 1. Since it’s digital only, I’ll wait for a sale. A digital game isn’t worth as much for me and I struggle to find space on my 32 GB memory card. Still, cool that it’s here.

    I hope you’re gonna give us some more ports. Assassins’ Creed: Chronicles and X-Com should come soon from what I’ve heard, but classics like Morrowind, Gothic 2, KOTOR and old GTAs would be even better! Please make it happen! Sony and Bethesda owe us a TES game on a handheld since the PSP days, at least give us a Morrowind port. Porting GTA and KOTOR from mobile also shouldn’t cost massive money and would work great! I’m sure these ports would be profitable for you.

  • davisandrade5988

    I wanted a physical release! Come on IT’S RESIDENT EVIL! A recognizable franchise! Are you kidding me Sony?

    • Worrying, isn’t it? Niche and obscure games going digital-only is disappointing but understandable. This is just disappointing.

  • Finally :)
    Been waiting ♪ヾ(●´∀`●)ノ
    And since SFV beta is having a 1v1 with me and a black screen of to bed

  • Awesome. Like others I would much prefer buying physical releases. Luckily I’m in Hong Kong that week and the Asian version has an English voice track so I’m sorted… Hopefully the price of games in HK isn’t too much though!

  • I definitly wanna get this game on Vita, but some.things concern me.
    1. Noticed some lag in the trailer, hoping its not a bad port.
    2. The US price says 40 usd, no.way am i paying that much in pounds, maybe 25gbp
    3. Understandable but still would of liked a retail version

    All in all i hope you make more ports to the Vita in future, such as Gamelofts games

  • Do we get the Japanese voices?

  • I really wanted this, but the sentimental fool inside says it was a poor move not bringing Alyson Court back. So I’ll happily not buy this on that basis – given that I have such a huge backlog of games anyway.

    But I hope anyone who does buy it gets it at a better price than is rumoured…

    • Yep, this was the main issue putting me off to begin with. After a decade and a half of voicing Claire, it’s incredibly daft not to bring Court back.

    • Why it’s just a voice I’m an old school re fan I don’t mind the change weskers voice changed many times over the years,

  • If there’s not going to be a retail version, I reckon I’ll just get it on another platform instead. A digital-only release for such a well-known series is incredibly disappointing.

  • Well, at least we receive an occidental-type of game. But there are two major issues:

    – Price tag: It seems on US will be 39.99$, so 39.99€ will be most likely… fi you could, please confirm (40€ for a digital release only will be very, very expensive, you know, don’t you?)

    – Following the above… Why don’t you prepare a physical retail edition, even a limited one…? Most of us will be importing it from Asia (as soon as we check it’s on english of course) It will be cheaper, and we will be able to sell, borrow or just save space on your, quite expensive, memory cards…

    Just give it a thought, please….

    Anyway, thanks for some loving on vita…

  • Does this version have Alyson Court doing the voice of Claire? If not, its still a no buy. Then again, why was the 1st game never released on Vita? So I can avoid it like I did with the Dead Rising series on PS3 then?

    Sometimes I think Capcom go out of their way to stop me buying their games. :)

    • What a stupid thing to write lol you are not going to buy it because they changed the voice of Claire I’m an old re fan the voice I didn’t even notice it was different after a while.
      If a man had voiced her instead I might understand you are missing a very good re game.

  • $40 is ridiculous by the way. I’m in the UK and currently the Season Pass is £15.99 on PS4, where it’s obviously got better graphics and performance to boot. Seriously, change the price. Nobody is going to buy this at $40 digitally on Vita. Suicidal move.

    I also thought the extra episodes were Vita exclusive from the wording in this post. Disappointing.

  • Hmm, do I buy the PS4 version with better controls & graphics, comes in a retail box and only costs £18 new as of this point on Amazon UK… Where also if I desired I could remote play it to the Vita. and for it to arrive tomorrow

    Or do I get the Vita version which is (not the devs fault) inferior for £40 on a console Sony has no intention of supporting, A digital version of no resale value. On a Digital store that Sony will probably close down soon like they did with PS Mobile

  • I’m not even that bothered about the price personally but I purposely resisted buying the PS4 version to wait for the Vita version to support it.

