N++ hits PS4 on 29th July, with 2,360 levels

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N++ hits PS4 on 29th July, with 2,360 levels

Everything you need to know about the twitch platforming sequel

I have been waiting for literally years to say this: N++ has a release date! We worked with Richard E. Flanagan to put together this fancy trailer for the announcement, so let’s let it do the talking.

Yes, N++ will be coming to your PS4 on 29th July, 2015. As a special treat for PlayStation players, it’s 10% off for PlayStation Plus members for its first two weeks on sale.

[Aside: This kind of discount will not be happening much, so if you’re looking to get N++ on the cheap, now’s your chance! Actually we’ll be raising the price when the first big update comes out (it will effectively double the size of the game). More info on that soon ;)]


But back to the main event: we are so excited N++ is finally ready for release and we can’t wait for you all to finally get your hands on it — it is challenging, satisfying and bursting with surprises. I can tell you with complete and enthusiastic confidence, N++ is the masterpiece we set out to make. It has turned out even better than we expected it to, and partly because of the N++ beta we ran over the past few weeks.

N++ has a built-in level editor so when you’re done playing the 2,360 levels in the game, you can go on to create your own levels. Every single level, including the ones made by players, has highscore leaderboards with replays. That’s a lot of data we needed to be sure works seamlessly!

The purpose of the beta was to help us test the massively complex server-backend component to N++, which will allow you to share your levels with every other N++ player on PS4 throughout the world, and also to view replays of people playing your levels. It’s a good thing we tested it, because there were a lot of issues we’ve now fixed so that when N++ launches, everything works perfectly. As an added bonus, you’ll get to play all the levels people made during the beta!


We also streamlined the UI, tweaked the graphics and added lots of polish. Beta players had great feedback, and it was really helpful to see how people approach the game. We were especially happy to hear only positive feedback on the way the game feels to play, which is something we’ve spent the last ten years very finely tuning. All in all, the beta helped us make N++ even better, and it’s almost time for you to see what we mean!

There’s way too much to describe in one post, so I’ll go into more detail about N++ in the next few weeks. In the meantime, here’s a cool short video made by PlayStation Canada that helps you get a look at what N++ is, who we at Metanet are, and why you’ve just got to get your hands on this game.

That’s it for now — stay tuned for more info soon! In the meantime, if you have any burning questions about what you can expect to find in N++, let us know in the comments!

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  • Hey, will EU get the included PS4 theme like the US?

    • unfortunately that’s a US/Can promotion. We’ll make sure we have a theme available to everyone as soon as we can!


  • What will the actual price be?

    • In USA the full price is 19,99$, so it should be 19,99€ for us. This would mean 15,99€ for Plus users (with the 20% discount).

    • And in Britain that will equate to £19.99, because SCEE can’t do exchange rates properly.

  • Very excited for N++. A definite day 1 buy for me.

  • Finally! I’m so excited (*____*)

  • Gloom12356776543

    I was waiting for this game, but the price is a bad joke :(

    • This is really good value, actually — it’s less than one penny per level! And that doesn’t even count the 6+ hours of music (it would cost you over $100 to buy all the songs on the soundtrack from each of the 40+ artists!) and 53 colour schemes AND the built-in level editor that allows you to create unlimited levels forevermore.

      Also, it’s 4 times the size of N+, but it’s only double the price, AND it’s a much better game to boot. So unless you meant that it’s hilariously under-priced, I don’t really get the joke! ;)

  • So about 15 quid in the UK? A little expensive for me. I’ll wait for a sale.

    • ‘[Aside: This kind of discount will not be happening much, so if you’re looking to get N++ on the cheap, now’s your chance! Actually we’ll be raising the price when the first big update comes out (it will effectively double the size of the game). More info on that soon ;)]’

    • Please see our reply to the above poster :)

  • I’m not even good at N, but this game’s still the only thing on PS4 that I’m even remotely interested in. Too bad there never was a PS3 version, would’ve bought it, definitely.

  • So you’re gonna start increasing the price every time there’s a big update now? Way to lose people. Just make it DLC.

  • Is the update going to be free if you already own the game? It’s a bit of a weird move to say there’s an update coming which will double the game size and increase its price, kind of sounds like they’re releasing it unfinished. I guess it’s no different than releasing DLC, it’s just an odd way to market it. Fair play for being up front about it though and letting us know about the price hike in advance.

    £20 is a lot though, I was expecting to pay £10 for this. I’ll be waiting for a sale, but very much looking forward to eventually playing the game as I loved N+ on DS.

    • yes, the update will be free if you already own the game. Buy the game once, and all updates are free after that.

      We would rather do it this way than nickel-and-dime our players by making them buy DLC — we want everyone to have the opportunity to try everything we put out for this game (and we expect that to be a lot), and the best way to encourage people to do that is if it’s free.

      We wanted to reward early adopters, and our fans who have been there for us through the years, hence the lower price at launch.

      There won’t be many sales on N++. Actually your best bet is to buy early, before the price goes up, because it’s not likely to get cheaper (just the opposite!) ;)

  • Stupid question probably but will the game have trophies!?

    • it most definitely will have trophies! Some of them are really fun — we’ll hopefully be able to talk a bit more about that soon.

    • @Mare & Raigan

      Ok thanks.
      And thanks also for replying to me/us, it’s a sign that you care.

  • Dang, for a moment thought it was a topic about ” Nitro+ ” games being realeased when I saw “N++”.

  • Game looks crap. Played it on atari

  • Is it frustrating or relaxing?

  • Oh stuff it! I’m going to buy your game :)

  • shouldn’t a game like this come out on the vita??

    • It plays fantastically on the PS4, and although the graphics may appear simple, they’re actually made with custom-built vector rendering engine that couldn’t have been done on previous consoles (it uses most of the PS4’s GPU power). So a Vita version will require a pretty substantial redesign.

      That said, we love the Vita and playing N++ on the bus or train would be awesome. So we’d like to do it — if N++ sells well enough on PS4 we hope to be able to afford to port. We’ll see!

  • In terms of ££ per hour, this will be one of the better value games in my life this summer. Bring on the frustration!

  • Oh dear God! I can’t even begin to contemplate how much time I’ve lost playing this on the DS. It’s one of those games where you die a lot, and by a lot, I mean all the time. Yet it utterly begs you to just try one more time. An hour and 200+ tries later and you’re still on your last try.

    • Super cool to hear that you *get* it!
      You’ll love this version, it’s much better than N+. A whole extra ‘+’ better!

  • Looking forward to this so much and have been for a while. Found it interesting the posts and thoughts that have gone into designing the style for the game. Definitely picking up day 1. As another poster said above, a vita port would be incredible too, espicially cross buy but could be something I’d double dip on.

  • congratulations on revamping the graphics and for the inovation and inventness in creating new levels. i intend getting this at launch.

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