New on PlayStation Store: Batman: Arkham Knight, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, more

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New on PlayStation Store: Batman: Arkham Knight, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, more

And a wealth of fresh discounts on awesome Japanese games

As the excitement of E3 simmers down, it’s back to work in bringing you fresh content on PlayStation Store.

Batman is ready to protect Gotham City once more, bringing with him returning allies, new gadgets, and this time, the Batmobile, all to defend against his returning rogues’ gallery. Relish being the Batman and awe at his bone-crushing martial arts expertise, then jump into a newly designed Batmobile to defend Gotham City like no other. Batman: Arkham Knight is out this week on PS4.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy XIV receives a beefy expansion in Heavensward. Explore the new city of Ishgard, play as an all new race, access new jobs, flying mounts and much, much more. Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is ready for all of your time. All. Of. It.

Anyone in dire need of a character action game on PS4? Capcom has got us covered. Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition makes its way to PS4 to show everyone that Dante and co. aren’t ready to say goodbye just yet (woo!)

And that’s not all. Steins;Gate heads to PS3 and PS Vita, Suikoden III, previously unreleased in Europe is heading to PS3, award-winning shooter Planetside 2 is also available on PS4, and a great many discounts to grab across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

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  •  alt=
    BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Portable
    Not available in Bahrain, Bulgaria, Cyprus,Hungary, Iceland, Lebanon, Malta, Oman, Qatar, Romania, Slovakia
  •  alt=
    Blazblue Continuum Shift 2
    Not available in Bahrain, Bulgaria, Cyprus,Hungary, Iceland, Lebanon, Malta, Oman, Qatar, Romania, Slovakia

  • Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus
    Not available in Bahrain, Bulgaria, Cyprus,Hungary, Iceland, Lebanon, Malta, Oman, Qatar, Romania, Slovakia


  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • Season Pass
    £32.99/€39.99/$59.95, New 52 Skins Pack (Free)
  • Evolve
  • Hunting Season 2
  • MotoGP15
  • Season Pass
  • Stroke Champions and Events
    Free until 7 July if you purchase the digital game, £9.99/€12.99/$19.45
  • Planetside 2
  • Nanite Systems Starter Bundle
  • New Conglomerate Assault Starter
  • Terran Republic Assault Starter
  • Vanu Sovereignty Assault Starter
  • New Conglomerate Support Starter
  • Terran Republic Support Starter
  • Vanu Sovereignty Support Starter
  • Heroic Boost Bundle
  • 500 Battle Cash
  • 1000 Battle Cash
  • 2000 Battle Cash
  • 5000 Battle Cash
  • 10000 Battle Cash
  • PlanetSide 2 1-Month Membership
  • PlanetSide 2 3-Month Membership
  • PlanetSide 2 6-Month Membership
  • PlanetSide 2 12-Month Membership
  • Rocksmith
  • Primus Song Pack
  • Jerry Was A Race Car Driver – Primus
  • Tommy the Cat – Primus
  • Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver – Primus
  • South Park Theme – Primus
  • War Thunder
  • Weapons of Victory – Tracks of Victory
  • Weapons of Victory – Wings of Victory
  • The Witcher III
  • New Quest – ‘Contract: Skellige’s Most Wanted’
  • Alternative Look for Triss
  • Skellige Armor Set


  • MotoGP15
  • Season Pass
  • Stroke Champions and Events
    Free until 7 July if you purchase the digital game, £9.99/€12.99/$19.45
  • Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd
  • Ha2une Miku Module


  • Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3
  • Horse Set
  • Old Costumes Set
  • Special Costume Set
  • Edit Parts Set
  • Scenario Set
  • BGM Set
  • Old Costumes 1
  • Old Costumes 2
  • Old Costumes 3
  • Old Costumes 4
  • Special Costumes 1
  • Special Costumes 2
  • Special Costumes 3
  • Special Costumes 4
  • Special Costumes 5
  • Special Edit Parts 3
  • Edit Parts 1
  • Edit Parts 2
  • Edit Parts 3
  • Edit Parts 4
  • Edit Parts 5
  • Special Edit Parts 1
  • Special Edit Parts 2
  • Samurai News 01
  • Horse Pack 1
  • Horse Pack 2

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3 Author Replies

  • Congratulations to all Russian players.
    Finally, we have games with prices, which are reached minimum wage in Russia (and, actually, cost more, if counting tax deduction).

    Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition – 5899 RUB.
    Minimum wage from 1 Jan 2015 – 5965 RUB (or 5190 RUB after tax deduction).

