New on PlayStation Store: F1 2015, LBP3: The Journey Home and new PS Plus games

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New on PlayStation Store: F1 2015, LBP3: The Journey Home and new PS Plus games

Plus, Red Goddess and Pneuma: Breath of Life

First up this week, take to the tarmac and emulate your motorsport heroes in F1 2015, available this Friday. Look out for a guest blog post from the creative time behind the game later this week

PS Plus members can look forward to a fresh batch of new games heading their way. Bags of fun awaits in Rocket League on PS4, while Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved for PS Vita offers an expanded version of the original with 40 new levels and a new Hardcore mode to prove your worth. See our recent PS Plus update for details on all six new titles.

Elsewhere look out for the hefty Journey Home expansion for LittleBigPlanet 3, beautiful puzzle adventure Pneuma: Breath of Life and cult JRPG Hyperdimension Neptunia ReBirth3: V Generation.

Finally, we’ll have a new wave of discounts also going live tomorrow, so be certain to check back tomorrow afternoon for the latest.

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  • Pneuma: Breath of Life
    Not available Bahrain, India, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Ukraine, UAE
    20% discount for PS Plus member until 21 July

  • Red Goddess: Inner World
    (Out 8 July) Not available in Russia
    10% discount for PS Plus members until 22 July

  • Rocket League





  • Helldivers (Out 8 July)
  • Pistols Pack
  • Vehicles Pack
  • Entrenched Pack
  • LittleBigPlanet 3 (Out 10 July)
  • The Journey Home
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Kold War Scorpion (Out 8 July)
  • Mortal Kombat X Klassic Fatalities 1 (Out 9 July)
  • Rocksmith
  • The Cure Song Pack
  • Just Like Heaven – The Cure
  • The Black Keys Song Pack
  • Rocksmith (Out 8 July)
  • Volbeat Song Pack
  • Still Counting – Volbeat
  • Heaven Nor Hell – Volbeat
  • Lola Montez – Volbeat
  • Fallen – Volbeat
  • A Warrior’s Call – Volbeat
  • Warframe
  • Warframe: Ash Prime Access Pack


  • Rocksmith (Out 8 July)
  • Volbeat Song Pack
  • Still Counting – Volbeat
  • Heaven Nor Hell – Volbeat
  • Lola Montez – Volbeat
  • Fallen – Volbeat
  • A Warrior’s Call – Volbeat


  • Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 (Out 8 July)
  • Samurai News 02

Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in July

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  • When is the Snooker DLC pack for Pure Pool On PS4 coming?

  • When did the free PS Plus games become so awful? Xbox Live is killing it in comparison…

    • Rocket League has a 9.4 user score on MetaCritic at the moment. Just throwing that out there

    • @StevenJamesHyde

      But…but.. It’s indie. So gotta be trash, right?!

      Times have changed from the PS3 to PS4. It’s gonna change again without a doubt.. Cant expect triple A titles all the time. Deal with it being indies or ignore the IGC, and just stick with the Cloud service and MP on PS4.

    • I’ve wanted Geometry Wars for ages and Rocket League is obscenely good. OBSCENELY GOOD!

    • PS Plus was never about AAA games. PS Plus is about experiencing all different kind of great games, that you would normally miss. And this month offers just that. Just play Rocket League and Geometry Wars, and then move over to Styx, and the rest, and you won’t be bored!

    • rocket league is phenomenal. give it a go. i guarantee you will be addicted.

    • Just what is xbox killing?
      I was with them for 12 years and even beta tested Xbox Live month before release.
      The only thing I ever got free was a Doritos Crash Course game.


    • You should really play Rocket League. Amazing game! Was the first game I downloaded this morning and I have 60% of the trophies already without actually trying for them. Spent my time playing against the AI until the servers are working again. I’m having a short break at the moment and can’t wait to jump back on

    • Indies were all we got when Plus started. I loved getting little known games that I may have overlooked such as the impossible game, vector TD and I must run.

      I don’t think the service has changed much tbh and that is a good thing. I would love Killzone Shadowfall and Knack from this service (I had KZ at launch but traded it after I completed the campaign) but not in lieu of original content.

