PlayStation Now moves to open beta today in the UK

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PlayStation Now moves to open beta today in the UK

Everything you need to know about the future of game streaming

PlayStation Now, the pioneering game streaming service that leverages cloud-based technology to stream PlayStation 3 games over the internet is now in open beta in the UK!

PS Now puts epic adventures, iconic characters and incredible PS3 games at your fingertips. Play without needing to wait for downloads, updates or installs or make a trip to the shops.

To enjoy PS Now you’ll need a Sony Entertainment Network account, an accepted payment method, Dualshock 4 or Dualshock 3 wireless controller, a PS4 or selected compatible Sony device* and a broadband internet connection (minimum 5mbps recommended).

During the open beta, games will initially be offered for rental only, with a subscription service following later this summer. We are also looking to bring PS Now to more devices including PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV later in the year.

During the open beta there will be a wide selection of games available covering a host of genres and publishers. These will initially be available on two or 30 day rentals and range from £2.99 to £7.99 (pricing of individual games will vary according to the title in question).

Titles that you’ll be able to enjoy during the open beta include Bioshock Infinite, Final Fantasy XIII, Tomb Raider Underworld, Ultra Street Fighter IV, Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge with many more titles available**.

PS Now is available on the PS4™ console Store, find out more here.

*The PS Now open beta trial will be available on PS4 and select Sony Bravia TVs:
Day 1 – 2015 Series: X94C, X93C, X90C, S85C, S80C, X85C, X83C, W85C, W80C, W75C, W70C Series
Later date – 2014 Series: X95B, X90B, S90B, X85B, W95B, W85B, W80B, W70B, W60B, W58B Series
Sony Blu-ray Players
Day 1 – 2015 Series: BDP-S6500, BDP-S5500, BDP-S4500, BDP-S3500, BDP-S1500
**Games included in the open beta won’t necessarily represent what’s offered in the full PS Now service, and may change during the beta trial.

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  • Love the idea of this service but it’ll be the price point which decides it for me. Some kind of PS+ freebie selection would be a big move in the right direction!

    • I was in the closed beta. Unfortunately the price point is a bit too high at the moment (classic PSN). For 30 days rental it costs as much or even sometimes more, than it would to buy the game outright from most retailers.

      I know you get the convenience of having it all on one console, but I would still rather purchase than rent, especially when the rental is more expensive.

    • I agree, not keen on the pay per rental model as it will work out too expensive – £7.99 for a 30 day rental of an old game? I’d want to own it outright for that sort of money…

      A subscription service has potential though depending on the price point.

      Of course if they really wanted the service to take off they would come up with a way of reading old PlayStation discs and allowing people who own the original game to stream the game on the PS4 as long as the disc is in the drive – thereby immediately enabling backwards-compatibility on the PS4 and countering Microsoft’s biggest E3 announcement…

    • @Apnomis “Of course if they really wanted the service to take off they would come up with a way of reading old PlayStation discs and allowing people who own the original game to stream the game on the PS4 as long as the disc is in the drive”

      Even easier would be the ability to check whether people had bought the game digitally, and let them play those games free. So easy that you would expect that feature there right now. The fact that it isn’t, tells me Sony are not allowing any charity to enter into this service.

  • why does PS Now even exist if every worthwhile game is getting remastered ? i’ll bet PS Now is completely shut down in less than 2 years. also MS low blowed you guys when they announced backwards compatibility. no one will spend money on this.

    • Not only that, but in Europe, PSNow is VERY likely to work only in UK and other (very) few countries,

      Of course not in mine.

    • At this point emulation for ps2/1 is still more realistic than this ever getting off the ground in majority of territories. In Australia’s example we have a languishing copper based dsl infrastructure with no changes to that being made in even 10 years due to government indecision. Other areas satellite.

      Just give emulation for what is feasible on ps4 hardware so this generation we actually do have backwards compatibility and not this pipedream which will only work in parts of the US and maybe now the UK, that’s it.

    • Backwards compatibility is obviously only for games you already own. If you already own the games on PS Now then just play them on your PS3. The only thing the Xbone’s backwards compatibility actually gives you is an extra HDMI socket on the back of the TV as you don’t need your Xbox 360 plugged in any more (unless you want to play any of the 1000s of unsupported games).

