Announcing Headmaster for Project Morpheus

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Watch the new trailer for upcoming VR game from Frame Interactive

Hello! I’m Ben Throop (pronounced Troop) of the new micro-studio Frame Interactive. But enough about me!

I’m excited and humbled to announce Headmaster for Project Morpheus. What started as an experimental prototype last year has turned into a Morpheus launch title showing on the floor of E3. That’s bonkers.

So I’ve got a trailer to show you below, but before you watch it, imagine you are standing alone in a dark courtyard of what appears to be some kind of institution. You are holding this:

…and now the trailer:

Being a part of what Sony is doing with Project Morpheus is incredibly exciting. Most of all I love how they have fostered creative risk taking to make sure players really see the potential of VR. The medium is completely new and weird and amazing and we’re all learning as we go.

Headmaster will be playable on the floor of E3 this year. I’ll be at the booth so come say hi (my buddy Dan and I will have Headmaster Logo T-Shirts on) or follow me on Twitter @ben_throop. You can also check out and Twitter @Headmastergame. Feel free to drop a comment here with any questions as well. Thanks!

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  • I’m very sorry, I was very excited for Morpheus. And still am to some extend.

    But my expectations have been greatly lowered since the announcements of Headmaster, Battle Zone, Wayward sky and Godling. Each game has some great quality’s and I’m sure they will be enjoyable. But they all seem to be extremely limited to a railshooter style of gameplay.

    I’m getting an Eyetoy vibe from these announcements. Morpheus is still cool and I’m sure a lot of people will enjoy it. But it’s nowhere near what I was expecting (AAA action or RPG games flawlessly compatible with Morpheus/Controllers).

    Maybe in time, when project Morpheus has proven itself and the bigger studios make the step of investing in it.

    • I have a feeling that Morpheus will be a flop. Be interesting for a few months but then quickly ignored.

    • That’s the problem with all gimmicks like 3D, VR and Second Screen.
      When they want to create something for it, they try to make the experience completely different from normal gaming.
      When they create normal games they’ll put a minimum of resources towards those gimmicks.
      After a while devs don’t use them and need to be reminded about these gimmick. For them it feels like it’s useless to add 3D, VR or Second Screen as added value to their experience.
      Sony should give incentives to developers to supply this added value.
      Even Nintendo has difficulty in pushing developers to use the screen on the tablet.
      On PC these things usually get added by third party tools (as again the developers don’t want to put resources toward it)

    • Have you seen Rigs?

    • @LeftMonocle I have the same feeling. Together with the low budgetness of these games it makes the whole thing feel extreemly cheap and unloved.
      I get it this are indie studios but that doesn’t mean you have to make an ugly, lacking game. Unlike Gone to the rapture, Hellblade and No Man’s sky, who all look great contenders for VR and produce unique and beautifull stunning games/experiances.
      If I’m going to spend somewhere between 200 and 400 euro’s on a vr set I would expect high end, quality experiances. This is not one of them.

  • I Really was onboard with Morpheus..But these games are shovelware..
    Think before you greenlit these can Kill a device.

  • Headmaster seems more like a minigame, add square and circle for left and right boots and you could be onto something a bit bigger?

  • Sony, We’re telling you this because we love you and want you to do well. This isn’t going to work.
    Look at your competitors previous products. Look at Playstation Move. What do you actually have here?
    I want this to work considering how expensive you’ve told us this will probably be.
    This must work with mainstream games to be a success and a desirable product.

  • Warning game might cause serious neck injuries and dizziness!

    As for the idea… well that’s fine and all… but I wouldn’t really call it a game. It’s something I would expect to be part of collection of minigames.

    Anyway… why not create a handbanging simulator? Imagine this, banging head in the rhythm of heavy metal. *bang* *bang* *bang* *BAAANG* ( that was Seek and Destroy if anyone was wondering :P)

    Though truth to be said, none of games presented so far deserve to be called a full stand alone game (maybe apart from EVE Valkyrie… which will use also Oculus).

    So Morpheus will probably end up like Eye Toy, Move, Wonderbook, Vita. One would have to be mad to buy Morpheus day-1 after owning Vita or Move. SONY killing Vita is a final nail to the future of Morpheus.

    On the other hand Microsoft showed HoloLens… and the thing they did with Minecraft looked fun even to a person who didn’t ever play Minecraft. Like new Lego or something.

    So even as PlayStation zelot I must say that for me… this battle was won by Microsoft. You kinda failed to show people why they would even want to buy Morpheus… and again not after what you did with Vita and all other things.

  • Morpheus looks as much of a flop as every other ‘gadget’ for consoles over the years. Eye Toy, Move, etc. all pointless.

    Gamers want GAMES not gadget fluff.

  • When are we going to see some “proper” Morpheus games?

  • No offense, but After the E3 the question is mandatory.

    Will Project Morpheus (or whatever they’re gonna call it) ends up an expensive gimmick like the PS Move or PS Vita.

    • The easiest way to answer this question would be to finally confirm or deny if it will be usable as a regular head mounted display. If it can then it has a use outside of the handful of games made specifically for it and it becomes a proper bit of kit, if it doesn’t have this functionality then it is a gimmick plain and simple.

      I honestly don’t see how Sony have gotten by so long without answering this blatantly obvious question.

    • Yes. At least with the PC there are multiple hardware manufacturers pushing a similar multi-operating system platform which backed by multiple big industry giants. It’s easier to add in support for VR in existing PC games or to develop new games in the future.

      Morpheus is going to require specific support by all developers/publishers. Adding Morpheus support to previously released games is a much harder proposition, made even harder by the closed environment. At least on PC games all of the files are there ready to alter/unpack and edit.

      Multi-platform gaming companies are going to have to add a feature for one system while ignoring the others. Contracts could prevent publication on certain systems, the old rule that a game must be equal to or better than the same game released on another system. Really, multi-platforms just want to release five copies of the same game as quickly as possible and make all of that development money back.

      After a year nobody is going to bother any more. Gamers either will want PC or just normal gaming to return. The companies previously supporting a certain system with a motion remote are just going to flood the market with shovelware that nobody is going to buy. Sony will just shrug their shoulders yet again wondering why they bothered and not understanding why they flopped it.

  • I was really psyched for Morpheus but all is E3 has done is lower my expectations … it has so much potential, imagine GTA through it? but I doubt what gamers want and what gamers will get are miles apart and Sony won’t spot it…

  • I’ve been waiting for project morpheus for so long so come on sony let people get a beta access.

  • I’ll patiently wait for the VR Project Morpheus to be released early 2016 and ignore that ridiculous soccer demo headmaster thing, Im not a fan of soccer so won’t bother me any.

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