    • If I’m not mistaken both Georgia and Ukraine have even lower minimum wage.

      But frankly speaking, I don’t have any idea on how many % of people in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia are earning just minimum wage.

      In Poland it is something around 400 EUR (so 4x more than in Russia) and only 4.5% work for minimum wage.

      But than the most important indicator is average wage. Or if we are talking about minimum wage than it’s share in average wage in %.

    • The value of the RUB has been low since the Russian parlament decided to take a part of Ukraine and foreign investors left Russia.

    • @European_Gamer, ORLY? It is not political blog, and we didn’t take any parts of any countries. who paid to you for this post? USA? lol
      also 5900 RUB is a very big price, a very few % of people will take it

    • It was my first impression. And items will be more expensive when the value of foreign currency increases. But that still seem like a very low minimum wage.

    • @Str1FF, we did, my friend, we did. And now people pay for the government’s greed.

    • Hmmm wasn’t Crimea actually a part of Russia before the Bolshevik Revolution?

      I’m not an authority on Russia or Ukraine but when I see groups like Right Sector waving flags with Nazi symbolism I can understand why Russia feels threatened. The only group of people who hate the Nazi’s more than Jewish people are the Russian people. Not to mention giving national hero status Stephan Bandera who was responsible for the massacres of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia.

      I’m from the US and I can safely ascertain that if Russia was building up military on the borders of the US (Canada and Mexico) they would be defecating bricks. I’m not at all surprised at how Russia is reacting. The US wants to sell everyone some Russian boogie man as if Russia keeps moving its country closer to NATO bases and not the other way around.

      The really sad thing is there were genuine Ukrainians who were protesting a corrupt government and in the end they ended up with an even more corrupt government despite what that Moby lookalike says. If Ukraine honestly thinks the US is their friend….well back in the 90’s the US became “buddies” with various groups in Yugoslavia and we all know how well that turned out. The end result is that people are suffering and dying in eastern Ukraine…the Azov group in particular are targeting civilians.

      Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanisan, Kosovo, Ukraine..anywhere the US stirs the pot people end up suffering. The US is not a friend to any country, not to UK, not to France, not to Germany not to any European country. The US tears people apart as the only thing it cares about is control, power and making money

  • When is the Snooker DLC coming out for Pure Pool on PS4?

  • Steins;Gate has been available on PSN since June 5th, you may have mixed up June/July here. Although more exposure for the game doesn’t hurt!

    • I think that they just marked availability change.

      Steins;Gate wasn’t available in Russia if I’m not mistaken. There is even this 5th July tag.

      And Blazblue games weren’t available in Poland for example (not sure on that).

    • I don’t think it ever materialized on the Vita here.

  • Don’t Starve for PS3? Didn’t see that coming. Also free for owners of the other versions (already got the Vita one and it’s not tied to PS+)

    ps: still nothing about those two issues i kept mentioning in the previous blog entries, Jawad? I’m not even going to re-post them again to avoid moronic replies by random stalkers.

  • So… Driveclub PS+ edition was supposed to come out this update but it still isn’t ‘ready’?

    I’m just also going to point out this tweet:

    Spring 2014 was over a year ago… We have like 5 (?) new apps

    And the Share Play and suspend/resume features being advertised at REVEAL, features that made it to the PS4 a YEAR after launch.

    Just going to leave this here, Sony should really be held more accountable for what they’ve been promising.

  • Why Planetside 2 not available in Russia?

    • It’s not available to anyone in the EU at the moment.

      When the servers are back on just create another account for the UK or USA and see if that works

    • I thinks same problem why DCOU also don’t available in Russia.

  • Are we going to get Shantae: Risky’s Revenge Belly Dances also like the usa store had today?

  • Wait… No J-Stars Victory VS+? What?
    Dont tell me J-Stars wont have a digital version for PS3 please -_-

    • It will be out on Friday. Just need to add this onto the post.

    • I see, Thanks… You scared me for a moment there haha

    • Any ideia on the PS3 version price btw? Need to buy the PSN cards but dont want to waste unecessary money xP

    • RodrigoSharingan

      Provavelmente será 10 euros mais barato que a versão PS4. Se quiseres arranjar para a PS4 o jogo eu aconselhava-te a evitares totalmente a PS store porque é overpriced… Consegues arranjar a versão PS4 ao preço da versão PS3 na e em físico não digital.

    • Boas

      Sim eu sei, a GamingReplay por exemplo vende a versão PS3 a 40€ + Bonus.. é triste ver a versão fisica muito mais barata que a sua versão digital… e ainda dizem que o digital é o futuro… está bem, está!