      Just to emphasise that, if you already have PS3/360 games, you really should logically also have a PS3 or 360 console. All that said, I do think PS Now is too expensive. While no one in their right mind will rent a game they already own, you could buy many of the PS3 games for not all that much more than their rental price AND get them forever as opposed to a few days. For example, I could rent Infamous 2 for 48 hours for £5 or spend £10 more and own the game on disc forever (from Amazon).

  • This is your answer to PS3 backwards compatibility, and I get that. But there’s no reason at all to not have PS2 and PS1 emulation on PS4.

    We made our peace with rebuying our old games digitally on PS3, now your telling us to buy them again for a third time? How about no. I’m not supporting this service, give us emulation like PS3 had.

    • totally agree with you. PS4 is more than powerful to emulate PS1 and PS2 games so we need that in the next firmware update. theres also no reason why PS4 can’t play PS3 games and before anyone says PS4 can’t emulate the PS3 that maybe correct but Microsoft aren’t using actual emulation for backwards compatibility. they are essentially using a virtual system where the Xbox One grabs a file so the user then downloads it and the Xbox One thinks its a Xbox 360. PS4 can use this exact same method.

    • PS1 and PS2 I can see happening but not in the next firmware update. They can’t just click there fingers and the PS4 can suddenly play PS1 and PS2 games. If you want it in the next firmware update then we will be waiting a good 6 or so months for that.

      As for PS3 games. I can’t see happening. Due to the simple fact the PS3 used completely different architect. The PS4 uses X86 (easy to code for) the PS3 used CELL which was difficult to program for as apparently very difficult to grab code designed for CELL and have it run on other processors (example x86) and vice versa. The reason Microsoft is just about managing it is because the XB1 is using X86 where the 360 used PPC. Both different but a hell of a lot easier to port code from one to the other.

    • It’s actually pretty reasonable to expect emulation for ps1/2. Like very.

      To the point I would argue it’s pretty transparent Sony ignored proceeding with it so that Playstation Now would be a focus and not an option for the system. They’ve left out the fact that this won’t see the light of day in a huge majority of the world. PS3 maybe unrealistic but then if Sony aren’t even trying then how would anyone know? We’re also getting most worthwhile titles remastered anyway. There’s just so many reasons why ps1/2 emulation is more realistic than this streaming solution.

    • @ocelot07 The PS3 used the PowerPC architecture too. Those little cores are nothing. The same effort it takes to port and update PS3 games for PS4 release is very similar to the amount of effort involved in running X360 games. If it were that different you wouldn’t be playing God of War 3.

    • @Chuck a remaster is not the same as playing the original. Remaster has had work done. Were the original does not. And it has to, because otherwise it will not run on ps4.

    • People seem to be thinking Microsoft are porting Xbox 360 games to Xbox One for their BC, they aren’t.

      They have actually said that the whole reason they can support more games and quickler than Xbox games on Xbox 360 could, is because it IS emulation and does NOT require recompilation of the game code.

      As such, PS3 support on PS4 would be MUCH harder, maybe impossible.

      Believe me I would LOVE my PS3 games to run on PS4 as I still have a FAT PS3 which I would LOVE to get rid of. But its just not going to happen.

    • Why not just play them on your PS3? Don’t tell me you bought a load of PS3 games without owning a PS3?

    • It definitely needs to be cheaper. I know inflation has happened since then, but I remember renting games for 7 days for about £1.75 from Choices about 10-15 years ago. Maybe £2.50 at most. There’s no point getting a game for 48 hours when you could spend another tenner or so and get it forever, on a disk, without needing to be online, without possible input lag, without the stream artifacting now and again.

      Also, in the case of many PS3 games you have to realise that you’re competing with piracy as well. Steam realise this which is why they’re doing so well. One could rent Bioshock Infinite for a very small amount of time for £2.99 or they could just pirate it on PC or a modded PS3. Not just piracy, but Steam itself as well. The Wolf Among Us is £5 to rent for 2 days on PS Now but it’s been that much to own in the past on Steam.

  • Really need an update on that local, region free, emulation for PS1/2 on PS4.

  • Doesn’t seem to be working . Throws up error e-8200011a whenever I try to play a game . :-(

  • when will this be available for the rest of the EU ?

