New 1TB PS4 Ultimate Player Edition launches next month

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New 1TB PS4 Ultimate Player Edition launches next month

Get twice the storage of the existing PS4

Hi everyone. Today, we’re happy to announce that the 1TB PS4 Ultimate Player Edition launches in select Europe and PAL territories from 15th July.

Offering twice the storage of the existing PS4, you’ll be able to download more of the games you love to your PS4, extend your play with more great add-on content and save and share even more of your best gaming highlights.

For pricing information, check with your local retailer.


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  • Nice, Shame it wasn’t a TB at the start. :( Speaking of storage space, With the save files on PS4 being about 10mb that 1GB cloud save space fills up stupidly quickly. Any chance of an increase on that?

    • 10mb is the typical minimum size, but many are 20mb+ eg. Walking Dead (67mb). With multiple save files per game (some mandatory, eg profile/squads/backup), it’s easy to rack up 100mb per game so we really could do with an increase, or at least allow us to use our spare PS3/Vita capacity.

    • There is many games with huge save files.
      For example – “Apotheon” save file is 300+ Mb.
      Also, many games with multiple saves.
      1 Gb is definitely not enough.
      It is laughable – to have only 3 Gb per Plus user, when many services offering 25+ Gb for free (e-mail services, for example).
      And we are even paying for service.

    • Let’s be happy that, Skyrim ain’t a PS4 titles since, those saves could grow very very large.

      @Golovanov-UK E-mail services doesn’t offer games in their service

    • something is totally off with these save files … when they upload to PS+ they are uploading in a split second on a very slow connection … i suspect the are being compressed prior to the upload yet still using their full sizes.

      Sony should consider compressing the files stored on ps+ cloud to remedy

    • lbp3 +500mb

    • At least they can give us ability to backup saves to other cloud storages. (Dropbox for example)

    • Yeah the cloud space for the PS4 is horrendously inefficient, you get the same as you did for the PS3 but the minimum save size is something like 256kb for that, 40 times less? It’s basically pointless for PS4 compared to PS3 and Vita.

    • a 1TB drive at launch would’ve meant a considerable price increase. 500GB allowed the PS4 to be competitive.

    • I agree with the limited 1GB storage for saves. On several occasions I’ve had to decide if I wanted to keep certain game saves on the cloud because of limited space and if I do what exactly I would delete to make room for the new save.
      I know Sony don’t expect everyone to keep every game save ever but the option to go back to certain games without having to start from the beginning (especially after having to do a System reset which I’ve been unfortunate to have to do) is a godsend and being limited in which games I can have a save backup for on the cloud is annoying.

    • LBP3 instantly put me over and stopped lots of things uploading :(

    • I’ve been wondering a lot about the save files. I see a lot of you say “10Mb”, which is far from the same as “10MB”, in fact, the former is 1/8 of the latter. It was very curious to see how fast the save files were backed up on PS4. I thought it went way too fast for my internet connection, which made me think the save files are not actually “10MB”. I could be totally off on that, but it went way too fast for me. Same goes for “1Gb” not being the same as “1GB”. Capital “b” is byte, lower-case is just bit. Then there’s also the question if they use MiB/Mib or actually MB/Mb. :p 1024 or 1000.

    • Although you are correct on Mb(its) versus MB(ytes), in practice it always means bytes except for bandwidth (Mbps). Owning over 100 PS4 games alone I also frequently run into the online storage limit. I wish – like the PS3 – the PS4 had an option to enable the feature plus automation, but not for all games: first ask yes/no for each game on first start.

    • Use a USB.

    • We need more cloud save space!

    • I bought a 2TB Samsung M9T HDD (£80 at Amazon) after starting to have to manage storage in my first year, now I’ve got 600GB free and a post-E3 shopping list that looks likely to use up most of that. It’s true that I don’t use all the content on my HDD at the same time, it’s just really, really convenient to know it’s there and accessible instantly. I expect the PS4 to be running for at least 3-5 more years so I’m hoping that around PS5 time there’ll be alternatives to local storage or the option of having external HDD support.

  • I still don’t know why ps4 didn’t get a offical price drop yet to compete with Xbox one price it blows my mind

    • There is a simple explanation. PS4 is the fastest selling console of all time while Xb1 is 10 million behind.

