New to PlayStation Store: Battlefield: Hardline DLC and TowerFall: Dark World expansion

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New to PlayStation Store: Battlefield: Hardline DLC and TowerFall: Dark World expansion

Plus Destiny: Digital Guardian Edition is deal of the week for PS4

Recovered from the megaton announcements at E3 yet? Excited about the unreal, only in a perfect dream, levels of reveals? If you have yet to see trailers for The Last Guardian (oh boy!), Final Fantasy VII Remake (ahhh!), Horizon (what’s going on?!) or the crowd funding announcement for Shenmue III (somebody pinch me!) then you definitely, definitely, definitely should check them all out and tons more in the E3 coverage right here. If you can’t tell, I can’t quite contain my excitement.

Over on PS Store, there are still new releases taking place this week, one of which is the expansion for TowerFall, which has new arrow types, 4 new battlegrounds, more playable archers and a new co-op mode for continued on the brink friendships.

Deal of the week, Destiny: Digital Guardian Edition for PS4. Jump into the popular new generation FPS in loads of co-op and competitive gameplay.

Also, you still have a week to grab awesome discounts on PS4 games in the PS Plus Double Discounts promotion. And Big Discounts has you covered for loads of PS3 and PS Vita big hitters and indies.

Enjoy the rest of the E3 week and see you next week for more new PS Store content.

PlayStation StoreOut this week



  • Tour de France 2015
    (Not available in Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE )


  • Battlefield Hardline
  • Criminal Activity
  • Dead or Alive 5 Last Round
  • DOA5LR Deception Costume Set
    £24.99/€29.99/AU$44.95, or £2.49/€2.99/AU$4.55 each
  • Evolve
  • Support Night Hunter Skin Pack
  • Hank Night Hunter Skin
  • Cabot Night Hunter Skin
  • LittleBigPlanet 3
  • Bloodborne Costume
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Brazil Pack
  • Rocksmith
  • Player Picks Song Pack
  • Balls To The Wall ? Accept
  • All Right Now ? Free
  • Modern Day Cowboy ? Tesla
  • Frankenstein – The Edgar Winter Group
  • TowerFall
  • Dark World Expansion
  • Tropico 5
  • Waterborne
  • The Witcher III (out 18th June)
  • New Quest – ‘Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear’


  • Battlefield Hardline
  • Criminal Activity
  • Dead or Alive 5 Last Round
  • DOA5LR Deception Costume Set
    £24.99/€29.99/AU$44.95, or £2.49/€2.99/AU$4.55 each
  • Rocksmith
  • Balls To The Wall Accept
  • All Right Now Free
  • Modern Day Cowboy Tesla
  • Frankenstein – The Edgar Winter Group

Deal of the week

Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in June

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2 Author Replies

  • And what about the Weekly Sale?

    • There will be a new promotion next week.

    • Lol, are people really upvoting Jawad answer? It’s like saying “Tomorrow the sun will rise”, yeah, we know that next week there will be a promotion, isn’t that what happens every week?

      Really disappointing this E3 period in terms of content available right now for the players, no demos or betas (unless we preorder the game, geez, thanks), no special sales, nothing.

  • Is Destiny the only new deal this week? On all platforms?

  • Any more info on the surprise for long time plus members, that was mentioned last week?

  • Is there anyway to find trailers on the store?

    I’m sure people would love to have some Fallout 4, Uncharted 4, FF7 remake, Kingdom Hearts 3 etc to view in HD!

    • Another reason I miss the old store on PS3 :(
      As an alternative mate, go to Gamersyde, they put all all the trailers in mp4 format with download links and all. And they put them up the way the publisher sent it to them. Most trailers from E3 are at a measly 5000kbps but on Gamersyde the quality can be up to 40,000kbps meaning it is a more direct feed trailer. Horizon Zero Dawn looks amazing.
      I’m sad to say that the awesome 1080p 60fps trailers up on Gamersyde, like the MGS V E3 Trailer, are still a chore to play on most devices, even PS4 with a USB 3.0 hard drive. They just never play smoothly. :(

  • When is the Snooker DLC pack for Pure Pool on PS4 coming out?

  • E3 Sale? Lol, who am I kidding.

  • Is there an ETA for Super Time Force Ultra?

  • Jawad is it true the pre-order for the taken king will be £40? if so that’s the biggest punch to the face so far.

    • It’s $39.99 in the US, which means £34.99 for us if they keep the same exchange rate as the season pass

    • Actually Steven the previous DLC, including the season pass was sold at a 1:1 conversion rate, that’s where this “rumour” started in the first place.

      So yeah, it will be £40 for us. A year ago that would have us asking for price control to prevent publishers from overcharging, but now that we know UK prices are in fact set by SCEE, well…

    • It’s on the store listed at £39.99. Absolute disgrace.

