PlayStation Plus is 5 today!

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Have you been with us since the beginning?

Today marks the 5th anniversary of PlayStation Plus and we’d like to thank all of you for being part of five fantastic years.

PS Plus has provided SCEE members with over 350 games since its launch on 29th June 2010 and continues to offer hand-picked titles for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. That’s a lot of games!

It’s also provided members with unforgettable PS4 online multiplayer experiences, with more than 270 million hours being spent playing FIFA 15 online – the same as playing 181.2 million 90-minute football matches!

To celebrate those of you that have been with us from the very beginning, a limited edition gift will be arriving in the mail for those of you that have been part of the journey since the very start. Think you may be one of them? Then keep a close eye on your emails as we’ll be getting in touch today.

Here’s to another five years!

PS Plus 5 years v4

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  • I am with it from the first months, but had to stay out of the service a couple of times for a few days, I am eligible for the gift?

    • Can someone answer this please?

    • you had to be day one from 29th June 2010, and no broken subs.. Just checked and I was one of the lucky ones, even checked the mail, and I got the gift!, they will send me a photo in mail, damn I am lucky… Guess you all others will not miss out on much :P

    • As my credit card was renewed I have forgotten to enter the info, and my subscription expired. I got an email, and on the same day I have entered the new card’s details and renewed the subscription. Practically I wasn’t an uninterrupted member. I still got the email! Can’t wait to see what the gift will be! :)

    • Wrong my bro didn’t have it for 2 months and he still got an email with the prize

  • So what do we get for being 5 years with Plus then?

    Maybe nothing. Just something for random people.

  • Checking now, better be something nice. Keep up the good work guys and gals

  • Is the gift cake ? If so I approve .

  • Should have something arriving in my inbox :)

  • I only got plus in 2012, because that was when I bought my PS3… Am I included on this, or will I be out of all this stuff all over again?

    • I too got my PS3 in 2012, and I subbed to plus when it got revamped. I doubt we’ll get anything though, sadly.

    • You will get nothing, noob!

    • Alas, to be eligible, customers must have joined PS Plus on 29th June 2010 and have been a member for the entire time since.

    • Trust me, you wont be missing nothing special. No one cares about a theme with some candles anymore.

    • @Fred Dutton, só I believe that someone who got PS plus after that doesn’t deserve anything.
      Because PS plus, only got this big, because the ones who signed day one, right?

      Don’t every subscriber deserve the same treatment?

      I guess that if everyone shuts his sub from plus, it would be ok for you, right?

      Its not the thing you’re ofering that matters, is the way you treat your costumers.

    • @Fred Dutton You must be very rich to be a PlayStation Plus member since PS Plus started. I bet the gift is a free theme.

  • Oh boy. Looking forward to this one. Been a subscriber since day one.

  • One month late in signing up.. (less clued up than i was back then) congrats on the 5 years though!

    • ditto, joined in july/ august 2010 and haven’t broken membership, harsh we miss out. More annoyed that they didn’t confirm it was day one earlier as have wasted a lot of time checking back here for updates on what the reward is. Ho hum.

    • Plus was trash for the first year. Glad I saved the subscription money.

  • Please don’t be 10% off a £54.99 game you can get online for £19.99.

    But thankyou if it’s something decent!

  • Subscriber since day one, but may have missed a couple days when my subscription lapsed. Am I still eligible?

    • same for me !

    • Yeah asked about this as well.
      Also it didn’t get full support here in Sweden until a month or two after so I haven’t subbed since day 1…Because I couldn’t buy the cards :)

    • Same I haven’t received an email yet but I’ve always had a year subscription for every year to get each months content. Most I missed was only a small few days.

    • Also been a member since from day 1, and I know I missed a day in the 1st year when my subscription ended. Would be a shame to miss out on goodies just because of a day or two.

  • I hope the PS+ update for this month will be a nice one this month to celebrate the anniversary :-) I only signed up when I got my PS4 but hopefully the gift that the die hards get will be something good!

  • Damn,I have only been a member since a year ago february..I take it I won’t be getting anything then!Still,I’m happy for the people that do.( although I’m secretly hoping it’s something cr*p lol)

  • Is there anything special cooking for us who joined a year or two later, when Plus started to become really good? :)

  • Haven’t been a plusser since day one, but I think those of us who still plan on renewing after the last 12 months also deserve a little something something – just for our sheer sticktoitness

  • Cool. I think I’ve been on plus the whole time. Hope the present is decent

  • I signed up 12 days after the service went live and the subscription runs until the end of 2016. I better be eligible then! :p

  • Since psn+ is 5 years, I thinks it’s time for us to get more than a lousy 1GB of savegame upload! Some games use 500MB for ONE save. And it’s is weird that you get error messages from the system that you cannot upload your savegames. It doesent say that your limit is used up.