  • HI Jawad
    Why I can’t pre-order any games in qatar store

  • £55 for Batman? Who are morons spending this sort of cash on digital games?

    • The ‘morons’ who game share and pay half each £27.50 for a game on launch day ain’t too bad ;)

    • Careful with words lol

    • I bought it digital using the PayPal offer so only paid £44.99, fair price for such an awesome game. I don’t mind paying about equal to or less than retail and being able to play at bang on midnight was amazing, game even launched as soon as the countdown finished. Would buy digital again for sure!

  • Any particular reason Suikoden III isn’t available in AU/NZ? Konami seemed to think it would be.

    • Yeah Konami did say that it should be available for AU/NZ. I’m pretty disappointed by this and would really like to know why.

    • They haven’t marked for publishing there, just yet. It may follow on after like the first two games, but I cannot say for certain if or when.

    • As Makoforte said, Konami EU were saying today that they had made Suikoden III available for AU/NZ and it should have been appearing on it. Seems like something has gone wrong somewhere along the line.

  • Where is the Batman Arkham Knight Flashpoint Skin?
    Ive purchased the season pass and its not showing on the store to download, or the ingame store.

    • Yes, could someone please respond to this. The WBgames website list ‘immediate access’ to the Flashpoint skin when purchasing the season pass, it’s available on other platforms and in other regions – so where is it? If it is delayed or if there is another reason, it would be nice to know

  • Suikoden 3!?!?! Pinch me!

  • I guess this is another month were the Europeans have to wait ANOTHER week before we get the PS+ IGC games because of Americans. At least Fred wrote on his twitter that we will not see announcements until next week.
    This is getting ridiculous.

    Are the Europeans just people you guys can milk for money, since our store prices are ridiculous, the discounts here are rarely any “good”, we are always second line. Oh god you guys shouldn’t upset the Americans, jeez…

    • Quit your moaning, tell me why should we get next months content a week early? We have it the same amount of time.

      Lucky for us this will be the last time we will hear this moaning until May next year.

      The prices have been explained extra EU taxes and exchange rates. If Sony were to charge the same as the US they would not see much in the way of profit after tax.

    • Tax is 20% at most and they’ve been using that excuse for years despite the fact it’s only very recently that they have started act silly paying that tax (Feb this year). So no- the prices haven’t been explained – 20% tax does not explain a 35%+ price increase

    • *actually not act silly
      This blog really needs an edit button

    • @Lucreto how is getting ps plus content early if we get it on wed 1st july, please do tell? as to me its getting it on time? as stated by sony here..with link

      Since we’ve seen how excited many of you are to download Instant Game Collection titles as soon as they’re available, we’ve decided to adjust the length of time each title will be available. Starting in July, every title in the Instant Game Collection will be available the first Wednesday of the month, and will be free for that month, until the first Wednesday of the following month.

      thats the eu blog from may last year, and this will be the third time they have held it back for the americans, so yeah he and others do have a right to moan as sony treat the eu regions as inferior to the us ones
      And amazingly microsoft manage to release there games with gold for every region on the same day yet sony cannot manage this

  • Any news about Harvest Moon: Back to Nature (PS1)?

  • I can’t believe planetside 2 is 45 quid and you have to pay for shed loads of dlc and there’s only 12 trophies, umm think I might buy that one NOT.

    • Planetside 2 seems to be free on the store, so it seems the price here is incorrect. There are some paid membership options, but it seems they are optional and give you some in-game money and other in-game bonuses.

    • Planetside 2 is Free2Play. There is no mandatory subscription and no one is forcing you to buy DLC.

  • madmanwithabox12

    Decent update. Can’t believe it’s taken this long for BB:CSE to hit Vita. What’s the wait for Chrono Phantasma going to be like? I’m not even into the series, but that’s kind of ridiculous. Arc System Works games seem to take even longer than Atlus titles to reach Europe.

    No J-Stars? Isn’t that out this week on all three (yes there are three) PlayStation platforms?

    Fortunately Arkham Knight is out so nothing else matters right now. >=]

  • Hi
    Any news on Bastion on vita?

  • J-Stars Victory Vs+ Vita = 40€
    J-Stars Victory Vs+ PS3 = 60€

    Logic? where are you?
    Its a 2 years old game where the main diference its pretty much the language…

    Guess Ill just buy some games from this weeks Discounts.. oh well

  • £33 for the Batman season pass? What is it with WB and their high prices for these?