  • Been in the beta from day 1 and halfway through it to now I experienced long input pauses for 10 seconds. Wasn’t able to continue playing at all (130mbps download wired virgin connection) still not fixed.

    Then you bring pricing into the question, ludicrous. Not willing to pay that much for it, sorry but it is crazy pricing.

  • Can you please list all games available?

  • It’s bad enough that the beta is UK-only, but it’s worse that there hasn’t been any mention of other European countries getting PS Now.

    Leaving us out of the news loop just means that we lose interest in the service, which is part of what happened to the video store and to PlayStation Mobile. Don’t let that happen to PS Now. Give us news. It doesn’t have to be an exact release date. Just tell us what’s going on and roughly when it’ll happen.

    • There’s prolly more news on the US blog since there is where it started. Perhaps now that it’s in Beta here, we will get news too.

  • Any idea when your neighbors across the pond in Ireland might get to try this out?

    • I live in Ireland and it’s working for me :-)

    • frodouk you appear to have a UK account. It should work in Ireland if you have a UK account and play from Ireland, but it doesn’t seem to work on an Irish account. Sign up for Now with a UK account on your machine and you might be able to play from your Irish account but I’m not sure

  • If it was like spotify/Netflix where you pay for full access at a reasonable price i would probably get it. But intill then i am continuing to buy physical copies as its cheaper, and you OWN it

  • Boo.

    Yours sincerely,

    The Continent.

  • By ‘an accepted payment method’ does that include prepaid wallet credit?

    Because no offence but I will never be entering any card information onto a service that has gone down, been hacked or otherwise screwed up on numerous occasions.

  • The price per rental has at least come down a little from the £4.99-£9.99 during the closed beta but I still think this is what will put the vast majority of people off. You need to be owning the game for good if you’re paying £8 for an old PS3 title.

  • When I can stream PS3 games to Vita for a fair price, I’ll be all over it. Not 100% sure that second part will ever happen, mind

  • £7.99 for 30 day rental doesn’t sound very enticing … considering that tons of PS3 games are sitting in game stores preowned for £5 for lifetime use and ownership, that, and XB1 is offering free backward compatibility on the hundreds of 360 games we have sitting under our beds.

    • The way I see it the individually priced model is kinda … broken and terrible value. It should just be one few for ‘all you can eat’ games, like a Netflix for video games.

    • Agreed. I think some kind of monthly/yearly subscription (maybe with a discount for PS+ members) would be more appealing. These days, my gaming time is limited around the family so I tend to dip in and out f games when I can. A 2 day rental would be pointless and a 30 day is just too much considering, like others have said, you can probably buy the game for around the same price. As you say,”Netflix for video games” would be ideal and gets my vote.

  • I was also involved in the closed Beta and while I have no complaints over the reliability, the price point, as many others have pointed out, is pitched way to high for what it offers. Why it doesn’t offer some sort of cross over with titles which many will already have purchased on the PSN for their old PS3 seems a major oversight.

    • Agreed, especially when Sony denied us EA Access saying it didn’t offer good value to their customers. I’d like to be the judge of that rather than having the option taken out of my hands

  • Any update for other regions where ps now will start beta or be released?

  • If the titles are anything like what they are throwing up on the US version…Grainger, car boots, Game, Shopto, 365games, Amazon, ebay can get better deals than the titles and prices offered. Start offering titles released in Japan only and I might be interested.

  • How about just letting us stream digital games we already own?

    Your prices are ridiculous.

  • You want me to pay £2.99 for 2 days and £7.99 for 30 days? What’s wrong with you people? I might as well pick up a PS3 and the games second hand. Way cheaper and I get to keep the games as long as I want.

  • Been on the beta for a few months now.
    Hold your horses people the subscription model is coming.
    Why so offended about being asked to pay for games?

    The service is great and I finished Shadow of the colossus and God of War 3 entirely over psnow without a single issues.

    Have your PS4 wired dr ever results.

    • did you just write “doctor ever”. oh, the wonders of modern mobile devices.

    • “Why so offended about being asked to pay for games?”
      I already paid for those games once. With the competition running backwards compatibility for free, that’s why people are unhappy.

