Shuhei Yoshida looks back at E3 2015

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Shuhei Yoshida looks back at E3 2015

Read the Worldwide Studios President's highlights, and let us know your own

And so the sun sets on another E3. I hope you all saw at least a few shiny new things that caught your eye, either from our own studios, or from our industry partners. I’ve covered a number of these shows now, and I really can’t remember a year that had such a huge range of reveals, from nostalgic crowd-pleasers, to blockbuster sequels, to big, bold new IP.

To wrap things up, I sat down with Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida to look back at some of his favourite announcements of the week. See below for his thoughts, watch our highlight reel at the top of the post,and then let us know what your highlights were in the comments below.

See you next year!

The Last Guardian

“I’m very happy that I can now talk about The Last Guardian coming to PS4 and finally show the game! Development is in very good shape, and that’s why we re-announced at E3. We have great confidence in the game’s development.

“I’m both relieved and getting renewed stress because we announced the release window. This is the second time so we cannot miss it!”


“That’s another huge effort. It’s super exciting. It’s a completely new creation platform by Media Molecule. You can create and play games but you don’t have to be limited to that – you can also create art, animation and music. Everything is shared if you choose, so you can pick up objects from other people’s dreams and use them in your own creations. Creating 3D objects is really technical but the team has made it so that it is very intuitive to do so.

“We’re very excited to show more during Paris Games Week – this was just a little tease!”

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

“We only showed part of the first half of the E3 demo. When you see the second part you’ll be blown away. If you liked the first part, great – but the second half is even better!”

Horizon Zero Dawn

“Horizon is a big, big project and I am super, super excited about it. Coming into E3 and re-announcing The Last Guardian was really exciting but we knew people were waiting for it and would be happy to see it. But Horizon is a totally new IP with a very unique set-up, where you’re fighting against robots with a bow and arrow. I was really hoping that people would like it, and it seems the reaction from consumers was really positive.”

Final Fantasy VII Remake

“Of course I was very, very happy to see Final Fantasy VII actually being remade. So many people wanted it. I didn’t know about it until very late in the process, and when I came to rehearsals and saw the video I was like, ‘Oh my god!’.”

Shenmue III

“I was talking to Suzuki-san last year when I saw him at an event. He said that, as so many people were asking for Shenmue III, he was exploring a good way to restart the project – and he has a really good relationship with Sega who own the IP. So I’m really happy to see that the SCEA third party relations team was able to work out an agreement to support his Kickstarter project. Once the Kickstarter project is funded we will offer the same kind of support that we’ve been doing with many independent projects.

“The reaction to the announcement was so great. I had dinner after the show with Hashimoto-san, who is the top guy on Final Fantasy series at Square-Enix, and Suzuki-san on the same table, and we were such happy people!”

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  • Shu, do you remember a lost Sony console named PlayStation Vita?

    • What is Vita? Is it name of some kind of bio-yogurt?


    • They love so much the portable that in the E3 Press Conference forgot (to say the least) that 2 games from Devolver Digital come to Vita too.


    • I’m pretty sure Shu-san does.
      I mean, he’s Japanese. Japanese love Vita.
      Before you say “But Vita wasn’t on E3!”, well obviously. E3 is a western-oriented event.
      It’s pretty obvious they won’t give their precious time to a Japanese console =)

    • The thing is, if you want to look for the Vita, you have to look AWAY from Sony. The Vita is anything but dead, but Sony decided to hand the Software part to third parties and make development and publishing easier for them. Just a few days before E3 Xseed announced a couple new games they are about to bring over from Japan like EDF2 and a new game in the Trails series (Which is not trails in the sky 2)

  • If you had told me about the press conference a week ago I wouldn’t have believed you.
    I’m excited but concerned. I’m not sure Shenmue 3 could possibly live up to any hype.
    I’m not sure we’ll see final fantasy bio for a number of years.
    I do have faith in The Last Guardian though!

  • Shu is awesome. Seeing him after the Last Guardian announcement only enhanced the experience.

  • E3 was pretty great. Always nice seeing Shuhei.