    • I don’t see awful games here. Rocket League is way more entertaining than I predicted. Styx is really good stealth game. Geometry Wars is just awesome and I would like to get games like that for Vita every month. Rain is also interesting game, but it’s unfortunately short. MouseCraft and Entwined are not that good but still I will spend time with them.

    • LOL, car’s playing football, are you serious? :D When PS Plus was good we get game like Arkham City, Uncharted 3, inFamous 2, etc…

    • Exact when Batman was on plus a few months back people did nothing but moan.
      I garrante the AAA plus games will be a strategic timing thing. Come Christmas you might get a month or two of hot games.

    • All I can say is give them ago. This is definitely a strong month for PS+ and if that really doesn’t work for you and you don’t have the full game, there is always DriveClub PS+ edition.

      Rocket League is incredible though. I’m surprised individuals are disregarding it, it’s been fairly universally praised. I’d suggest checking out some gameplay videos or just trying it if you’re by your PS4.

    • Well said chrisboers, I totally agree with that, you couldn’t have worded that better!

    • Games with Gold hasn’t been around nearly as long as PS+ and this months isn’t great either, as great as Black Flag is, you can buy a digital code for £3.
      This months Plus doesn’t blow me away but I’m still happy with it.

    • I know everyone who likes indie games see themselves as so sophisticated, but all I really see is games about wasting time or games that wish we still had ZX Spectrums. I don’t really have time for either. When I play a video game I want to play something with a story. I’ve got batman and witcher at the moment so this month is no big deal but it is time to start giving some AAA on ps4 at least. Even if it’s just every other month.

    • @Harrisown the issue when Batman was last on plus was because a year after getting Arkham City we were given Arkham Asylum. It was further proof the service was going downhill. I’m sure you are aware of this and just want to twist facts to your own end.

  • Will the download for the Oreshika-theme (the one for 2 euros) be fixed in the near future?
    It’s possible to purchase it via the vita, but when you click on the download-button, nothing happens. It’s not even listed in my download list.

  • One other point:
    Wrong picture for Nep-Nep Re;birth 3 in the post. That’s Ar Nosurge Plus. ;)

  • Think the image for Geometry Wars on PS Vita may need some attention ;)

  • So besides the print for full five year subscribers there is absolutely nothing going on as fifth birthday celebration? No discount on Plus? No special 5 months offer like in Japan? No extra months for a year’s subscription?

    That is like a birthday party where you have to bring your own food. Also no music. Only party hats for the oldest friends. Sad. :(

  • I know theres several million LBP levels now but might get the dlc just because the main games was so short. You can have my money but I won’t be happy about it.

    • I agree, After the mammoth story mode in 2 I was underwhelmed. Especially considering the gang had only just got together.

  • Is Harvest Moon Back to nature still planned?

  • Wrong picture for Geometry Wars 3. Please check for mistakes before posting.

  • A demo for Deception IV?! Nice surprise. Didn’t know that was coming.

    Also, just curious, is there a reason why sales are still coming out Wednesday? Wouldn’t it make more sense to put those out same day as the store update.

  • Nothing for me this month, but hoping some serious discounts make up for it. I would love to pick up DA:I, Skull Girls, Jstar Victory, LBP3, amongst other games.

  • Any word on what’s delaying Suikoden III for AU/NZ territories yet at all?

  • Will there be any new sales or new games added to existing sales?

    • Last paragraph: “Finally, we’ll have a new wave of discounts also going live tomorrow, so be certain to check back tomorrow afternoon for the latest.”

  • No demo for vita? Uh, ok then…

  • So when will LBP3 be fixed?
    Not before they are selling more stuff for that broken piece of software. What a disapointment.

  • No updates of game-related avatars since weeks ago or months ago…

  • been playing rocket league all day (until the servers went down). i’ve put both batman and bloodborne on hold for this. it’s the most fun i’ve had in a video game for a very long time. anyone complaining about this months ps plus offerings… just shut up and play this.

    • Bloodborne deserves your complete attention from start to finish. You need to immerse yourself in the blood of Yharnam to appreciate the best game the PS4 has ever seen.

  • Any update regarding Harvest Moon: Back to Nature?

