Dreams: Media Molecule talks us through its mind-blowing new PS4 project

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Dreams: Media Molecule talks us through its mind-blowing new PS4 project

New video offers a taste of what to expect from the UK studio's latest

If you tuned into our press conference on Monday night, you’ll have seen Media Molecule Technical Director Alex Evans took to the stage to unveil Dreams, its thrillingly ambitious new PS4 project that lets you experience the ‘dreams’ of others, and create and share your own.

Like Alex said during the show, the reveal will no doubt have raised all manner of questions – questions that you’ll learn some answers to at Paris Games Week in October.

But to tide you over until then, last week we raced down to Media Molecule HQ in Guildford, UK, to speak to Alex and Creative Director Mark Healy, and learn a little more about the direction the studio is heading in. Watch the video above to see what they had to say…


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  • I love the LBP games and I am interested in actual dreams and their meanings, so this looks like one to watch for me!

  • That gif is the best. I loved the bit with the polar bears

  • So intrigued by this, I can’t yet fathom how the create system is going to work to make such fantastic looking characters and environments. Looking forward to hearing lots more about this game.

  • This is so adorable :)

  • Can we use PS Move?

  • My filthy mind is seeing something else in that gif.
    We need a demonstration of this thing, I’m a creative type so I’ll be drawing an ODIE first chance I get

  • This looks like a very interesting concept. Love to see more of it.

  • I thought this was going to be a game creation tool like LBP but I guess it’s not.
    Just can’t find the use in creating a little animation thingy…

    • Just heard you can actualy make games with it. Can’t wait to here more at the Paris game Show.

    • It technically is a creation tool, but it’s for any kind of creation you can think of.

      Music, art, movies and video games or anything inbetween, maybe anything beyond those boundaries.
      The biggest challenge seems to be in actually showing this off and getting across to the public what Dreams is.
      It’s purely epic what these guys seem to be doing. I think I get what they’re trying to make.
      It would be doing a disservice to the whole thing if you just called it Music Software, a Video Editor, Paint, Game Engine and any other kind of creative tool you can think of, rolled into a single package.

      The whole experience seems to be the challenge in making something that’s a huge joy to experience and play around with.

      From what I can gather and at it’s most basic, it’s a creation tool for anything you can imagine in a digital environment.

      As you put below, you can make games with it, but also movies, music and art, or anything inbetween those things.
      I’m hoping there’s a core, Media Molecule game in there, like a world you can travel through as a mascot character they’ve created to show people what can be done with the tech they’re making.

      This E3 has me so conflicted now!
      In the beginning I was thinking Fallout 4 was my Game of the Show, then I saw Horizon: Zero Dawn, but then there’s Dreams!
      I guess Dreams isn’t just a game, it can be that, but it’s also so much more.
      If Horizon is my game of the show, I think this is the thing that most blew me away from the conference.


  • More than any other application shown at E3 2015, Dreams fascinated me the most. Well done Media Molecule!

  • So this game it’s something like Spark? I can’t understand the concept of this game… We create our playable worlds (Dreams) or just some animations?

    • Likening it to Spark is way too limiting, because you can do a lot more than make video games with it, it’s quite literally a creation tool to make art, music, movies, games or anything inbetween those things.

      I think they’re trying to make it as enjoyable as possible to do all of that as well, without making it seem like a program.
      Obviously they could just put a game engine, art software, music software and a video editor in a package together and call that a day, but that wouldn’t be very “media molecule”, seems like the experience from when you turn on Dreams will be a pure joy to experience.

      It’s a lot to get your head around, but at the core I think the concept is pretty straight forward.
      The people that came up with that are pure geniuses!

  • Is the polar bear part a tipping the hat for the old Coca-Cola Adverts?

  • I’m such an uncreative person but I’m really excited about this game. Main reason: The cute polar bears.
    Media Molecule really know how to design adorable characters. :)

  • I thought Ned Stark had been executed at the end of the first season of Game of Thrones, turns out he’s working at Media Molecule.

    Game looks really interesting.

  • Pretty sure we will be able to do so…

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