      And Sony need the money while Microsoft is willing to take a loss(on price).

    • Compete with Xbox? This thing Is selling like hot cakes there is no competition, you would have to be insane to slash prices on the product that’s flying of the shelves

    • Consoles have incredibly tiny profit margins (or make losses). They want profit.

      Why would they reduce the price if it’s still selling very well?

    • The ps2 was the fastest selling console. But they discounted it quickly even though price was low. Because Sony used to make a lot of games. They depended on them to make money not the hardware. Now only few games a year. They need to make money from consoles. But I’d still drop the price to blow past the Xbox with a significant lead. Ps2 sold 8 times when at Xbox sold

    • They dont need to, they still are outselling the xbone still.

    • Microsoft would just undercut the price again if they dropped it and they don’t need to lol.

  • Hmm…I would argue that ‘the ultimate player’ is someone who got the system at launch, not over a year after its release. I’m sick of having to delete content to install new games on my system.

  • Still too expensive, I really can’t afford it right now… :(

  • I bought my ps4 in February this year after waiting a while hoping a 1TB version would come out. I figured as the XBone had released a 1TD version Sony wouldn’t be too far behind. I was clearly wrong. Anyway, I’ve found that most of the original games like Killzone take up 50gig but the newer games are about 15gigs so it’s not too bad now.

  • Would have been the chance to finally use a SSHD, but alas…

  • I never understood the 500GB space? It’s forced me to be very picky about what games I buy as you can only have a limited number installed at any one time. I guess it’s not a bad thing though as it’s saved me a shed load of cash.

    • Xbox one does that too. Just replace the hdd as needed.

    • Just delete some.. Installing them doesn’t take that long anyway. 500 gigs is fine that way, don’t need every game installed all the time.

    • It’s all about cost. A 1TB drive from launch would’ve meant the console costing significantly more. It’s easy enough to upgrade the drive anyway.

    • Would it have cost significantly more though? I put a 1TB in mine at launch and it cost me £50. That’s the cost of one unit at retail. I imagine that cost would come down for them buying several million at a time. You’re probably looking at a difference of a few quid between options. The difference between the two drives on Amazon is £18. If they had a 1TB version at launch for an extra £20 I’d have got that one.

  • I would rather have the option to use external HDD like you can do with Wii U…

  • From what I’ve heard it’s pretty easy to upgrade the hard drive yourself (the console was specifically designed to allow for that) so this model is more of an option for people still looking to buy a PS4.

  • Absolutely horrendous timing considering a revised PS4 (lighter, 100% matte finish, more power efficient) was just announced by Sony Japan today.

  • I put in a 2TB from day 1, didn’t even bother to boot it up before switching the HDD :)

    • Got Proof? (Just checking)

    • I had mine for about 8mths before I put a Samsung 2tb drive in, it had become annoying having to delete stuff to play a new game. 500mb was too small considering they marketed it as have a “huge” hdd lol but I guess they were trying to keep the price down.

  • will it come in white??????

  • Sorry this is off topic, but does anyone know if we’ll be able to pre-load Batman Arkham Knight in Europe, this is the first game I’ve pre-ordered using the PlayStation store and I’m getting kind of worried I won’t be able to download before release

  • i need new ps4 mine gets to hot it burns you shuts down on you close games while playing its super loud it sparks at the back of the ps4 so its a plan to get a new ps4 but i really want it white because I’m getting pm vr headset next year

  • “Offering twice the storage of the existing PS4, you’ll be able to download more of the games you love to your PS4”
    Didn’t you mean “Now you can download all the updates!”? =D

    • Haha. Good one. :)

    • DeathzoneDragon

      It probley meant to say “Now you can store all of the useless weapon camoflages from call of duty in one go!” even a friend of mine admits he was hiding in a bush with a blue pattern gun and got spotted. This new model can ONLY make sense if the new media player allows you to dump videos, music and photos on the hard drive like the ps3.