    I was hoping for a few things specifically, before the show, and I got most of them. Backwards Compatibility – but on the wrong console!! – The Last Guardian, and an IP I could really see myself enjoying (Horizon Zero Dawn).

    Obviously disappointed at the lack of Vita but hey; #Dead

  • Sorry but this year is a disaster for Sony. Besides Bloodborne we had NOTHING. Maybe the upcoming horror game ends up good but for the first time in a long time you guys blew it in exclusives. Surely 2016 seems tempting but 2015 is a joke for Sony.

    • Stop being whiny because you’re so picky.

      There were loads of amazing games shown.

    • @MaxDieHard.

      Stop being a FANBOY and read what is written. 2015 has been a joke for exclusives for Sony. Could you please tell me what is coming out in 2015? Besides multiplatform games. Sony dropped the ball on exclusives in 2015. And as I stated above surely 2016 looks better.

      Gosh because of people like you we get less quality.

      It blows my mind that Sony has a much better player base and much better hardware but Xbox is handing their ass on gold platter in exclusive department in 2015. Again 2015…


      Go defend Sony now.

    • madmanwithabox12

      To be fair exclusives don’t necessarily equate to great games. The big games of the year are on PS4 (Metal Gear Solid V, Arkham Knight etc) and that’s what matters. As far as exclusives do go, there’s Until Dawn and supposedly Persona 5 both coming this year. Personally I’d take P5 over any of the Xbox fall exclusives, but that’s just me.

      Let’s also not forget that Rise of the Tomb Raider will likely be on PS4 by next year anyway. The Last Guardian, Horizon and Uncharted will never be on Xbox. That’s kind of the big difference there.

    • @madmanwithabox12

      That is true but multiplatform games does not show the power of a console. Those are games that is available to all and is not unique to a console. Exclusives make the difference in consoles. We just had Bloodborne this year as a great game. The horror game seems an alright game at best. Persona 5 might be tempting too but really the whole year passed by like this. All we have is future remasters with God of War and Uncharted. Not complaning but they are not new games.

      2016 is very exciting that I agree. But 2015 is extremely dull for Sony. They can’t even maintain a good service on the servers of Killzone Shadow Fall. Their only online shooter/action adventure game that has online elements.

    • @iARDAs Here is a nice read for you

      Apparently Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA and Nintendo had much more earth shattering E3s? And yet the 2 biggest games I want this year are Metal Gear Solid V and Fallout 4. We already knew most of Xbox’s 2015 lineup before E3, its the usual 360 lineup but all in one year: Gears, Fable, Forza and Halo. The rest of the stuff they showed were mostly CG trailers and nothing really amazing.
      I will just say about the other 3 that I mentioned that I fell asleep through 2 of their conferences and never bothered looking into the other whatsoever. But Sony’s was a disaster??? First I heard.

    • @Andrewsqual. I never said Sony Conference was a disaster. 2015 is a bad year for Sony for exclusives. Seems like you cant argue with this and post a list where half of the games are coming out to PC and the other half is almost remaster. Besides Until Dawn and Persona 5 there is not a single PS4 exclusive there which is a new game.

      Sony had an INCREDIBLE E3. But that does not mean that Sony has incredible games for 2015. It has incredible games for 2016.

      Really. In the year 2015 name me 3 AAA Sony Exclusives that are new games and worth playing.

      1-) Bloodborne
      2-) Maybe Persona 5
      3-) ????? Nothing.

      Terrible, terrible year for Sony Exclusives. You guys are just funny defending this.

      Again. E3 Was great and 2016 seems promising.

    • New games and worth playing is completely subjective. Here are most of the major release games, whether you like them or not I don’t know. Play some 3rd party while you wait until next year.

      The Order
      MLB 15
      GOW remaster
      Uncharted Collection
      Teraway Unfolded
      Until Dawn
      No Mans Sky
      Yakuza 5
      Tomorrow Children
      Fat Princess Adventure
      Ecerybodys Gone to the Rapture
      Persona 5

      Here is what x-box has.