    • @Nathan

      Maybe try renting games you didn’t pay/play once before? That’s what it’s there for.

  • Nice idea but prices need lowering and free access for games already brought on plus or from psn.
    given the backward compability you should allow free access if they have the disk in the ps4 for the game.

  • Way too pricey to play old games that you probably bought anyway looks like a greedy cash grab when backwards compatibility wouldn’t strain the PS4’s hardware surely? Also with PSN being so unreliable will this affect the service when it’s down or on one of its many go slows??

    • The cell on the PS3 was a crazy piece of hardware. It’s not that the PS4 couldn’t run it, but creating an emulator for playing PS3 games on a PS4 would be immensely difficult.

      All in all, this isn’t a worthwhile service, but its the best they can do. They just need to tank the prices or offer this stuff for free or maybe under a cheap subscription service.

    • It wouldn’t be difficult, it would be simply impossible. It can’t be done.

    • The ps4 has less cpu power than the PS3.

  • My 70+ mb Fibre Optic connection apparently isn’t good enough according to the Connection Test (Improve Your Connection)… It’s the best I can get in this region and more than enough for all sorts of things. I’ve downloaded HD movies in barely any time. I can’t stream a PS3 game?

    • It’s not about bandwidth it’s about latency too.
      Try rebooting your router . Services normally go through some kind of performance degradation. BT does for sure.
      Also try and make sure your ps4 is wired.
      Also be aware it may well be very busy tonight.

  • Rest of europe please

  • Is this available to people in Northern Ireland?? I know it says UK bit I’ve been misled by that before.

  • Scrap it or heavily reduce the prices. You could get away with this prior to E3, but Microsoft set a precedent and it blew PS Now out of the water.

    • How will backward compatibility be useful next generation? This is a long term plan, you can be able to play these games on the PS5 and PS6 long after 360 backward compatibility will be a distant memory.

      It is cheap compared from renting at a store. €10 for 3 nights is cheap for a last generation game. What are you expecting to pay?

  • I think the pricing is fine. If I want to rent a game from a store it is €10 for 3 nights. It makes this a bargain in comparison.

    People will not see the value now but as the PS5 and PS6 comes around when you can’t get the games anymore Now will be there.

  • Sadly this forum is just showing how little people know about Backwards Compatibility. The PS3 was notoriously difficult to develop for, and in turn it’s damn near impossible to emulate for it to any degree of playable quality. (In fact, even the Xbox One is having trouble making emulated games like Mass Effect from the Xbox 360 playable, and the 360 was a dream to develop for in comparison). Much like the equally difficult Sega Saturn, you ain’t gonna see any PS3 emulation.

    The only way to play PS3 games on PS4 will be either with a PS4 re-release or for it to be streamed. Or even better, on a PS3. ;)

    • fair enough about PS3 being difficult to emulate but there are other solutions. they can let us stream the PS3 games we already own. also PS4 could easily handle native PS1 and PS2 emulators.

    • Saturn emulation on what? My PC runs most Saturn games fine. :P

    • Or, they could charge a monthly fee and I’d be all over it. But £5 to rent a game that costs a lot less at CEX to own? Hell, a lot of the games on the list are £1 or £2 at CEX. It’s a little over the top … considering it’s a Beta, they’re taking analytical data from users to try and make the service ready for release, but they’ll never make a success of this if they don’t re-adjust the financial position here.

    • Yes, Carnivius, but we’ll probably never ever see a perfect emulator in the foreseeable future.

    • I agree with spritidave. If a monthly subscription is introduced, I’d be all over this. As long as it’s not over £20 a month.

      £20 a month for unlimited access to over 150 games is a bargain. You can’t buy 150 PS3 games for £20.

    • Totally agree with everyone that the current pricing isn’t going to tempt anyone to get in on this – at least not for gamers that already play on the PS4. I think this pricing structure is modelled for when the service hits non Sony platforms like tablets, smartphones and PCs. But yeah it’s not going to tempt PlayStation gamers that in all likelihood have played a lot of these before.

      A netflix style monthly fee would be a much better idea generally – or allowing access to a limited selection of games each month via the PS Plus membership. So room for improvement.

      But, like I say, if you want to play PS3 games then the smart option is to keep hold of, (or buy, seeing as they’re so affordable now) the PS3 itself. You won’t have to worry about your bandwidth cutting out for a start.