  • Ah nice, was wondering where this was at E3 although I’m happy they didn’t spend valuable E3 time on the subject. Mine has been having the jet sound since a week after I got it on launch. Been driving me mad so I’m ready for a new model, painful as it is to pay for it again after only 2 years. PS2 launch model couldn’t play the latest games after a while and PS3 launch model got YLOD, but this was by far the worst launch model ever. That jet sound even resonates in my mind when it’s off now -_-

  • Lol. Terrible naming to attract people who have no idea what’s going on. “ULTIMATE PLAYER” edition.
    Any how, this had to be offered at launch but still late than never.

    True “ULTIMATE PLAYERS” changed their HDDs long time ago though.

  • I think it’s great we can put a bigger HD in our PS4 but I’m left over with a perfectly good HDD and that is a shame. I need to install and download all my games again and all the huge updates. And downloading on Playstations network takes forever. Please make it posible to add a external HDD to the console.

    • You can create a backup file of your hard drive. It’s an exact copy though, you can’t choose to leave out game A, but game B not etc.

    • You can put your original hard drive in a caddy and use it as an external drive for movies and music, now that PS4 plays nicely with it. They cost about three or four pounds on Amazon.

  • So the only advantage the ultimate player edition has over the regular one is extra 500 GB Storage. The cheapest way of making your PS4 the ultimate player edition is to upgrade the HDD to 1 TB. But nevertheless, I don’t have a PS4 yet, so hopefully this thing will be mine!!! :D

    • my ps4 is already the “ultimate gamer edition” with a 1tb installed, i’m going to upgrade it to a 2tb and turn it into a “extreme gamer edition” when i can afford it lol

  • When will the Batman preload begin in Denmark?

  • Ultimate Player Edition ? Wow who comes up with the names ?

    • Nintendo?

    • DeathzoneDragon

      Nintendo don’t deserve to use that name because the even though the Wii U is an HDMI device, it cannot even play DVDs. It is so clear that Sony came up with the name so bad I have no idea why this is not obvious for you two, plus someone at Sony came up with the name.

  • Changed to a 1TB hybrid drive at launch. Saves a few seconds here and there. May not sound like much but it all adds up in the end.

    However I wish Sony would release a new SKU with updates to things other than the HDD. HDMI needs bumping to 2.0 and the system as a whole could do with being quieter, and a USB round the back would be nice.

  • balls balls balls balls balls balls just bought two ps4’s for me and girlfriend YESTERDAY!!!
    wejfiuewihfw 8r efiowf ifh eff >_< thanks life, you've done it again.

    • Refund?

    • As long as you got a decent deal on them, does it matter? Probably cheaper to buy a 500GB PS4 and upgrade it anyway, considering the offers that are out there lately.

    • Emailed ‘insert store here’ and asked if there still time for cancellation, they replied, have said yes, are we sure we want to cancel the order, reply asap.
      Discussed with girlfriend, said we cancel still and get new one in 2 weeks.
      She said no, wants it now.
      So haven’t cancelled order.
      The girlfriend has spoken.

    • This story does not have a happy ending, 5/10.

    • Just upgrade the hard drive yourself stocks are always bad.

    • Ha

  • Sounds cool ;) As long as SONY doesn’t make it £399.99 tho. It should cost the same as the 500GB PS4 now i think(i.e £349.99) & the 500GB PS4 could be £299.99. That would be perfect :P

  • I upgraded to 2tb last month like so many other people. I find it extraordinary my stock 500 lasted 14months without having to delete anything to make space. I suppose sticking with my ps3 would have that effect.

    Anyway OT, good to see a 1tb edition going on sale I would imagine they’ll sell quite a few during the holiday season. But you need to make larger hdd drives compatible with the ps4 Sony. As cool as the Nyko power bank is that thing is ugly and could cause overheating. Just my opinion

  • Here’s hoping the Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain limited edition console is the same model type (I don’t mind if its 500GB but would like to have the weight and power savings of this new model… not that I would complain if it ended up being 1TB though :D)

  • I think with Microsoft’s exclusives this Christmas Sony have really missed a trick in not lowering the price to at least match the Xbox One with this revision. An overconfident (lack) of action I think. Hope that the PS4 can remain dominant until the 201 games arrive but they are certainly risking that position this Christmas.

  • Like quite a few on here have done already, I too went for the painless option of sticking in a 2TB drive, just before it got all silly in terms of storage with what can only be described as a very limiting 500GB.