      Screamride – what the?
      Gears – remake
      Rare – rehash collection
      Tomb Raider – timed
      Fable Legends – F2P

    • @iARDAs There are plenty of PlayStation exclusives in there. You never said anything about PS4 exclusives only. If Xbox can survive on Sunset Overdrive as the ONLY main exclusive game in 2014 (but the console was praised so unnecessarily highly anyway for this ONE title), I think PS4 will be absolutely fine this year. :)

      @NZSephiroth No no no mate, you see No Man’s Sky is coming to PC too so your whole list is utterly irrelevant to iARDAS then. Haven’t you hear? 2015 is a DISASTER!!!! Go back and try again.

    • @NZsephiroth. So cute and let’s take a look at your list.

      Bloodborne. 100% I agree. Phenomenal
      MLB15. Good luck advertising that game outside USA.
      The Order 1886. Everybody stopped speaking about that game a week later of the release date. Poor game.
      Gow Remaster is a REMASTER. NOT A NEW GAME.
      Uncharted Collection is a REMASTER. NOT A NEW GAME.
      Teraway Unfolded is almost an indie game. Nobody buys consoles to play indie games.
      Until Dawn …. To early to speak. Maybe good maybe bad. Probably mediocre.
      No Mans Sky is NOT AN EXCLUSIVE
      Fat Princess Adventure — Again nobody buys a console for Indie games
      Yakuza 5 —- A REMASTER
      Everybody Gone to Rapture — Multiplatform.

      So yeah. Sony has INCREDIBLE Exclusives for 2015 ha? Give me a break.

    • @Andrewsequal.

      Xbox learned from their mistake and came up with a nice 2015 Exclusive line up. Also I did mention EXCLUSIVES in my 2nd post. If only you knew how to read.

      Multiplatform titles are not a success of a Sony Platform. They are available for every other platform out there. When you talk about Sony, first thing comes to mind are usually (probably always) are exclusives. Again name me 3 AAA exclusives Sony had or will have in 2015 that are incredible games. Let me help you.

      1-) bloodborne
      2-) Maybe but maybe Persona 5
      3-) ??????????

      Don’t bother naming Order 1886 or Until Dawn.

      Stop defending Sony. Sony this year is ALIVE because of 3rd party games. Their 1st party line up is terrible. Even Sony addmited it few weeks back and you guys are blindly defending it.

    • @Andrewsequal. Oh WOW. Would you look at that? My first post also mentions exclusives. So please learn to read first.

    • iARDAs

      You must not listen to the Xbox fanboys. The PS4 has plenty of exclusives nearly one a month until the new year.

      This is what I am getting for the rest of the year and my estimate of hours I will log into each.

      June 26th Batman Arkham Knight (20 hours)
      September 9th Tearaway Unfolded (15 hours)
      October 9th Uncharted Collection (36 hours)
      October 16th Tales of Zestiria (70 hours)
      October 16th Dragon Quest Heroes (10 hours)
      October 23rd Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (60 hours)
      November 10th Fallout 4 (200 hours)

      If you notice there are 3 exclusives in October. That will last me for the rest of the year and into next. There are other games coming out this year that have no date yet.

    • Did you seriously just dismiss Tearaway because it’s an alleged ‘indie game’? Fool.

    • I think you will find Everybodys Gone to the Rapture is exclusive, Santa Monica helped produce and published by Sony, no known other releases including PC.

    • *you’ll be right at home there.

    • Minashiro_Soushi

      > That is true but multiplatform games does not show the power of a console.
      I don’t even… Are you serious? This might have been the case on last-gen consoles, but now it doesn’t matter, because the hardware is essentially the same with minor differences. Surely, PS4 packs a bit more horsepower, than XB1, but exclusivity don’t make games magically better, only the budgets do.

      The sole reason you might want more exclusives is to be able to stick it to the people, who bought different console and be like “haha, you won’t be getting my precious!”, nothing more.