    • RodrigoSharingan

      Dumb people allways buy WB game’s season passes so its only natural that WB wants more and more money.

    • I agree, I could tell something was going on when they released Mortal Kombat X. Even ignoring the £25 season pass, putting Goro behind a pay-wall, and offering the ability to unlock everything in the game for another £15.

      Can only imagine that its not much longer before they start offering a ‘pay £1’ to see the ending straight away, or some other nonsense.

    • RodrigoSharingan

      Yup, people blame EA and Ubisoft (and it is deserved) but magically forget WB which can be much worse in their shameless DLC and Microtrans. schemes. Oh well…

    • Definitely seems costly but maybe it’s worth it. It all depends on the content so I’m going to wait and see impressions of the DLC content when it comes out before deciding.
      The base game is excellent though and should keep me busy for a while!

    • Yeah, if the content is great, it may be worth it, but at that price its concerning.

      Especially when the bonus Harley Quinn DLC that was released with it only lasts around 15-20 minutes.
      (Hopefully she’ll be unlocked for the challenge mode)

    • Personally, I find calling the MK DLC bundle a “season pass” (as it is in the store description) totally misleading. A season pass implies you will get all the DLC for a “season”,which I would define in this case as a period of time from day ‘A’ to day ‘B’, but there’s loads missing from the MK pass! I bought it, foolishly, and then found it didn’t even include Goro and the Sub Zero skins that were available on day one. There have been more since that weren’t included. A VERY short season, then…
      Of course, Sony have a policy of “no refunds, ever, we are too powerful and you are just peasants” so even though the description is misleading, there’s nothing you can do once the sale goes through.
      There should be a law against this sort of thing. Hmmm, now that I think of it…

    • I think EA, WB and Ubisoft are realy smart because as long as stupid consumer have their wallet emptied by them willingly they are going to milk those stupid cows even more. The people who buy this crap are the problem.
      The past 10 years I only bought dlc for Dragon Age 1 and The Last of Us and I’m probably buying the Witcher 3 dlc if it gets good reviews.

  • LOL at planetside 2. total failure. LOL at €10 for gradius. etc.

  • Suikoden 3… the UK….oh dear lord -weeps tears of joy-

    Now if we can just get release dates for the half dozen other only games I’m looking froward to XD

  • Hey, @Jawad

    Still no Heavensward in Russia? Just pay to SquareEnix, what’s the problem?!
    It were no problems to buy FF14:ARR in Russion store earlier, now it’s gone and there is no expansion also. We have paid for ARR and we cannot pay for Heavensward? It is ridiculous!

  • Last week we only got 1, yes 1 out of the 2 free dlc from CD Project. Triss alternative armor is still not availiable on the store and guess what even this weeks 2 free dlc are still not up. I’m really starting to think NA gets better treatment and better service that us Europeans.

  • Arkham Night Standard Edition:

    German PSN = 70 Euro = 73 Swiss Francs
    Swiss PSN = 85 Swiss Francs ????

    The Swiss Price equals to an Exchange Rate of 1.21, but the exchange rate has dropped to 1.05 for like 6 Months now! So would you please correct the Swiss Price, thank you.

    (And don’t get me even started about why I have to pay the same or higher price for digital versus retail :S )

    • There is a Store that sells J-Stars for 40€ with pre-order Bonus… considering the times we are in, 60€ for a PS3 game is a joke even if it was Physical version.. and for a game where the main difference is the language… I was excited to play it but I´ll just wait for a price drop.

  • So awesome to finally see Suikoden III released in Europe! :D

    The game was released back in 2002, but only in Japan and North America. We in Europe never got a chance to play it. I’m very grateful to Konami for finally doing this! If only Square-Enix could do the same with all their PS1 games that never were released here in Europe like Chrono Cross, Legend of Mana, Threads of Fate and Xenogears just to mention a few.

    • Correct me if i’m wrong, but was Suikoden 3 the one they released a demo for with one of the Final Fantasy titles?

      I know it was one of the Suikoden games, and this seems the most likely one.

    • That seems unlikely since Suikoden is from Konami and Final Fantasy is from Square-Enix and to my knowledge they never had that kind of partnership.

    • I wonder what game I’m thinking of then? Possible MGS, or the VR missions?

  • Although I’m still waiting for the PS4 to be able to run PS1 & PS2 games from the Playstation Store. For the time being I still have to use the PS3 to do that.

    Both the PS3 and Vita could play PS1 games from day 1, and the PS4 still can’t after 1.5 years. Why?

