Hands on with Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection on PS4

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Hands on with Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection on PS4

How do Naughty Dog’s classic PS3 epics handle the jump to PS4?

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Great games, burdened only by the fact that they’re bound to the almost nine year-old PS3. And, well, my TV only has two HDMI inputs, and they’re awfully hard to reach…

The good news is that Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection brings these three classics to PS4 in remastered form, lovingly detailed by the exacting touch of veteran studio Blue Point. I got to play a short sequence from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves — namely, the thrilling helicopter attack set piece you might remember from PlayStation’s E3 2009 Press Conference (good memory, by the way!).

Based on what I played, PS4’s copious processing power is helping Uncharted 2 age gracefully. We should all be so lucky as Nate. The new 1080p resolution and generous framerate give everything a clean, crisp, fluid look and feel that flatters the original PS3 version without betraying Naughty Dog’s vision. One might say that this is Uncharted 2 the way it was meant to be played. And yep, that building still falls down real good.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

I played unfinished code that was missing a few minor visual effects, but Blue Point’s loving influence was readily apparent. The studio is upgrading character models, environment textures, lighting, and special effects across the board, bringing all three games as close to visual modernity as possible while ensuring they remain true to their original creative direction.

As the studio finalizes work on the collection, it will also roll in the assorted control scheme tweaks, gameplay refinements, and subtle mechanical upgrades that evolved through the series across all three games, bringing them into closer gameplay parity.

Though my experiences with the game were brief, they were encouraging. You’ll get to see for yourself when a playable demo launches on the PlayStation Store later this summer.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake CollectionUncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

Have questions? I’ll do my best to answer in the comments below!

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  • Videos! We need videos!

  • Is the 3rd game still in 3D?

    • 3d is so 5 years ago now lol.

    • No, previously confirmed.

    • No but i really miss playing games in 3D I’m always hearing people moan about 3D and for the life of me I can’t understand why, it so much more immersive and fun in 3D. The only game I have on PS4 at the moment in 3D is sniper elite 3 and I love it.

    • It’s a shame it won’t be in 3D loved playing uncharted in 3D and also Batman Arkham City. It just adds another level of depth I think that more games should be in 3D

    • Wow, that’s really dumb as the PS4 should handle it much better than the PS3 did.

      Also to those saying 3D is dead, perhaps you should try walking around with one eye closed then?
      Oh and Project Morpheus, totally 3D! Its a large chunk of what makes VR work.

  • When do we see game play ? And what about the U4 Multiplayer beta ? I already pre – ordered it here in Germany and can’t get the theme .. why?

  • By gameplay parity, does that include shooting? I quite liked the difference in shooting mechanics between each game, but I won’t complain about a little upgrades!

  • Some video please

  • This is a pretty pointless post with no gameplay footage.

  • Are those pictures from the Uncharted Collection with the improved visuals? Or are those just screens from Uncharted 2 PS3?

  • Uncharted 2 still looks great on PS3. I would really like to hear if Uncharted 1 got a noticeable upgrade.

  • Will there be three platinum trophies? I’d love to platinum them all on ps4!


  • “Subtle mechanical upgrades that evolved through the series across all three games, bringing them into closer gameplay parity.”

    I hope this means the first game will play more like the 2nd and 3rd, i liked the first game but as a there first attempt at a new IP on the new console it was a little rough compared to the later games. 2 and 3 was the perfection that was a result of that first attempt.

    I think the 1st deserves a little extra love to bring it closer to the sequels.

  • Can’t wait to play it.

    Will there be a Collector’s Edition?

  • no multiplayer no buy. by removing the multiplayer you have essentially removed any replay value this game could have had. if TLOUR could have multiplayer in the remaster theres no excuse for Uncharted collection not to. instead i’ll just wait 6 months and buy it used so you get no money from me.

    • Spacedelete2

      Unlike The Last of Us, Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 had multiplayer, which one would you have picked? Some people liked U2 multiplayer others like U3. Why divide the fanbase on which one to remaster. We are getting a U4 beta that should cover you for a while.

    • No point them spending time getting the multiplayer for these games when you’re getting the Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta. This is a catch up on the story for those who haven’t played them and for those who have who want to see them all looking crisper on their nice shiny PS4s. So I’m buying.

    • No replay value? Are you mad? These games can be replayed time and time again, just like TLOU. Multiplayer modes should never be put at the forefront of a product and this trilogy is no poorer for removing them.

    • Be pointless having multiplayer on here when it’s going to be on 4 as wekl, would split the community

  • PS4 should be named “Playstation 4 remastered”. I don’t have anything about remastered games but for God’s sake when we will see some brand new games from sony hmm ??

    • this is what happens when a company gets too successful. they take for granted the people who got them where they are.

    • @PentaclePL

      So I see you missed a little known event a month ago called E3. It had a few excellent games there. Also why call it PlayStation Remastered since less than 10% are remastered games?

      How are they taking people for granted? People asked for this Remaster and Sony supplied it. They also got Bluepoint games to work on it, which are the best in the business. They do this because lots of people missed out on the series now have a chance to play it. There are plenty of other games out this year.

    • I don’t mind it when its 2-3 games in a collection, its nice for people who want to catch them up conveniently or just people who want all there games on the same console.

      The market decides in the end, people buy what people want to buy… and clearly people want to buy remastered games.

