What’s your favourite God of War 3 moment?

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What’s your favourite God of War 3 moment?

Santa Monica Studio, Naughty Dog and Shuhei Yoshida pick their highlights in new video

So, this week Sony Santa Monica unleashes God of War 3 Remastered on PS4. More than five years on from its original PS3 release, it’s easy to forget just what a towering achievement it was – and it’s an absolute pleasure to revisit its monumental set pieces and furious combat in full 1080p and 60fps.

To mark the launch, we caught up with some of the team at Santa Monica, as well as Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida and SMS neighbour, Naughty Dog‘s Neil Druckmann, and asked them what their favourite moment from the game is.

Check out the video above to find out what they picked (spoiler warning for newcomers!), and then let us know your own highlights in the comments below.

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  • The one where you make us wait 3 days longer than the rest of the world to play the remaster.

    Seriously though,

    God of War 2 ending scene.

  • the one where we get a PS1 and PS2 emulator for PS4.

    • This is getting more petty than Shadow-thingy asking for cross-region gifting.

    • @ Lance_87
      Still not as half as petty as the sony defence force.

    • Except this is not about defending, if it’s too hard to understand it’s plain spamming it’s not my problem.

    • @ Lance_87
      No YOU are the one spamming because the only objective of your comment it to try and stop people from providing useful feedback.

      On the other hand, he actually has a point.

      If there were plenty of people like you on the xbox blog, you never know… they might still be stuck with DRM box. Now do you get the point?

    • Useful feedback? Asking for PS1 and PS2 emulation on PS4 in a discussion about the best moment in God of War 3?

      “People like you”, are you really that dense? Didn’t you even take a look at your own replies?

  • L3 + R3 against Poseidon :)

  • The Cronos Boss Battle :P

  • The one where they decide to do a COMPLETE God Of War collection for a bargain price.

  • When you stamp the crap out of Helios(?) head. Brutal.
    I literally just played through the game on PSNOW BETA so I’ll probably skip this. If it was all the games I’d be on it, oh well! Great for people who have never played it.

  • His interactions with Pandora and the ending. Kratos has seemingly lost his humanity and can’t really replace his daughter with Pandora, but in the end the most powerful weapon allowing him to defeat Zeus was in him all along – Hope. Something every person struggling through life has.

    @Fred, what is your favourite moment from GOW3?

  • The one where they took a 5-year old game and tried to sell it to me for 35 euro

  • All I can remember is the fornication mini-game with Aphrodite.

  • That epic moment where everyone realizes they paid £30 for a long-term rent of the exact same game they could own on PS3 disc for £5.

  • My favourite moment is when the game is running on PS3 and you can barely tell the difference.

  • The introduction of this game was such a mind blowing one!

  • The whole games is a masterpiece but i need God of War IV now and please make a longer campaign.

  • I like that bit where you play as Kratos.

  • Getting the “I didn’t do it… But I wish I did!” trophy in GoW 3/PS4.

    A shame that Sony has grown into a bunch of pus… eh, Kittens! Censorship everywhere in Sony games these days. It’s ridiculous that GoW:A, The Last of Us and GoW3: Remastered collectively have in-game scenes and even trophy names censored. Censoring trophy names in a 18 rated game for adults where you can smash people’s heads in in graphic detail is nothing short of moronic and pathetic.

    • Do you want to tell us what scenes are censored in this game? Even though I complained about the remakes recently, I bought this today. The reason is that Godzilla earned a 36/100 rating on metacritic, I was planning on buying it. This was £15 cheaper and has a good reputation.

    • Well, huh, Godzilla was pretty much doomed the moment they presented it for the first time. ultra-sub-par graphics for a 2015 game, and they just pretended it was less than half completed…

      The whole trophy censoring in Ascension didn’t happen at all in my country, and possibly all non-English speaking ones. Also, the censorship in TLOU was only in the multiplayer, IIRC.

  • Closing his journey and then Platinum-ing it. Seeya later Kratos.

  • The part where I payed £3 for it used in game on the PS3 a few years back

  • My favourite moment is when I realised theres no chapter select to enjoy my favourite moment without playing the whole bloody game again.

  • ma favorite moment will be when will be able to put the PS3 game disc on my ps4 and play it , BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY… because having to pay so much just to play the same game with no enhancements even not in real 1080P on ps4 is really bothering me … ( if the game was at 10 euros my speech would be a bit different.. )

  • Realising that god of war on the psp is better than god of war on the vita. No wait that is depressing.
    I remember being excited about the vita version. Even though we werent getting a bespoke game for the vita I thought it was going to look great. After the visuals they extracted from the psp surely the vita version would look sweet……..
    Seriously though I have only played handheld versions and i enjoyed them. Now I am experiencing the remaster on the PS4 and it is awesome. People need to realise that a lot of people that have a ps4 didnt have a ps3. So remasters are new games that look great and cost less than AAA releases. Bring em on.

  • Best moment is saving 29.99 by loading my ps3 version of the game and thinking there really is no difference.

  • I have to say it was the hours long final battle in the original God of War, experienced for the first time. That win didn’t came easy, and the journey there – just epic, and I’m not too fond of excessive use of the word. After that I truly felt like I’ve achieved something, even though at that time on PS2 there were obviously no trophies or other imaginary awards. An absolute masterpiece.

    • Oh, this was for GoW3… ;) well I didn’t like that bit particularly. I feel like the more outstanding moments of the series were in the first two games. But yeah, the Helios boss fight was cool.

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