New on PlayStation Store: God of War III Remastered, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, more

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New on PlayStation Store: God of War III Remastered, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, more

Plus, PieceFall, EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA Tour, The Fall and new discounts

First up this week, God of War III Remastered is the definitive version of Kratos’ third chapter, originally released on PS3. Relive the spectacle in glorious 1080p/60fps, with an additional photo mode to grab those heat of the action moments.

Also arriving on PlayStation Store this week is acclaimed mystery game The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. You play the game as Paul Prospero, an occult-minded detective who receives a disturbing letter from Ethan Carter. Realising the boy is in grave danger, Paul arrives at Ethan’s home of Red Creek Valley, where things turn out to be even worse than he imagined. Ethan has vanished in the wake of a brutal murder, which Paul quickly discerns might not be the only local murder worth looking into.

And there is more to be found, with all-new Batman: Arkham Knight DLC, kaiju beat-down in Godzilla, and starting tomorrow, another wave of discounts.

PlayStation StoreOut this week




  • The Fall

  • PieceFall
    (Out 15 July)
    Only available in Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary,Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Malta, New Zealand, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, UK

  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
    (Out 15 July)



PlayStation Plus


  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • A Matter of Family
  • Evolve
  • Support Victory Skin Pack
  • LittleBigPlanet 3
  • God of War III Costume Pack
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Predator Bundle
  • Planetside 2
  • New Conglomerate Assault Starter
  • Terran Republic Assault Starter
  • Vanu Sovereignty Assault Starter
  • New Conglomerate Support Starter
  • Terran Republic Support Starter
  • Vanu Sovereignty Support Starter
  • Rocksmith
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd Song Pack
  • Tuesday’s Gone – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Gimme Three Steps – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Call Me The Breeze – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • ‘Prayer of the Refugee’ by RISE AGAINST (Out 17 July)
  • ‘Give it All’ by RISE AGAINST (Out 17 July)
  • Trials Fusion
  • Awesome Level MAX
  • Bronze Pack
  • Silver Pack
  • Gold Pack
  • Warframe
  • Ash Prime Accessories Pack (Out 17 July)
  • Zen Pinball 2
  • Marvel’s Ant-Man (Unlock)


  • James Stewart Compound
  • Rocksmith
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd Song Pack
  • Tuesday’s Gone – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Gimme Three Steps – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Call Me The Breeze – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Zen Pinball 2
  • Marvel’s Ant-Man (Unlock)


  • Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3
  • Samurai News 03
  • Zen Pinball 2
  • Marvel’s Ant-Man (Unlock)

Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in July

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4 Author Replies

  • Where are the Klassic Fatalities for MKX which were supposed to be released last Thursday? Will they be in the store today?

    • RodrigoSharingan

      This right here. Still no word of it from anyone.

    • It’s strange you can click on it in game and it says it’s not available and wb have not said anything about fixing this they are in the U.S. Ps store I have been told but have been overlooked in ours, please jawad can you check into this.

    • Not date yet, sorry.

    • Wait, what? No date? They were meant to be released a whole week ago. Even WB doesn’t even know what the heck is going on.

    • Jawad, you told us the date on the post last week (9th July I think) so how can you say there is no date? As Lance_87 has said even Warner Bros and Netherrealm have no idea why the pack isn’t available to us yet…

    • Whats going on? SCEE is whats going on. I dont understand why people are even surprised, theres something wrong almost every week.

    • No date? What the hell does it mean? USA got the content, what’s the problem?

    • Sorry but that answer is not really good enough, why have we not got the content that was released last week? I bought the kombat pack to so I’m really annoyed about this an answer would be nice.

    • Another delay, another disappointment. #BetterPSN

    • So we are deleting comments now that are critical of the way this part of the business is run and treats its customers?

    • I’m sorry but, ‘No(t) date yet, sorry’ really isn’t a good enough answer. This dlc was officially announced as being available on 7th of July, although last weeks blog update said the 9th, so there was a date. It’s available in other regions and is also available on the XBOX One store, I have checked. A more comprehensive answer would be appreciated and I am aware that it may not be Sony’s fault. The issue may be with WBgames as first there was no GORO dlc until a week after it should have been available, no Batman Flashpoint skin available with the season pass of Arkham Knight until after a lot of complaining and now no Fatality pack and no one from WB has replied to by ticket 6 days after I logged it. However the lack of information from both parties is unacceptable.