    • Yep. So many sheep fanboys trying to praise a poor 2015 year that has only 1 good AAA Sony Exclusive. You guys are slave to your purchases. Multiplatform titles are great but my ENTIRE argument is the lack of Sony Exclusives this year, and you guys change the subject just to justify your purchase. I mean I love my PS4 a lot too, but I am not a sheep fanboy like you guys. Again 2015 is a VERY VERY poor year for Exclusive games. Games that comes out ONLY on PS4 and not on Xbox nor PC. 2016 seems promising. Enjoy twisting my words and changing the argument to another direction. Again for the love of GOD. Name me 3 AAA exclusives that are great games in 2015

      1-) Bloodborne (my GOTY)
      2-) Maybe maybe maybe Persona 5
      3-) ?????????

      Oh I am sorry you can’t. You guys are blind if you can’t see that Sony blew it in exclusives in 2015. Now go hug your PS4s, unplug them and take it to bed with you.

    • @Minashiro. NO you can not see the power of PS4 with multiplatform games. You can see it’s power with exclusive games. Such as Uncharted, such as Order 1886 or even such as Driveclub.

      Sure multiplatform games look and perform a bit better than Xbox One, but the real power of PS4 lies with exclusives.

      That mud scene in Uncharted 4. You cant really see it on a multiplatform game.
      Ready at Dawn’s Order 1886 is a real jaw dropper. It looks AMAZING, again can only be achieved with an exclusive game. The game is a yawn festival unfortunatley.
      I played MANY racers and Driveclub’s rain effects can’t even be found on PC games.

      These games show the real power of a PS4. Not some multiplatform game.

    • Before you sheep fanboys defend Sony for 2015 exclusives. Here is what Andrew House, Sony Playstation’s PRESIDENT said on the matter.

      I guess you guys know more than him.

  • It is sure that it is more painful to see pretty nothing about the vita than actually see something. At least Resident Evil:Rev 2 could have been shown, and also more of world of ff. Even if I can’t still forgive square enix for ff type 0.

    Well, truly saying, there are a lot of games to play on the vita. So, i can’t really complain. However, I am still waiting for the PSNOW on Vita in Europe with PS4 games. This is now the selling point of the vita i think. Play PS4 games on your couch even without a PS4.

    Still, I hope the gamescom will be much better.

  • madmanwithabox12

    Sony smashed it at E3 this year. Awesome conference with some amazing game announcements. Never mind the fact we got three seemingly impossible titles (The Last Guardian, Shenmue 3, Final Fantasy VII Remake) but there were also some great surprises like Dreams, Horizon: Zero Dawn and everything Devolver showed. Even World of Final Fantasy has piqued my interest. So kudos where kudos are due Sony.

    However, the lack of Vita content is as always very disappointing. From what I heard (as was also apparent by the lack of coverage) there were no Vita games at the PlayStation booth. That’s ridiculous. It really is. Much love to all the other devs/publishers who showed the platform some love – I’m looking at you Atlus. So incredibly hyped for Persona 4: Dancing All Night, it’s unreal.

    Great show though. Just would have been nice to see Vita share just the smallest fraction of that greatness. Even the Devolver games (which 3/5 are on Vita) were spoken about as PS4 exclusives. During the Vita sizzle reel, THE CAMERA ACTUALLY SWITCHED FROM THE SCREEN. Come on Sony, how hard is it to show Vita some love? We’ve been saying this for years and it never seems to change. Even RER2 wasn’t at E3… what’s going on?

  • Excited most for:

    Great e3 from Sony, I was hoping Last Guardian would be shown at end with Out This Christmas but at least I got to see how faithful it looks to previous games.

    Lacking in games this fall but I’ve been tempted to play the UNCHARTED games again, so 3 should

  • Gotta love Shu.. Even more so after he’s been immortalized in South Park :p
    My highlights were Last Guardian, Fallout 4, FF7 remake and Horizon. Uncharted looked awesome in its traditional doing, but the driving scene disappointed me a bit. Was very excited about Mass Effect but also disappointed with some of the ME1 elements coming back, like the seemingly open, empty environments and the Mako (ME2 was my first love :p). Others were already announced. Microsoft’s backwards compatibility announcement really surprised me too, to see an incentive like that being made in this day and age that’s all about recycling and recharging, maybe there is hope for a better future after all :p

  • Wonder why Sony won’t make a Gamescom appearance this year? Guess Microsoft won’t have competition, and with more games for them to showcase at the event, this will lead to Xbox one consoles being sold. Good job Sony.