  • I’m glad Konami decided to publish Suikoden III for the first time in Europe. On the other hand, not so happy with J-Star Victory VS+ and how NBG are trying to sell a “gimped” version of the original game.

  • July 5th? Steins;Gate has been out for weeks now.

    Also wow at that Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 price. No thanks, Koei Tecmo Europe. If it had a retail release I’d be there day one, but $60 for a digital-only release is gross.

  • Why are the blazeblue games for psp listed as new. Not to mention the fact that steins gate came out last week. Also steins gate says 5th of July so it shouldnt be in this weeks new games. I am confused.

  • Wow..was channeling Madeline Kahn from History of the World for a second there…no no no no yes (Sukiden III) no no no no YES (Samurai Warriors Chronicles).

    Good sale for JP games will be grabbing some of the PSP games in my grubby little paws then I remembered…oh wait they are digital..still my grubby litle paws will be clutching my vita while it downloads PSP games

    Please Please Please let next week be the release of Hatoful Boyfriend as I need to shark some birds…pigeon fancier phwoar

  • Geez, these season passes are getting INSANELY expensive. I would expect a whole game for £32.99.

  • Wait, wasn’t Xblaze (yes, the first game) supposed to be out for Europe today? Do you have any info on that, Jawad?

  • Hi! Do you have any news on Shantae’s Risky Revenge coming to the EU PSN store anytime?
    (It just came out in the US yesterday)

  • Why is there a price on Planetside 2? Pretty sure its free to play

    • Normally USK 18 games can’t be free in Germany so they cost a € or so or aren’t available at all. But I’m not sure why they did that here because PS2 is rated 16. Maybe it’s everything over USK 12 can’t be free.

  • OH yet another YES…Astebreed is a shmup

    Uhhhh the hubb is going to kill me, just ordered 2 games from Japan. Need to come up with a good reason to purchase all the games I want this week…tearing up with big eyes doesn’ work any more, neither does being on my knees with my hands in prayer begging work and buying stuff beyond his back is a no no as he likes to check out the monthly credit card bill *sigh* every time I do that he reminds me of the generic thing you agree to in marriage…OBEY!

    I swear you’d think I was an extra in They Live or something

  • PS Vita has the best releases.

  • Why it’s not available on KSA ?

    Is it banned or something ? I was looking forward to play it :(

  • Hi, Starlight inception still only showing in the store as playable on ps3 but its in your PS4 section above?

  • I don’t know if PQube renewed their publishing licensing with Blazblue or ASW decided to re-publish them. Still no Chorno Phantasma for Vita? So many games Europe still has yet to get. 1001 Spikes, Adventure Time Vita, Mutant Mudds, Infected Wars, Breach & Clear and list goes on.


    It might be 13 years late but we finally have it.

  • The new Witcher III DLC (and the remaining one from last week) are listed as being part of the update, but they don’t seem to be on the store despite everything else being there. Tomorrow maybe?

    • I was about to ask the exact same question…

    • I wouldn’t hold your breath.

      SCEE continues to be incompetent when it comes to this stuff. Plus they only respond when they think they have fixed the problem, or when they can blame it on someone else. Look at how often they ignored all the people asking them about the DOA5 DLC being fixed, or when the missing Rockband tracks would be added to the store.

      These would continue to be ignored until they could say it was fixed. By ignoring the repeated messages, it just makes them look lazy and incompetent, and the fact it continues to happen time and time again makes me worry that the worst one of the bunch is the one in charge of the European division.

  • ?? PlanetSide 2 Starter Bundle (Germany only) €00.49 ….PlanetSide 2 (Not available in Bahrain, Germany…..)
    OK… ???!!!

  • J-Stars Victory VS+ is £50…. Wow Just wow.Gonna have wait for a sale on that one sadly.

  • Any reason why Witcher 3’s new DLCs are AGAIN not available on the EU store? That’s two weeks in a row.

  • Steins;Gate has been out for a few weeks, why is the Vita version still £5 more expensive than the PS3 version?

  • Hi Jawad,

    Do you have any information regarding Astebreed coming to Norway? Hadn’t realised it wasn’t initially being released here, was pretty stoked about it!

  • Still no word on the missing DLC we are owed for DOA5LR.

    £74, that cost. And it isn’t as advertised.

    I smell incompetence, and the stench is foul.

  • Any reason why the Rocksmith DLC Primus is not available for PS3? Neither the pack nor the singles…????

    The free DLCs for Witcher III are also unavailable. They appear inthe European store, but when you wanna buy them, there is always an error message…

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