  • Sorry if i ask again, Jawad, but i’ve been ignored during the past weeks.

    Any news regarding:

    1) The unavailability of the Rachel Master DLC for Ninja Gaiden Sigma on PS3
    2) Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty DLC for PS4 still considered as PS+ content when it shouldn’t be.The support team couldn’t do anything but trying to offer me a refund… for something i got for free, LOL. Seriously even the Oddworld team told me it shouldn’t be tied to PS+. I wonder if there’ll ever be a definitive fix for this.

    • Here we go again. Cut and paste spam
      Answer to question 1 – publishers have the right to pull off content from the store. Moan to temco rather than posting this spam every week o.O

    • No need to be an ***. The content wasn’t pulled, it just didn’t come, for whatever reason. Jawad told me he would’ve contacted the other guys concerning the other issue but he didn’t update me on anything. It’s like i’m being ignored on purpose. Mine is not spamming, i’m not asking for impossible/imaginary things like a certain someone. Sod off.

  • Little bit sad if we don’t get more deals, but that’s probably because of the “bigger” discounts last week. So yea, gotta wait till next week.

    Anyway thanks for the information…

  • Possibly the worst update of the year?

  • RodrigoSharingan

    Arent there gonna be some rewards and perks for players from Sony this E3? MS along with EA gave 12 games for free for a week and everything exploded in announcing compatibility.

    Its a good opportunity to show that you still like us here, you know.

    • I thought that Fallout 4 included with Fallout 3 on xbone was nice but then they stated all the mods created for pc versions would be available…a car driving around Fallout 3…to run over death claws…I think would be rather satisfying. Also the backwards compatibility is really nice…to play Left 4 Dead on this gen console but then Steam Box is out this October. I always wanted to play Left 4 Dead mod that turned zombies into teletubbies

  • Any chance of more games being compatible with the Playstation TV? We’re still missing all of the PS1 Final Fantasy games bar VII and the first Danganronpa, as well as a load of others.

    • madmanwithabox12

      They barely care about Vita, let alone PSTV. I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

    • With regards to the Final Fantasy games, it’s only I-IV that don’t work. All of the others work perfectly as well as all of the Dissidia titles. We’ve got a list of over 930 EU-released games that we have hand-tested on the PSTV with details of what does and doesn’t work along with additional details in terms of what games are enhanced or need touch controls etc.

      While we haven’t included *everything* (so there are a lot more titles that work), this list has been hand tested by our team to ensure 100% accuracy of everything listed. We’re also updating it every few days and re-testing games frequently so we can revise the listings where needed.

      Anyway, the list can be found here:-


  • Please edit the store pricing of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2 to £3.99. They are supposed to be on sale but they still have full pricing listed.

  • worst week I’ve seen in a while Plus during the week of E3?

  • madmanwithabox12

    Nothing for Vita. I get that it’s E3, but damn. It’s got a tonne of games that are apparently locked in a perpetual state of “coming out” on the platform. Towerfall Ascension is supposed to be on Vita, no word on that since PSX. Yet here we have the Dark World expansion for PS4.

    • Vita is a legacy platform. Sony themselves said it.

    • madmanwithabox12

      And? That doesn’t suddenly stop all the games that are being made for it from coming out and/or devs talking about their content.3

    • Yeah, it’s just stops developers from making games for the system. Dreamcast only had SEGA games to support its library, we know damn well it’s not gonna happen in case of Vita.

    • @Rosenkrantz_ID

      Sony was referring to the ‘fat’ Vita 1.0, which is now considered legacy hardware, since Sony no longer produces it. The ‘slim’ Vita 2.0 is still an very much an active platform – not legacy hardware like the PS, PS2 or PSP. (Although the first-party suppport for the platform can be debated)

      Personally, I enjoy all the games on my Vita, but to each their own I guess.

    • Vita’s dead. I think we should admit it and move on :(

    • @DoYou: that’s what they call “damage control”.

  • Oh, and someone from Sony explain to me why Payday 2 is five pounds more expensive on PSN than it is on LIVE? I guess that has nothing to do with the usual price hike Sony do on ALL their multi/cross platform games, and it’s “the publishers fault”.

    • It went up in price too- Pre-order was cheaper. Not to mention it’s on PC for around £4 (minus DLC – but even with its about £7) – I know PC is normally cheaper but come on….

    • They never answered the same question about Witcher 3 which still costs over 10% more on the PSN than on any other digital sales platform in the region.

      Also, it was recently discovered (after I asked loads of developers) that publishers only choose the European price, all of the *sub-territories” as they are known have their prices set by the local Sony office, so in the case of UK, Australia and New Zealand, that is SCEE. They really need to explain why it is now becoming a norm for the sa!e ga!e to be more expensive for us than it is on the “other console”

      Fetch me Fergal Gara, I’ll get an answer from his smug smiling lying face.

