Watch the new Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 trailer

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Watch the new Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 trailer

The latest entry in the long running skate series lands this September

Greetings PlayStation fans! Not sure if you watched all the news out of E3, but Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 is real – very real! Today we have a new “behind the scenes” trailer with yours truly, a bunch of guys from my team, Tony Hawk himself, and some of the in-game skate pros. Check it out!

In case you need to get up to speed: our goal is to capture the combo-driven energy and tightly designed levels of the Pro Skater games while ambitiously expanding the experience with seamless online play.

The gameplay is in the signature style of classic Pro Skater games in a brand-new set of levels with the same focus on daring objectives, fine-tuned controls and high-score tricks – including manuals and reverts – for stringing together those huge combos.


The game’s skateboarding pros include Tony Hawk, Nyjah Huston, Chris Cole, Riley Hawk, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Lizzie Armanto, Leticia Bufoni, David Gonzalez, Andrew Reynolds, and Ishod Wair – or customise your own skater.

And of course the soundtrack will be sick! More details on that soon.

Online multiplayer is where Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 truly takes off, letting players drop in and out of ongoing online skate sessions with friends and challengers from around the world; it’s like a skatepark that never closes.

Complete missions, unlock new content and level up online or offline, or go head-to-head on the fly against all takers in competitive matches. You can play with 20 people at once, which is INSANE.


Players can also build their own imaginative skateparks to share with the community. Definitely make note of the fact that these online features are only in the PS4 version – the PS3 version has no online play. We’ve tonnes more to talk about here in the upcoming months, so stay tuned.

Also, we’re starting to roll out various pre-order programs for the game. Check online for pre-order exclusives from your favourite retailers – and, of course, PlayStation Store.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 is being developed by my company Robomodo, along with Disruptive Games. Activision is, of course, publishing it. It will be available for PS4 on 29th September, 2015. The PS3 version is expected to release by Holiday 2015.

We can’t wait to share more over the summer! Shred on.

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  • What’s the price for this game? I used to love playing Tony Hawk’s games back in the day (Underground is by far my favorite), but I’m still not sure if I want a new Tony Hawk’s game. If it’s cheaper than €60 at release, I would consider buying this game.

  • bland ugly graphics. uninspired. budget must be tiny after the last 5 crappy games that basically demolished this franchise.

    • Any bets this game will run at 30fps whilst other games like Project CARS runs at 60fps with +30 A.I drivers.

    • jfontyman
      I am not 100% sure however in another video they mentioned something about 60fps.
      Anyway it should be able to run 60fps without problems, considered the graphical aspects of the game, it’s not like it’s going over the top. However on the other hand I have seen uglier games run pretty bad because of no optimization.

    • And its Unreal Engine 3 too.

  • I loved the THPS series as a kid, and then TH Underground came out and blew me away, such a better game than the originals. If they were going to reboot the series they should have gone more with that than the PS1 games.

    Also, the graphics do look pretty bad, and why are there weird blue bubbles streaming off the boards?!


  • People complaining about graphics lol. This game looks badass! regardless I can’t wait screw the other hype trains I’m Boarding this one! Lol hope the soundtrack is as great as their sound directors mohawk! xD

  • Looks great for a Vita game!
    Eh what? It’s a PS4 game?

  • RIP Neversoft.

    My main request for this game, is please have the option for Skate style controls with the stick flicking mechanic. While I loved the arcade-y ‘press X to ollie’ controls of the THPS games, Skate took that feeling like you are actually skateboarding to a level where you felt like you were actually nailing the tricks, not just pushing a button combo to make an avatar perform them.
    Looking forward to getting hands on with it, and will most likely buy it anyway, I would just like to see at least the option for a ‘stick flicking’ control scheme.

    • No no no that would be awful,the controls were perfect as they were, I’d be gutted if they used skate control scheme.

  • Tony Hawk 2 had a level editor, 15 years later we finally get to share them online.

  • Although graphically this doesn’t look great, I’m not really sure that’s an issue on it’s own…the main issue for me is the price.

    If this game was about £25 I don’t think people would have as much of an issue with the graphics, but it’s priced like a full game and I think that’s what annoys people deep down.

    Also..who decided that we wanted our board to go on fire and have electric charges etc?!

  • Looks alright. As long as the engine works better than whatever crash-happy nonsense THPSHD used, I’ll give it a go eventually.

  • I know graphics aren’t everything, but I can’t help but feel looking at those screenshots that this game would have benefited greatly from a designer that could have given it a unique style.

    It looks so… bland? Dry? Lacking zazz. Let’s go with that. Definitely needs a zazz injection. Maybe a shot or two of oomph. Something.

  • I love the Tony Hawk Games loved it on PS2 so much fun, but this looks pretty bad in terms of graphics, hopefully 60fps on PS4 atleast, but thanks for bringing Tony hawk back :D

  • Really only one question: will there be splitscreen local multiplayer?

    • Guess you’re not one of those developers that use social media for actual communication, then?

  • Looks absolutely appalling. There hasn’t been a good Tony Hawk’s game in a very long, long time and it looks like this will be certain to continue the trend.
    Bring back Skate please.

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