    • Re: MKX Klassic fatalities, someone posted this to the WB forum a few hours back.

      {Just had the below reply back they have admitted it now:

      Greetings Steve,

      Please note that this is an ongoing known issue and that the developers are already working on a patch to solve this as soon as possible.}

      So hopefully it’ll be sorted out soon

    • … a PATCH? They only have to RELEASE IT, for God’s sake. What patch! I lost half of my brain cells by reading that.

    • @Anubis: what censorship? Nothing has been deleted in this conversation.

    • I made a comment earlier about how useless SCEE is, now the don’t deserve their job and the fact we always get canned answers and only ever one reply to questions. Also that a parcel can be sent around the world so easily, but putting something on a server on time seams to be beyond them. It was deleted

  • Hi jwad , why the discounts not coming today I mean with same ps store update day

  • Any idea when Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist is coming out?

  • Hi Jawad, where’s the Mortal Kombat X Klassic Fatalities 1 pack which was meant to be released a whole week ago?

    • Haha, ninja’d.

    • Doesn’t matter if I’ve already posted it, it needs more attention. These have been out since last Tuesday in NA. Unfair that we have to wait over a week (and more) for the same content.

  • What’s the status of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature?

    • I don’t remember the exact wording but basically:
      When I asked a couple of weeks ago, Jawal said that the publisher (Natsume?) haven’t actually submitted the game to be checked for something before it can actually be released on the store. So when they had the store update saying Harvest Moon comes out that day, it was a mistake.

    • The most recent staff reply on the matter I can remember is one of them (Fred?) saying there’d be more info in “the next few weeks”, and it’s been a bit more than a few weeks now.

    • I would also like to know if there’s any update on this.

      Can Jawad or Fred find out?

  • whats is the point in bringing the PS update on Tuesday like MS does and Sony does in the USA , if 90% of the game are released Wednesday ?? i really do not understand…

    • I don’t get it either, release them all on Tuesday or you may as well go back to Wednesday. At least then not everything would be split up and confusing.

    • Content is published throughout the week, so we felt moving the post earlier would be better for you guys.

    • @ Jawad Ashraf
      Yeah but why cant you publsih on tuesday? cant the puny Sony servers handle NA and EU being published on the same day?

    • @FPS Nope, they can’t even hold up the way it is.

  • Bummer we have to wait days for releases. We don’t yet live in a digital world do we.

    I don’t suppose we’ll get a sale update today?
    I just got £105 of PSN credit looking for a home.

  • Been waiting for that new version of Deception IV, looks awesome!!
    Btw, the physical Hong kong release (playasia), is in english ^_^ if anyone wants to know. Actually, now that I look at it, the physical version is cheaper, ofc, we still can’t use DLC stuff.

    Seriously, I still dunno why SONY locks the VITA only to 1 store.

  • Hi Jawad, any idea when/if the pre-orders of GOW3 will pre-download. Hopefully will be able to get started before launch day (pretty hefty 40GB according to PSN page). Cheers.

    • Well it has started and finished here in Australia but it was only 5gb. Not sure why. But i am stuffed so must sleep. So answers will wait.

    • Mine downloaded last night, 41GB in total. Also a dynamic theme and some kind of weapon pack DLC.

  • we want PS1 and PS2 emulation on PS4.

  • And again: what’s up with XBlaze Code: Embryo? It’s supposed to release on the 17-th.

    • It was postponed to 28th of August.

      At least that is what you can find on FunBox Media site.
      You can also buy limited edition on RiceDigitals, it will be exclusive to their shop.
      Apart from that, there is also standard retail one.

    • delayed again? They might as well cancel it now.

    • After one year and the upcoming sequel (which will be released 28th July in US) Code Embryo is finally released in SCEE? Great work Aksys, as always!

    • Still I hope you all can enjoy the novel. For me it was ok. Nothing really special, but ok.

    • @Archacus Bah, are they even serious about releasing it at this point?

    • @novurdim
      Most probably they are not at fault.

      First of all american publisher most probably required for EU to wait. The same thing probably happens with some of ATLUS games which often comes to EU 6-12 months later. They are aware that those who will be fed up with waiting will cave in and import directly from them… and that means it will be their own profit.

      It’s not fair… but that’s what most probably happens.

      As for recent date changes… well that probably is matter of rating system or factory issues… the production takes time… and the smaller your order the smaller priority it has.

      But hey, I don’t know for sure. Just some wild guess.