    • They’ll have a Gamescom appearance, but won’t host a media briefing / press conference.

    • Last year it was Microsoft’s first Gamescom conference, they did pretty well without even attending it.

      Microsoft attend 2 events a year Sony has 4. It is like 6 weeks until Gamescom, not enough time to refresh the content.

    • They will be at Gamescom like the others mentioned. They just won’t do the conference because E3 is a week later this year and Gamescom will be a week earlier so it was only fitting to announce new titles at the Paris Games Week on 27th October instead.

  • I watched the whole of E3 and it was one of the best i have pre-ordered a lot of games, The Last Guardian was the BEST birthday present i could have wished for. I’m relying on you Shu not to miss the 2016 release window. And also could we have more regular updates say every couple of months or something?

  • thatbase,
    who cares? xbox is done, they are so desperate that they now spend all on backward compatibility. i bet you that console will suffer cause of it.

    Sony has such great stuff coming. Its a better console, and it will have FF7 timed exclusives. That alone is a homerun or 2.

  • Ratchet & Clanks looks lovely. :)

  • I was in tears over the Shenmue 3 & FF7 remake announcements but just in general I was so excited to see Japanese games playing such a large role again. It really is starting to feel like PS1/2 days again and I hope it continues through PGW & TGS.

  • Definite highlight was Uncharted, that game is going to be one of the defining games of this generation, I’m sure of that.

    As for disappointments, No Man’s Sky *still* doesn’t have a date and now we’re heading that the PC version will come out same day? So basically the PS4 version has been delayed because a team of thirteen people is having to split their attention between a defined console platform and the varied mess that is the gaming PC, and we will be paying extra for the privilege.

    On the plus side, I didn’t see anything delivered as a global announcement that we will find out a year later only applies to the US *cough* Powers *cough* *cough* game price freeze *cough*

  • PLEASE SONY next E3 can we have a New ‘Crash Bandicoot’ :P & a ‘TimeSplitters Trilogy’ for PS4 to :P (after this E3 dreams do come true) :D

  • Is this that ShuDiePie geezer?

  • Horizon Zero Dawn looks astounding, bold move on the female lead but hopefully Guerilla finally gets the super-hit they deserve for their consistent quality of output. Aloy looks like a terrific character to base a game on though: smart and self sufficient, chock full of determination and strength and optimisism, yet also still learning and a little bit nervous. One tiny detail which conveyed a great deal of meaning to me despite the video quality is her swallowing just as she sees what she is about to encounter.

    The only downside of so many big announcements is some of the smaller titles got drowned out a little bit in the media frenzy but that leaves more to look forward to throughout the year although NMS is one I find the hardest to wait for.

  • I don’t think it was the best Sony E3 but boy it was still up there. Horizon looks fantastic and almost stole the show for me with only Fallout 4 topping it. Who doesn’t want to fight robot dino’s with bow and arrows?!

    Happy with the FF7/Shen3 announcements too like most.

    Keep up the good work, unlike some I’m happy you space your exclusives out throughout the year and not just during the Christmas rush which is frankly crowded enough with amazing multiplats anyway.

    But if you feel the need to send me a copy of Horizon early that would be great!

  • Another highlight for me was to see Shu went to check out the hololens at the Xbox stand. It really shows how passionate this guy is about gaming in general. Really happy with the direction he is taking Playstation.

  • My highlight of this years E3 is the talk of PS4 firmware stability. We’re experiencing bugs such as discs being unrecognised in our drives. Consoles not resuming from rest mode leaving a flashing console and no hdmi signal. The original hdd and with our upgrades the PS4 won’t boot, this requires us to hold the power button down, then the PS4 will obviously complain that it’s been turned off improperly and will force us to go through a drive scans. People (not me) have had trouble with the console refusing to accept discs or having discs popping out. 2.50 and 2.51 are evil.

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