Journey arrives on PS4 today, with 20% PS Plus discount

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Journey arrives on PS4 today, with 20% PS Plus discount

Plus, pick up a new dynamic theme for thatgamecompany’s classic

St. Augustine wrote:People will venture to the heights of the mountains to seek wonder. They will stand and stare at the widths of the oceans to be filled with wonder. Yet they will pass each another in the street and feel nothing.‘ Every individual is a miracle. Journey is a reminder of the wonders we find in each other. – Jenova Chen, Creative Director, Journey


In partnership with original creator’s thatgamecompany and developer Tricky Pixels, today we are proud to release the award-winning Journey on PlayStation 4 on PSN. Journey for PlayStation 4 supports cross-buy, meaning if you have digitally purchased it already for PS3, you can download it free for PS4, and vice-versa.

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As an exclusive deal for the PlayStation European store, if you purchase Journey for PlayStation 4 in the first week of launch, you’ll receive this beautiful Journey static theme for free. PlayStation Plus members also get a 20% off discount.

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Additionally, we are also releasing a very elegant Journey dynamic theme to bring your PlayStation 4 dashboard to the ruins and sands of this beautiful universe.

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

Two weeks ago we launched #OurJourney at, and asked “What Did Your Journey Experience Mean To You?” Today we continue #OurJourney, and encourage everyone who has ascended the mountain on PS3 or right now on PlayStation 4, to share your video testimonial on YouTube & Twitter. Please tag it with the hashtag #OurJourney and visit to see if we feature it, and include it in our upcoming testimonial reel.

Here are a few incredible #OurJourney testimonials that may inspire you:

Journey Remote Play

With Remote Play, you can effortlessly stream your PS4™ games over Wi-Fi and play them on the PS Vita system’s crystal-clear touchscreen. So whether you’re deep into a single player story mode or hooked on online multiplayer missions, your PS Vita gives you the freedom to play PS4™ games whenever you want, regardless of who is in charge of the TV remote control.

Here you can see how you can enjoy Journey and it’s stunning visuals on PS Vita’s crystal-clear 5″ screen on Remote Play.

the transition is seamless and easy – you never have to stop playing. Enjoy!

Journey Collector’s Edition PS4 release

The PS4 Collector’s Edition of Journey, featuring thatgamecompany’s two equally original titles Flower & flOw, will also be available to purchase digitally from the PlayStation Store or on blu-ray disc from September 30th.

#07 - 20140604-0190

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2 Author Replies

  • I think “Nice” covers this pretty well.

  • Anyone else having problems with the theme? Bought the game today but got no theme..

  • An amazing game I recommend it to anyone who has yet to experience it. Since I already own it I’ll at least buy the dynamic theme.

  • Cross-Buy is not working in Germany. Any info on that? I bought the PS3 version, but still it shows me the normal price for the game.

  • It’s just a great shame we can’t have access to the Journey merchandise on US playstation gear store. The themes are very nice though.

  • A Beautiful game. Highly recommended. I will be taking another journey on my Ps4!

  • Already redeemed my cross-buy version this morning and completed it along with screenshots of my entire Journey.

  • “With Remote Play, you can effortlessly stream your PS4™ games over Wi-Fi and play them on the PS Vita system’s crystal-clear touchscreen.”

    That’s nice and all, but it’s really no substitute for actually having the game on Vita. Don’t try and position it like that, because it’s really not the same. Why is it a highlighted part of the blog post? I thought every PS4 game could be remote played on Vita. Even more bizarre, that part of the post isn’t even in the US blog post.

    • Oh come on. It is just nicer way of saying:

      “we don’t like you, and don’t care about you. Go play on remote play and don’t bother asking for a Vita version”

      Each time I see them mention this remote play I just keep thinking that they need to stop trying to make it happen… remote play is not solution for lack of Vita versions, period. And I think that they are silly to even mention remote play here.

    • Yeah. I’m okay with Remote Play as a feature, it’s great as a concept. But it’s the way in which Sony is trying to use it as an excuse for not making or promoting Vita content.

    • What a shock. That is, you two having nothing positive to say in a post about a particular game AND in the same thread too. It must be my birthday.
      Seriously though, when did thatgamecompany or Tricky Minds that helped with the port say “we don’t like you, and don’t care about you”??? A bit harsh and unprovoked isn’t it???

    • @andrewsqual: It’s okay. There’s no reason to be upset. =]

    • And to clarify, anything I say here isn’t directed at Thatgamecompany, but at Sony Santa Monica and Sony Computer Entertainment.

  • Are we entitled to the PS4 theme if we had already purchased it on the PS3? because I didn’t get it.

    • Yeah, I’m wondering the same thing. It charges me when I try to get the dynamic theme even though I bought it on PS3…

    • The Dynamic theme for PS4 is a separate purchase and is not included when you buy the game. Only the Static theme is offered.

      Owning the PS3 dynamic theme does not entitle you to the PS4 version as they’re two totally different products.

    • From the US blog – “The static theme that was the Journey pre-order exclusive for new PS4 owners, we are looking into making this available for PS3 owners. We are close to having a resolution to share, but please follow us @SonySantaMonica on for the latest updates. We hear you :o)”

  • Journey is a brilliant experience. I played it on PS3 and it was pure magic. But I want it on PS Vita, too. Don’t push Remote Play in such a way that is “substitutes” a native PS Vita game. Not everyone has a PS4 yet.

    • They could port Journey to Vita but wouldn’t it loose some of its magic if they had to downscale the graphics? This way they can keep the beauty of the original game and the 60FPS from PS4.