  • Has there been any word yet on a release date for Suikoden III in AU and NZ territories? Is it being held up by the ratings process or has there been some other issue?

  • Hi Jawad, thanks for the update. Quick question regarding The Vanishing of Ethan Carter…if there is a 10% discount off the £14.99 for PS+ members, why have I been charged £13.94 (the current price) for preordering? Have I been overcharged?

    • I just posted about this, didn’t see your comment.
      If they charge you £13.94 it is only a 7% discount, so yes you have been overcharged. Hope they refund you automatically as it can be a real pain requesting it yourself.

    • We’re currently investigating.

    • Appreciate it, thanks Jawad!

    • £15.49 is the full price for the game, with a 10% discount that price comes down to £13.941. So it’s actually ever so slightly cheaper than it should be with a 10% discount. :)

    • Ah, the price must have been down as £14.99 in error. Phew! Thanks, that’s good to know

    • Well, it’s been up for pre-order for a while and it’s been £15.49 since it first went up and it does work out with the sale price and the 10% discount so I’m assuming that it’s supposed to be that price. I did think it was a strange when it first went up at £15.49 though.

    • Just checked and it looks like it’s £13.94 for everyone, not just PS+ members! To be honest, I’ve been waiting for this game for a while and would have been happy to pay more! Looking forward to playing tomorrow!

  • Could someone please give an update regarding the Klassic Fatality pack for Mortal Kombat, this wall of silence from both this site and from WB games site is getting really annoying. If there is an issue, please just let us know. Thank you.

    • It Seems like we beeing ignored with this problem! The Klassic Fatality Pack wos add for last week and now still not available

  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter shows up in the online Store at a price of £13.94 with the 10% Plus Discount.
    Should that not be £13.49?
    I know it’s not much of a difference, but it works out at only a 7% discount rather than 10%.

  • HI Jawad Do you know how much Sword Art Online re Hollow Fragment for PS4 will cost?

  • fix the price on carter please.

  • Digital gaming continues to be a joke.
    God Of War bought for £24.85 from SimplyGames and shipped today.
    Will be playing before release and cheaper and I can trade when done.
    Digital future? No thanks!

    • And faster then the painly slow downloading speed of their backwards network.
      It;s the main reason I don’t buy digital (besides the insane prices).

  • Rocket League theme?

    • Sony said filthy non Americans will get baseball themes and like it as baseball is huge in europe.
      So no free rocket league for ps+ in europe .America gets 600+ themes ,Europe get about 60.

    • @TRED-
      True, I don’t know why most makers are still making PS3 themes. They need to start making themes for PS4 and PSVita. #BetterPSN

    • @Supersmith im on about Ps4 and vita ,the US have 670 themes, europe have 60 for ps4 and none other than the basic ones for vita.
      Also The US get free themes constantly through ps+
      We Dont ….”for the players” “greatness awates” only if ur an American.
      America have a customer reward program , every 100 spent on psn get 15 free credit their psn subscription costs less with far far more content.
      Also their weekly flash sales are awesome.

  • Can you get some higher res images for your Shop posts, they look awful.

  • “God of War III Rereleased is the definitive version of Kratos’ third chapter.”

    In your dreams.

    82% on PS4, 92% on PS3. Who’s your daddy?

  • 99p for a puzzle game SOLD…tomorrow of course

    Hope some interesting new titles on sale tomorrow but if not there’s always next week and OMG finally Hatoful Boyfriend. Think the hubb is as interested in watching me shark pigeons as I am to shark them.

  • How do they justify the price of the Arcade Archives? The modern version of Double Dragon is cheaper everywhere. Legally these games are museum pieces and can legally be downloaded for free. Can you stop ripping people off?

  • When will the price for destiny’s the taken king digital collectors edition be lowered? Bungie already announced a lower price for digital purchases.

  • Anyone having an issue topping up with Paypal I keep getting “The credit card information is not valid. Please check your entries carefully.”

    Contacted support but just got a generic reply about checking details are correct (they are- exactly). They arent replying to my follow up email. Anyone know what is causing this. There is no issue with the paypal account anywhere else…

  • Sorry if this has been answered but are we getting Shantae – Risky’s Revenge over here?

  • Will the paid oreshika theme be fixed anytime soon?