    • It says it when you attempt to reupload.

    • 500MB… i also recall titles with 3GB worth of updates on PS3. The biggest save i’ve ever seen on my library was 150-ish MB for some Color Data (?) on Armored Core Verdict Day. But it takes few seconds to upload and download, for whatever reason. No my internet speed is NOT that hight.

  • Just fantastic. I’ve been a PS+ member since the end of 2012 so i can’t get anything?

    • I’ve had a PS3 since day 1, and I never got anything for being loyal besides paying apremium for the damn thing. Don;t be so entitled. You get discounts and free games.

    • As above, unfortunately you’ll need to have been a member since 29th June 2010 to be eligible.

    • @frimo_online Just read what the other not-5-years PS+ members said in this post. Sorry for having checked your profile but it seems to me that u don’t have much time for any game so why bother playing any PS+ free games?

      Everytime i complain about something of PS+ then there’ll be for sure someone against me lol.

    • And just like that, thanks to a 4 day apse while waiting for a sub card in the post, this ‘thanks’ turns into a ‘F-you’

    • dont worry, if I known sony, it will be some theme as the worst, and maybe some crappy indie at the best… anyway, the conditions are too tight… it will be difficult to find people who were plus on day one and still are… maybe some magazines workers…. but not much more…

    • @aimeraya

      Consequence of being a real person with a real life I guess… But in all seriousness, how do you determine have no time for games?

    • @frimo: i guess it’s because you have a lot of E’s and F’s on PSNProfiles.

      And guess what, he’s one of those “i only have Plats and 100% titles in mah profile and i think i’m cool” guys… they’re always that “funny” and “friendly”.

  • I should have been sent this, but my email address was out-of-date. I’ve just updated it. Can the email be sent again?

  • come on!!!! a gift for those who are plus from the beginning?… really?

    Why dont give a gift for every plus user, despite the last years’ lack of quality, and maybe an special gift for those pioneers…. ?

    I think it will be very cheap for you sony… only a few people were brave enough to confide on plus service back in those days…. when there were only one console, it wasn’t mandatory for the online, and the games were the same crap than today’s….

    • they know that sticking to it wasnt always a logical thing but that is the point of this whole thing to reward the people how despite all the downsides still subscribed. it’s just a thank you for your loyalty and trust thing

  • Can’t wait for the reaction when it turns out to be another theme.

    • I am one of the subscribers who received the email from Sony about the limited edition gift, and I can confirm that it is not a voucher code for another theme (if it was, the code would’ve been in the email) and that the gift is going to be delivered to me by my local postal service (Australia Post). Maybe @Fred Dutton or @Chris Howe can shed light on the gift, as I’m not going to (even though I know what it is).

  • I don’t think I have missed a day of PS+ maybe for a few hours when my sub expired and had to go and buy a new sub.

    Hope I am eligible if not no biggy am still loving PS+.

  • Plus has had it’s ups and downs and now it’s very much very down and I’m sure it’s not going to change.
    So if you please could do something for your consumers with all that money it would be great if you would improve the download speed of the store. I don’t buy online stuff just because of that.

  • I got PS+ as soon as I could afford it and never unsubscribed since. To this day it is the best deal in gaming. Here’s to another 5 years indeed.

  • Great I signed up even before it went live and never left. As expected, people are already asking for exceptions. What’s the point then?

  • Celebrate with a discount! Come on, you can do it!

  • @thread … Entitled much?

  • I’m hoping for a PS Plus themed Skylight thing for the PS4. That’d be nice. But I really, really doubt it.

  • This should really be for anyone that has been subscribed for more than 200 weeks or something, I may have been a few months late to ps plus but had ps3 since before trophies were introduced, and psp, vita, ps4.
    I guess the don’t have to give anything away but some kind of recognition for brand loyalty would be nice.

  • I have been sub’d every month and claimed all games since the start, but missed a couple of days when my sub elapsed due to auto renew failure. I hope I still qualify.

  • I can’t remember when I signed up to PS+, it was that long ago.. My account says since 2007.. I think I was an early adopter.

  • My guess is it’ll be an exclusive theme or profile picture. Nothing too exciting.

    • I was thinking that my self. But it says people will be getting it in the mail. As in a physical item?

    • Maybe a digital voucher code or something shiny and gold? If anyone does get the gift. Could you maybe post an image of it?

  • Then we can hope to actually get some good games in IGC next month, despite you guys favoring the Americans with the dates again?

    I can say I was not PS+ subscriber since day one, I don’t mind not getting anything.
    However your general treatment through the last 1-2 years has been bad.
    The PS+ subscription has actually grown worse, which is sad. There are definitely room for improvements.

    • Its been announced we are getting the games the exact same day as the USA now.