  • What about allowing people to use their Sony external hard drives like Sony HD-E1? ;)

    And other hard drives as well of course.

  • Well, yes, you could get 1TB storage on a default low-end HDD by buying a new console. OR! You could spend an eight of the price and buy a really good hybrid drive, which would be faster than the stock one. I did the latter over a year ago.

    In other news, please add support for in-built subtitles in MKVs and 10-bit/High5.1 codec support, whatever it is. Nearly all anime have in-built subs, which makes the Media Player kinda useless, since it functions just like an old Samsung TV as it is.

  • Upgrading the PS4 HDD is a doddle so this more for newcomers than existing owners. I would like to echo the concerns amount about the cloud save limits though. Even free cloud storage offers than PS+ in fact my gmail inbox when I entered in closed beta in 2003 offered more than PS+ does currently for the £40 we post for it.

    And speaking of HDD upgrades, when will we be able to buy alternative HDD covers for our PS4? The new matte black one shown in Japan over the weekend looks fantastic, not to mention the decent trade on game related ones in the US. It continues to amaze me the way that Sony continues to fail to release its products in sensible fashion in its most successful market. Accessories in particular are always late, then delayed, then sent in such short supply with such a mark up that even if you can find one you no longer want to buy it. I sincerely hope that Morpheus not only bucks this trend, but kills it completely.

  • Hmm, I’m wondering:

    I pre-ordered the Limited Edition Steelgray Batman edition a few days ago and now I’m wondering if that unit has the upgraded features or not.
    It doesn’t have the 1TB HDD, I’m sure of that, but the other components..?

    Can anyone elobarate on that maybe?

  • Could of atleast changed those stupid little buttons

  • To me the issue is that you can’t uninstall a game without taking the update files out too.

    If you could delete the primary game data but leave the updates in the HD size wouldn’t be a problem as the access speed is high enough to install really quickly anyway.

    I just hate when I’ll decide to play something I haven’t looked at in a while put it in and then have to wait hours while massive update files have to download.

    I get similar annoyances with the PS3 as it’s really inconstant as to which games update merges into the main install and which ones sit as a separate file.

    the ones where it is separate happily means I can uninstall the game knowing the next time I put it in the updates would be already there and I could sign in and play more or less straight away.

  • I picked up Seagate ST2000DX001 2TB Desktop 3.5 inch SSHD which works perfectly, I would recommend picking up a cheaper system and replacing the drive with this.

  • Already installed a 2TB Hard drive in my PS4. THX SONY!

  • Need more PS Plus space more than hard drive space, Some of the save files are hugeee.
    It kept telling me for the last couple of weeks it couldn’t upload save data for a number of games, I googled it and found out that I used all the space on PS Plus.
    Couldn’t believe it when I saw Driveclub and some other game using over half of it

  • Waste of money! We can simply buy a external 1 tb for just 50$

  • They only doubled the hard drive size, which most users have already done with better hard drive I’m sure and they call it the Ultimate Player Edition? Come on stop milking the whole “For the gamers” thing Sony. Also I didn’t realize that the cloud save was only 1 GB. Ouch.

    • Why would they stop with ‘For the Gamers’ ?
      I think that currently Sony is only one upholding that slogan the best, compared to MS or Nintendo.
      MS is focusing too much on the TV functionality of the XB1, making it more an Entertainment Centre, instead of gaming device.
      Nintendo has some really cool ideas, but eventually end up as gimmicks (nobody is playing the Wii of Wii U anymore; at least not as much as PS3/4 or X360/XB1)

      No. Sony is really trying to make it ‘For the Gamers’ :)
      But that’s just my 2cts ;)

  • I’ll tell you who your ultimate players are Fred, the players who already own their PS4s. The ones that don’t need to wait for fancy coloured ones, or double storage units.

  • The price is still too high for what PS4 offers. I mean come one you can get an Xbox One for cheaper and also offers you A LOT of games and exclusives, but if Last of Us or Unchartes is your taste, then it’s an okay package.

  • At E3, Microsoft unveiled backwards compatibility for the Xbox One. Are you guys thinking about doing the same thing on the PS4? I mean yes, you can play PS3 games by using Playstation Now but thats for only short amount of time when you rent it. I don’t think thats going to help. We need to use this feature like to what Microsoft did for the Xbox One.

