Helldivers: Masters of the Galaxy expansion deploys this Wednesday

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Helldivers: Masters of the Galaxy expansion deploys this Wednesday

Plus, Super-Earth Ultimate Edition coming soon to retail

Fellow Helldivers, thanks to your sacrifice and bravery, humanity has prevailed in the 4th Galactic War!

With courage, we now face a threat far greater than any we have encountered before. No patrols have survived and intel is sparse, but we’ve received scattered reports of new alien master units that have been discovered on outlying planets.

As Super-Earth’s elite, we stand against all enemies, no matter the cost, to ensure that humanity, NOT aliens become MASTERS OF THE GALAXY.

Today we announce our second expansion – Helldivers: Masters Of The Galaxy – a free content update for Helldivers which adds new Enemy Master units to fight. The expansion will also be accompanied by the release of additional DLC reinforcements.


  • New trophies
  • New Bug “Hive Lord” Enemy Master
  • New Cyborg “Siege Mech” Enemy Master
  • New Illuminate “Great Eye” Enemy Master
#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

To celebrate the release of this free expansion, we are releasing Helldivers: Masters of the Galaxy Edition bundle for €19.99/£15.99. This bundle includes the Entrenched Pack – The AT-47 Anti-Tank Emplacement turret, the Anti-Personnel Barrier, and the SH-32 Directional Kinetic shield. Available for a limited time only.

Super-Earth Ultimate Edition retail release

Following Helldivers’ amazing success on PlayStation Store, today we are very happy to announce that Helldivers Super-Earth Ultimate Edition will launch at select retail stores and PlayStation Store on August 26th

Helldivers_SEUE_PS4_SW3D pack_RGB

Super-Earth Ultimate Edition will contain:

  • Helldivers PS4 game on Blu-Ray
  • Helldivers PS3 and PS Vita digital games
  • Helldivers Turning Up The Heat and Masters Of The Galaxy expansions
  • 11 DLC packs + bonus weapons pack + PS4 dynamic theme


Further reinforcements available this Wednesday

In addition to the Masters Of The Galaxy expansion, Helldivers also includes three more Reinforcement Packs for those in need of even more freedom.

Each Pack is available separately for €2.99 – €3.99

Entrenched Pack


Pistols Pack


Vehicles Pack



Get out there soldier! And fight #ForSuperEarth

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8 Author Replies

  • Will the Vita version get a retail release?

    • Probably not. Much as I love the Vita, Helldivers is really not meant for it. It’s the worst version by far. This game needs the triggers and it needs the strong online connectivity of the console versions. Helldivers isn’t the prettiest game in the world, but it really looks horrible on Vita. Again, I love Vita… but this game is definitely best played on PS3 or PS4.

      Considering you get the Vita & PS3 download codes with this physical PS4 edition, a physical version really isn’t needed for those platforms.

  • I’d prefer it if instead of pumping out DLC they spent some time getting the networking actually working properly. For a primarily online multiplayer game, that’s kind of important. I’ve given up with it because I simply couldn’t get connected with my friends more than one time in five.

  • Retail edition announced just as I bought the digital version -_-
    Any chance to exchange/refund/.. ? :(

  • So the next time you guys launch a new game, people like me will wait as there is not point buying the first version to get nothing and see super mega ultimate versions of the game with all dlc for the same price and retail. I’m very satisfied to be one of your day one suporter after a very long period of waiting, thank you a lot (sarcasm)

    • It’s not normally the developer that handles anything about sales, bundles and pricing. It can be very different with each game and with different publishers.
      For the retail version we don’t have any more info what the price will be yet, but we’ll post more updates on our Arrowhead site and social media when Sony announce them for sure.

    • Iv learned my lesson with supporting greedy ungrateful little studios day 1 , ill wait for bargain bin sales for everything that comes from EA …. i mean Arrowhead in future

  • I really hope the PS4 theme isn’t exclusive to the disc… Digital Day One > Disc Day One… I helped make this disc happen dangit!

    • The theme will eventually be available to the digital buyers as well, I don’t know exactly when though.

  • This ‘Ultimate Edition’ should be the last release that has DLC included otherwise it shouldn’t be called the ultimate edition.

  • So, no retail for psvita?…
    I’d like to play this game but I havo no space on memory stick :(
    Please, psvita retail

  • The game looks impressive. Forgot to get it when it released. Looking for the opportunity to amend that mistake soon. Any way we can learn the price of the retail version (Helldivers Ultimate Edition) of the game? Thanks.

    • Yeah, i second this. Hopefully not more than 25-30 euros. And hopefully it’ll get discounted someday… PSN just hates to put discounts on DLC especially in Europe.

    • Thank you! We don’t have any more information about pricing yet but we’ll inform on our website and social media as soon as more is announced by Sony =)

  • The number of DLCs is starting to get out of hand. You really need to add an option to get them all for a reasonable price in one purchase.

