Gauntlet: Slayer Edition is coming to PS4 this Summer

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Gauntlet: Slayer Edition is coming to PS4 this Summer

The latest game from Helldivers developer Arrowhead arrives in August

Nearly 30 years ago Morak first took his place in the Gauntlet to shape it to his will and torment any adventurer daring to brave its depths. Last year he made his re-appearance to challenge champions on the PC and your cries for more ways to thwart his evil plans were heard.

Today it was decreed that the heroes of Gauntlet must travel to a new realm, and coming August they will finally descend the dungeons on PlayStation 4!

Invade the darkness

The classic Gauntlet four-player co-op action gameplay returns in a completely new experience! Play as one of four distinct heroes in an intense monster-filled dungeon brawler, with a combination of both uniquely built and randomly generated levels to explore. Battle the endless hordes of foes as you and your friends fight for treasure and glory via both local and online co-op multiplayer.


And now a note from Emil Englund, Game Director, Arrowhead Game Studios:

“Hello there. I am here today to tell you that you were right. Yes, as many of you have already theorized, we will be releasing Gauntlet: Slayer Edition on the PS4. This has been in the works now for a while and it’s been so frustrating not being able to just tell everyone the news. Gauntlet is simply a game that feels right at home on the PS4.

This however, will not just be a straight port, but a stronger, cooler and more slayer-y version of the one we released on the PC. We’ve been shaping up a lot of the assets in the game, both Characters and Environments, as well as improving on the game mechanics.

This time around, we wanted to explore the Heroes and their Abilities more in-depth giving them a bigger toolset for players to explore, as well as a new Game Mode in which to exercise their rights as self-proclaimed monster slayers.

Since Hero Equipment plays a larger role now, we have reworked the loadout mechanic so that it can be done by 4 players simultaneously and regardless of game mode.


For the story campaign we wanted to give the feeling that you are descending deeper and deeper into the Gauntlet, while at the same time giving players more control over level selection. We have also pushed the differences in each environment more, increasing variation both visually and in monster encounters.

That’s some of the stuff we’ve been working on these past months, but more details to come in following blog posts.

On a sidenote, this release is particularly exciting for us here at Arrowhead, since this will be the second game we release on PlayStation this year, after Helldiver (yay!).”

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In upcoming posts we will get into more details about the development of Gauntlet for PlayStation 4. Tell us about your very best Gauntlet moments through the years in the comments; we love those “war stories!” Or shoot us a question and I will try to respond to anything I can.

Prepare to Invade the Darkness this summer!

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5 Author Replies

  • Would really love to play this on my Vita. : )

  • Awesome !! my son and I love playing Helldivers, this reminds me of my childhood all over again. Thank you Arrowhead games !

  • I remember playing Gauntlet on the ZX Spectrum and you could hold down the SYMBOL SHIFT key to be able to walk through walls :D

  • Any chance of a PS Vita version?

  • Grinning like a little kid here. Should be fantastiche

  • Looks amazing but definitely holding back before we buy this. Helldivers was ridden with all kinds of shameless freemium DLC and micro transactions wich simply don’t belong in a 20 euro title and given that the online is still shoddy it’s hard to get excited for another game from the same studio.

    • Malin Hedström

      I’m sorry to hear that’s how you see our DLC as we’re very careful to incorporate DLC models that makes sense, and how we ourselves like to buy games.

      All the major expansions and changes have been added for free, and the DLC you can buy is always optional and nothing you have to buy to play with friends or tackle the game. We take great care to never split the player base.

      The sales from DLC is also what allows us to continue supporting the game with patches and more free content.

  • I would love this on Vita but I’m assuming there’s a reason it’s not… and that’s cool, because that means it’ll be all it can be which is cool. Possibly a trimmed down port of some sort would be neat, but nothing that would impact this game at all (doesn’t need full blown cross play etc).

  • Does the game have the same feature like helldivers, where your 4-player team may consist of local and online players at the same? (for example me and my brother from the same ps4 locally and 2 strangers online through matchmaking) Thanks.

    • Malin Hedström

      Yeah, you can be a mix of local and online players, though with PSN you need to have PS+ to be able to play online. =)

  • Any chance of a PS VITA Version? I got Hell Divers for the PS VITA and that was alright :)

  • If this could any way come to the vita you would make so many people happy.
    If Sony could then manage to advertise and promote this and the vita for once it would get so much attention.

    Please say there is a possibility. A game like this is perfect and what you guys did with helldivers on the vita was incredible.

    • Malin Hedström

      We have no announced plans for a Vita release at this point, I really don’t know what’s possible in the future though and it could be mostly up to Sony.

  • I noticed this is up for pre-order on the US PSN store and the EU PSN store lags behind a bit – would love to know when it’s available for the EU!

    • Malin Hedström

      All the different regions have their own schedules when they update their store. It’s usually not more than a day or two behind depending on where you live though =)

    • I am in Australia, where it’s the 19th of July – searching the store finds nothing. Hope I can get it here??

  • Awesome, can’t wait! Any chance for some pre-order DLC bonus like with Helldivers? Btw. guys – keep up the great work with the free expansions and the optional DLC!

  • Gauntlet slayer edition is not on eu psstore for pre-order.Its only on usa ps store.WHY? I WANNA PRE-ORDER THE GAME AND EUROPEAN PS STORE DOESNT HAVE IT!

  • ” Warrior Needs Food Badly ” ! My favourite arcade game of all time. The original co-op multiplayer. At last given a nextgen overhaul. Will need to get the kids some controllers. Remember children, “don’t shoot food”

  • Why no disc based release??? I’ll hold back on buying this. I love Gauntlet, but I’ll spend my time playing Dark Legacy on PS2 over buying invisible digital content. We want our disc based releases.

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