    • I can hardly see these remasters selling a lot, especially at some of the prices they launch at. Some Xbots who need to catch up maybe :p I’d applaud some actual remakes of PS1 and PS2 games (like what they’re doing for FF7 now) that I didn’t play just one generation ago and are practically made from the ground up again instead of just getting an HD layer. And definitely not as frequently as this remastering business this gen. Those are all teams that could be working on much needed new games and IP’s this gen..

    • Like Uncharted 4?

      I would agree that there are a few remasters but there are also LOADS of new games.

  • No 3d and no multiplayer. A remastered version with less things than the original…

  • Can’t wait to play these games for the first time ever.
    Looking forward to this playable demo

  • I think I might hold out for the remastered remaster on PS5.

  • I’ll pick it up on sale sometime. Lack of multiplayer, co op in particular (which offered me hundreds of hours of replay value and a reason to level up) and the fact that it’s made by a different team are keeping me off for now.

    • why do you need MP soo much?

    • You get multiplayer with the Uncharted 4 BETA! That’s where the focus is regarding that game mode!

    • I don’t play actual MP in Uncharted at all, just always loved the co op. Perfect mix between casual fun and a bit of competitiveness in getting the most kills etc. of your team. And without MP there’s no co op..
      Don’t care for beta’s at all :p I want the most polished and finished product I can get and let’s face it, nowadays they’re hardly flawless even at release.. And what, 1 or 2 maps to play all the time so you’re sick of them by the time the actual game releases? No thx :p That’s not an incentive for me at all (although Uncharted 4 doesn’t need one obviously:p). Then again, I’ve played both U2 and U3 co op for hundreds of hours, I’ve probably had my fill of it, and can still go back to my trusty ps3 if need be :p

  • I’m coming for Xbox360, so never really played the Uncharted series. Really loving these remakes (also the TLOU remake I really enjoyed playing).

    Also looking forward to the Ratchet & Clank ‘remake’ (have played all the originals, since I used to have a PS2).

  • Looking forward to this. Nice excuse to play through all 3 story modes of my favourite series with a nice new shine and get reacquainted with the characters before the big new Uncharted 4 comes out. Love these games. And the multiplayer is exactly why the game discs spent so long in my PS3’s blu ray drive (particularly Uncharted 3 which has never been put back in it’s case cos it’s my ‘default’ PS3 game and spent more hours entertaining me than any other game in the last 30 years) so can’t wait to try out the U4 MP beta. :D

  • I will get this for my PS4 :P But i still wish my PS4 could play my PS3(& PS2 & PS1) Discs :( :( :( Oh well, maybe PS5 will… :D

    • Keep dreaming pal. The PS3’s cell processor is very hard to emulate even on a device as powerful as a PS4. PS3 backwards compatibility is not happening on PS4 or even on the PS5 which is still years away.
      PS1 and PS2 emulation, however, is possible. Just look at the Vita it can play PS1 games now but not at launch. It took a couple of years. I’m sure PS4 will get the support eventually.

    • @dazzler619 It was also ‘very hard to emulate’ Xbox 360 to Xbox One but they made it happen. PlayStation should make an effort to do this but they won’t because they have PS Now which they are hoping to make a small fortune from.

  • What are the gameplay refinements you speak of?

  • When is the U4 Beta? If it isn’t till next year then I’ll buy the collection next year!!

  • What worries me more, is Uncharted 1. While between 2 and 3 there’s not such a visual difference, the first was a launch title and the graphical detail and quality is a step back from the others, and it’s going to be the first introduction for a lot of people… So I hope there’s an extra care to it.

    • Yea I didn’t like the first one that much although it was technically refined for that time. Second one blew me away and third was more of the good stuff.

  • I can’t be the only one who just wants to see the enhancements to Drake’s Fortune! Among Thieves and Drake’s Deception were already lovely looking games!

  • Will translating the game texts in Arabic ?!
    ( Only translated texts in Arabic ) please

  • All things considered, those PS4 ports don’t hold a candle against the PS3, but I’ll wait for a demo of the “remastered” gameplay in Uncharted 1 (wishful thinking) before deciding that this half-assed collection is the definitive crap edition.

    • So a total rebalancing of the game, updated textures, upgraded cut scenes and a new difficulty mode among other things is half-assed. What does it take to please you.

    • Exactly how does it “not hold a candle” to the version with lower resolution textures, a lower resolution frame buffer and a lower frame rate?

  • “Have questions? I’ll do my best to answer in the comments below!”

    no replies to any of the questions above, but 18 replies on US blog.
    lol what an insult.

  • Question: Does everyone get into the U4 Beta if you buy the Uncharted Collection, or do you “have to pre-order” to get into the U4 Beta.

    I cannot wait to play these games again essentially Uncharted & Uncharted 2, I remember playing Uncharted when it first came out & was amazed with the graphics & how seamless the cut-scenes & gameplay was. I think the first Uncharted is underrated because not a lot of people played it when it first came out, & Uncharted 2 is just so god dam good.

  • Well yes it would be good to see some gameplay.However if its as good as the new GOD OF WAR remaster we should all be in for a real serious long gaming session when it comes out.

  • 6 days ago: “Have questions? I’ll do my best to answer in the comments below!” and yet I cannot see any author responses to any of the questions that have been asked so far.

  • Does anyone know whether there will be a separate trophy collection for each game or whether it will be one for the entire collection?

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