11 weird, wonderful games you might have missed from E3 2015

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11 weird, wonderful games you might have missed from E3 2015

Watch our video for the lowdown on some of the indie highlights from the show floor

While it’s easy to be dazzled by the huge blockbuster announcements coming from the press conference stages at E3 2015, there were a wealth of quirky, oddball riches on show elsewhere at this year’s event.

Patrolling the show floor, we saw some of the most imaginative, unique and downright insane games ever to hit E3 from the maverick indie developers that we love here at PlayStation. Take a look at our video to hear from some of the creators themselves, then read on for our round-up of what you may have missed from this year’s show…

1. Shadow Warrior 2

Lu Wang is back with more weapons, more foul mouthed wise-cracks and an even wider world to carve up demons in. This time there’s drop-in drop-out online co-op to lend a helping sword… gun… flaming arrow, or any of the other ’70-plus weapons at your disposal.


It may be over 30 degrees outside in LA, but on the show floor, SNOW was wowing spectators with its superbly detailed winter sports open world. Grabbing your skis and hurtling down the side of a mountain feels exhilaratingly realistic, and it promises a range of events to challenge your friends on PS4 – best of all, it’s going to be free-to-play.

3. Mother Russia Bleeds

Inspired by classic side-scrolling beat ’em ups like Streets of Rage II and Final Fight, this dark and twisted alternate version of Russia is packed with violent freaks, drug barons and gang bosses to slug your way through. Four player local co-op, friendly fire and drug-fuelled overdrive frenzy attacks make this blood-curdling bone-cruncher a lot of fun.

4. I Am Bread

Possibly taking the crown for the most out-there concept in gaming this year, I Am Bread is the world’s first bread simulator, putting you in control of an intrepid slice on his way to fulfil his destiny and become toast. Not only that, but you can smash up your house as an angry baguette or take a bagel racing amongst other baked antics.

5. Nuclear Throne

This all-action roguelike from the developers of last year’s super-addictive Luftrausers thrusts you into a post-apocalyptic world where freaky mutants are all battling to control the Nuclear Throne. Over-the-top weapons, waves of relentless enemies and hilariously weird characters are all coming to PS3, PS4 and PS Vita soon.

6. Crossing Souls

Beautifully nostalgic with its VHS-styled cartoon cut-scenes and pixel gameplay, Crossing Souls is jam-packed with 80s references – including a mean, high-kicking version of Prince, an E.T inspired bike chase, nods to The Goonies and many more. You’ll switch between five friends- including one who happens to be ghost – each with their own special abilities as you explore a wonderfully detailed action-adventure-RPG world and fight to save their parents from dastardly kidnappers.


Alongside those good folks at Double Fine, developer Ko-Op have created a world of colourful, house-sized monsters and puzzles to explore on PS4 and Project Morpheus. Quirky art styles and lovable creatures with giant ‘gnoggins’ are everywhere in a 3D world packed with personality.


Norse mythology, real-time combat, randomly generated loot and brutally challenging enemies inhabit the mystical world of EITR. Fighting demonic mobs with your sword, shield, arrows and more is all about timing, precision and learning their attack patterns, giving this indie-RPG a flavour of Dark Souls and Diablo that those who love a challenge will enjoy.

9. Rocket League

Down on the show floor, awards were stacking up against Rocket League‘s booth, and rightly so – this arena based motorised football multiplayer is ridiculously fun and will be bringing the competition to PS4 soon.

10. Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star

If one episodic story-driven pigeon dating simulator isn’t enough for you, then fear not! Hot on the wings of Hatoful Boyfriend (coming to PS4 and PS Vita soon) is this follow-up instalment, Holiday Star. The world is under threat from an arrogant, golden-plumed pheasant with destructive powers at his command, and only feathery Anghel and his Hatoful friends can stop him.

11. Enter the Gungeon

A procedurally generated labyrinth? Relentless bullet hell? A gun that can kill the past? You’ll find it all in the Gungeon. It may sound violent, but this dungeon crawler from Dodgeroll Games is packed with personality, humour and most importantly, fun. Oh, and a gun that fires fish.

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  • *Scrolls down to see if Rocket League is mentioned* *Sees nr. 9*
    Damn straight! w00t!

  • Totally forgot about Shadow Warrior 2 definitely looking forward to that one. I really loved the first one.

  • Ehm, I believe it’s Lo Wang.

  • I missed Vita games worth mentioning… and nope don’t see it here either. But hey it’s not my fault, rather fault of worthless SONY employees who abandoned their own system… and naively think that people will go and buy Morpheus like nothing ever happened.

    Sadly SONY is so slow that I already got to play Hatoful Boyfriend on steam for probably much lower price than people will be forced to pay on PSN.

    • “forced”…

    • I love the PS Vita, 100% satisfied with it and it’s likely that I will indeed go buy a Morpheus whenever I’ll have a PS4. :) ^.^

    • I was going to buy Hatoful Boyfriend from the creators website as they were selling it for $5. Waiting for my gaming PC to be built saw the article that it was coming out on PS4 and decided to wait.