    Also, new trophies… It’s enough already. Your 100k kills is among the worst trophies ever and I’m also fed up with luck-based trophies already. Instead of doing all this, you could work on the Vita version of the game, which is a very poor port and should look much, much better.

  • “bonus weapons pack + PS4 dynamic theme”

    I hope these aren’t going to be something that is exclusive to the retail edition.

  • Will the 3dlcs be released as a reinforcement pack? Previous 2 were released together as a pack. Only asking so that i dont end up buying all 3 dlcs separately, to find that theres a pack for cheaper

  • Hey guys I love the game, been here since day 1 bought every reinforcement pack however I would really like it if you could combine all the the dlc content like new weapons and vehicles into one reinforcement pack like you did the previous two I don’t mind spending an extra 5-6 dollars for them but at this point buying them all separately is going to cost 10$.

    • Hi, I hear you though I have been informed that they will only be sold separately in the PS store. It’s not up to us to change anything in the stores or how things are bundled.

  • Aaaand obviously an “ultimate edition upgrade pack” for those who bought day one….. Right?

  • Hi,

    For those who play Helldivers on PS3, is this at last possible to save the 2nd player profile in local coop?

    Because a game which provides a local coop mode but where the 2nd player can only play as a Guest (clone of the 1st player), it’s… how to say it… a very dumb thing.

    Moreover when a lot of previous PS3 games with local coop allow to save the 2nd player progression (Dragon’s Crown, Diablo III, Borderlands, Dead Nation…), via a local save file or via a 2nd user account (not PSN) on the console.

    It’s hard to find the info, as lights are mainly on the PS4 version (in which there is no problem to save the local 2nd player progression, as it is possible to log two PSN accounts on the same console).

    I waited eagerly Helldivers (mainly for the local coop, a feature that became very rare nowadays), but when I read that the local 2nd player on PS3 was simply a sad clone of the 1st player, who can only play as a guest, unable to personnalize his character and unable to save his progression, it was a HUGE disappointment, and an outright reason to not buy the game. :(

    Thanks in advance for the answer!

    Best regards.

    • Due to the way the PS3 system works, it doesn’t support multiple logins at the same time. Therefore it is not possible for you to log in with separate accounts for all players – only clones of the primary account.

      Unfortunately there is little we could do to change the way this functions. PS4 however is set up with multiple user login support.

      When other games do it, it is a specific solution per game in that case and not supported by the PS3 system itself. Those games might allow you to log in on their own backend servers and save the progress on those instead of on PSN. This is nothing we can supply at Arrowhead, since we don’t host our own servers or store anyone’s details.
      Diablo3 for example lets you link a PSN account with a account if I’m not mistaken.

  • Hi,

    Thanks a lot for your detailed answer, it’s really (really) appreciated.

    At the launch, Dragon’s Crown had the same problem: the 2nd local player was just a henchmen, unable to save his character and his story progression.

    But with a patch, Vanillaware fixed this with a clever trick. The 2nd player data (stuff, XP, and story progression*) is stored in the local save file, but everything is tied to the 1st player profile (local and PSN, as it’s also a cross-saved game).

    Meaning it’s like the 1st player plays the two characters at the same time (but the 2nd character is obviously controlled by a second Dualshock).

    *The only inconvenience is as everything is tied to the 1st player profile, the story progression has to be strictly at the same point for both players, i.e. if the 2nd player goes beyond the story progression of the 1st player (or if he’s in late), nothing is saved for the 2nd player. And some story-related items are only unlockable for the character used by the 1st player (switching temporarily the 2nd player character to the 1st player slot allows to unlock these items also for him).

    So, for Helldivers PS3, why not use the same trick?

    Everything would be tied to the 1st player profile as it is currently (XP, unlocked stuff, story progression), but at least, the 2nd player would be able to choose his weapons, his stratagems, his appearance, etc… but only among things already unlocked by the 1st player (as everything is tied to his profile).

    Therefore his XP level progression and customization would be saved in the local save file, but would have no effect on the 1st player profile (it would be just stored values used to know what is the 2nd player level, what stuff he can equip and keep all the settings).

    It changes nothing for the statistics, tied currently to the 1st player anyway.

    So, to resume:

    — Player 1 profile: nothing changes

    — Local Player 2: tied to 1st player profile (shared stastistics), but saved in the local save file: XP level, equipped weapons, stratagems, perks (those available given the 2nd player level, and only among those already unlocked by the 1st player profile), and appearance.
    And maybe an option to modify the 2nd player name (stored in the local save file too) in order to avoid PSN_ID(1).

    Thanks for reading, hoping that’s something possible to (easily) implement in Helldivers PS3.

    Best regards and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours.


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