  • You can pick up a second hand copy of Uncharted 3 in CEX for £3.50.
    Or rent it for 2 days for £4.99 on PS Now.

    Unless this gets a serious price rethink it is dead in the water. Even if you have a PS4, just pick up a second hand PS3 and buy cheap physical discs. Plus you get a media player in another room. The initial cost is higher but the accumulated cost of rentals will soon overtake that.

    Add PS Now to PS+ ….. thats the solution.

    • What do you think they should charge for the games? Take into account the bandwidth Sony has to pay for the service.

    • If they are going to charge for the service, it should be a subscription model. Fixed monthly fee and play whatever you want. Maybe tier it – low price for one rental at a time, more for a number at a time.

      As to what the cost should be – no idea. Sony need to cover costs but consumers will not pay a premium price to stream old games.

    • Tree fiddy? That a good price! I buy six!

  • Pricing is way to much and i don’t rent games never have never will so i don’t see the benefit of it for me, I will see how much they are going to ask for a sub but again if it’s to high which i fear it will be they can forget about it.

  • just like sony, we will charge you to play your own games again, and we wont even let you keep them muhahha
    i was in the closed beta and while the idea was good and worked great, as most people mentioned here the pricing is atrocious, didnt bother as soon as went from free to 4.99 to play
    It would be a good idea if it was used to access your ps3 digital library on ps4, but cant think of any other positive for it.
    Sony you have not only dropped the ball, your knocking it towards your own goals

  • Never going for this, streaming doesn’t appeal at all.

  • Sony might be on top right now but the moment that happens the high prices reappear, it’s happening too much lately. The worst part is charging for a service that by the looks of things, isn’t going to be successful and probably won’t exist in the future if this business model is final.

  • No need for this I have a PS3 that does the job better lol.

  • In the closed beta I had several issues with performance and I have 75 mbps down / 20 mbps up. Wouldn’t pay for such a flaky service.

  • Isn’t there a monthly fee? Instead of those crazy prices considering you can go to CEX and pick up most of those for less in a box.

  • Still zero interest in streaming. I don’t trust network to stay up when needed. I’ve also seen slight but perceptible latency between the Vita and TV screen when just doing LOCAL remote play.

    Add that to the usual issue of “existing backlog” then why would people want to pay extra for an inferior experience of games they already have?
    The ballache of console/cable swapping is still preferable to PS Now.

    Implement PS1 and PS2 compatibility already. Those at least should be technically possible. PS3 compatibility would be nice but technologically unlikely with the hardware as-is.
    Although, personally, I’d pay (within reason) for a damned hardware expansion unit if it would let me play discs and downloads I’ve already paid for on the ONE SINGLE CONSOLE. And without being reliant on the favour of the bloody Network Gods.

    Is it really so difficult to actually listen to what your actual gaming customers actually want out of a gaming system?

    Just find a way. Prove you actually give a damn about your customers…

    …or at least about keeping customers so they continue to send money at you.

  • No way am I paying those prices. It should be in psplus. £2.99 for all you can eat max.
    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO …. No :-(
    I wanted everybody’s golf so bad.

  • I did the beta too, and to be honest, its a rubbish concept, when you think you could just get a PS3 and the games for less than the subscription.

    Also during the beta here in the Uk, we where left with semi bricked PS4’s for almost a week, as it not only locked us out of the psnow app, but all of our purchased games on the ps store too.
    And if you get a corrupt save in the cloud, say hello to the factory reset.
    Be warned

  • Joining in with the crowd here but these prices are absolutely unacceptable, and I sincerely hope you don’t find success with them. Even casual gamers who don’t visit the PS Blog day in and day out can do the math; £5 for a two-day Mass Effect 2 spree is a complete joke. I don’t even know what this open beta is meant to test, since nobody’s going to put up with this to give you any decent feedback.

    You’re releasing this in a country where people can barely manage to stream Netflix in HD at peak times, and yet you insist on;

    1) An archaic pricing strategy
    2) A largely untested distribution strategy.

    I really hope the $380m deal was worth it Sony, because I can’t see you making much money with this.