  • That price for Godzilla on PS4 is downright disgusting. – $105 AUD? The retail version is $69.95 RRP in Australia. How can anyone justify a $35 increase for a digital version, when it doesn’t require the add fees of manufacturing and shipping. It defeats the purpose of digital in the first place. I’m fortunate I have the option of buying the retail version, but what if you live in a rural or regional area where the nearest game store is 300 km away? That’s who gets biggest slap in the face with these pricing models.

  • I was looking forward to Double Dragon, but you’ve gone a bit overboard on the price there. It was $7.99 on the American store. This swapping the dollar sign for a pound sign with no conversion whatsoever is silly. I’ll wait and get it when its on sale.

  • So gow has started downloading and it says it is only 5gb. The store says 41gb. Whats that about?

    • You’ll be able to start playing after an initial 5gb download. The game will stop abruptly at the end of the prologue to allow the rest to download, and it will take FOREVER. Would be my guess

  • So England retail is £25 whilst digital is more at £35 yet aussie retail is $55 and digital is less at $43. Do you guys choose prices by reading tea leaves or entrails or do you use a dart board?

    • I imagine that scene from rambo 4 with people running through a mine field with random prices hung round their necks with sony execs looking on laughing … But that even seems a bit too logical for sony tbh ,so im not sure.

  • Ubisoft. The company who cant make tetris work on a ps4 now brings microtransactions to trials fusion. Nice work.


    if pinocchio rules applied here, we could use your nose as a space elevator.

  • Samurai News 03 for Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 was not released, do you guys really enjoying omitting free DLC from the weekly updates on purpose? It’s not even listed as coming in the next days.

    • Nevermind, found it. It just doesn’t appear if you use the FREE filter. Just search through all new content, or sort by price.

  • As a Saudi/Middle East PlayStation user, I demand an option to change the country of my region, I am SICK AND TIRED of the [DELETED] I have to put up with every week with at least one game not available in my region, FIX THIS CRAP, SONY!

  • Is Scrabble coming to Europe? It’s my favourite board game :P

  • Hello, to whomever shall read this. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (PS4) is kinda broken. The big lake is kinda broken. The bridge to cross the big lake is nowhere to be seen, though you can walk on it. Fix it? Thanks!

  • Looks like Piecefall, The Fall, the Trials Fusion thing, and both Godzilla versions are not in the PSN store despite having no dates marked/it already being July 15.

  • WHat’s up with Deception not being in NZ? This is the second JRPG to my memory that’s not been available to us with no explanation.

  • PS4
    Godzilla: Digital Edition

    Godzilla: Digital Edtion

    I can totally see the logic to the pricing…… 5 pound difference equals 20 euro difference……

  • Grats to whoever decides on the pricing for Australia and New Zealand, NZ prices seem (for the time being at least) to be fairer conversions currently. Was getting a bit out of hand, glad to see someone has become (or been told to) a bit more realistic about setting them.

    I bought 3 games this week to celebrate.

  • Where is Yakuza 5???

  • When do Prototype Bundle appear on PSN Store EU? I can see the bundle is online on US PSN.

  • Why can’t I buy Batman: Arkham Knight “A Matter of Family DLC” ?

    Store says that it’s not available for purchase since I don’t have the stupid season pass. But you list the DLC here for €6.99 and I just want to buy that single DLC. I don’t want the full, stupid season pass.

    • Because season pass holders gets it one week before the rest.

    • lolwut? Well, that’s one way to make me skip it entirely and just focus on a new game without these retarded shenanigans. Go WB, you soulless, corporate robots in suits.

      I’ll go watch it on YouTube now and be happy I saved the money for somethig more deserving. Yay! :)

      *facedesk* /Corporations of Stupid.

  • My bad. It says you can buy it seperate A matter of Family dlc on Batman AK, but it seems bugged at the moment

    • It’s still not working, so I’m just watching the short DLC on YouTube before I move on to another game. Win/Win.

  • I want to do sony & the wb games to a klassic fatality from mortal kombat,c’mon guys say somethin

  • klassic fatality from mortal kombat x come on sony we been waiting a week for it and the us have got it can you tell us when and how long we got to wait, it’s not funny when you say one date and then not put it on the stone

  • Could you please check the Vita store pages for the 2 Freedom Wars themes?
    Their Download buttons just refresh their pages and they don’t appear in my download list.

    I’ve tried mailing customer support and using the secure online contact form but they only see it as a SEN account problem which they won’t discuss by email. Other people have posted on the forums with exactly the same problem and there are only a few low ratings for these much anticipated themes, which suggest it’s not just my account.

  • Can’t seem to find The Fall from PSN.

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