    After being patient and waiting all this time you suddenly announce it only 3 weeks before release and that it’s digital only?? What kind of messed up nonsense is this? Is this how you treat your loyal vita customers?

    Did you not want to announce this important need to know information a bit sooner because you were worried people might campaign for a physical release?

    I always stick up for you guys cos so many people come on here complaining about ridiculous things but I’m truly disgusted that the biggest release on the Vita for a long while isn’t even getting a physical release here when it is getting one elsewhere

    • by the way…. the said it was a digital only right from the start…. but everyone hoped to “freedomwar” this too….

      Right now, buying an overpriced digital copy it’s nonsense… if only was released at the same time than the ps4 version…. but now…. I love vita, I’m craving for new games…. but this way, it seems both capcom and sony are laughing at our faces…

      Sony, you did well, the lack of games on vita (the ones we like, AAA matching our western likes, not overpriced indies who did not stand comparison with the classics, or games from japan about mating doves or anything like this….) drive me to buy a PS4, and you know what? Right now I almost only play on ps4….

      good job… sony, good job….

    • I never knew it was digital only from the start? I saw the announcements etc. and had no idea about this so it clearly was not made apparent. Still incredibly disappointing as this is such a big release for the Vita, one that I’m sure most Vita players would like to buy a physical copy of

    • Yeah, even so overpriced I will gladly buy a physicall copy, but only digital….? I’ll wait for the next deal, both ps4 and vita, the one suits me better…
      Or if the price is right, maybe a copy from yesasia or any other inet shop….. It has a physicall release on japan… maybe you could do that too…. ;-)

    • Yea I think I’ll have to go for an import as long as the menu text is in english. No way I’m buying this game digitally

  • Finally, a release date (and a trailer)!

    Hopefully it runs well.

  • I hope this is PS TV compatible. Also will this be available via retail or is it digital only?

  • madmanwithabox12

    Is nobody going to descend from on high to talk to the people?

  • What the @€%& ??? digital only ??? so sad :(

  • even RE:R for 3ds looks better than this POS
    the vita’s getting nowhere near the love it deserves

  • Well its about time something good happens to ps vite. Resident Evil and Silent Hill are the best 2 horror franchises ever made. It would be awsome to see Silent Hill come to Vita aswell.

    • We’re not likely to see Silent Hill again any time soon after what happened to Silent Hills and Konami’s general messing up.

      There is Silent Hill: Book of Memories on Vita. It’s a decent dungeon crawler, probably not what you’re looking for though, understandably.

  • For Ps4 they should cut down on the remastered games that came out on ps3 nd xbox 360 and try there best to bring back games from ps2 and xbox like TimeSplitters and Dino Crisis. Before Call of Duty became famous timesplitters was the best games ever. Plzz try to bring TimeSplitters the Cortex Collection out for Ps4, Vita and Xbox1 then ill bet there would be a lot less pple on Call of Duty nd a hell lot of pple on TimeSplitters garentied.

  • I was hoping on a physical release

  • Will this game have cross play with the PS4 version?

  • I really wish there was a cardridge release then I would deff buy it but digital only just doesnt work for me on vita. The 32gb memory is full and i dont want to redownload stuff. some games are very big and there should just be a physical version of every AAA game, and resident evil is AAA

  • No releasing date for RE7? ★

  • It’s sad how SCEE give games like The Muppets Movie Adventures, Looney Tunes Galactic Sports, Epic Mickey 2 and PS Vita Pets a physical release which all flopped particularly in the UK. Resident Evil a well known IP that could do well as a physical release only has a digital release and I’m aware SCEE are publishing it.

    I already own Revelations 2 on the PS4 but as a Vita game collector it would have been nice to have a physical copy. I’m not a fan of digital copies and it only doesn’t help that Vita memory cards are still overpriced.

  • we want a damn physical release !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can’t believe there wont be a physical version for such a high profile game name. Its another game that will take precious memory away from me, and lets be honest the price of vita memory is still too high. Disappointing!!

  • Need a physical copy another game I cant have because of memory on vita that’s the problem ps vita is great but memory makes it flop stupid some great games out there we all would buy if there was physical versions

  • where Is it? I have looked all over the store, no sign of it.

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