      I won’t do that again and considering that I love VN and otome games its been refreshing to see just how many of them are on Steam and of course all the ones that will never be released in the west but are fan subbed. The only place keeping vita alive and over catered for is in……Japan. Vita seems to get 5+ physical vita releases a month.


      “forced” as in that prices are always more on PSN and not everyone has a PC or Mac for gaming. So if someone wants to buy and play the game then they are “forced” if a Playstation device is the only means of playing the game.

      Come October (16th I think) that will change when Steam Box and controller are released and places like Game have them under a £100 and they have bundles with Steam credit (£20-£100).

    • @Izorpo

      Nobody is making you to buy the game. You make a decision. Too expensive for the product you are getting? Don’t buy it then. The agency is always with the customer. Never with the seller.

    • @Gogata7
      You can use that argument for anything. No one is forcing you to go out and buy food at the prices they charge. You can choose to not eat. Except you can’t.
      No one is forcing you to buy fuel for your car. You could choose not to use it. Except some people do need it and have not choice because without fuel a car is worthless.
      They sold us a console and then charge overly high prices. You could not buy the game but then the console is worthless so yes, they are “forcing” us.

    • @Njitram2000

      You are comparing life necessities to something that is not. It is intellectually dishonest.

      Even if we use the food example, there would be another store next door and you are absolutely free to purchase it there. With the car you can choose an alternative gas station. If you buy say a Mercedes you can only buy parts for that car in the chain’s stores. They could be overpriced, but it is still your responsibility for buying the car in the first place and not doing your research on the price of necessary components. The company itself is not forcing you to do anything.

      Plus there would be zero consequences of you not buying the game on platform X.

  • Played Enter the Gungeon at EGX: Rezzed back in March. Its a cool game

  • All of these look awesome. Just one small correction – it is Lo Wang.

  • Can they at least confirm first whether Tales from Borderlands and Game of Thrones are really coming to ps vita on their short section on trailer for E3 game list

  • 1 weird, wonderful system you might have missed from E3 2015

    1. The Vita

    Unless you went to an Atlus or XSEED booth, because Sony sure as hell wasn’t promoting it.

    • Atlus seems to be releasing more titles on Nintendo than they are on vita or PS3/4. The same with Level 5 – still waiting for them to come out on PS4 HD or remakes of Dark Cloud, Dark Chronicle and Rogue Galaxy.

      Would have been really nice if Atlus had given the European release date for Persona 5

    • But than again… Atlus, Xseed, Aksys are well known for not caring about whole PAL region. :/

    • @Archacus: What the F? Atlus aside, how can you say based XSEED or Aksys do not care about PAL region? Care to re-read what based XSEED is localizing this year?

    • @Satoshi
      Calm down.

      Pretty much nothing. And I advise you to re-read what you have seen.

      XSEED will be making NA localization ONLY. The ones responsible for European release of XSEED games will be NISA and maybe Marvelous Europe (which with their last digital only self-censored release I lost my faith in them).

      Aksys is as bad them XSEED, people are made to wait like year longer for digital only release… and that is only in few selected countries.

      So again.. calm down.

  • I’m surprised to find that PS Vita was almost absent from the show. SCE itself turned the PSV into an indie handheld. We Vita owner should thank those publishers (i.e NIS America) and small studios like Spike-chunsoft who are keeping the handheld alive.

  • I WANT Enter the Gungeon IN MY VITA!

  • When I saw the Media Player announcement during E3 I was ecstatic. Finally MKV support! When I checked it out the next day it was an utter failure. First, it doesn’t support built in subtitles in MKV files, whereas nearly all anime have those. I hate being forced to learn Moonspeak. Second, many anime use High5.1/10-bit coding, or so they pretend. I hade to lower it with a program so it would be recognized as 4.1/8-bit, which was annoying. Basically, PS4’s media player does exactly what my 7 year old Samsung TV does, but requires an additional device linked to the TV. Kinda fail and a waste of space as it is now.

  • I think most people who missed these missed them intentionally.

    • I tried to come up with my own comment. Yours is much better. Some of these games can already be bought on PC. By the time they’re out on PS4 they’ll be £0.50. I’m starting to suspect that these games were originally meant for the Amiga and have just been ported.

  • Snow for me as I partake in the sport :)

    • Been waiting for this since last year. Been looking everywhere to see when it comes to PS4 but can’t find anything!

  • I think is funny how SCE keeps disrespecting PSV and the Vita owners even when ALMOST EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE in all PS blogs people comment in these mistakes they still dont understand. If only they saw what nintendo did with Wii U and realeased all tgeir IPS on the vita. I know the PSP had dark days too but at least it had almost all major ips.
    I remember people whanted the vita for uncharted, gravity rush, wipeout and all the big shots they had on their ps3 on the go, and i m not saying índices are bad, they arent they make a catelog more rich but onde console cant livre only of them, if Sony thinks yes i Daré them to release only índices on the ps4 then.
    I still hope Sony awakes up and ser the wrong they are doing to the vita…

  • come on Sony, keep the vita alive…

  • Here’s one I missed again: N++. It’s been super quiet on this game that really we should have a release date for by now.

  • Why aren’t Gungeon and Mother Russia coming to Vita? Really, really disappointed at that. Cannot believe Devolver are skipping games PERFECT for Vita.

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