Goat Simulator lands on PS3 and PS4 next month

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Goat Simulator lands on PS3 and PS4 next month

Live your dreams in Coffee Stain Studios’ insane farmyard fantasy

Following a collaboration with Coffee Stain Studios, I am delighted to announce that Goat Simulator will be available on PS3 and PS4 from 11th August!

Perhaps you’ve heard of Goat Simulator, perhaps you haven’t, but for those of you who have spent their days hoping to be a goat, causing mayhem up, up, down, down, left right, left right of you – your dreams have finally come true! This is Goat Simulation on the bleeting edge of technology!

You can fly

No, really, you can. Be it by jetpack, hang glider or wrapping your insanely long tongue around a helicopter, you can take to the skies as a goat.

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You can blow stuff up

Not only can you blow stuff up, but you’re also able to get up and walk away after being involved in an explosion. How many goats do you know who can say that?

Blow stuff up

You can headbutt stuff

Well, at the end of the day, you are a goat……


You can do cool tricks mid-air

Often compared with a popular skater game of years gone by, you can also do cool mid-air tricks in Goat Simulator.

Cool tricks


Local co-op allows for two players on a PS3 and four players on PS4 to share in the Goaty goodness!



We’ve been working on GoatVR for some time, and we’re pleased to debut it in the PlayStation editions of Goat Simulator. GoatVR is the most authentic “simulated GoatVR experience” that doesn’t require a helmet or anything. Although it’s not quite ready yet we felt it better to stay ahead of the crowd and let it out into the wild. We still need to do that part where it connects to an actual headset but for now you can enjoy a simulated GoatVR experience without it.

We’ve also added a score multiplier to help offset the concerns we’ve had from a very few number of beta testers that felt it was somewhat difficult to ‘see where you are going’.

Please stay tuned to Double Eleven @DoubleElevenLtd and Coffee Stain Studios @Coffee_Stain for more updates.

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  • Will this be cross-buy?

  • As long as the price is fair, like Surgeon Simulator, then i’m totally in.

  • buying a PS4 was one of the worst decisions i’ve made for gaming. just a bunch of indies, overhyped AAA games and strange games like this. a goat simultator. are you freaking serious. it feels like the whole game industry is trolling us.

    • Funny because this game was meant to troll the whole game industry. Especially the PC one as it’s full of silly “Whatever Simulators”.

    • In an alternate dimension where there are none of these games, you would be saying:
      “buying a PS4 was one of the worst decisions i’ve made for gaming. there are no games for it”

      Strange how that works. Games; can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

    • The point of games is that they’re a break from reality and are supposed to be fun.

      If you can’t understand that there are different game genres, maybe you shouldn’t be gaming or go back to Call of Duty.

    • You say ‘Trolling us’ like you speak for the gaming community as a whole. Indies have provided me personally with some of my favorite gaming moments of this year, and developers experimenting with ‘strange’ titles like this is what stops gaming as an industry from growing stale. Some of us enjoying playing something new and, heaven forbid, funny. If it’s not for you then don’t buy it, but no need to insult a developer for daring to be different.

    • While i agree with Max, playing the “go back to Call of Duty” card is one of the most immature things ever.

      And no, i’ve never ever owned a COD title in my life.

    • I must admit I prefer my Xbox one this gen so far sometimes you make mistakes like PS3 did you end up with better games console, to me the ps4 has only just started now getting better games.

    • Meh, I am still enjoying my PS4, even though the only games I really love for it so far are Bloodborne and TLoU Remastered. I am sure there are plenty of ways for you to get rid of your PS4, if you want.

    • @residentSteve And yet Sunset Overdrive was the last major 100% exclusive game to hit xbox one that wasn’t a remaster. And that was NINE MONTHS AGO, seriously I’m not kidding. And ELEVEN MONTHS before that it was the mediocre Forza 5 that was the only exclusive game to own the console for.
      Not really a console to talk up over a PS4 exactly now is it when you think about it for 2 seconds??? But I know its something people/gaming “journalists” bring up CONSTANTLY when that last major exclusive launched that I mentioned above. Why is that exactly?

    • Wait, you didn’t buy a PS4 for PC indies so you didn’t need to play them on PC?

    • Hey guys, you know what would be a really novel thing to do? Why don’t we wait until a post comes on here and complain about indie games until someone starts claiming Sony have “lost” to Microsoft. That would be so sweet, I have never seen comments like those before

    • Totally agree!!!

    • I bought and played video games from the scratch, C64, Spectrum, NES, Sega MD, etc., etc., even exotic consoles like Neo Geo. PS4 and its software lineup is the first console which I find REALLY disappointing till date, sadly…and this PS2 style game is another bad example.

  • Nice to see it coming on PS3. I don’t have a PS4 and my PC just can’t run it well (it’s 7 years old, no plans for upgrade and i only use it for gaming once every Diablo 3 content update), if it’ll be cross-buy it’s even better.

  • I am very interested in this one, but I will decide depeneding on price and cross-buy

  • You GOAT me at 4 player split-screen…

    Should be a lot of fun 8)

  • Aw I would liked a vita version.

    • somsubhrabhattac

      A Vita would never be able to replicate those realistic looking goat droppings. Thanks to it’s copious amount of processing power, you could almost smell it on a PS4. #GreatnessAwaits

  • I smell the next PS+ title…

    • Hope not, everyone already owns it.

    • It is not even out for PS3/4, no one owns it there and not every one plays on PC or an Xboxone.
      Still I dont think it will ba a PS plus game, it comes out at 11th, a bit late.

    • There are computers costing £100 new that can play this. There are people throwing away five year old PCs that can play this. I just don’t see the point after more than a year and a half.

    • LOL 100£ PCs can run Goat Simulator? Where are you living, in the world of unicorns and gummi bears? It’s unplayable on lowest settings on my 2008 rig, and i can play GTA4 on that.

  • It’s out 11th August so the week after PS+ content so I doubt it’ll be on there yet

  • Romero_Carpenter

    My Daughter will go crazy when she sees this. Now she can play it herself instead of watching others play it on youtube.

  • And it’s only 99 cents on iOS!

  • It could be cool

  • Will it come with al the free pc updates or just the vanilla game?

    • I’ve read on another site that it includes all current expansions up to GoatMMO, but take it with a grain of salt. Would like to try Twistram on console though.

  • Wow…I mean seriously wow how did I miss this? Goats…I was assaulted by one in a petting zoo. I was almost 3 years old…ate the seat of my pants while I was bending over trying to force some lamb to eat the food in my hand. I cried. An old boyfriend was also assaulted, ate the bottom of his Donald Duck T-shirt, he cried. Knox Berry Farm was a dangerous place back in the day

    I so badly want a goat and I mean proper Baphomet goat black and cool horns, could mow the lawn and I could walk him into town and have some defence from those pram pushers. Goats….Baphomet Boyfriend…make this happen

  • is anyone really considering buying this !

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