    This goes without saying that we still have no way to play our PS1/PS2 classics, which is a perfectly reasonable request.

    • P.S. What’s your excuse for not allowing us to buy games indefinitely? Renting media is a wholly dated method of consumption, which I believe your profit margins should inform you soon enough.

    • Your wrong on a lot of levels.
      The tech works and strategically speaking buying onlive and gaikai will pay in the future.
      It already has with share play and remote play.

  • Just out of interest what are people expecting to pay for the service?

    People love to moan about the price but never actually mention what they will actually pay for it.

    • nothing. why should we pay for inferiour quality PS3 games when Xbox One will get free backwards compatability which 360 games had better ports. either let us stream our owned games for free or shut down the service.

    • Same cost as PS+. £40 a year, but ‘all you can eat’ every game for unlimited duration with that subscription to the service. £7.99 for one title is some grade A bull shh.

    • To work and become an established service it either needs a Netflix model, say £40 a year for unlimited access or prices that allow people to splurge, say £1 or £2 for 7 days access to a single game

  • The idea is a good one, but as much as im a PlayStation fan boy (and I am) this is the tiny part where the opposition console wins (but only on this part) with its backwards compatibility. I had the original PS3 with PS2 backwards compatibility and it was a godsend. Sony knew this is what the consumer wanted, hence PlayStation Now. But id have personally splashed out an extra £50, maybe more to have a PS4 with the added components of Backwards compatibility. And I don’t think I’m the only one.

    That being said, it would have been a nice gesture to give everyone a 24hr rental to at least see how there connection copes with the service.

  • I was in the closed beta & it really worked well(didn’t have any problems with it) Would be cool tho if SONY could add say 2 rentals a month for free for PS PLUS owners. Just a thought ;)

  • Keep up the good work, not that I’ll use PSNow as own the consoles/games. But unlike a lot of gamers who totally miss the point of it, I think PSNow is a fantastic idea. Nice that the Beta testing is also for Bravia TV’s & Blu-ray players.

    Service would be totally awesome in some years time with a bigger library & accessible from many many different devices. Do agree with a PS+ discount thing, but not necessary until you feel PSNow is completely ready.

    • People complaining about the price points, but if it was £20 or less a month for unlimited access, I’d sign up in a heartbeat. Especially with over 150 games on there.

      You can’t buy 150 games for £20, and I think people aren’t looking at it that way.

    • PS Now is not a fantastic idea. take your fanboy goggles off. this is essentially what Microsoft tried with Xbox One trying to screw us with DRM. the only difference with PS Now is they are hiding behind nostalgia. if you were against Microsoft’s DRM you should be against PS Now. if you don’t want PS5 to be a streaming only box i suggest you not support it.

    • The pricing should be rather high to start off and over time get cheaper. Us real gamers shouldn’t even be worrying bout PSNow, its a great idea that is worth investing in now so later down the road it works & is on many different devices.

      PS5 won’t be a streaming box, as PSNow doesn’t even require a box just a supported device (could any anything down the line) & internet connection + controller.

      Luckily for us, PS5 won’t be a streaming box both Xb/PS should be B/C next-gen if not the one who does will likely win the next-gen. Or the company that goes with streaming with no hardware will loose.

      PSNow is not targeted at your normal gamer, for those who go on trips or want to play the odd game without owning said console. We here own the consoles, so stuff PSNow. But its still worth Sony investing in.

  • Nah! I’ll stick to Boomerang for my rentals i’m on an unlimited 3 deal for £16!

  • If only my internet connection here in rural Scotland was fast enough for it to be relevant for me to complain about the pricing and lack of content…

  • When a monthly subscription is an option, and as long as it’s under £20 a month, this is an absolute winner.

  • I like the Idea of PS NOW very much. Most of the games that I played , I played less then 1 month. And there were some games that I payed 50 bucks and almost didn’t play at all . I don’t think that subscription will be ‘must have’ for me , but really would love to try how it goes .I play remote play with vita and it’s fine , just lags break my highscores sometimes lol . Simply the idea ,that I could borrow any game at any times drives me nuts , that’s what I want.

    • Strangely the latancy on ps now is way way lower than remote play via vita.
      Psnow wins hands down and a lot of the time you completely forget your just streaming the game. You can’t do that with remote play.

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