Horizon Zero Dawn: Guerrilla Games guides us through the E3 trailer in new video

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Horizon Zero Dawn: Guerrilla Games guides us through the E3 trailer in new video

A few more details on the exciting new IP from the Killzone creators

On an evening when the big announcements came thick and fast, it was great to see Killzone developer Guerrilla Games make such a big splash at E3 2015 with its brand new PS4 exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn, picking up an armful of ‘best in show’ gongs.

A few days after the reveal, when the dust had settled, we sat down with Senior Producer Mark Norris to dive a little deeper into what was shown and pull out some more information on how the game plays. Check out the video above!


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  • Cool game might buy it and im 1st comment at last

  • This is one of the games that is finally making me buy a PS4.

  • This game looks really incredible. I was sold on the rumour that it was open world robot dinosaur hunting. The reveal didn’t disappoint, can’t wait for this one.

  • This game is looking really good. Didn’t expect to see anything this far along at the E3. The moment I saw it I fell instantly in love with the style of the game. Why do we have to wait to play it D:

    I actually would have like to have seen a more traditional dinosaur hunting game. B.C got cancelled all those years ago and I feel its doable now.
    This looks amazing.

  • I want this game in and around my mouth.

    • You might want to buy digitally, discs tend not to work once bitten, also the download version will less calories.

      Stupid joke I know, but I was bored.

    • @ TrueMurton

      yeah its stupid because beside the fact that a physical copy will be ~£40 (resellable), and digital will be ~£55 (non-resellable), you cant even put a digital game in and around your mouth.


      physical games ftw.

    • @fps_d0minat0r

      It does have less calories though!

      Also I want to remind everyone that UMDs do not fit in a VITA, but, when supported, the digital PSP games do play on its successor. So, sometimes digital is better.

      And if you get it on a good digital sale, or via a digital voucher, which also occasionally happen(like on Amazon), it can be better. Just have to be smart about when you make your purchasing decisions. Who knows if the PS5 will have a disc drive, or support Blu-ray. Ya know? Cause I don’t.

      Better to go digital in hopes of license support on future units/consoles. But obviously, physical systems have the advantage of never being shut down, until the disc breaks that is…It’s a hard risk. Physical is for now a proven/safe bet though.

  • this game still needs much work and improvement on the action aspect, it is more like Freedom Wars rather than Monster Hunter at this stage
    but i will support it simply because as a new IP, the developer is brave enough to use a female leading character

    • I don’t think they plan to do hardcore action RPG.

    • Well Guerrilla’s last 2 games released 9 months after they were announced, considering that it’s already running better than Bloodborne was during it’s behind closed doors gameplay reveals and how productive a studio Guerrilla Games are I wouldn’t be surprised if this came out in March next year, with Uncharted being brought forward to Feb, unless Sony doesn’t mind releasing both games in the same month.

      As for the action (I assume you mean combat by that), it’s very logically thought out from what’s been shown, seems very believable, with a lot of clear thought as to what works and how to provide the player with choices in how to tackle each situation IMO.

      The only real issues the game has as far as I can see are the pop-in and some frame drops, but those will likely be ironed out over the coming months.
      Much like Naughty Dog, Guerrilla are a phenomenal team in the technical areas of video game design, they also know how to make great combat as Killzone shows.

      The crafting of weapons seems to allow for a lot of variation in design, armor can be used for the machines you defeat, if you find parts or even buy them from markets and camps in the game’s world.

      The fighting system seems very deep, but accessible from what’s been shown so far, but I’m sure, given how long the game’s already been in development, that there’s much more too see.
      The tactical nature of the combat with the Thunder Jaw should be applicable to a wide variety of situations.
      I can see this being highly entertaining from a gameplay POV and that story, wow!

  • I upgraded my hard drive to 1 tb about 3 months ago , so many great games coming out I think I need at least 2 tb :) Horizon looks fantastic

  • This is amazing. Please do more videos for this game like this. You guys had to have noticed that it got SOOO much positive feedback from E3 so you should take advantage of this and do a nice feature every 6 weeks or so :)
    That ruined city looks VERY like the city on Vekta in Killzone Shadow Fall. Perhaps it is set 1000 years later on that planet??? That would be awesome as it would tie your other franchise back into it :)

  • I was sold at E3 the game looks absolutely incredible and i want it now :P

  • Really looking forward to this. Never been disappointed by Geurrilla & like @andrewsqual hoping for at least a Killzone Easter Egg or two

  • This looks great, I just hope the wait isn’t too long. These “reveal three years before release them drip feed information until the excitement is gone” campaigns are really tiresome and generally lead to disappointment.

  • Ever since it’s fantastic reveal at E3, this game just continues to excite me!

  • So how much is this gonna be a RPG?
    Will we have dialogue options? Can we change the story? The ending? Like in The Witcher, Mass Effect or Dragon Age games?

    • Not so RPG.

      I think will be as much RPG as a BioShock.

    • Well there’s an XP system, it’s a game centered around you playing the “role” of a character (Aloy), developing her skills, crafting weapons and items to aid in your journey to discover why the world is the way it is, so that would make it a Role Playing Game. ;)
      Given the fact that the game takes place in a massive, seamless open world, with no loading or zones I would think “choices” are a key reason for going with that approach to the game’s play style.

      Herman and the rest of the guys that have talked about the game have outright called it a Western Action RPG when asked what the game actually is.

      I think this would be just as much of an RPG as The Witcher, Dragon Age, etc, but with it’s own unique setting.

      As for the “effect” you may have on the outcome, with you potentially traveling anywhere you want, interacting with anyone of the other Human tribal characters, piecing together details about the past and overall reality of the modern world you live in, I would think that Aloy must be able to effect how events play out, as far as how the story goes in the end and probably during your journey through the game as well.

      Guerrilla haven’t talked about that stuff yet to my knowledge, but it would seem a pretty logical thing to have dialogue options and many possible events, not only at the end of the game, but throughout on a moment to moment basis.
      I’m sure Guerrilla will detail this stuff about their game when it’s time to reveal it.

  • This game will be in my PS4 when it comes out.

  • This was the game that caught my attention at E3 the most. Hyped.

  • Dont think its Vekta, in the trailer when the earth is rotating you can See Great Britain.

  • Please keep post more info on the Blog.

    I’m curios about these 4 other main weapons you officialized in the video :)

  • Have to admit this game looks kind of interesting unlike kill zone shadowfail only really enjoyed kill zone 3 the others were kind of forgettable.

  • Game looks awesome, can’t wait for a Playstation 4…

  • Looks fantastic, this is the kind of game I bought a PS4 for. I have no doubts about this game being successful.

  • I don’t like games that don’t run at 60 FPS…

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