  • Shame about the rocket league servers.
    I knew it was going to happen as I payed it though. Nothing stays up for long in the gaming world.

  • Rocket League is a lot of fun to play but I hadn’t played online just yet cos of a server down but I can see that the online game is going to be fun!

  • Why is Red Goddess tomorrow? It was available yesterday, at least for a while, but when I logged in to purchase the game it was gone. What gives?

  • LittleBigPlanet could use a DLC sale, im interested im so many old DLCs (and new ones to) but they are still to expensive today. Just got to wish harder i guess. Actually its not only LBP3, we need a DLC sale for many games, instead of the same games allways.

  • Witcher 3 DLC wont be out till next week, its mentioned on every gamingsite. Shows how much these people are interested in things related to their job and why their answer is always they dont have any info.

  • Ahh wait…what day is it? Todays is Tuesday right?

    • every clock i have, no matter how much i resync, is late by a whole day…. strange
      but i’m not the only one

  • Shocking price for F1 2015

  • When I’ll be able to download AirMech??? I saw it several times in PS Store.

  • I’m digging these Arcade Archives games, £7.99 each is a bit steep for them but I like them over most of the modern games coming out so it’s cool I guess. Arcade Archives Renegade is dope.

    I think we’ll be seeing a lot of more of them … and I will feverishly want to buy them all.

    • You can legally download those for free on the PC then connect your dual shock 4 controller via bluetooth and you’ve just saved yourself large amounts of money for other great games.

  • Any chance the store will be online soon so we can actually download the PS+ games?

  • PSN not working properly again, what a surprise, looks like a new XBOX is on the cards

  • Is PSN borked again? When are we going to see some infrastructure investment to mitigate these problems, the store has been down all afternoon.

    Scratch that, when are we even going to see some acknowledgement from SCEE that there even is a problem? 70-90% of next gen console sales in Europe are for Sony, and we still have the worst customer service of all the regions.

  • Cheers for the plus games. I was looking forward to rocket league and a bit of destiny but due to the people who control the purse strings must run the entire network through a commodore 64, or maybe a zx spectrum.

    • Let’s not drag the good name of the Spectrum into this. We were a lot more accepting of issues in the Speccy days, mind. If a game didn’t work, we chalked it up to experience and took the tape back to the shop. Oh yes, sunny jim. We had tapes in them days. And shops.

  • Was in gta online it froze but my rank n cash are still there gd ol cloud servers if sony turned off destiny and elder scrolls servers psn would run better them games are steeling our online lol

  • Deception demo is appreciated.

    Why Hyperdimension Neptunia V has the Ar nosurge thumbnail.

  • Why has the Littlebigplanet 3 DLC changed to 10th July? It was meant to be the 8th (today) a few hours ago :/

  • Helldiver’s Vehicle Pack is $5.95 on the store, please fix as it was $4.55 this morning

  • Incorrect pricing for the Helldivers Vehicle Pack is showing for me too, should be £2.49 and is showing up at £3.29

  • just me or is mousecraft a buggy mess? doesn’t let me select blocks or demolish. restart chapter and the same thing happens….?


    four months on from the actual release, and nearly five months since you said it was coming “soon” and still no idea, and even less communication on the subject.

    it’s nice to feel valued isn’t it?
    no, really, i’m asking, because as a paying scee customer i wouldn’t have a clue.

    hey Comic-Con’s on soon, that’d be a great time to provide an update for the majority of the world that sony is ignoring.

    but you/they won’t.

    and again with the psn problems?

    you’d think with this 90% share you brag about you’d put some effort into providing a service to this region.
    but the sony mantra overrules that doesn’t it.
    “no plans for europe”

  • where is the mortal kombat x klassic fatalities dlc as it said the 9/7 to be out but not a thing yet

  • Yeh, I really hate complaining, but this store breaks my heart. Once again dlc that has been available in all other regions and consoles since earlier in the week is not available in the EU. I didn’t mind as this blog did list it as being available today, but surprise surprise no fatality pack as of 8:30pm. Sorry for the rant, but it gets really annoying.

  • so mortal kombat x klassic fatalities can we get a update on when it is coming out

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