What to expect from this month’s Street Fighter V beta

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What to expect from this month’s Street Fighter V beta

Find out how to get involved in the trial run, starting 24th July

Hi everyone. Matt Edwards here again, Fighting Games Community Manager here at Capcom Europe. I’ve got some exciting information about the Street Fighter V beta for you! The very first beta kicks off on 24th July across Europe (at around 2.00am BST/3.00am CEST) and will be running for five days, exclusively for PS4 users.

Some of you might be wondering what characters you’ll get to play as. Initially the beta will roll out with four characters – Ryu, Chun Li, Nash and M. Bison. A few days later, Cammy and Birdie will join the line-up. The reason for their delayed release is that in addition to testing out our online net code, we’re also testing out our new content delivery system.

The beta at this time is online only – there’s no local versus mode included. This is down to the primary focus of the beta being to test the online functionality.

While players are waiting for their match they’ll be in the training grid. Versus matches will take place in either the Bustling Side Street (China), Terminal Station (London) or in the brand new stage the Forgotten Waterfall. Check it out in the screens below! If you’re thinking it looks familiar you might have seen the top of it before in a previous Street Fighter. The inspiration behind the Forgotten Waterfall is taken directly from New Zealand!

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We’re really excited about you playing Street Fighter V for the first time in a few weeks. If you haven’t signed up for your chance to participate and receive a place in the beta yet then you can do so by heading over to www.streetfighter.com. Sign-up in Europe closes on 15th July. Users who are selected will receive an email with instructions on how to access their beta redemption key.

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