Introducing Super Impossible Road, a new kind of racing game for PS4

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Introducing Super Impossible Road, a new kind of racing game for PS4

No accelerator, no brake, only shortcuts

Hi all, Kevin from WONDERFUL LASERS here to announce a new take on futuristic racing games. Super Impossible Road is a racing game with a twist: it’s all about the shortcuts.

Everyone knows that in the future, there will be no accelerator or brake, no cheap lead-stealing power-ups, and thanks to on-the-fly procedural generation of tracks, no race line memorisation. And there definitely won’t be any rubber-banding: that’s right out.

So how do pilots of the future get the drop on their fellow racers? The answer is shortcuts, and lots of them. The only way to get ahead of your competitors is by taking huge leaps across the roller coaster-like speedway. These risky overtaking manoeuvres can take you straight into the lead, or drop you mercilessly into the void.

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This isn’t your traditional kind of game trailer. Instead of showing fast cuts between a bunch of cool camera angles, I’m going to show the whole race, in footage taken straight from the gameplay camera.

It’s not as splashy, but it’s more important to get a feeling for how shortcuts work across a whole race. There is, however, a section in the middle where we get to take a look at the four-player split-screen view, as I’m sure a lot of you will want to know that you can play with a bunch of friends on the sofa.


The shortcut rule is simple. When you leave the track, you have around five seconds to touch down again, otherwise the screen will white out and you will re-spawn. And you’ll be re-spawned back at the last gate you went through, so you’d better make sure to roll through a gate here and there on the way down. It’s a simple system to understand, but it adds a lot of depth and strategy to race management.

I’m very excited to bring Super Impossible Road to PS4. Hopefully you will all like it too, and we can get enough players to get a tournament started!

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  • Well it does look impossible but we’ll see about that ;)

  • Is there meant to be a video?

    • StevenJamesHyde

      Well, he did say “This isn’t your traditional kind of game trailer”

    • Hi, Kevin (the dev) here. Not sure why the trailer is missing, but you can find it here on the official website:

  • It looks really fun! hopefully there’ll be split screen multiplayer! And same question as the guy above me. cause I didn’t find a video for the trailer

  • ….. dont know what to say , love the style of it… but the reveal may be to early … as usual with playstation … it will be released in 5 years… why not yet already release all the game that sony showed up at the ps4 reveal ( the witness etc… ) ??? 3 yo and no news at all …

  • Hi Kevin,

    I’m a big fan of your work, and have absolutely adored Impossible Road since its debut on Mobile in 2013. In fact, it has been a permanent feature on my iPhone and iPad home screens for that entire time!

    As an Impossible Road veteran, I must say that I feel the IP still belongs on handheld. That’s not to say that I won’t buy it on PS4 — because I most certainly will — it’s just that Super Impossible Road should have a handheld variant as well.

    With that in mind, are there any plans to bring either Super Impossible or the original game to our beloved OLED-toting PS Vita’s?

    • Thanks!

      No plans yet – I’m a solo developer so it’s strictly one thing at a time. This one is focused on racing, so it made sense to bring it to PS4 where I can do split screen multiplayer. Your skills will definitely transfer though, especially if you’re good with the shortcuts :)

  • This actually looks like a really refreshing title! Can’t wait to see it in action.

  • Oh man, I love games like these; taking something traditional like a racing game and twisting it into its own thing, Bravo I say, just watched the ‘trailer’ and It looks like a great friendship-ender :D

  • Day 1 buy looks like this game has got sphericals very cool looking game

  • First time I have ever commented on a post, this game looks insane! Instant buy! Too bad my wife will probably kick my butt every time :(

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