  • Psn weekly updates are getting pretty disappointing, where’s heavensward? Lol

  • Hi jawad

    Why I can’t preorder any games in Qatar store

  • Is there any news about pre orders Qatar

  • What about Guilty Gear Xrd DLC? You know… those two characters advertised but nowhere to be seen?

    • The DLC is missing, the game still doesent have the latest update. When will we get this? i’m tired of waiting and nobody, not sony or arcsys answers. I want a refund if this doesent get fixed soon. We are supposed to get the characters with the game according to the [DELETED] description on ps store. WE CANT PLAY ONLINE BECAUSE @ARCSYS WONT UPDATE THE GAME AFTER FREAKIN 6 MONTHS OF WAITING.

    • This is the reason I’ve avoided Xrd, with how bad the delays were for Blazblue and Persona 4 Arena, Arc System works just seem to consider Europe as something of an afterthought.

      We get the game months after everyone else, but we get no compensation for it. Surely they would give us a few characters for free in order to make up for the delays.

  • Sony it is E3 and we get nothing? no new deals? jesus christ that is lame!

  • I have a question that maybe you can answer, the destiny taken king says that I can buy a digital version because I have the game and both expansions, is it like a replacement of the other and it becomes the game client? It’s just an expansion? The wording is a bit confusing…

  • WoW… What a scam you guys are pulling off….
    Destiny Guardian Edition….From AU$19.95 Now AU$64.98

  • No E3 sale in Europe? Thats just bad marketing, capitilize on the event and put out some good sales…

    I dont know whats up with Sony lately but is it posible they are content with the ps4 sales and thinks the customers wont notice their lazyness?

    Keep the players happy and content or they will go elsewhere, just ask Microsoft!

    • Why do you guys always have to play the “Microsoft” card?

    • Why do you always have to be the one defending “Sony” (lol what’s with the hyphens there)?

      Here’s an answer to your question btw: Because Microsoft is the closest competitor maybe? When you need a new lease on your cell, do you compare your current providers offer to that of your local grocery store’s strawberry juice offer or do you look at what other providers have to offer you? Seriously, it’s not that hard to grasp.

    • For me I prefer PlayStation as I can import any game to play on PS3, vita, PSP, PS4, whereas Microsoft only has a few games that are “region free”. However preferring one console or handheld over another doesn’t mean I won’t play games on other systems.

      As I recently pointed out to a PSN friend I’m a game head so I’m more interested in software. Every console and handheld has games I want to play and ideally, eventually I will have all systems. The only console and handheld I don’t have is xbox one and the new 3ds.

    • @Robin: nice try, but i’m not defending anything. I’m just tired of people making silly statements. If you’re planning to move to another company, just do it, don’t spout crap.

    • @Robin: nice try, but i’m not defending anything. I’m just tired of people making silly statements. If you’re planning to move to another company, just do it, don’t spout crap..

    • Oh god, the irony in that response!

    • @Lance: Oh okay sorry then, I wasn’t aware you were getting tired of them…in that case I take it all back.

      Now guys please stop criticizing Sony. Please stop telling them that Microsoft is doing a better job right now and that you’re considering going there even though you’re just hoping Sony can step it up cause you would rather stay with them. Please don’t cause Lance here is getting tired of you. Now we wouldn’t want Lance to get tired would we? What…he’s already tired? Oh the horror…

    • Well, uhm, do you feel better and satisfied now that you’ve posted… that?

    • No man, not at all. I’m probably not gonna be able to sleep all night knowing what we’ve done to you all this while.

  • Do we get an E3 sale like the US?

  • Hey Jawad Ashraf

    Shouldnt there be 2 DLCs for the witcher 3 there shouldm be the followin DLCs released

    Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear

    Alternative Look for Triss

    • Well, considering they were playing catch up last week, getting 2 weeks worth of Witcher DLC out at once, I wouldn’t be surprised if this weeks content is mysteriously delayed in Europe!

  • Good to finally see an Arcade Archive release in the SCEE region, will there be more coming our way? US has a lot already and I’d love to see the same library over here =D

  • @ Lance_87

    Nobody is playing the Microsoft card, my comment simply referes to the fact that Microsoft didnt take care of their customers and many migrated to Sony.

    So SCEE get your act together, hire competent people that burns with passion for the gaming industry!

  • Any word on the Golf Club DLC that was supposedly due today?

  • It’s worth pointing out that if you’ve waited this long for Destiny then they will be releasing the Taken King Legendary edition in September, which will be the base game plus three expansions for a little bit more than this offer.

    You can’t blame Activision for trying, but seeing a deal of the week buried at the bottom of a page should speak volumes of its value. Still, could be worse, like that Nintendo E3 sale…

  • Arcade Archives in Europe??
    Thank you!

  • Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s pretty pricey dlc for Tropico.