    • Fair enough. Personally I don’t particularly want a port of Journey on Vita, it’s the fact they’re trying to justify not doing it by saying “With Remote Play, you can never stop playing the games you love” Blegh.

  • I got it via cross-buy and I can confirm that it’s still awesome and looking even better PS4.

  • Well shoot, my subscription ran out yesterday.. How long will the 20% discount last?

  • Favourite game of all time!

  • So there I was, sat in a vast open desert with no idea of my next move, I have a controller, a screen, a little character and a soundtrack that will later, as with all the above, turn me into a emotional being, staring at the screen with tears rolling down down my face wondering…. How!?

    Never has a game made me feel this way. Before my Journey, as with most journeys, I knew very little. Gaming can be on many levels of emotion, mostly annoyed at not “destroying” the end of level baddie. This was more refreshing than any other experience I have ever had on PS3.
    So, without reviewing the whole game, I would just like to say a big THANK YOU for one of the most emotional experiences I have ever laid my hands and eyes on! Fantastic!
    I hope many other people get to witness this “experience”.

    Thanks again.

    • All our love to you funkpower, please share your experience with #OurJourney, we’d love that

    • I could not agree with you more.

      I was fortunate enough to get a companion that lasted the entire playthrough on my first run. One final bow to each other in gratitude ended a three hour plus session without a single word spoken.

      We took our time exploring, both awestruck and those hours going from alone and confused to a mess of a person is a memory I´ll never forget. I feel like a made a friend as we shared that experience.

      Surely an all-time great game, stretching the boundaries of our beloved medium.

      Thank you to everyone involved getting this out.

  • Bought all thatgamecompany’s games digitally over the years, picked up the PS3 bluray disc release and must confess, I will probably pick up the PS4 bluray release too, they are just that AMAZING. :)

  • Do the people who bought the PS3 version way back also get the static theme when they download the cross-buy PS4 version?

    • We are looking into this. BTW, I am “Just–Tank”, that was me posting above but I had logged in incorrectly =) SO, here I am.

  • Just seen there is a dynamic theme out for £1.69
    After paying nearly £10 for a (excellent) 2 hour experience I’m extremely annoyed that this wasn’t added into the purchase itself.
    Why give away the static (rubbish) one with new purchases…….

    <——— annoyed customer

  • Great that it’s cross-buy because I wouldn’t buy it again just to play it on another platform. Wish they did this for more (third party) remasters and it would be even better if physical copies counted towards cross-buy too.

  • They could actually effectively counter the XBONE Backwards Compatibility if they did this properly :o

  • I bought this on my old PSN account that I dumped at the end of 2012, I never played it. Since they were really cool to everyone through the crossbuy thing, I’m going to purchase it again.

  • Have had a dense moment: have bought for PS3 already, loved, but paid again today. Is there any way of undoing this and taking advantage of cross-buy. Wanted to play in its even-more-beautiful mode on PS4!

  • Cross buy doesn’t work for me. It tells me I already bought it but there is no link to download the game on ps4. Any suggestions?

  • Know what would be nice? giving the UK the same opportunity to buy “gear” like this,
    The fact they(you?) still don’t offer shipping outside of the US & Canada in this day of age, is dreadful.

    • Wow! I never heard of that store before! Why is it that Europe cant have this kind of offcial stores with pretty cool goodys for us to buy? What a shame.

  • “Here you can see how you can enjoy Journey and it’s stunning visuals on PS Vita’s crystal-clear 5″ screen on Remote Play.

    the transition is seamless and easy – you never have to stop playing. Enjoy!”

    Until the connection is lost, which happens even if directly connected (without WiFi) while sitting right next to the PS4, after which you have to find a Dualshock controller to continue playing which is usually empty because you had it off the charger for an hour…

  • My favourite game of all time :) This is an absolute gem. A masterpiece!

  • This game made me cry. Its so amazing, a masterpiece in my book.

    Hope the people that got it on PS3 can also get that pretty theme on PS4.

  • Hi guys, i was wondering if someone bought this game when it was on sale before at a cheaper price?Should i buy it now or wait till it gets cheaper on a future sale?

  • When will this game be £3?

  • I always wanted to play this so I bought it. I had no idea what to do and then when you work it out the game begins to flow. Really rating it as games like this can be a bit marmite, for me it’s a winner!

  • Hi! What about the people who bought the PS3 Collector’s Edition on Blu-Ray? Can we somehow get the digital version for PS4?

  • Two questions for Tricky Pixels:

    1. Why did you kill the specular mapping of the PS3 version? On PS4, the deserts have lost their beautiful sheen and they look completely flat now. Grains of sands can’t be seen anymore, ironic for a game reportedly in 1080p.

    2. On the same screen with professional calibration settings, the colour palette is notably washed out on PS4 — a common problem with PS3 games “remastered” on PS4. Please tone down the gamma a bit.

  • So how much does this baby cost ? I haven’t got me ps with me that’s all. I already own the game on ps3 but wanna look at buying it for the theme:)

  • this game would be perfect if only i could see whom am i playing with

  • My favourite game. I have played so many times on PS3 I can’t count. I bought a PS4 last week and the first thing I did was download Journey. It was free as I bought it on PS3. The only thing I don’t understand is why any one I travel with doesn’t show up in the players met menu. It just shows….no players met. I only need to meet 10 players to make 100% but I don’t know if this will happen if it won’t register other players on the PS4. Can anyone help please?

  • Rainy-cloud8, do you let the credits run at the end of the game? If you stay with it until that beautiful song and all the credite finish it will show you..companions met along the way. Then it will list the user name of who you travelled with.

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