    • @Smash-41 really? When did that happen? So store updates on Tuesday now?

    • Hey folks. As of this month, Plus games go live in both EU and US on the first tuesday of the month (no longer Wednesday in EU). The first Tuesday in July is 7th July, hence why the games aren’t launching this week.

      Fred Dutton 29 June, 2015 @ 9:51 am

    • Smash_41
      Yea I read that after I posted this. However no official blog post or anything has had been made to notify people.
      Also I see this as just covering their asses again. They have probably realized their original plan was stupid. So now they have to change our day to fit the Americans so they can say there is no favoring.
      However just look at the treatment of customers, we in the European regions we stand so badly compared to Americans. Sony’s thought’s: Is this okay with our American customers? If yes then proceed. Does this favor other than Americans? If yes then we need to change that.

      It’s sad that us the people who have had Playstation systems since the first one are put aside just because of regions. Pathetic practice and I despite it.

  • If it wasn’t for the PS4 and you needing PS+ to play online, I would never buy PS+ it doesn’t give me anything that says “wow PS+ is the best thing” last month you gave us demo game! & other day you gave us DriverClub PS+ demo that should came with consoles but failed so hard PS+ member had to wait months for it if not got it. Other months we get 2D graphic games that i don’t enjoy playing as much as 3D games. Hopefully when more games come out for PS4 the PS+ games, exl ect… will get better but for want we get atm its not worth the money! Thats just me like other people say in comments everyone to there own word.

  • Could be worse you could be on Xbox Live Gold who offered the same crappy pool game two months back to back.

  • I should definitely be included in this! I have been with PlayStation since I was 9 years old and as soon as they announced the PlayStation Plus services I signed up straight away!

  • Just received the email. It says it’s a poster of my achievements as a PS Plus member!

  • I signed up for PS Plus a few days before the big hack in 2011. A year too late lol. Happy 5th birthday PS Plus :)

  • Just received my email

    The gift is a personalised ‘print’ which will be sent to me
    I had to enter my name and postal address for delivery
    no idea what it will look like though

    So no discount, no money off a further subscription, just a print to hang on your wall

  • Yup. Some sort of poster. Sounds nice.

  • Just had a email this second from Sony. Asking me to confirm my home address as I have been a member of plus since the beginning. I wonder what there sending me.

  • A print? Bit disappointing. Was hoping for a game. As its a gaming service. Hope there is a serious plus sale to celebrate.

    • How can you be disappointed in something for free? Something you didn’t even know you where getting until now?

      Just because it says Print that could mean anything. A printed picture of Andrew House with some cake? A first print of a game? Who knows?

    • No, learn to read. It’s a poster.

    • I have read it says “print”. Print of what? It could be a framed picture. That is not a poster now is it?

    • well, huh, meh?

    • We did know coz Fred said we were getting a special treat a few weeks ago. Its kinda a nice thought but a waste of paper. Id have been happier with a 10% off code or something.

  • It won’t be me. I subbed later on I think. So yup, nothing.

  • No email for me.. I hope they send the print in a nice frame (like YouTube) for those who were early adopters, make it worth the award.

  • I just got my mail , do you know what a print is pretty good actually , my initial reaction was ” WHERE’S MY FREE GAMES!! BLAH!!!”
    But the more i think about it , thats a nice touch.
    I feel special….but not that special. :-)

  • Just look at my purchase record, i sign up the 1 of July 2010 :D 2 days to late.

    • One day here 30-06-2010 :-(

    • My purchase history says my PlayStation Plus order started on July 4th 2010 – 4 to 5 days “late” – and I still got the email about the poster present. You should check your email again, as all Sony/PS+ mail goes under “promotions” on my Gmail account.

  • Still no e-mail for me too, got proof that i indeed payed the 49,99 € on june 29th of 2010. Guess it’s still taking some time to arrive, i’m looking forward to see the reward itself.

  • Think I’ve been here since the start so darn long ago, just waiting for the email.

  • congratz to everyone who gets an mail :)
    sadly i never had access to a credit card back in 2010… been a plus subscriber since the cards came into place

  • I have been a subscriber since day one but my subscription has lapsed a couple of times for a week or so until I bought another year’s worth of plus sub.

    Will I be legible?

    • Just seen the comment above. Well that sucks monkey [REDACTED], thanks a bunch Sony!! /s

      Oh well, vote with your wallet I suppose. I wont be buying anything off PSN for good while now, hmph.

    • “Oh well, vote with your wallet I suppose. I wont be buying anything off PSN for good while now, hmph”

      What are you like? you sound like a child throwing a tantrum for not getting his/her own way.

    • Ive missed 48 hours total and got told I’m not eligible

    • “Vote with your wallet” has to be one of the dumbest statements to make since people started moaning about “gaming rights”. Jesus Christ.

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