    I think the big jaw drop ZOMG moment for me was seeing how large No Man’s Sky is going to be. FFVII remake, guess that makes up for the trolling Square-Enix did with the “HD version”. Unfortunately the main thing I wanted to know wasn’t announced and that was Persona 5 Europe release. The Last Guardian announce was cool but the ZOMG moment was watching the way the environment crumbled. I remember the days when water was what determined the wow factor.

    Although lots of good games announced this year but I still think E3 2013 was the best…haven’t seen back sc… like that since the 80’s involving a Sesame Street Bert doll >.>

  • Hi Jawad,
    The game for the PSP/Vita “Wild Arms XF” just vanish for the Portuguese PS Store can you please check it with the store team?

    • It’s also gone here in Italy, just checked. Probably expired license, hopefully it exists in physical format. Better than nothing, but still…

    • I was hoping to buy it when the price drop, but probability will just be gone now. Thanks Lance_87 probability is what you said.

  • Meh.

    Waiting for King’s Quest, Fat Princess Adventures and Heavy Rain for PS4.

  • ‘Arcade Archives’ Games are coming? COOL :P

  • Nepal Theme ? Just wondering when content will start filtering down to the second class European market.
    Surely the higher prices we pay should count for something. Maybe a bit less bowing and scraping to the North American market and acknowledge that you have worldwide customer’s in this the 21st century.

  • GTA5 on PS4 now on sale for the second time in the US store but not even once since release on EU store?! Also where’s our E3 sale?

  • Not even a game or DLC for PS Vita?
    @Jawad Ashraf please answer me…is really ps vita dying? :'(

  • Someone pinch me because I must be dreaming! The new Dead or Alive content is actually working on day 1!

    And last months DLC was finally fixed on Monday! Glad to see the team can react when someone starts mentioning their intent to sue!

  • PLease fix Guilty Gear Xrd and give me the ****ing DLC that the store description says you get. The game does not have the latest patch even after 6 extra months of waiting.

  • The worst update and sale every!

  • I’m absolutely furious about the lack of information about the Guilty Gear Xrd characters that are missing. I have sent a complaint and was told it was being looked into… two weeks ago, no response since then. The store stated when I purchased the game I could play as Elphelt and so far, I can’t. The only reason I bought the game on day one as it seemed the free DLC character from the USA was included straight away, from the description on the store and an article that was posted that day highlighting her and Leo (the other character that is missing). Read it for yourselves, then tell me where the content it says is in the game is please?? Stop ignoring us about this, you advertised something incorrectly and people bought it. This is utterly disgraceful but honestly, completely expected from the Sony EU team, whoever makes these mistakes needs firing.

    • I agree 100%, they cant falsely advertise and give out an out of date product to us that you cant play with anyone other than people who own the same EU digital outdated version. This is the first and last time i will ever buy a game made by Arcsys that’s for sure. If i dont get the freaking update or the characters then i will get my money back one way or another.

    • You (and other gamers who bought this) should contact your local consumer protection body or go big and talk to the European consumer protection body.

    • It is worrying that its taken them this long to get the game out, but then all we have got is the base game. Unfortunately, Ark System works have some really bad customer relations, even worse than SCEE!

      Tried to contact them back when we were waiting for Persona 4 Arena, and it felt like they couldn’t care less about us waiting so long for it.

      Probably just be the same reaction to the problems with their latest release.

  • Ummm… where’s Heavensward? The early access is on Friday, people! DX
    Also, supposing it will come out on Friday, do we get the theme that NA gets with Heavensward preorders?

    • It does come out Friday, was confirmed on the official forum a couple of weeks ago. No idea about the theme, but fingers crossed everything goes smoothly.

  • Why Final Fantasy Heavensward is not available for pre order in EU Playstation Store and is available in US?
    I’m losing hope on getting any pre order bonus or get get early access that starts 19 July…….
    Why do we have pre order available for games that are going to be released in November and we don’t have for games that will be available next week?

  • I was expecting an E3 mega sale . How disappointing.

  • Aww, kinda wishing the base version of Destiny was on sale, not fussed about the Guardian version…

    base game under £20 would of been an instant buy for me.

  • As festive as the Playstation presitation was at E3, as disapointing is the store update, the Plus line-up and the lack of new discounts. And still no driveclub Plus demo thingy. Why not offer the game for free and see how much you can make from the endless stream of DLC there is for it. It would make E3 perfect and the store update bareble.
    (I’ve seen Destiny for 9 pounds)

  • Why did FFXIV Heavensward not make it into the EU store Before the early access period (as it did in the US)? Also, when will it actually be there? Sqex says 19th, but I doubt that’s a ‘midnight’ 19th. More like a casual European Friday afternoon at the beach 19th. Correct me plz :p

  • @Jared

    Where is this weeks 2nd free The Witcher 3 DLC, Triss Alternative Outfit????

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