    • I’d really like to see this feature as well, but don’t hold your breath.
      Because PS3 uses the Cell chip, porting seems to be nigh impossible. That’s why the PsNow library isn’t that big yet. They have to recode portions of the existing games to make the game able to play on the (standard) x86 architecture the PS4 uses.

      On the other hand.. there are so little examples of BC (Backwards Compatibility) in console-gaming land, that I don’t mind that much:
      PS2 could play PSx
      1st PS3 could play PS2 (but no PSx)
      Wii could play Gamecube (but this isn’t really BC, as the Wii is a pimped up Gamecube to begin with)
      And soon XB1 can play X360

      So that’s 4 instances in which BC is/was/will be possible.
      If you compare that to the amount of different consoles the various companies put on the market, I’d say BC isn’t something big.

    • But i thought you already could play PS3 games on PS4 , GTA 5 The Last of Us Saints Row 4, oh wait my bad they are remastered games.

    • PS5 BC, fingers crossed.

  • I will never buy aconsole on the first two years again

    • The E3 was the deciding point for me.
      If Sony had announced a Slim version I’d wait even more, just to buy that one, but they didn’t, so I pre-ordered the Limited Edition Steelgray Batman PS4 a few days ago :)
      Still 500GB, but that’s alright.

    • realmadrid_19891

      Why, what is it you missing out on? You could just save the trouble of waiting and just upgrade the harddrive yourself if you want to. These new releases are the same as yours. PS4 may change style and form over time but the console you bought at launch will have the same features and the same specs as all the ther ps4:s coming so there’s no reason to feeling regret.

  • Like I know this is totally off topic so I apologise but has anyone in here pre-ordered the Arkham Knight limited edition from Amazon UK or Amazon Deutschland? As it’s been delayed by a month they are sending out codes for the full game so those who pre-ordered it don’t miss out getting to the play the game on release day.

    I received my codes for the game, loads of DLC and even a €10 gift voucher from on Friday night but it’s not let me redeem them as of yet. In the ideal world I could have downloaded the game in advance and have it ready to play at midnight but no such luck which is mega frustrating having such slow internet where we are.

    As far I know still ain’t sent their codes out yet and I got no idea what’s going on with other retailers and/or in other parts of the world but I can’t be the only person in here experiencing this specific issue right now.

    Fred, Chris or anyone of you contributing……..any ideas what time I’ll be able to redeem the codes and start downloading the game, will it be midnight of my time zone?

    • Uh oh. You may want to check and see that the codes don’t only work on a German PSN account. I do know for a fact that Amazon UK only sell Digital codes for UK PSN accounts.

  • Will there be a way to expand our 500MB storage into 1TB by buying an official Playstation 1TB hard drive OR external unit? or is it just exclusive to that console?

  • I waited on the XBOX ONE for them to come out with something better and they did a 1TB Advanced Warfare bundle, bought it and satisfied. I transferred all of my saved game data to another hard drive from my PS4 hoping for Sony to follow with a 1TB cause it has bben the rumor for about a year now. I thought they would of talked about it at E3 but they didnt. I am excited for the 1TB just wished I lived in Europe lol. Hey I wanted this long a few more months won’t be to bad or whenever Sony is to relate the 1TB here in the US. Thank you Sony you guys rock!

  • realmadrid_19891

    I seriously don’t understand all people saying “I’m never going to buy a console in its first two years again” bla bla bla. This is the SAME console you bought, we bought, but with a bigger harddrive, which for me is unnecessary since you could just buy a new harddrive for your console and replace your old one. The PS4 we bought since launch will probably change in style and form over time, but the specs and whole core of the system will stay the same. So as long as SONY don’t release a new PS4 with upgraded specs, which they most certain will not do, there’s nothing, absolutely NOTHING, to be mad, jealous or feel regret over.

    • Potentally sony could realise a ps4 with better specs if a hybrid drive or ssd does count, plus you could be better off bying a hybrid (cheaper than ssd) with 1TB since it may be faster than the new console sony is anouncing. The advertisement goes on about “more cars” “MORE maps” and “MOAR blah blah blah” a new drive can get me all that stuff more cheaply than the new model.

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